Ex Strongest Swordsman 305 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Learning the Truth of the Blank Period



Ex Strongest, Learning the Truth of the Blank Period

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A big gap, or perhaps, a blank period. Both of these were terms that Soma was unfamiliar with.

However, it wasn’t that he hadn’t heard it at all. Certainly–…

“Was it a term used to indicate the time when the Evil God was said to have been rampaging about 500 years ago?” (Soma)

“Correct. As a result, the history of many countries has been interrupted, and the materials for about ten to twenty years to know that time have been lost. That’s why it’s called the blank period.” (Satya)

“I wonder if it’s the wound left by God on human history. Even though it has fallen, it shows the mightiness of God, isn’t it? But how did it happen?” (Aina)

“Yes, it’s basically ‘her’ fault, but it’s actually mainly the responsibility of humanity.” (Satya)

“Humanity…? What do you mean?” (Hildegard)

The Evil God became the Evil God… Soma had heard a glimpse of the story that the cause of the fall of the God was because of humanity, but he was sure it didn’t mean that way. But that was what happened, so was he going to ponder the reason now?

“Hmm… Although it’s possible to say that the blank period was due to the Evil God, a part of the reason is due to the internal strife of humanity, yes?” (Soma)

“Well, there is. Just because there is a threat to the whole, it wouldn’t be a problem if it was put together. Rather, it’s a story that I’ve heard somewhere.” (Hildegard)

“By the way, I’ve also heard it when the Demon King was defeated…” (Satya)

“That reminds me, since you’ve experienced this, you can talk about it. Well, that matter is a fact, right? If anything, the way that matters is told is lukewarm.” (Hildegard)

“I wonder how bad it was… However, even though such a matter has been told to some extent when the Demon King was defeated, as long as I have never heard that it was the same when it comes to the Evil God, I should think that the Demon King is different from the Evil God, right?” (Soma)

He turned his gaze to Satya, ‘she’ shrugged ‘her’ shoulders. Soma wondered if he was correct.

Then, the reply practically came out.

“I didn’t see much when you defeated the Demon King, but I honestly wondered why that happened.  Rather, it’s an exception for me.” (Satya)

“But then, I wonder what’s happening after that. I mean, even if I try to guess what happened at that time, I don’t really understand the situation of that time due to the blank period. Therefore, I feel it is impossible to guess in the first place.” (Aina)

“Well, you’re right. And I’m not going to give you the answer because the purpose of this lesson is not to let you guess what happened at that time. I will give you the answer. The reason why the names of several countries disappeared at that time is simply because they were unified.” (Satya)

“Was it to counter the Evil God who held great power?” (Hildegard)

“That’s right. The only country ‘she’ directly destroyed was just one. To be exact, ‘she’ destroyed the country’s capital, and the country fell on its own. Well, that’s why I’m not going to say that ‘she’ wasn’t responsible.” (Satya)

“Hmm… that reminds me, I’ve heard of one place that had been ravaged by the Evil God, but conversely, I’ve never heard of anything else.” (Soma)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

It was said that it had become a land of death where no weeds grew even at this time. However, if the Evil God was really rampaging, there should be other similar places that shared similar results. Soma had no doubt that it was a testimony of someone who knew that time. At least, there was no contradiction until this point.

“‘She’ had been waiting there all the time, and it was there that ‘she’ was eventually defeated. But there was no way for each country at that time to know such a thing. So, big and small countries held their hands together in order to resist even a little.” (Satya)

“Is that so? But then, I feel that the word ‘responsibility’ isn’t appropriate.” (Aina)

“Yes. It’s true that the history of many countries has been cut off by humanity, but that’s not a responsibility.” (Hildegard)

“Yes, it’s because that’s not the cause. By the way, don’t you find it weird? The unification doesn’t mean that the history of the countries that existed before, will disappear. If it isn’t destroyed, it’s usually something that will be inherited.” (Satya)

“That reminds me, you haven’t said the name of the country that has disappeared.” (Soma)

“Indeed. Well, let me say this in a nutshell. The reason why history was interrupted was because they burned the materials at that time. It’s natural that the history of the country that existed at that time would be cut off because it was physically erased.” (Satya)

“What? Why did it happen?” (Hildegard)

Hildegard had a stunned face, but Soma and Aina were surely having similar expressions. This was because such a situation wouldn’t be possible normally.

