Ex Strongest Swordsman 207 (Cleaned) – Ex Strongest, Understanding the Reason of the Present Situation


Ex Strongest, Understanding the Reason of the Present Situation

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Surprisingly, Soma was able to reach the guild so easily that he didn’t need any guidance from Sheila. Even though he didn’t have to walk along complicated routes, he seemed to remember it a lot.

The guild branch building in Lumberg was as large as the town. However, when he came close to the entrance, he couldn’t hear any noise inside. It might be simply because the day was still early. With a little more time, the hustle and bustle he had heard before should spread.

Anyhow, while thinking about such things, Soma opened the wooden door…

“Uooh!?” (??)

The surprise voice a moment ago came from someone. Apparently, the timing was bad, and it seemed to coincide with the time of someone trying to go out. When Soma lifted up his gaze, it was a man who seemed to be an adventurer with a slightly poor appearance.

Moreover, it seemed that the man didn’t notice his presence for a moment because he was short. Immediately after that, a suspicious voice came up.

“What? The door opens by itself… aah, is that it? No wonder. Dear me, I was surprised–…” (Adventurer)

As Soma might have noticed, the man tried to complain, but the words were suddenly stopped. The man’s eyes were wide open, and his appearance looked surprised no matter how he thought. His gaze was pointing in Soma’s direction, but he didn’t recognize the man.

It was almost at the same time the man tilted his head and let out a voice.

“Geh, it’s the White Demon…!?” (Adventurer)

And then, Soma finally realized what surprised the man.

He had heard it before, but the White Demon must have been another name for Sheila. In other words, the man was surprised because of Sheila.

However, she also tilted her head, not sure why the man was surprised…

“I-I haven’t seen you recently, s-so what are you doing these days…!? I-I’m doing my job seriously, you know..!?” (Adventurer)

From the man backing away while saying such a thing, a clear fear could be seen. Despite wearing a hood, what was so frightening about someone who was clearly a child? Soma thought that it was funny, knowing that Sheila wasn’t just a child.

For starters, Soma knew Sheila as a person who hadn’t scared anyone so far. So, he wondered what happened.

“What on earth did you do?” (Soma)

“…Honestly, I don’t know. Was it a mistake?” (Sheila)

“There is no way I’m mistaken!? There’s no other person who dresses like you!” (Adventurer)

As a matter of fact, Felicia was dressed in the same way, but it wouldn’t solve anything if Soma said it.

“Hmm… by the way, may I ask you what she did?” (Soma)

“..It doesn’t matter. It’s not funny or anything, you know? Rather, she blew me away when I got involved with her.” (Adventurer)

“Hmm? That sounds familiar… Aah, that reminds me, I think I’ve heard that story before.” (Soma)

Or maybe, it was the reason why Sheila came to be called the White Demon. By the way, he must have heard about the story after going to that ancient ruin.

“…Speaking of which, did that happen? At that time…?” (Sheila)

“Tsk, you don’t even remember… That’s the only thing…” (Adventurer)

He muttered with dissatisfaction, but he didn’t seem to want to find faults. It was clear what was the reason.

“This man is really scared of you… How flashy did you do it?” (Soma)

“…It shouldn’t be that flashy, I think?” (Sheila)

“Haa? Are you telling me that it wasn’t flashy!? I had been dancing in the sky for a few seconds, and I had to  really prepare myself to face my demise, you know!?” (Adventurer)

“Hmm, dancing in the sky for a few seconds, huh… I see, if it’s to that extent, I don’t think it’s flashy.” (Soma)

“Haa!?” (Adventurer)

The man raised his voice and opened his eyes wide for some reason, but that would be a common occurrence. Although it might be a common occurrence, it might be surprising if the scene of dancing in the sky was seen for the first time. The man was scared because he felt more fear than necessary.

“I think my reaction is absolutely normal, but… it’s fine. You have something to do with the guild, don’t you? Well then, I’m going.” (Adventurer)

“Aah, I would like to ask you a few questions before that.” (Soma)

“W-what is it? A-are you saying that you’re serious now!? I was young at that time, you know!?” (Adventurer)

“I’m not sure what you’re expecting me to ask, but what I want to ask is whether you have noticed changes in or around this town recently?” (Soma)

“Aah, changes, is it?” (Adventurer)

The man looked at him with wondering eyes, but that was exactly what Soma wanted to ask. However, the man couldn’t believe it enough. He backed off to keep a small distance…

“Isn’t it always the same?” (Adventurer)

Yes, the man said something that sounded so obvious.

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“Hmm…” (Soma)

Soma left the guild. He looked back at the building where he came out one time, and he nodded. It was as if he was convinced of something.

However, Sheila, who came out together with him, didn’t understand why, probably because Soma didn’t explain it. She tilted her head as she turned her eyes at him.

“…What did you understand?” (Sheila)

“Well. For the time being, I could understand the reason for the current situation.” (Soma)

There were few adventurers in the guild as expected, but there were still few people, including the man who had been blown away by Sheila, and most importantly, he was able to ask the guild representative who happened to be at the reception today. The story he heard from the adventurers also played a part in it.

