Ex Strongest Swordsman 306 (Self Edited) – Learning Various Information



Ex Strongest, Learning Various Information

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Of course, Satya had something to do other than giving lessons to them.

The true lord of the Holy City was Satya. There were some things that required Satya’s opinion and some needed to be voted on.

Originally, ‘she’ seemed to be doing all that at once once ‘she’ woke up until Soma and others came to see ‘her’, and at the moment, that was the situation. It seemed that most of them were managed by Eleonora. The authority to do it was given, or rather, there was no problem of doing so.

Satya said that Eleonora didn’t take a break. She was managing one after another because she was too disciplined. Considering that some of the matters include complaints, there was an assumption that Satya just wanted to excuse ‘her’self, some things were better left unsaid.

Anyhow, as a result, the current situation was close to Satya’s wishes, but even so, it wasn’t for nothing. Some of the matters really required the presence of Satya and it needed time to manage it.

And because of that, not all the time on the day when Satya was awake was devoted to Soma and others. It was approximately one hour before lunch and one hour before dinner. It was the time when Satya’s lessons weren’t held, and it would be free time for Soma.

“Even if it’s said to be free time, I honestly don’t know what to do.” (Aina)

However, as soon as the fact of free time was told, Aina replied and displayed an expression that she was confused. Well, it was normal to reply so.

“Hmm… I can only say that you can do what you like since it’s free time. However, it’s basically time to eat, so it’s difficult to go outside… no, is it possible to go out after assuming that you will eat outside? That reminds me, I haven’t gone to the Holy City and had lunch there…” (Soma)

“What you’re going to do is to decide your own schedule, not Aina’s…” (Hildegard)

Soma came back to reality by Hildegard’s words. It was fascinating to think about, but he couldn’t leave Aina, who just came here.

He couldn’t help but to take Aina out. However, even though Soma had been here for a long time, he didn’t know everything about the Holy City. It was doubtful that if they went out, they would be able to eat well. At least, there should be another opportunity to do that later.

“…By the way, how do you usually spend your time?” (Aina)

“Well, I basically read the books I borrowed.” (Soma)

“And I’m looking at Soma who is reading a book!” (Hildegard)

That wasn’t something to be proud of. Perhaps, Aina had a similar impression when she let out a sigh while touching her forehead.

“I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday, but does Hildegard-san always act like this? I feel like you’ve been holding back before…” (Aina)

“Hmm… are you asking me?” (Soma)

Although this was a situation where she talked one-one-one like before, she felt that Hildegard was more restrained in situations where there were other people. It seemed that there wasn’t much difference, but that was what Aina felt.

She then turned her doubtful expression toward Hildegard, and that woman boasted her chest and said…

“I’ve thrown away the restrain in Radeus!” (Hildegard)

“Pick it up now.” (Soma)

While letting out a sigh at that fool, Soma wondered if he was fine with this. Of course, it wasn’t about Hildegard, but it was about spending the time.

“Well, I don’t think I have anything I want to do, so I wonder if we’ll be chatting here until that time.” (Soma)

“Uhm, that helps, but are you fine with that?” (Aina)

“Anyhow, I’ll be free the whole day tomorrow. I’m the same because I can’t think of anything to do.” (Soma)

“I see. I’m happy about that.” (Satya)

“I would like to say ‘you should just do what you should do in silence’, but you’re entering the conversation as if it’s something normal. Why are you uselessly capable of such a thing?” (Hildegard)

“Hehe, I’m still God after all.” (Satya)

The appearance of showing off the face in that way certainly suited the reply. Of course, it was in the sense that it didn’t look that way.

By the way, speaking of the current moment, Soma and others hadn’t moved to their room during the break. Basically, they were in Satya’s room. It was rather natural for Satya to do her work, and as a result, Soma and others were chatting while in the same room as ‘her’, who was currently working.

But this was what Satya wanted. Perhaps, it was because of loneliness that she told them it would be better if there were people nearby, so she could do work better. Therefore, Soma and others decided to stay in the same room, even during breaks. Fortunately, although they sometimes got in the way, it seemed that the work was completed without any problems. So, there should be no problem.

In fact, Soma hadn’t told Aina about it yet, but since she responded normally, it meant that she was starting to get used to it. Well, it couldn’t be helped even if she was anxious with the other party, but that wasn’t a problem. Or rather, it could be said that it was a good tendency.


