Ex Strongest Swordsman 237 (Self Edited) – The Royal Capital and the Bygone Days – Part 2


The Royal Capital and the Bygone Days – Part 2

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With the sight of the lunch ready, Alexis resumed the earlier talk. The only time he looked into the distance was because he remembered what happened just the other day.

“Well, that’s the continuation of the talk mentioned earlier… Yeah, I mean Iori. Was that what you expected?” (Alexis)

“Yes, it was as expected, but… at the same time it was surprising.” (Sophia)

“…? Really? I’d rather be surprised at that statement…” (Alexis)

“Aah, but yeah, when I think about it, Sylvia-chan only met Iori when he came here. If you think about the situation at that time, it will certainly become a form of surprise.” (Sophia)

“…Hmm, surely, that’s true. But then, why did you think it was him?” (Alexis)

“How should I say it? I feel like Otou-sama seems not good when dealing with him. That’s why I was wondering if that’s the case.” (Sylvia)

“If you ask me… I suppose it’s true.” (Sophia)

“…To be honest, I could see him acting the same.” (Kraus)

Together with those words, what made Sophia and the other two looked so far was probably because they remembered that time. In the same way, Sylvia also remembered that time.

It was about a month ago.



Three years had passed since the Demon King attacked the royal capital. The reconstruction of the royal capital had progressed considerably, and a moderate number of people had begun to return to the royal capital. Some of them were frightened, thinking that something similar might happen again, but most of them didn’t care. Rather, most of them were laughing it off, thinking ‘what a nonsense’.

It was possible because everyone knew that wasn’t the case, and even though the royal capital was half destroyed, it was possible to repel the Demon King. Those who departed from Veritas as the Demon King subjugation unit decided to found Radeus on the way, not because they were frightened by the Demon King. Despite the fact that Demon King had attacked, it was proven that they managed to turn the table. By doing such a publicity in a grand way, it won the sense of security of the people.

Even if something similar happened again, it would surely repel again. Yes, the people would think that.

It wasn’t a mistake to spread such publicity, but at the same time, it was also a mistake. However, only five people knew that it was a mistake. Then, if those five people did publicize it, it would become a truth.

However, it wasn’t Alexis who had said such a bold thing. It was neither Sophia nor Kraus. Of course, it wasn’t Sylvia. Soma himself said that he would do such a thing.

However, Alexis didn’t accept it obediently. If anything, he refused. It was a credit to Soma, and they didn’t have the right to receive it.

However, Soma had said that if he thought about himself, he wanted them to receive the credit even more. They soon found out what he meant.

Certainly, it would be a considerable achievement. It was enough to be called a hero.

However, to tell the truth, Soma no longer needed it. Although it hadn’t been announced yet, Soma had a track record of defeating the Evil Dragon.

It was an achievement that they didn’t understand which one was better, defeating the Demon King or the Evil Dragon. Plus, what happened if the achievement of defeating the Demon King was stacked even further? With immeasurable fame, the same amount of responsibility would be generated. When Soma told them that he wanted to avoid it, Alexis had no choice but to accept it.

In fact, Alexis needed that achievement. It would probably the easiest way to break the situations of half-destroyed royal capital and the complete destruction of the royal academy.

The responsibility had just changed. There were currently two Seven Heavens available. There was no difference when the responsibility got a bit heavier.

Then, as a result of the mutual interests of all, there were three people including Alexis who defeated the Demon King.

By the way, during such a discussion, Sylvia didn’t say anything. It was natural since it was a situation where she could say anything. If anything, Hildegard would say something.

Even five people knew what was really going on, there were those who clearly knew that it was Soma who defeated the Demon King. They were Hildegard and Lina, and both of them were gathered in the place of the discussion. However, at the end of the day, Soma’s opinion was accepted.

Despite that, it was also partly the reason that the royal capital was in the process of reconstruction. But then, on that day, the fright that people would laugh it away had become a reality. The Demon King came again to the royal capital of the Radeus Kingdom. However, he was a self-proclaimed Demon King.

Iori Kanzaki.

