Ex Strongest Swordsman 238 (Self Edited) – The Royal Capital and the Bygone Days – Part 3


The Royal Capital and the Bygone Days – Part 3

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“Anyhow, I think Sylvia is the best, but what do you think about her!?” (Alexis)

“For the time being, I’m pretending that I can’t hear it. So, don’t ask me…” (Sophia)

Rather, what kind of answer Sylvia should expect?

It seemed that her impression of his father changed all at once today, or that image she had until now collapsed with that sound, but… it wasn’t probably a bad thing. She felt that it was easier to interact with her father than before. She happened to be here to help because she was available today, and she might be glad to have come.

However, there was no difference that she was embarrassed. Plus, she had already finished eating her lunch.  Since there was no help for it, when she let out a sigh, she decided to forcibly change the topic or to put the matter down.

“By the way, can I ask you a bit more about the matter that I asked earlier? If I can’t, I’ll just give up quietly.” (Sylvia)

“Hmm? The matter earlier? I’ve talked a lot about praising you though…” (Alexis)

“That’s not it! The matter of the Demon country!” (Sylvia)

When the talk returned there, the appearance of three people stopped for a moment. The meals stopped and they were looking at each other. Perhaps, it was a simple exchange. There was no doubt they did so, thinking whether it was alright to discuss it. After a brief pause, Alexis slowly shook his head.

“Well. I can’t tell you everything, but I wonder if it’s alright to some extent. As long as you help here, you will hear it.” (Alexis)

“Eh? I was only replacing Okaa-sama and others here, so I thought it was only today that I could help…” (Sylvia)

“Hmm, of course, it’s not compulsory, but I wonder if there’s anymore to help here. If so, I would be happy if you can help me. it doesn’t matter if you have a day off from school, or whenever it’s convenient for you.” (Alexis)

Now that the academy had finally reopened, Sylvia had to return to school as a matter of course. Even so, the royal capital hadn’t been completely rebuilt. So, when the Academy was closed, she returned here to help with the reconstruction.

However, as long as Sylvia was here only to help them, there were some things that she couldn’t do. As it was mentioned earlier today, she was available today because she didn’t need to help with the reconstruction, and that was why she was helping Alexis.

However, the more direct reason was that her mother went to the capital to offer condolences, so she was helping here since they were running out of hands.

“Well, yes… this one seems to be difficult. I wonder if it’s fine to help for a while?” (Sylvia)

“I see… I’m glad. That will help.” (Alexis)

“I understand I can only help a little, but this also seems to be necessary for reconstructions. Besides… if I don’t help, I won’t hear about the matter, and I won’t be able to hear the rest of the matter.” (Sylvia)

“No… I don’t really mean to do that…” (Alexis)

It was just that, he would do so if he wanted to refuse her. Alexis gently looked away with his half-open eyes. Sophia and others were laughing when looking at him.

“Now, I think I will tell you since His Majesty allows us to do so… What would you like to hear?” (Sophia)

“Uhm, well… is it alright to let the founding of the Demon country go through?” (Sophia)

“…Well, I don’t think it’s a problem if they want to do that. At least, we’re moving with that in mind. Besides, Alexis is busy mainly because of its roots.” (Sophia)

“That… is really fine, I think?” (Sophia)

Even Sylvia could think of how many problems could rise up with the founding of the Demon country. In fact, there would be many times that they and Radeus would come into contact.

Although it was practically the same as before, there would be various changes.

“…It’s not possible to say whether it’s alright or not. However, it will give us a lot of benefits. Even if you don’t consider the fact that we are acquainted with him and that there’s weakness here, it’s because I decided it was better.” (Alexis)

“Is that so? Well, wasn’t that what I’m talking about now?” (Sylvia)

“Well, I know you’re anxious. In fact, it is assumed that there will be considerable opposition in this country if the founding is announced.” (Alexis)

“We’ve just been attacked by the Demon King and the royal capital has been half destroyed. Due to those events, people would be worried if they want to found a new country.” (Sophia)

“That’s true…” (Sylvia)

“It seems that he was in a hurry when he heard that the Demon King was resurrected and attacked here.” (Alexis)

“However, that guy seems to raise my curiosity.” (Kraus)

“Curiosity?” (Sylvia)

Sylvia tilted her head to the word she was told. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand the meaning, but she didn’t know how that word fit into the situation.