However, there was basically only one story he had heard from the adventurers. It was also the same as the man who had been blown away by Sheila, and the answer returned was the same. To put it simply, nothing had changed recently in this town or its surroundings.

The adventurers didn’t care much about other people. Rather, it should be said that there were few people who could afford to care about people in the same profession, but then, they should have noticed what happened if there were changes. It was hard to imagine that many refugees came from other towns, but they didn’t notice it and said it was as usual.

However, it was the guild representative who gave the answer. The representative lady said it like this.

“So, they moved the refugees into the town on three days basis so the people here didn’t notice. I supposed they did it that way after giving much consideration to the situation.” (Soma)

“…I wonder if people don’t really notice it.” (Sheila)

“No, they certainly won’t be able to notice it. It’s said that this town is the largest in the area. People come and go actively, so there will be no one who monitors them one by one. Instead of letting them in the town in one stretch, they made the refugees enter little by little. No wonder, people here didn’t notice it.” (Soma)

However, it’s just surprising how they make it happen.

The refugees didn’t evacuate scatteredly, but basically, they moved as a whole. There was a possibility that monsters and bandits appeared along the way. In that situation, it was normal that they had to protect themselves.

That was why, in order to let them enter the town little by little, they had to wait for the refugees until they came near the city. Of course, they were outside of the town, so they might be attacked by monsters. Even though the adventurers at Yeasta served as escorts, they usually didn’t want to do it that way.

Moreover, it was a three-days basis. That would have been a considerable burden to the refugees.

Still, the guild did so in order not to confuse the town. As Soma thought, if it was known  that a considerable number of refugees had come to this town, confusion would be inevitable. If the situation was known, there would be a reasonable number of people seeking further evacuation from the town.

However, as mentioned earlier, this town was the largest in the area, so there was no place to evacuate from here. The story would be different if the refugee went to another territory. In that situation, they wouldn’t be able to secure enough food and security. That was why this town chose to continue its daily routine as usual.

They believed that Doris could repel the monsters safely.

By the way, the reason why the representative lady knew such a matter was that it was bad if she didn’t know it. In the time of emergency, some of the town’s adventurers seemed to be cooperating when the refugees were waiting outside. All the adventurers who Soma spoke with said that there weren’t changes because none of them cooperated in the rescue.

The reason why the guild told him was because Sheila was there. The representative remembered Sheila, and since she was also an Advanced Rank adventurer, there was no problem in letting her know. Plus, it would be better to tell her.

In addition, the source of information this time was from the country, so it should be taken seriously. However, compared to Doris, who heard directly from Sophia, the representative here didn’t seem to know that much detail. Other than the refugees, she only knew that dangerous monsters could attack Yeasta.

“Hmm… as I thought when I heard about this from Doris, apparently, the country has some sort of confirmation on this matter.” (Soma)

Without some assurance, they wouldn’t have informed such a thing. That was because bad news could only cause havoc.

“However, the fact that monsters were actually attacking means… I mean, normally the behavior of monsters shouldn’t be predictable, right?” (Soma)

“…Yes, it’s supposed to be that way. Maybe it’s foresight?” (Sheila)

“Hmm, yes, I also heard about it, but…’” (Soma)

He had heard of skills related to foresight, but he hadn’t heard that it existed in reality. There were rumors that the fifth king had something like that, but it must have been said to increase the authority of the Holy Doctrine.

“…Well, in any case, maybe I should say this, but… this situation seems important. There seems to be a point in forcing Felicia and Aina in this situation.” (Soma)

“…It’s all good?” (Sheila)

“Yeah… It’s good that their effort would end in vain, but it’s better if this whole thing ends easily.” (Soma)

In any case, it made sense to come here. He knew the meaning of the current situation, and it was clear that they needed to hurry ahead. What they would do in the future wouldn’t change even if they didn’t know the current situation, but at least, there was no mistake that Felicia and Aina would feel relieved. It was psychologically painful to act while feeling anxious.

“Well, our business here is over for the time being, so do you want to buy souvenirs for them as originally planned?” (Soma)

“…Are you sure?” (Sheila)

“Hmm? What do you mean?” (Soma)

“…There’s no need to do it now.” (Sheila)

“Aah, do you mean that I should do that at the end of the school break? As for that, buying the souvenirs now would make things easier. Besides, I don’t really mind.” (Soma)

There were times where there was a sense of urgency, and there were also times when it was meaningless to rush things. And now, was a time when it was meaningless to rush things. At the same time, it wasn’t a time of doing nothing.

This wasn’t only for Aina and Felicia, but it was also for Soma. If he kept on being on guard, he would eventually feel exhausted. No matter how quick they did things, it didn’t mean anything if they were exhausted and couldn’t do anything because of that.

Now, in order to work hard tomorrow, this was a time to refill the vitality. Perhaps, it was half-instinctive, but Soma hoped Aina and Felicia were resting to prepare for tomorrow. Soma and Sheila also had to prepare for tomorrow.


“So, I would like you to guide me. I’m not familiar with this town.” (Soma)

“…Yes, if Soma says so, I understand.” (Sheila)

As Sheila nodded while saying that, they started walking in the town.


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