Ex Strongest Swordsman 186 (Cleaned) – Ex Strongest, Getting Involved in the Rebellion


Ex Strongest, Getting Involved in the Rebellion

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The range to which Iori could teleport was limited to the castle. While facing the outside area of the castle, Soma turned his eyes to where he heard the sound and narrowed his eyes.

“Hmm, from the sound, it is on the other side of the mountain… or rather northwest?” (Soma)

“It’s most likely. By the way, that’s where the forest spreads.” (Iori)

“I see… that’s the place.” (Soma)

It was a forest where it was difficult to understand if people were doing something, and it was also difficult to grasp even after something had happened. It was such a place.

However, if there was a problem, it was probably that there was no sense if people were making this explosion sound. Wouldn’t that make them notice the source of the explosion? Were they fools to throw the precious advantage they had?

“So, is that a diversion?” (Soma)

“It is safe to think so, but…” (Iori)

“It doesn’t have to be done in a place where it might be able to be used for a surprise attack, no? If they do that, it makes people think that is a diversion…” (Soma)

“Perhaps, it’s a diversion or a preference… but it doesn’t matter.” (Iori)

Soma understood exactly what Iori tried to say. He, then, turned his eyes toward the northeast.

From there, there was a sign of something clearly deviating.

“That’s the real thing. If it’s possible to manage it with just that, it’s all good. If it’s enough to give a try because they have nothing to lose, again, it’s all good. In the meantime, is that the other thing…? I mean, it’s going to be in the southwest and southeast.” (Soma)

“Well, looking from that situation, it seems to be that way.” (Iori)

Rather, it should be that way. They were doing something obvious so far. It didn’t seem to be a one-sided move.

“By the way, do you have any idea who those people are?” (Soma)

Although it wasn’t necessary to confirm who they were now, this was obviously an attack. Even though Iori said the title was a self-proclaimed title, it was nothing strange in itself apart of being a Demon King. Depending on the reason and the opponent, Soma had his own ways of taking action.

“If the opponent is your adulterous partner and she comes to kidnap you, I don’t know what I should do.” (Soma)

“Are you still pulling that story…” (Iori)

“Well, joking aside… who are they?” (Soma)

In response to Soma’s question, Iori shrugged.

However, that didn’t mean that he didn’t know. Somehow, he had an expression that included both amazement and resignation. After exhaling a breath, Iori opened his mouth.

“…Well, if I have to say whether I have an idea or not, I’m probably in luck. They are probably the people linked to the previous Demon King.” (Iori)

“Hmm… are those the people who caused the rebellion before this?” (Soma)

“Yes… how do you know about that? I have placed a gag order for that matter to not come into the public…” (Iori)

“Is that so? …Well, come to think about it… indeed, that’s a normal thing to do.” (Soma)

The rebellion was nothing more than an ugly incident. Moreover, according to the story heard, it seemed that there was a reasonable number of people who escaped, and the castle treasure vault was robbed. It would be normal to conceal the matter.

“Well, the reason I know it is simple. I heard it from Steina.” (Soma)

Iori creased his eyebrows at the moment the name was mentionedbut it was actually for another reason. He had that reaction since it was strange if Steina knew about it.

“From Steina? Why did she…” (Iori)

“Hmm? Is it weird that Steina knows it?” (Soma)

“Yes. The rebellion happened about two years ago, right after Aina left the castle. At that time, Steina wasn’t already in the castle. So, there’s no way she knows about it.” (Iori)

“Huh? She seems to know a lot about it, I think.” (Soma)

“Well, there are some possibilities, but… as expected, those people also…? Then, why did she tell you about it? No, perhaps…?” (Iori)

“It’s fine to think about it, but isn’t it better to delay that for now?” (Soma)

When Soma said so, Iori seemed to recall the current situation. After a while, he let out a breath to rearrange his focus.

“You’re right. Anyhow, this is… no, should I say this as well? For the time being, there is no doubt about those people. They have done something similar in the past.” (Iori)

“Hmm… Even though they failed, they are doing the same thing again… No, I can say that they succeeded in some ways, but is it because of that?” (Soma)

“Well. It’s true that some of them managed to escape, but the main perpetrators were still crushed. It should be fine to think that none of them remains alive. Well, I thought they would come again soon, but at last, I’m feeling it…” (Iori)

“By the way… Are they the ones who managed to escape last time?” (Soma)

While saying that, Soma looked to the northeast direction. It was something that he called the real thing. Somehow, it felt dignified and he could feel ominous sign from that place. If the luck was bad… there would be something more troublesome than the Forest God.