“Well, that’s the decision for the time being, so… what should we talk about if you’re going to chat with us?” (Soma)

“Surely, there’s nothing special.” (Satya)

“No, there should be something, right? Especially about Soma.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm? About me?” (Soma)

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“You haven’t asked Aina yet, or I think you haven’t confirmed it yet.” (Hildegard)

“Aah… is it about Radeus?” (Soma)

By the way, Soma was thinking of asking what happened after he disappeared, but he didn’t have the opportunity to ask the question. Speaking of a good opportunity, this was a good opportunity.

Hildegard was good since she casually noticed this kind of thing.

“Hehe.” (Hildegard)

If she didn’t show a very proud face, asking him to praise her, he would do so, but he wondered if praising her would be counterproductive. Satya also looked at Hildegard, who had an unpresentable expression, but ‘she’ might have forgotten that ‘she’ showed a similar expression just before.

Soma just turned his gaze away from the simpleton Gods and looked at Aina.

“By the way, I didn’t get to ask, but what happened in Radeus after I was gone?” (Soma)

“Well, there were a lot of things. Hildegard-san quickly disappeared after declaring her intention. Sophia-san and others looked calm, but their words and actions were clearly different. If Hildegard-san had arrived late for another day, they might be on a war against the Holy City.” (Aina)

“Uwahh… they may have killed us too. We’re not going to lose just because they have two Seven Heavens, but if that kind of turmoil happens, I’m sorry for everyone. If the empire declared war there, we might not stay leisurely by this time.” (Satya)

“By the way, did you misunderstand when I was coming? When I think about it, do you think it’s unexpected?” (Hildegard)

“Aah… well, as for that, I may talk about it later. Oh, don’t worry about me, please continue with your conversation.” (Satya)

“Hmm… anyhow, it didn’t go out of control, right?” (Soma)

“Yes. After that, I went back to Demento.” (Aina)

“Demento… that reminds me, how was Demento?” (Soma)

“How should I say it… I guess as per normal? Aah no, it was normal, I think?” (Aina)

“Hmm? What do you mean?” (Soma)

Soma didn’t think anything would happen there, but he couldn’t say that nothing would happen. Soma thought that Aina seemed to have forgotten, so it wouldn’t be a big deal if something did happen, but… apparently, the situation there diverted to a different direction.

“Aah, it’s not that something happened. Actually, it’s the other way around. Nothing happened. I thought something was happening even if it wasn’t as much as what was happening in Radeus, but that wasn’t the case. I told Father how quick Hildegard-san took action, and he said ‘I supposed that’s how she is’.” (Aina)

“Aah… I see.” (Soma)

Certainly, if it were Iori, he would react in that direction. Since Iori knew Satya, it was normal that his reaction was different from Radeus’.

Perhaps, it wouldn’t be strange if he had predicted the situation up to this point.

“Are you convinced?” (Aina)

“At least, yes, I can, but… do you have a complaint?” (Soma)

Aina didn’t understand why Soma was convinced. Her face showed as if she wanted to say something. From Soma’s point of view, he felt that Aina didn’t understand why he was convinced, and… when he thought about it, he suddenly wondered.

“…That reminds me, how much do you know about your father?” (Soma)

This question was basically asking her how much her father told about himself. Depending on the answer, he would be able to understand why Aina reacted that way.

However, at this point of time, it was possible to make a general assumption…

“About Father? If you ask me that… I think I don’t know about him too much, you know? Even if I knew that Father was a Hero, I only knew that when I was in the Academy.” (Aina)

“Well, it is as I expected, huh…” (Soma)

“That guy is that kind of type after all.” (Hildegard)

“I can tell this in front of his daughter, but that guy is certainly lazy.” (Satya)

“I don’t mind that. It’s a fact anyway.” (Aina)

“To be honest, I can’t believe that guy has a daughter…” (Soma)

That was the result of a kind of associative game that happened to cross in Soma’s mind. Having a child meant that there was a person who gave birth to that child, and Iori obviously couldn’t take that role. So, she inevitably had a mother, and after thinking about it, Soma realized that he didn’t know who she was.

“I see. So, Aina has a mother…” (Soma)

“What are you talking about? But… aah yes, when you came to the castle, you didn’t meet Mother.” (Aina)

“Hmm. That’s why I didn’t notice it until now. By the way, what kind of mother is she?” (Soma)

“Hmm… I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you about her though?” (Aina)

“Is that so? So what does she look like? Does she look like you, Aina?” (Soma)

“I was told that she looks similar to me, but I don’t really understand. Well, it probably means that we don’t look alike at all. That’s because Mother has black hair and black eyes like Father.” (Aina)

“Ooh…” (Soma)

Naturally, this was his first time to listen to this information. But still…

“So, you’re saying you’re the only one different?” (Soma)

“Well, yes. Honestly, I thought about it a lot when I was little. I sometimes felt that I didn’t inherit their talents. However, it seems that Mother doesn’t like her hair and eyes too much. She say that it was the color she used to hate.” (Aina)

“Hmm? Is that so?” (Soma)

Black should have been a rather pleasing color. Whether it was true or not, the color represented talented people. At least, Soma didn’t remember hearing the story that the color was hated.


