Ex Strongest Swordsman 208 (Cleaned) – Silent Determination


Silent Determination

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The royal castle which was the center and symbol of the Kingdom of Radeus, still showed its might today under the blue sky.

It could be seen from anywhere in the city, as there was nothing in line except the royal academy. The royal castle was always visible to the sight of those who lived in the royal capital. The people of the city spent their daily lives as usual, even though they were wondering why the atmosphere was different from the usual.

However, the royal castle couldn’t be said the same.

“It has been a lot quieter… Well, it can’t be helped.” (Sylvia)

While watching the surrounding scenery, Sylvia let out a breath together with that mutter. What was reflected in the field of view was… not the usual sight. Until recently, Sylvia was at the Royal Academy.

Even on a long holiday, she never returned to the royal castle. It was for herself, and her family supported Sylvia who worked hard.

But just a week or so ago, she was abruptly told to return home. Moreover, it was an order as the king. It wasn’t something that she could go against the order.

Even so, before she felt dissatisfied when she heard it, a question came. She didn’t understand the meaning of ordering her so.

Without any explanation, Sylvia was forced to return to the castle, and… she was only told the reason four days after she returned to the castle.

“If you’re lonely, it’s fine to go there, you know? I mean, I would like you to go there…” (??)

She turned her gaze toward the voice she heard unexpectedly, and there was a familiar figure. It was his father, and the king of this country, Alexis Radeus.

As Sylvia looked at her father who had a bitter expression on her face, she shook her head and answered.

“I can’t do that. I have the power, and I go to school for a time like this.” (Sylvia)

“No, I didn’t mean you to go away…” (Alexis)

Although Alexis sighed when saying that, the reason why he didn’t stop her was because this was probably not the primary factor. The only person who could fight in the royal family other than Alexis was Sylvia.

It was simply a matter of skill, and without Alexis, she could defeat the whole family members easily. It wasn’t because everyone didn’t have talent. but it was just that the talent was leaned more toward her.

However, when it came to each of their specialties, Sylvia would easily lose out. However, there were a lot of things which victory and defeat were a concern. For example, the duty as a royal family.

But of course, she didn’t really need the power to fight for the royal family. There were soldiers, imperial guards and others for that purpose.

Incidentally, when it was said about the royal family, the country named Radeus emerged. Despite having the highest strength, the number of soldiers was small. So, it was difficult to know when things were about to happen. Those who could fight in an emergency situation were essential.

“I mean, I want you to go there when you think about the time.” (Alexis)

“But when I have to fight over there, it will be too late, right? I don’t think I’ll be able to manage it if I have to drag my foot here.” (Sylvia)

Together with those words, Sylvia’s gaze naturally turned downward. Originally, this matter was a top secret, and it was necessary that nobody should know it, but there was only Alexis here. There was no point in trying to hide it.

So, while Sylvia unreservedly looked at him, she was imagining the situation that was just said. Without waiting a moment, a conclusion came out. As expected, she would be too late in various ways at that time.

Once she was able to earn some time, there was no meaning anymore. That was because this country was probably destroyed at that time.

She didn’t think it made sense if there was some luck and the country survived. After all, a country was for its people. If they escaped on their own without saving their people, how could they be recognized as royalty? At that point, the country was as good as destroyed.

Sylvia loved this country and her family. There was no reason to hold the desire of destroying this country where there were many people that she liked.

“So, I will fight even if there’s no meaning or only recklessness… I don’t want to regret it when it’s all over.” (Sylvia)

“…I see. Well, I really appreciate it, but… seriously, whose footsteps are you following?” (Alexis)

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“I’ve been told by everyone that it’s Otou-sama, you know? I mean, Otou-sama can’t even say anything about people, right?” (Sylvia)

It was too unheard of for the king to remain alone and tried to intercept the enemy. She didn’t want Alexis to tell her that he would bear everything by himself.

