Ex Strongest Swordsman 235 (Self Edited) – God and Dragon – Part 3

God and Dragon – Part 3

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“Hmm… there is nothing after all.” (Soma)

“Hmm. I couldn’t say that we were able to investigate everything perfectly, but that would be a calculation error. To put it simply, it seems that this place has completely lost its functions as a dungeon.” (Hildegard)

Hildegard concluded as she looked at the big hole in front of her. Although there was no sign of death, she could only have thought as long as the hole wasn’t closed. However, there were some points to be worried about.

One of them was that there should have been a hole in the wall, but it was gone. It wasn’t possible because of looking at the state of the wall without a scratch.

The hole on the floor remained open, but she felt that it was smaller than what she remembered. Even now, the hole was fairly large, so it might be in her imagination, but that wasn’t the case.

It was certain that the dungeon had lost its function now, but given that it was functioning for a while, there were two explanations for it.

“Hmm… for the time being, it should be fine to verify it, right?” (Soma)

Along with those words, the moment Soma swung his sword, a solid scar remained on the wall. It was long and deep on the side. As a matter of course, there was no sign that it would be fixed…

“For now, what I can think of is that the power of the Evil God has been the core substitute for the dungeon.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm? Is that possible?” (Soma)

“I haven’t seen it directly, so I can’t say for sure, but as far as I can see the monster materials, the core of the dungeon is like a device that is powering the dungeon.” (Hildegard)

“The dungeon will break if you break the core, but that power is maintaining the dungeon, yes?” (Soma)

“It doesn’t seem unusual for things that seem to be expanded spatially. If you think that it will return to the original state because of the loss of power supply, it’s going to collapse.” (Hildegard)

Of course, that was an assumption. However, at that time, it seemed that the power of the Evil God still remained. Overtime, the power was completely dispersed. The supply of power was stopped at the same time, so it was a possible reason in general.

“In that case, does that mean that the above 50 floor is operating as a dungeon normally?” (Soma)

“It’s simply pulling power from another place. More importantly… the original dungeon here might have been until the 50th floor.” (Hildegard)

In order to seal the fragment of the Evil God’s power, the dungeon was expanded another fifty floors deeper. In addition, by circulating its power, it was made to overflow, and powerful monsters were created occasionally. Plus, it was made that way to prevent anyone from approaching the seal. Hence, it was a reasonable consideration.

“I feel like I’ve heard a different story when I heard it from you before, you know?” (Soma)

“I also learned the information that was left behind, so I didn’t really know if I had been intentionally told a lie.” (Hildegard)

To begin with, ancient ruins and dungeons were said to have been built around the age when the Evil God was on rampage. It was no wonder that people at that time were capable of doing such things.

“Well, now that you know that, that’s why it’s not about the dungeon. In any case, the way to create a dungeon is lost.” (Hildegard)

“That helps to explain the situation. Well, I feel relieved it’s not handed over.” (Soma)

She didn’t know if that was correct. However, if Soma said so, at least she didn’t have to worry about why this happened.

“Now… that means the investigation here is over. After all, it was just walking, rather than investigating.” (Soma)

“Well, it’s good that there’s nothing, and it’s a good change of pace.” (Hildegard)

“That’s true, but… it’s a shame that I couldn’t test the sharpness of this…” (Soma)

When he said it, Soma looked at the sword that he had just swung.

Hildegard recalled the situation. Speaking of which, he had been saying that he hadn’t wielded his sword for the past year or so…

“Hmm… Aren’t you using it during the practical training in the Academy?” (Hildegard)

“Yes, I did, but I can’t really test sharpness, right?” (Soma)

“Well, if you do that, there will be a slaughter… Aah, I was wondering why you wanted to come along. I see, that’s why.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm, I was expecting some sort of battle would happen…” (Soma)

Soma, who let out a sigh, seemed to be rather seriously depressed.

Hildegard thought that it was rare to see Soma looked depressed due to something unrelated to magic, but it was very rare for him to show such an expression when it involved sword. Or rather, she felt like this was the first time seeing him like that in this world.

“…It’s such a good sword, isn’t it? Haven’t you use it for another year? It’s not like it’s something new to try.” (Hildegard)

“That’s true, but as I said, I haven’t had a good fight after getting this. When I got this over there, I didn’t run into monsters for some reason on the way back. It was so unfortunate.” (Soma)

“It’s only you who would say unfortunate for not meeting monsters, you know…” (Hildegard)

However, at that time, Soma didn’t really care that he would sometimes swing the sword, but recently, he seemed to want to use it moderately.

“If that’s the case, it’s a good sword that even you want to try.” (Hildegard)

“I don’t deny that it’s a good sword, but when I was asked to take care of it, I was also asked how comfortable it was. It’s a request from the other side who wants to hear the impression when I use it seriously. Well, while I was being told, I began to really want to use it…” (Soma)

“Hmm…” (Hildegard)

The other side was that Dwarf. She had heard that the Dwarf came to the royal capital with a few friends about six months ago, and she had actually met the person once.