He was one of the people who once belonged to the Demon King subjugation unit and one of the two people who went to subdue the Demon King. He was a former hero and the current self-proclaimed Demon King.

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“I was really surprised at that time… When I was helping with the reconstruction, I was suddenly summoned, and when I went to the castle, there was a person who claimed to be a self-proclaimed Demon King. That’s not to say that you have heard about him in advance, right?” (Sophia)

“Strictly speaking, I’ve heard that he will come soon. When I asked for a specific date, he came all of a sudden, but… that guy always abuses me…” (Alexis)

“As for me, I’m more surprised that he was working so seriously. He always tried to say that it was a hassle and tried not to make any moves.” (Sophia)

“However, at the same time, he was always moving when he had to move, isn’t it? Then, it’s not surprising. It was because he needed to move.” (Kraus)

“That’s why I don’t like it… He throws most of it at me, and when he really needs it, he takes the initiative, even though he says it’s a hassle. He won’t complain too much about it.” (Alexis)

“Heh, what kind of person is that? I was the first person he greeted, so I was surprise. It was the strongest impression I had but… I wonder if he was a strange person.” (Sylvia)

When she said that while remembering that day, three pairs of interesting eyes turned to her. A whisper that sounded impressed was heard.

“…Why did you think so? I don’t think he was at fault to be at that place.” (Kraus)

“Yeah… To be honest, this is a mere intuition, but at first, I felt that the air around him resembles Soma-kun. That’s why.” (Sylvia)

“Aah… I can understand a bit.” (Kraus)

“…Yes. And come to think of it, I think Camilla used to say that.” (Sophia)

While saying such a thing, the lunch was ready, so each of them began to eat. It was a bad manner to talk while having something in the mouth. Since it was hard to hear if they talked in that way, the pace of conversation naturally became slow. However, the conversation itself hadn’t been interrupted, and it was continued now.

“Come to think of it. It was to discuss the founding of the country with the Demons, wasn’t it? It should be fine in many ways, right?” (Sylvia)

“…It’s not fine because I’m doing a lot of paperwork.” (Alexis)

“Aah, is that the reason?” (Sylvia)

“…I mean, wait a sec. How come you know about it, Sylvia-chan?” (Sophia)

“…Hmm? Naturally, I didn’t talk about it, but… hmm, speaking of which…” (Alexis)

“Eh? What? …Could it be that I shouldn’t know about it?” (Sophia)

“…To begin with, the place itself was confidential. You refer it to that place because it was judged to be necessary… Alexis?” (Kraus)

“No, wait a sec. That’s an unfounded suspicion. I will not leak confidential information to my daughter.” (Alexis)

“Oh my… then, how do you know about that?” (Sophia)

“When I met Iori-san, he said that he shouldn’t talk to people as much as possible, so I thought it would be nice if someone knew him. Then, when I met Soma-kun by chance, I told him about Iori-san. Then, Soma-kun said ‘Aah, that guy is trying to found a country of Demons’…” (Sylvia)

When she explained the situation, the three of them had an inexplicable face. It wasn’t something that they could understand.

“I don’t really get him. I still don’t know him very well.” (Alexis)

“…To be honest, I also don’t know, but I don’t really care these days. He’s definitely our son, and that’s enough.” (Kraus)

“That’s right. To us, he is too good to be our son. That’s enough if we know that.” (Sophia)

“Hmmph, if that’s the case, Sylvia is too good to be my daughter!” (Alexis)

“I don’t think it’s a matter to compete with…” (Kraus)

It seemed those words didn’t reach his ears. Sylvia let out a sigh as she heard parents bragging about their child.

She wasn’t saying that her father shouldn’t do it, but he wanted him not to do it in a place where she was at the moment. She didn’t want him to make her feel embarrassed.

Even so, it was surprising that Sophia followed along, and what was more surprising was Kraus. They didn’t say much, but they were surely proud of Soma and Lina. They didn’t look like that, but even if Sylvia tried not to see it, she knew that parents were still parents.

However, it was still embarrassing for Sylvia, so she focused on the meal in front of her and pretended not to hear them.


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