“No, I don’t want to do it if I can. But, this is best if you don’t know what the other side is doing.” (Alexis)

“Well, didn’t everyone say that the enemy is not necessarily aiming for the king?” (Sylvia)

“Then, that’s fine. It’s just that I’m doing something meaningless. Well, I want to do it by all means, and… preparation is necessary, right?” (Alexis)

“I don’t even know what’s going to happen in the first place, so I don’t think there’s anything to prepare for it…” (Sylvia)

To put it simply, the reason why Sylvia had heard it four days after being forcibly returned to the royal castle was because this country could be destroyed.

The purpose was unknown. The method was unknown. The culprit was, of course, unknown.

To begin with, she didn’t know who brought the information. Even so, Alexis seemed to be convinced that the information was correct. Looking from his appearance, he might know where the source came from.

But for some reason, he couldn’t reveal it. Of course, Sylvia could guess that much, and the family members were also the same.

That was why everyone else had evacuated to the basement of the castle. They were staying in a hidden room. It was said that the decision was made in consideration of the emergency situation. For that reason, this room where she was now became quiet.

“But things seem to be going well so far. According to Hildegard’s report, I didn’t have to do this.” (Alexis)

“Come to think of it, I didn’t hear the content of the report, but what was it like?” (Sylvia)

“…It’s better if you don’t know about it. It wasn’t always good.” (Alexis)

From that reaction, she knew that the situation was bad. She knew that he asked the headmaster to explore the surrounding villages. In the first place, asking Hildegard to do something like this was something unusual.

Based on the previous report, Alexis was told that the situation was bad, so Hildegard told him that Sylvia should return to the castle, but… it wouldn’t be strange if the surrounding villages were already wiped out.

“So, I’m going to change the question. Do you know what the enemy will attack?” (Sylvia)

“Hmmm. For the time being, the fact that monsters are involved is almost confirmed from Hildegard’s report, but that has been expected.

“Don’t you try to guess who?” (Sylvia)

“That is… No, let’s stop. It would be hard to make a move if I say it. Those people have worked hard in this situation…” (Alexis)

She didn’t understand the meaning of the words in the latter half, but they seemed to be able to make some predictions. Or maybe they were just assuming the worst situation…

“Then, I’m not going to ask that anymore, but won’t Sophia-san and others have a hard time? She seems to be on guard now, but I honestly think that it’s a bit too exaggerated.” (Sylvia)

“Yes… but if this is the worst thing I could assume… Sophia will not be able to resist and she would be beaten easily.” (Alexis)

“…Eh? One of the Seven Heavens? It can’t be–…” (Sylvia)

“The Seven Heavens are people. We know that fact well, and it made us realize it. That’s why we can’t be optimistic. Well, at least, I don’t think so.” (Alexis)

She didn’t consider that it was a joke because she actually knew that.

She managed to survive because Soma was there at that time. But not now…

“…I mean, if Sophia-san could be easily defeated, I don’t think Otou-sama can do anything else, right?” (Sylvia)

“Hmm? No, there’s something I can do, you know? My role is to hold up until Sophia and others return here, right?” (Alexis)

“…Didn’t you say that she would be easily defeated?” (Sylvia)

“Yes, I said that but I didn’t say that she would be killed. I hope if we all work together, we can do something about it.” (Alexis)

He said with confidence, and he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t really confident. Besides, Sylvia knew. Alexis was still training in between his busy jobs.

He used to be a vanguard in the Demon King’s subjugation squad. As expected, his abilities might be somewhat weakened, but he was still stronger than Sylvia. For some reason, she didn’t worry too much about him.

If anything, the only concern she had was not to drag their feet.

“Anyhow, I’m sure it’s a situation where I can’t let my guard down for the time being. Well, I don’t mean to let my guard down from the start.” (Sylvia)

However, that was at this moment. It was obvious that Sylvia was no good in combat, but… for that reason, she was still working hard.

She never wanted to have the feeling of regret again.

“I really want you to evacuate if you can… Well, it would be very helpful if you can assist me. If it really happened, I wouldn’t be able to say it four or five times more.” (Alexis)

“Yes, when the time comes, I’ll do my best. Don’t make that face. I promise not to overdo it. I’m just going to do my best, alright.” (Sylvia)

Sylvia silently determined to help someone when that time came.


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