“Yes. He decided to come here on his own even though the Demon King attacked this place. Well, I supposed it’s true that he decided to do it, but to become the Demon King even though he was a self-proclaimed Demon King, he decided to become an opponent who was hostile to himself.” (Kraus)

“It’s more or less just like that, but his way of talking changes a little bit.” (Alexis)

“Aah. He is someone who always leaves things to Alexis when it was a hassle to him.” (Sophia)

“I see… He has a good track record, isn’t he?” (Sylvia)

“Do you mind not taking advantage of me in this situation? Anyhow, he was hostile to such an opponent and he made up his mind to found a country to prevent such a thing from happening again. He does it in order to be able to deal with the opponent immediately when he appears.” (Alexis)

“Hmm… I don’t know what you mean, but will that work?” (Sylvia)

Sylvia was a royalty, and her country was still a half-developed country. After all, she was nothing but an academy student. Although she lacked knowledge, she still didn’t think it would work.

And Alexis nodded to show his consent.

“Well, it won’t work. After all, it’s only for official stance.” (Alexis)

“Eh? Then, is it no good…?” (Sophia)

“It’s because it won’t work, we are desperately working hard to lay the groundwork. If it’s going to work, I won’t have to do all this paperwork.” (Alexis)

“Is that so? But then, the public stance isn’t necessary, right…?” (Sylvia)

“No… It would be easier for the other party to understand if we prepare something like this. To be exact, it’s easy to show people that you’re convinced. If that’s the case, it’s easier to say that it’s better that way.” (Alexis)

“That’s called a farce…” (Sylvia)

“Most of the things that become public among nations are farce, right? We do that because we have mutual benefits. Rather, in that sense, the ones that are easy to understand should be more cautious. After all, it’s hard to read what kind of deal was made behind the scenes.” (Alexis)

“The country is dirty…” (Sylvia)

Although Sylvia let out a sigh, she was also in the position where she must respect the country. It couldn’t end here.

“By the way, what are the benefits that Radeus would obtain by allowing this matter?” (Sophia)

Then, the three said ‘Oh’. Perhaps, they were aware that Sylvia understood their standpoint. Sylvia knew that she was still a child, so it couldn’t be helped, but still, she couldn’t expect to receive that kind of reaction.

Alexis explained to her with a bitter smile, probably it was something hard to explain.

“Yeah… if I have to say it so that you can easily understand, this is about the Dwarves.” (Alexis)

“Dwarves… Are they the blacksmiths who came over a year ago?” (Sylvia)

“Yes. They aren’t people who can easily come here just like that. You know how skillful they are, right?” (Alexis)

“Yes… It seems they make something for Soma-kun.” (Sylvia)

It was really amazing. She wasn’t familiar with swords, but she could still understand how amazing it was at a glance. It was probably a top-notch job. Although the field of expertise was different, she had heard that they were people with similar skills.

However, what did he mean that those people couldn’t come by easily?

“It would be a big problem if such people could easily come around to each country. Even if they don’t feel like it. Usually, a country wouldn’t allow them to go, and if you try to invite them on your own… I mean, if it was around the time of the former Veritas, that would probably start a war, I think.” (Sophia)

“Eh? With only that?” (Sylvia)

“Their skills are worth it. If we recognize the founding of his country, we would be able to have those Dwarves without any problems.” (Kraus)

“Of course, there are many other benefits we can get, but… I wonder if it’s going to happen later. We still probably can’t know for now.” (Alexis)

That was right. They didn’t know what would happen.

However, the fact that the three people were convinced was because they could understand it due to the knowledge they had. In that case, Sylvia still hadn’t had enough knowledge.

“Yes… there is a mountain of things to do.” (Sylvia)

“Well, we should do our best little by little. We didn’t know everything from the beginning, and there are a lot of things that we still don’t understand.” (Alexis)

“Even Otou-sama too?” (Sylvia)

“Originally, Teresia and I were the only ones who had that kind of knowledge when the country was founded. Moreover, it was the knowledge of being a noble, but I have no other experience. Even so, I’m still doing it. Then, it would be best for Alexis to work hard as well, right?” (Sophia)

“I think it’s more difficult for Teresia and Olivia to help in this matter.” (Kraus)

“Uh… They know, so that’s why they went to express condolences. It also serves as a rest for them.” (Alexis)

“But, that’s the reason you’re out of hands, so that’s why you ask Sylvia-chan to help, isn’t it?” (Sophia)

“Until a while ago, you were making sure that she would help you in the future.” (Kraus)

“Uhh… t-that is…” (Alexis)

Sylvia was convinced while looking at the three talking to each other like that. She was wondering why her two mothers went to express condolences today, but she wondered if that was the case.