She thought that he was a person who seemed to agree with Soma in various ways…

“Well, since it’s about you, I’m sure you will have the opportunity later. Rather, it seems only miraculous that there has been no commotion in the last two years. It’s a topic of conversation among the people concerned that it may be a precursor to something big.” (Hildegard)

“That’s not nice of you. Don’t treat me as someone who invites disaster. Who are those people concerned anyway?” (Soma)

“They are the same people. You should remember what you have done so far. What do you mean by those people concerned anyway? Of course, those people in the royal capital.” (Hildegard)

While saying such an appropriate thing, she looked around the bottom floor and confirmed that the problem seemed to be gone. She also went down to the big hole just in case, but there was no problem again. It was a vast area of fifty floors, so she wondered if it could be reused for something, but for now, there seemed to be no danger.

“Hmm… I think it’s good that there’s no danger…” (Soma)

“What? Don’t you feel dissatisfied?” (Hildegard)

“Well, when I came here before, there was a pretty powerful monster, isn’t it?” (Soma)

Regarding this matter, even though this was especially on the deeper floor, if a single monster came out from it, a decent village could be destroyed, but it didn’t mean it could be done quietly. It was just that Soma’s standard of strength was strange. Perhaps, Soma wasn’t used to his strength yet because he became stronger suddenly. Or maybe, he already got used to his strength. Anyhow…

“Hmm, aren’t you going to do a trial cutting?” (Hildegard)

“Well, that will be another matter. Or rather, this is about the materials from the monsters.” (Soma)

“Aah, I see… that’s what you meant.” (Hildegard)

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The only thing that would make him satisfied was that he wanted to use the materials for the purpose of using magic. What Soma wanted right now wasn’t difficult, as he would eventually focus on it.

“It’s what it is. Hmm… I wish I had gotten some materials even a little at that time.” (Soma)

“There’s no such leeway to do that.” (Hildegard)

“You’re right, but… hmm? If you think about it, I didn’t thoroughly beat it, isn’t it?” (Soma)

“Well, yes. Regardless of whether you were able to do it or not, you were trying to reach it in the shortest possible time.” (Hildegard)

“Then, why can’t we find the missing one? You didn’t defeat it, right?” (Soma)

“Hmm? What are you talking about? Didn’t I say that this place isn’t a dungeon anymore? Since its function has stopped, the remaining monsters are bound to disappear.” (Hildegard)

Unlike the monsters outside, the monsters that appeared in the dungeon were basically created by the dungeon. Although there were various hypotheses and no conclusions had been reached so far, it was said that the monsters were manifested by the power of the dungeon. It was said that the monsters were close to the illusion species. It was also mentioned that the material could be taken because the power was fixed and materialized.

However, since there was no difference from the outside monsters, most of the monsters inside the dungeon were rarely paid attention to.

“No, people don’t usually know, let alone pay attention to it. At least, I didn’t know that for the first time. To begin with, which one is considered common?” (Soma)

“Of course, it’s common among those who are studying monsters. Hmm, but I’m pretty sure it’s a technical story, so I don’t think I know everything. Aah, it was something I had never told you.” (Hildegard)

“Rather, why do you know such a strange thing?” (Soma)

“Well, it’s just that I have extra time to know. I thought that there were times when it would be useful, so I procured a lot.” (Hildegard)

By the way, when the function of the dungeon ceased, the monsters disappeared because the supply of the power that kept the appearance of monsters stopped. It was like losing nutrition. Therefore, the appearance of monsters couldn’t be maintained and they disappeared.

Strictly speaking, this was also a hypothesis, but it was true that no monster had been found in the dungeon whose core was destroyed. Therefore, it could be said that this dungeon was at least close to that hypothesis, and for that reason, the corpse of the monsters would disappear if left alone in the dungeon.

“By the way, the conversation strays a bit, but you said earlier that God wouldn’t completely destroy it, right?” (Hildegard)

“I have a feeling that God will make a comeback and instead of changing a little, they change a lot, but what about it?” (Soma)

“Well, that doesn’t mean that it’s unrelated to the current discussion, right? After all, God naturally has power. Needless to say… in the case of God is completely destroyed or when it is not, are you telling me that you understand that their power transformed either they are completely destroyed or not?” (Hildegard)

“Instead of asking me how they transform… I could say that there’s no limitation in transforming? I think that includes the transformation. However, whether it is related to the current discussion or not… Hmm. For the time being, if it’s completely destroyed, wouldn’t it disappear even if it is the power of God?” (Soma)

“Well, that’s right.” (Hildegard)

It would be another matter if the God already transformed to some kind of form, but if its power existed as it was, it could disappear as well. This was also the case with divine protection.

If God simply died, the divine protection would be maintained, but if it was completely destroyed, the divine protection would also disappear. This was because God’s divine protection was God’s power in a broad sense.