In short, the history at that time was treated as a black history, and it was decided that it didn’t happen. What was going on? Why did the people at that time decide to do such a thing?

“By the way, it wasn’t during that time they did it, but it was about 200 years after that event. So, it’s approximately 300 years ago.” (Satya)

“There was internal conflict… no, I think they were going to split up normally if conflict happened.” (Soma)

“Well, I don’t think I can understand this even if I think about it. To be honest, I’m ashamed of myself.” (Satya)

“Are you talking about the Holy Doctrine?” (Aina)

“What on earth would you be ashamed of?” (Hildegard)

“Well, I have a feeling that it was a time when I couldn’t afford a lot of things. At any rate, it seems that there were some people who regarded this part as dangerous because God had fallen and harmed people.” (Satya)

“Considering that you’re God, are you worried that you may fall someday… considering the possibility that you may fall?” (Soma)

Satya sighed as if ‘she’ agreed to the words.

If they thought about it in theory, it couldn’t be said that it was impossible. Theoretically, everything was possible unless the probability was zero. But of course, that line couldn’t be said.

In fact, God had fallen before. There was no way ‘she’ could deny it, but… at the same time, it was an irrational argument.

Even if ‘they’ were Gods, they were just called God. It was normal to think that if someone went crazy, other people might go crazy at some point, but if they tried to erase the existence of someone who was crazy from the record, the action itself was crazy.

If the smelly thing was covered, the contents weren’t lost. Rather, it would be far more harmful to hide dangerous things by making people not to think about it.

“Of course, only a few thought about that. But unfortunately, the people at that time had the power, and there was a way to convey their voices around the world. At that time, we had a country and we were at the top of the world.” (Satya)

“Well, it doesn’t make sense if you have a country and such a thing still happened.” (Hildegard)

Even at the moment, if they did it well, the Holy City had enough influence to divide the world into two. It was natural that it would happen if they had a solid foundation of a country.

“The reason why we aren’t a country now is because of that. At that time, only a small part of them went out of control, but it quickly spread to the whole world. And when I noticed it, there was a gap in history.” (Satya)

“Is it to avoid repeating that mistake again?” (Aina)

“If it were true, I should dissolve the Holy Doctrine. In fact, I’ve considered it once.” (Satya)

“Was it because the religion was too influential?” (Soma)

“Plus, you can’t guess how far it’s going to spread.” (Hildegard)

“Well, even if I think about it simply, I can only understand that it’s going to be terrible for the time being. “ (Aina)

“Even with this, there is a tendency for the influence to shrink gradually, right? It’s a result in theory, but I’m glad that there is still much influence.” (Satya)

“Hmm… what do you mean?” (Soma)

“Just now, you said that our influence has spread all over the world, right? But that’s not exactly right. Strictly speaking, there’s only one country that hasn’t been affected.” (Satya)

“…Is it the Yupiter Empire?” (Soma)

From the follow of the story, there was no other possibility. Satya shrugged and nodded.

“Yes, that’s right.” (Satya)

“…Is that what you want to tell us today? Do you think that has something to do with this? Perhaps, the part when the history was erased… no, could it be that the history wasn’t erased?” (Aina)

“Well… the only thing that I can say for now is that there is a possibility for that. To be honest, I don’t really understand why it came to the world.” (Satya)

“For that reason, I don’t think you would be surprised that the empire turned into an enemy.” (Hildegard)

“That’s not surprising to me. However, it’s true that I was really surprised when I saw that proclamation. I just didn’t think it was coming from them.” (Satya)

“Hmm…. why not?” (Soma)

“It’s simple. That country has always been thinking about humanity as a whole, no matter who stands on it. They always took a step back without being swept away by the will of great powers. Even though it has a history of nearly a thousand years, that country never reached the top. Perhaps, intentionally. Well, that was the matter until that person became the empress of this generation.” (Satya)

Soma didn’t understand if it was related, but it seemed that Satya decided to talk about them since it wasn’t necessarily unrelated. It was a story that had nothing to do with magic, and he didn’t think it could be applied to anything. However, it was an urgent task to prepare against the world and the empire. In that case, it would be unavoidable to be told such a story.

More importantly, it was him who wanted information, and it was a fact that he was somewhat curious in the sense that he got to know something that he didn’t know before. However, if possible, he would like that the next story had something to do with magic. Soma let out a breath, thinking that he was selfish.


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