Still, if Soma fought it face to face, he wouldn’t be defeated. However, it was a matter if he could fight face to face. Considering the current situation…

“No, at least it won’t be like last time. Whether they form a new group or whether they maintain it somewhere else… Nah, it doesn’t matter. For now, I’m going there. Can I ask you to go over there?” (Iori)

“Hmm, I don’t mind, but… will you be alright?” (Soma)

“Nevertheless, I’m a Hero and a Demon King. I can do something about it. I can’t just leave the most troublesome matter to the visitor, and… it’s because of these times I’ve stayed here.” (Iori)

“Aah, is that so?

Somehow, Soma had such a feeling. There was no surprise in the attack itself. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to come to attack if the castle people were out by chance.

They should think that those enemies deliberately split their forces and they had knowledge about Iori and others.

“So, don’t worry about your back.” (Soma)

“Well, yes. Originally, I was going to split into two with the chief butler. So, the castle should be alright even with him alone. Still, I wasn’t sure if that was fine. To be honest, I’m grateful that you guys are here.” (Iori)

“Hmm… you don’t want to cut corners even if you say such things, is it? Do you want me to help you out a little bit?” (Soma)

Of course, Soma intended to do so from the beginning. Even if Iori was a friend, he should proactively lend favors whenever possible.

That way, he might get what he wanted. For example, rare monster materials.

“Well, I was thinking to go quietly over there, but do you have a specific request? Something like I should catch them alive or anything…” (Soma)

“No, not really. I don’t want to hear whether they are alive or not…” (Iori)

Iori suddenly stopped talking. What made him smile wryly was probably because he thought that Soma would say something troublesome like in the past.

Soma simply understood his feelings. That was because he thought about the same thing at almost the same time.

However, Soma didn’t say anything about it. He just shrugged.

“Got it. I’m going there, but be careful, alright?” (Soma)

“Aah… you too.” (Iori)

As they exchanged those words, Soma kicked the ground and headed northwest.



Although he went northwest as mentioned earlier, it was a matter of going to the other side of the mountain. Speaking of how to go there, he obviously went straight ahead…

“Hmm… no matter how I think about it, it’s faster to cut it and go ahead, but I can’t do that, right?” (Soma)

While talking to himself, Soma dashed toward the mountain. Immediately after, there was a sound like something hit a tree behind him, but he ignored it.

Of course, there was a sign of killing that was directed to him, and presences from the surroundings.

Needless to say, they belonged to the monsters that lived in this mountain, and at the same time, they were the ones who protect the mountain. For those people, Soma was definitely a foreign matter… Nevertheless, it seemed that Iori couldn’t tell him what he wanted to say.

However, if Soma defeated them unnecessary, it was synonymous with thinning out the defence here, and as expected, Iori told him to refrain from doing that. That was why Soma proceeded ahead and ignored them.

If that was the case, it was a good idea to go around the mountain from the beginning, but in order to do that, he had to go back to the entry area of the mountain. He didn’t know what would happen if he spent too much time here, and he didn’t think that there were enemies over there. It would be trouble if there was a battle over there, so he decided to take the shortest distance.

There was no particular problem with it so far. It would also be troublesome if he was surrounded. Therefore, it was necessary to proceed while considering some positioning.

Well, he was sure there was a lot of trouble going on…

“That’s a good thing to add to the favor.” (Soma)

That was just a matter of getting better raw materials. It wasn’t a big deal.

Anyway, he ran up the mountain, and he reached the summit without taking too much time. When he looked down, it was the same downward slope as the one he climbed. There was certainly a forest at the end of the line of sight. It was slightly but certainly fire rose in some places.

“It’s awkward. I feel like I’ve seen something similar before…” (Soma) (TLN: He was talking about the disturbance in the town when he was with Steina)

The forest seemed to be extending to this mountain. If he left the summit  as it was, it was possible to reach the forest sooner or later.

Moreover, the fire was quite scattered. It continued to get bigger even now. A roaring sound reverberated, but it was too small.

“Dear me… well, this is clearly a diversion.” (Soma)

When he took a quick look at the surroundings, there were around thirty to fifty people there. The strength wasn’t so much, rather they seemed to be quite scattered. Speaking of troublesome, it was indeed a troublesome matter.

In other words, they were doing this while assuming that they would be defeated.

“I don’t think I can expect them to withdraw after I defeat a certain amount of people.” (Soma)

If anything, it felt like they would continue to resist even if there was only one person left. When Soma thought about the situation, if he left them be, it would lead to a rebellion again. In that sense, it would be good to…

“This looks more serious than I thought. If it comes to this point, I would have to worry about this place and the other place. I should focus on this place for now.” (Soma)

While whispering that, Soma turned his eyes to the other side. As he said ‘Well, then’, he ran down and went straight ahead.


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