“Hmm… is divine protection a power? Is there a reason why divine protection cannot be determined by the skill appraisal?” (Soma)

“Well, yes. It’s just a feeling of giving away power. That’s why it can’t be recognized as a skill.” (Hildegard)

“I see… by the way, it’s fine to show off your knowledge, but are you aware that you have one of the answers that I didn’t answer myself?” (Soma)

“…Ah.” (Hildegard)

“Haa… good grief. Well, it’s the same as I was thinking, so I don’t mind.” (Soma)

She was given an amazed look, and that made her want to hold her head. Although she was able to recover in a good way.

No, actually, she regained herself from now on. Yes, from now on, that was important.

“W-well, in other words, it’s such a thing. As long as God doesn’t die completely, his power will remain.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… but when that happens, I feel like there is one strange thing, you know?” (Soma)

“That’s because of the fragment of the Evil God’s power, isn’t it?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm. To put it simply, the Evil God hasn’t perished, yes?” (Soma)

Hildegard shrugged at those words. She didn’t know much about that either.

The Evil God must have been completely destroyed. There was no doubt that it was confirmed.

However, if that happened, it would be strange that there were fragments of the Evil God’s power…

“Well, it doesn’t matter.” (Hildegard)

“Ooh? I feel like hearing something that makes all the discussion so far meaningless?” (Soma)

“C-calm down. It’s not meaningless. In short the fact that the fragments of the Evil God’s power exist even though it is said that the Evil God has been completely perished. Well, I guess it’s something to put aside for now, but… when I heard a story from you, I was very curious.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… that is…?” (Soma)

“It’s the story about the Demon God or something that was resurrected.” (Hildegard)

According to the story heard from Soma, the resurrection of the Demon God used a fragment of Evil God’s power as its core. The resurrection itself wasn’t a problem, but… where did they find the fragment?

Did they accidentally get it on the side of the road? Such a thing was…

“There’s no way it’s possible. Did he say so? I found it to be not normal at a glance. There’s no way it can’t be found randomly.” (Hildegard)

“Was it a lie?” (Soma)

“No, maybe it’s true. There’s no reason to lie in that situation. But then, I wonder why it was in that place. Perhaps, he got it after you blew away the fragment here?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… I never heard about the details, but that guy said he had recently obtained it.” (Soma)

Soma might have understood what Hildegard wanted to say. The face showed that it was possible.

In other words, the fragment of the Evil God’s power that Soma had failed to erase could be blown away there. Of course, it wasn’t done physically. It was like how Soma transported into the Witch Forest.

“If that’s the case, it’s hard to think of a fragment that you failed to erase. Rather, I think that there’s a high possibility that it has been divided and transported to various places.” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… if so, I feel some responsibility. It’s like I caused it.” (Soma)

“No, you don’t have to worry about it. I mean, that’s not what I’m trying to say.” (Hildegard)

Soma had erased for the most part of the fragment. Even so, it might still be a strong power since the original was the fragment of the Evil God’s power. It was just a strong power of God that had no directivity. The thing that happened when it was obtained was how it was used, and the responsibility should fall under that person.

Therefore, what Hildegard wanted to say was that Soma didn’t hold the responsibility there, but… even though it was a powerful force, the original God was a God who divided many authorities in this world.

“Therefore, if the person use it for a moment or so, that person may be able to imitate God’s authority. As I said before, God’s divine protection is God’s power, and divine protection isn’t a skill. However, it also causes skills to develop and make it easier for them to develop.” (Hildegard)

As far as Hildegard thought, there was only one way Soma could use magic. It was one of the reasons why magic could be used. That meant that it was possible to use the rules of magic forcefully by the authority.

Unfortunately, the rules of magic wasn’t known. She hadn’t even found a clue to find the rules or where in the world she could find it.

However, if there was no need to find it in the first place…

“Hmm… I see.” (Soma)

When Soma fully understood the discussion, a strong spirit could be seen in his eyes. It was a vigor which I wanted to find more about.


“It’s already been two years since then. I think the power has been gathered.” (Hildegard)

Hildegard didn’t remember whether she told him about this before, but it was only recently she came to this thought. There was no way she could tell things that she hadn’t thought of yet.

Still, she told him. It might be somewhere, though unlikely.

“That’s still better than finding a clue randomly, right?” (Hildegard)

“Hmm… I guess it’s worth considering…” (Soma)

Hildegard gently loosened her mouth when noticing Soma thought so. It seemed that he had been able to regain himself.

If there was no problem, Soma would be likely to look for it, right? While looking up at the dimly lit space and wondering what happened here at the same time, Hildegard started  to think in the same way as Soma.


  • The power within the fragment of the Evil God’s power is just a power. It’s not some kind of authority like the authority as Arbitrator held by Lina.
  • Whether Evil God has completely perished or not, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. I mean Hildegard think the answer is yes, but the fragment of the Evil God’s power still exists.

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