Ex Strongest Swordsman 187 (Cleaned) – The Former Hero and The Demon God


The Former Hero and The Demon God

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Nicholas let out a breath while listening to the roaring sound from the other side. Given that it had finally begun, it would be inevitable that his mouth would loosen up.

‘Yes, finally.’

Two years from that time… No, if it included before that, it was over ten years. Considering that he could finally fulfill his desire, it was only natural that he felt emotional and excited.

With that in mind, he looked at the sky where jet black color was spreading. He narrowed his eyes because he recalled the story he heard from his father.

It was more than a hundred years ago when the Demon was feared and the Demon King was feared even more. In addition, that color was their color. That was the color of the Demon King’s hair and eyes, which was also their sign.

It was around the time when these people were named the Demon and the Demon King. Apparently, those with black hair and eyes had become so oppressed that they were feared. These people were perceived as the Demon, and when they demonstrated the talents that threatened humanity, black was further feared. It was a story of such an era.

However, it ended abruptly.  The reason was that the Demon King had been defeated by the Hero who appeared from another world.

And since the Hero’s hair and the eyes were black, the black color gradually didn’t present the Demon. Just as it was a substitute for fear, it began to become known for its excellence.

The Demon King, once thought to have been destroyed, revived over the course of fifty years, but at that time, black color was no longer a synonym of fear.

Furthermore, after the resurrection, it was spurred by the fact that the might of the Demon King was inferior compared to the heyday. The Demon King had already been judged as an antiquated relic.

Of course, little by little, the Demon King regained his power, but… black never became their color anymore. The Demon King regained his power completely, and when he tried to spread the fear again, he was defeated by the Heroes again.

For some reason, the hero this time said that he would take the position of the Demon King. It was very different from the previous Hero who seemed to have disappeared before anyone realized it, but… if that was the case, perhaps, Nicholas might have obeyed the one who pretended to be the Demon King.

As for the Demon, power was the law. It was no exception with regard to the Demon King, and it made sense that the person who defeated the Demon King called himself the new Demon King. Of course, that was if the matter was only focused on that strength part.

The only thing a Demon King needed was power. As the stories go, it started from the series of events that began with a rebellion two years ago. There were many Demons who thought that there was something more important than that, and they were still thinking so even now. Nicholas was one of them.

Anyway, he exhaled again, recalling his experience and his father’s story. It was a deep darkness that sucked everything just by looking at it. Now, it was the most profound time, and… that was why it was probably the best time for him.

“…Don’t you think so?” (Nicholas)

“Well… it’s a hassle, so it doesn’t matter.” (??)

It was almost the same time that a footstep sounded with the reply. When he looked down, the color that was spread over there was still jet black color.

‘– Iori Kanzaki.’

He was the former Hero who took the name of the Demon King. Perhaps, he was an existence which should be called the enemy of Nicholas and his comrades.

Nicholas had already expected that that person would come. It was no surprise to him. Rather, he was thinking ‘finally’ or something similar.

Of course, it also included not feeling that person’s presence… He let out a small breath as to hide the mouth that was about to loosen.

“Dear me. You can’t do something like this. This is why I’ve come all the way here to meet you.” (Nicholas)

“I can say this at least directly to you. Rather, I’m not happy if an old man tells me that.” (Iori)

“Well, I guess so. To be honest, if I was told that, I would turn back without asking anything.” (Nicholas)

“Are you asking me for a fight? Or are you urging me to go away without asking anything?” (Iori)

“No, there’s no way I would ask you that. It would be very rude to do so against the Demon King-sama.” (Nicholas)

While saying such thing, Nicholas bowed down rudely. He lifted the edge of his mouth at an angle that his opponent couldn’t see.

It was a complete farce. As he expected, the opponent wouldn’t go easy on him like he was a friend in such a situation. However, the reason why he exchanged the chatter words was because he was talking about the situation.

In other words, the conversation itself was meaningful to the other side.

“Well, I was able to say something that wasn’t in my mind.” (Nicholas)

“I regret to say that I don’t take it into the heart. Now, that’s also completely sincere, isn’t it?” (Iori)

That was true. The previous dialogue was definitely sincere.

However… If he explained it, it would be something like this…

“It’s impossible for me to be rude to you. That is the matter if you are the real ‘Demon King’.” (Nicholas)

Immediately after that, there was something thrown to Iori from the bushes behind Nicholas, and then, it exploded.

They were thirty in total. It was the same number as those people who were lurking in the bushes.

Unlike the sound that reverberated far away from here, this time it contained considerable power. Although the scale was small… its power was condensed.

Far from humans, it was a disposable magic tool that can bury monsters with a single blow. If ordinary people got hit with that many in a row, there wouldn’t be a hint of flesh that remained. If there was a problem, it was how far this situation could be expressed.

“Ye–yeay…!? Haha… what a shame…! That’s what happened when you swindle the name of the Demon King…! Including the enemies of companions, do you know that…!” (??)

It was one of the companions, who showed up from the bush, while shouting such a thing. It seemed that he became excited with the success of the surprise attack.


“…That will be another matter whether the surprise attack was successful and whether it was effective.” (Nicholas)

“Haa…? What on earth…” (??)

“Will you be careful? If you don’t want to die, you should hide right away–…” (Nicholas)

The moment Nicholas stopped his words, he realized that it was already too late. At the same time, a small but clear voice reverberated.

“– Descend, Lightning of Heaven.” (Iori)

The sound was heard late. It was bright enough to understand from the reflection of the surroundings. The sound that was incomparable to what they created roaring on that place.

