Ex Strongest Swordsman 234 (Self Edited) – God and Dragon – Part 2


God and Dragon – Part 2

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Hildegard still remembered the first time she saw his soul. It wasn’t something she could forget. She still remembered the time and dreamed occasionally.

However, to be honest, she didn’t even think that she would walk next to Soma like this at that time. She couldn’t think of it. Soma at that time was definitely just a vulnerable person.

Even so, it was probably because of the Dragon’s instinct, she was fascinated looking at his soul. Hildegard was a God, but originally she was just a Dragon. Although she was controlled by the will, she also had the instinct as a Dragon.

And the Dragon had the characteristic of seeking something stronger than itself. It also had the characteristic of collecting shining things, but it was an alternative act.

The strongest one was when the soul was strong. However, it wasn’t that the Dragon didn’t have enough soul. Therefore, instead of seeking a shining soul, it somehow satisfied its desire by collecting precious metals and other things similar.

On the other hand, if it found a soul satisfied it, precious metals and alike didn’t matter. In fact, when she saw Soma’s soul, she threw everything she had collected. To Hildegard’s eyes, they were nothing more than garbage.

At the same time, she was assaulted by something similar to hunger. She wanted to get it at any expense.

On the contrary, it could be said that she actually had executed her plan. That was because she took his soul from the hand of another God.

She really wanted to keep it at hand, but she didn’t do so because of her sense. No matter how shining the soul was, Soma at that time was just a fragile person. If Hildegard appeared before that, it wouldn’t be strange if the soul was broken.

Of course, that might not happen, but she didn’t really feel like trying it. If she left the soul in the plain, his soul could become overshadowed. At that time, she decided to give up because there was no other way. She thought that it would be much better than breaking the soul herself. It would be a lie if she didn’t expect it to happen.

Even so, she was worried. Sometimes, she was watching from above the high sky, sometimes beyond the distant horizon. However, it wasn’t long since she started to notice it. It must have been about five years.

Although she was still worried about it, she couldn’t do anything and spent a frustrating time, and… that was why when Soma came to her, the whole body shook with delight. Far from being cloudy, the soul was more polished and brighter, and that wasn’t only it. The flesh, which should have been fragile, was trained to the extent that seemed to be appropriate with his soul, and it was raised to stand side by side with her.

She couldn’t put into words how happy she was, and honestly, she was so happy that she wanted to roll around on the spot. She didn’t do it because she had enough judgment to think clearly.

However, she no longer needed to do that. It was because what she wanted had become feasible more than anything else.

Yes, what a Dragon really wanted wasn’t to look at or glisten for something shining. And if Soma also wanted it, she wouldn’t say anything.

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Rather than trembling in fear, the corner of her mouth naturally rises when she saw his eyes filled with fighting spirit. And…

“Hmm… is it a staircase? As expected, we didn’t encounter any monsters. Perhaps, it would be there if I destroy this floor. Hmm, what should we do… Hildegard?” (Soma)

“Hmm?” (Hildegard)

It seemed she had been reminiscing too much involuntarily. Hildegard quickly looked because of Soma’s sudden voice.

“Were you thinking about something?” (Soma)

“No… well, I was just a little absent-minded. There’s no problem. So… uhm, what were you talking about?” (Hildegard)

“I was asking whether we wanted to go down or not, but… perhaps, you are already tired? It doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment, and if you are tired, I think it’s alright to go back at once.” (Soma)

“N-no, I’m fine! Hmm, there’s no point walking further on this floor, so let’s go deeper!” (Hildegard)

When Hildegard went ahead, she felt that she heard a sigh from behind, but she decided not to worry about it.

It was true that she had been a bit busy these days, and she couldn’t say that she wasn’t tired. But now, she had just reminisced a bit too much. More importantly, she didn’t know when she could go here next time.

The reason she invited Soma here today was to do investigation, but at the same time, she wanted to have a change of pace. That was why she forcibly took a day off. When considering the matter of Iori’s request, it would be difficult to come here again in the near future.

However, if there was really a problem here, it was likely to become a serious matter. It was necessary to investigate to the end.

Even so, if she mentioned it, she was sure that Soma would proceed the  investigation alone if she insisted. It wasn’t convincing to say no now. After all, Hildegard just didn’t want to return yet.

She wanted to be Soma more. Yes, it was just that.

If anyone knew about Hildegard in the original world, she might be laughed at. Rather than keeping him at hand and making him her own, she thought that the opposite would happen.

But that was fine, at least Hildegard thought so. She might seem like a God, but Hildegard today wasn’t a God. So, there would be no problem.

As she proceeded with such thoughts, the staircase ended and they reached a large area. They reached the 91st floor.

However, if this wasn’t labyrinth, the expression might not be correct.

“Hmm… It’s the same atmosphere here as before.” (Soma)

Hildegard nodded at the words of Soma, who was following her. Although the view was dim, that was only it. She didn’t feel unpleasant, just like the time before she came here.

And it had been the same since they reached the 50th floor.

“But, it’s not always the same. For the time being, don’t let your guard down.” (Hildegard)

“It goes without saying that those are supposed to be my words. Who was the absent-minded one earlier?” (Soma)

“Uh… Well, I was a bit free and I was only absent-minded! And I’m fine now!” (Hildegard)

“Well, it’s true that we’re walking in places where no monsters are coming out, so it’s unavoidable to be absent-minded…” (Soma)

While being told so, Hildegard quietly removes her line of sight from the amazed eyes that were directed at her. She had created a terrible excuse, and she felt that her reputation was reducing at a tremendous rate, but from this moment… All she had to do was to get a grip from here.

However, if this place was really no longer a dungeon, she wondered if there would be an opportunity to recover her reputation. No… it was the same as they were in a dungeon, wasn’t it? After all, no matter what happened, Soma would solve it.

Then, what the remaining thing to do was to show off some knowledge that Soma was interested in… For the time being, would something happen later? Hildegard proceeded deeper together with Soma, while looking to the surroundings as if searching for her own memory.


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