“Aah… that’s exactly what was said in the small part of Veritas. Surely, it was perceived as ominous because the Demon King had black hair and eyes. Even so, most people didn’t believe it.” (Hildegard)

“Speaking of that, if that’s the case, Camilla will also feel unpleasant, right? If I remember correctly, she is from Veritas, but I haven’t heard about the matter of black color from her, you know?” (Soma)

“It was only spoken by a limited number of people. Perhaps, she wasn’t told about it or her judgment isn’t influenced by that. For her, regardless of whether it’s black, she is a person who likes to associate.” (Hildegard)

“That story of black color is surprisingly rough, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“After all, it’s superstition.” (Hildegard)

“But if you say it that way, it’s a superstition to relate talent to the hair color you have, right? Certainly, as far as I saw the situation in the Academy, I felt that there was such a tendency…” (Aina)

“Aah, if you’re talking about the relation between talent and hair color, that’s true, you know? That’s because I’m the one who did that.” (Satya)

At that moment, all eyes turned to Satya. Although they had heard stories about hair color, this was the first time they heard a definite story.

Even Hildegard had her eyes open wide. So, it could be understood how much they hadn’t heard about it.

“Hmm… I have no reason to doubt, but what’s the reason for doing that?” (Soma)

“Eh? It’s just that it would be easier to understand. You can see what talent you have at a glance, and it will be easier to develop your strength in that direction.” (Satya)

“Well, that’s true, but… why were you bothered to create such a rule?” (Hildegard)

Somehow, this story was just sounding too impossible. Hildegard’s reaction made this clear.

However, Satya didn’t care. ‘She’ merely displayed unnecessary dexterity to shrug ‘her’ shoulders and wave hands.

“Originally, it was one of measures against ‘her’… I mean the Evil God.” (Satya)

“Against Evil God? How does that relate to the measures against the Evil God?” (Soma)

In the first place, there was nothing ‘she’ could do. No countermeasures at all. So, as a countermeasure, ‘she’ directly summoned a hero-worthy soul from another world. Since it must be transmigration rather than reincarnation, hair color had nothing to do with it.

No, there might have been some corrections or something in that part when the soul came here, but… in the words that followed, Soma noticed that it wasn’t the case.

“I didn’t mean to summon in order to get help. I intended to do something with the people of this world alone, and for that… I created labyrinths.” (Satya)

“Labyrinths? How are the labyrinths related?” (Aina)

“It was originally for trials. It was a tool designed to train people and empower them to counter ‘her’. There were too many people who believed in me, so if I didn’t do that, I couldn’t empower them.” (Satya)

Aina had a complicated expression of ‘everything is wasted’ when looking at Satya, who looked carefree. Soma called out Aina since she had that expression.

“Aina, what is it?” (Soma)

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I didn’t expect to get the information that I had never known. Even so, I still want to learn about it in the Academy…” (Aina)

“Well, all the information available here is something that the Academy can’t know, so it can’t be helped. Rather, I supposed this is your first time to receive too much information?” (Soma)

“Goodness. It’s a bit too much, you know. Well, after all, now is a break time.” (Hildegard)

“Oops, yes, you’re right. Well, I should concentrate on my work for a bit.” (Satya)

Soma indescribably looked at Satya, who turned ‘her’ gaze back to the job as if to turn ‘her’ face away from them. ‘She’ didn’t mention too much about the Evil God. No matter how much ‘she’ said it, it was easy to guess the relationship between Gods.

How did ‘she’ feel after doing various things to go against the Evil God, but in the end, ‘she’ had to summon someone, who was unrelated, for help. It wasn’t something that Soma could guess even if he tried. Again, it shouldn’t be a bad idea to do so.

While having that in mind, he looked up. Suddenly, he wondered if it was still the same that he had to ask someone unrelated to help. Moreover, this situation was the continuation of the event that time.

In a sense, Soma and others were doing this discussion here in order to get rid of what they didn’t get rid of at that time. And as Soma was about to think something, he let out a sigh.

However, he couldn’t think of anything else. While still looking at the ceiling, he let out a sigh again, thinking when he could return to the life where he could really think only about magic.


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