Nicholas held his ears and eyes for a while. He waited for everything to settle down, and then he opened his eyes. After looking around, he sighed.  All the bushes that would have been there were burned out, and all that was left was something about thirty that turned into a black mass. It was about the shape of a person, but if the wind blew, the trace would be lost.

It was just an instant death.

“You’re not going easy, huh… goodness, that’s cruel.” (Nicholas)

“Mercy is only given after death has descended. I should have said it the last time I came. I won’t forgive you the next time you come.” (Iori)

“Well, I haven’t heard those words in person.” (Nicholas)

Nicholas shrugged as he said that. He, then, squinted his eyes. This was something beyond expectation, even though he expected this would happen.

The number was about thirty, but even though they didn’t have even beginner rank skills, it was impossible for Nicholas to deal with all of them in an instant. No… there must be no one who could do that even among those who were left behind.

As expected of a former Hero. Even while he said that, it seemed that it wasn’t a show that this person had defeated the previous Demon King alone.

“But then, why I am still alive? Are you showing mercy to me?” (Nicholas)

“How could that be? I have no reason to do such a thing regardless of whether you’re a person I know or not. So, why are you doing this?” (Iori)

“Well… the reason is not me, and I wonder if it’s not because of you. For example, it doesn’t seem well communicated about the nonsense about removing me unintentionally.” (Nicholas)

It would be easy if Iori showed it to Nicholas for a moment, but… it seems unlikely. The line of sight that stared at him from the previous moment never went away.

“That’s because I can’t pretend to ignore the thing that gives such a presence.” (Iori)

“I see. I can believe it if you tell me that…” (Nicholas)

Even though he was trying to lure the former Hero, he was actually wetting his pants. There would be no one that could be careless when they felt that thing.

“Well, if it’s going to be exposed, is there any sense of hiding it any longer? The goal has already been achieved and there will be no problem. Come out.” (Nicholas)

Immediately after saying that, a flame pillar rose right next to Nicholas. Strangely, he didn’t feel the heat, but he felt that the presence was getting stronger. Even if he knew that the thing wouldn’t attack him, he couldn’t stop the cold sweat from flowing down.

However… Obviously, there was no reason to wait for it to complete its appearance.

“– Violent Roaring Lightning.” (Iori)

The lightning descended as the words uttered.

At first glance, it was compared to the previous one, but it was definitely far more powerful. If the previous one was an unstoppable assault, this one was the real assault.

Nicholas wouldn’t be able to survive if he got hit with that.

“– Tsk! You bastard… why did you unleash that…!?” (Iori)

It was no surprise that the former Hero turned his gaze to him while clicking his tongue. Anyway, the lightning released by the former Hero had dissipated before it pierced into that existence. It wasn’t like a spell of protection, but it was as if the lightning had stopped attacking by itself.

The former Hero probably asked that question because he clearly recognized the sensation this time.

“I don’t have a duty to answer, but… to begin with, don’t you understand the reason without asking?” (Nicholas)

Nicholas wasn’t really trying to lie because he thought that Iori would understand without him telling the reason.

It was obvious that the thing had been unleashed. The former Hero at least recognized that existence as something that was sealed somewhere.

Well, there was no way such a thing should be around this place, so it would be normal to ask him.

“Even so… don’t you want to admit it?” (Nicholas)

“…!” (Iori)

Nicholas replied with a smile to the former Hero who squinted his eyes as if glaring. It was a very pleasant feeling.

And here was a scene where it folded even more.

“Well, it’s been a long time, but I’ll tell you. I’m the kind of person who looks like this. Yes… as you can see, this is the so-called Demon God.” (Nicholas)

“…Ugh. Such a thing…!” (Iori)

“Yes. That means it’s your natural enemy.” (Nicholas)

It was just a fact. Although Iori was a former Hero or something, he could never defeat the Demon God as long as he was a Hero.

Nicholas was a person who understood that fact at its best. The only thing he could do was to run away, but as a matter of fact, that option was very troublesome. If he devoted himself to get away from this place, rather than utilizing that existence, he wouldn’t be able to restrain it. That was why he waited here and lured Iori.

But, he didn’t panic. As long as Nicholas understood that, he was convinced that the former Hero wouldn’t be able to escape. If the former Hero wanted to run away, he would have done it, but… he didn’t do so. Nicholas understood it as a matter of course.

No rather than that, he purposely manipulated that existence.

The Demon God was powerful, but it couldn’t exist alone in this world. This was because the Demon God was only a soul and had no physical body. In order to exert power in this world, the core substance and physical body must be prepared to remain in this world.

It was said that the physical body needed to be alive, and it was desirable to have thin consciousness. It was also said to be the best when the body was in despair. That means…

“Damn… I had considered that there was such a possibility, but… I never said about this unpleasant feeling…!” (Iori)

The former Hero exclaimed voraciously before the thing was completely shaped as a person. Nicholas smiled even more. Although he was scared to death, he wasn’t afraid at all. As long as he had it, he could deal with this former hero. That contained double meaning though.

“You… Steina is…!” (Iori)

“Let me see… Things are going in this way because this girl is also hoping for it, you know? Why is that? Well… that’s because you’re… the enemy of her father. If you think from her point of view, wouldn’t it be best to defeat the enemy?” (Nicholas)

Nicholas’ smile turned even worse towards the glaring appearance that hadn’t changed even until now. As the former Hero couldn’t escape or fight, Nicholas slowly took a step forward together with the existence beside him.


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