By the way, looking at the tone, Sophia and her two mothers seemed to be on good terms. It could be said that the mothers were on good terms with those people here.

She had heard that the three people in front of her and Olivia, Sylvia’s mother, were originally in the same party. They were members of the so-called Demon King subjugation unit. And along the way, Alexis and Olivia were lovers.

It seemed that he met Teresia during the trip. It was a very romantic story story, but that didn’t need to be explained. It was a very heart-burning story because he fell all over Teresia. If Radeus continued to be safe, it may be handed down as a founding myth. This had nothing to do with Sylvia, so she thought that it would be fine if they did what they wanted.

Anyhow, that was why it was natural to have acquainted with Sophia and others. They sometimes met here, and above all, it was a lot of work at the time of the founding of this country. It seems that it also deepened their relationship.

However, as a result, it seemed that Alexis and Teresia’s relationship was deepened the most. That was because they were the king and the queen of the Radeus Kingdom.

Yes, Alexis and Olivia never got married, even though they were lovers when the Radeus Kingdom was founded. It was just that they couldn’t do it. The reason was Alexis was the only person who was suitable for becoming a king, but he was absolutely not good enough to be a king.

He was the organizer of the rebellion, but not the central figure. The central figures were Iori and others, but they disappeared quietly when they saw the revolt was successful. For the sake of subjugating the Demon King, they didn’t tell that fact to anyone.

However, there was no change in the fact that the central figures had disappeared, and the family name wasn’t enough for the mere organizer to become the king. Externally, it wasn’t convincing enough. Therefore, it was necessary to get a noble wife. Originally, Teresia was a daughter of a noble who ruled the surroundings.

In other words, it was a half-political marriage that Alexis and his companion got married, but… if the marriage didn’t suit them, Sylvia wouldn’t have been heart-burned. Both of them were relatively eager, so there was no particular problem.

Rather, the problem was, of course, Olivia. It seemed that Olivia wasn’t worried about it, but if anything, it was Teresia who wasn’t convinced. The story went something like ‘I can’t stand the fact that the relationship between us two is torn apart!’ or ‘I will take the hands of both Alexis and Olivia and will live together from now on!’.

However, it was said Olivia never did become his wife. It was because it could be used as a tool for political conflict. She was stubborn, and she was convinced that she had no choice but to be with him as a mistress. Eventually, Sylvia was born.

However, even after more than ten years, there was no sign that Olivia would be the second wife. Even though she was a mistress, they went out to express condolences together as they did today, and they usually stayed together. Sylvia wondered if this made any sense, but… that was what it was. It was going nowhere since they were doing their best.

“Oh yes. Sylvia, did you find anything interesting in the documents you’ve been going through over there? I was going to check on it later, but I’m available now. Yes, I have to make good use of my time.” (Alexis)

No matter how they looked at it, Alexis just talked to Sylvia because he felt bad about the other two. Since she was asked, she had to reply. While looking at Sophia and Kraus having a bitter smile and shrugging their shoulders as if they were amazed, Sophia wondered if there was anything to talk about.

It should be said that the documents that Sylvia had to go through were pre-classified, so that Sylvia could see them without any problems. Most of them were reports, and there was little to report to the king. However, that didn’t mean it wasn’t interesting to read, but it wasn’t.

Just reading each one of them showed that reconstruction was progressing, and there were some parts where Sylvia offered her help. It was very nice to know that things were going well, and that it was over.

While remembering that, she considered which one she should talk about. None of them were meaningful to talk to the king.

However, what Alexis said was interesting. Then, she should talk according to the meaning of interesting.

She wondered which one was the best match… then, she decided.

“Well, yes. The one that I found interesting was…” (Sylvia)

Sylvia opened her mouth to say it.


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