Ex Strongest Swordsman 138 (Self Edited) – Intermission – The Demon Territory


Intermission – The Demon Territory

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The area controlled by the Demons was called Demento. Strictly speaking, it was a common and popular name. It wasn’t a name for a place or a country. Plus, there was no formal word for the place. It was called like that since who knew when, and that name continued until today.

However, no one knew about the original story and what to call it officially. At most, people understood what kind of territory that was. The reason for this was simple. No one named it.

Most of the time, it was said that the Demons dominated the place, but it was mainly on the part when the Human determined the border between them. To be specific, there wasn’t any specific person who control or reign the place.

Certainly, the Demons had an existence called the Demon King, but they hadn’t established the country and reigned the land. Moreover, it wouldn’t be recognized by the Human as a matter of course, if they declared that they had established a country. In other words, the territory covered a large area and regardless of what its name, it wasn’t officially owned by anyone. Even now, the land continued to be abandoned.

Since it was troublesome to name differently, it was given a tentative name, Demento, and used until now. Therefore, Demento could be related to the feeling of freedom. The fact that the territory didn’t belong to any country meant that there was no law to bind those who lived there. It was reasonable that this would lead to freedom.

The land was literally lawless, but it wasn’t in disorder state. While looking at that place that could be called as a symbol, Ayla bit her lips to stop yawning.

“Hmm… I’m so free…” (Ayla)

She muttered as if complaining while moving the ears on her head. Of course, that didn’t mean that she didn’t have spare time. Well, since she didn’t like time when she got busy, she was doing nothing even though there were people here.

“Goodness, since I’m way too free. If there is even one order… aah, these people are no good. This is why they are always bottom level adventurers.” (Ayla)

“Haa!? I can hear you, you damn cat!” (Adventurer)

“Of course. I’m saying it so that you can hear me. If you don’t like it, you can order something, or get out from the bottom level quickly.” (Ayla)

“Haa!? If we can do that, we would have done that a long time ago! I mean, what’s the relation of that with ordering something from you!?” (Adventurer)

“That is to make me become busy.” (Ayla)

“So, do we have to do that for your convenience!?” (Adventurer)

The man who she interacted was relatively near to her, but then, the man soon turned around. Goodness, even if that was to kill some time, she didn’t really want to associate with that man, but of course, she didn’t say it.

Just as she was here, the man was there to earn money. If they didn’t work, they couldn’t live, and those who didn’t work, had no human rights.

“…Well, for starters, the Demons have no human rights from the beginning.” (Ayla)

While shrugging at the silly gag that she came up with, Ayla looked at the place again. It was bad if she had spare time. In other words, it was good if there was something that could let her kill the spare time. However, the business activities were bad as ever, and those adventurers were the only people there.

To put it simply, that place was an adventurer guild. Strictly speaking, this place should be added to the Fergau branch as well, but she didn’t care about this small detail. In other words, everyone who was there, including the previous man, was an adventurer, and there were a variety of faces here.

If there were men, there would be women. If there were old man, they were only here to see girls. If there was similar beastkin species as Ayla, there were also Demons. If it were human, they couldn’t be recognized in one glance, but certainly, there must be bloodsucker species. How did she know? When people thought that it was anemia, her blood got sucked. Since there were people who adored them, they hanged out with each other.

When Ayla checked the surrounding again, there were many people regardless of race, age and gender. She didn’t think of anything else than this was the usual scene. When she heard that there were some countries to have only a single species, it felt unusual and she was quite surprised.

The guild was located relatively close to the boundary separating Demento from the outside. Therefore, there were a decent number of people coming and going from here to Fergau, which had a decent size. In the end, Ayla had to deal with a variety of people such as Dwarves, Amazones, Gnomes and others. However, she had never seen Elves, and… Witches.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

As far as she was concerned, let alone Witches, she had never met a single Elf even though there was the Elf forest near the border. When Ayla realized that, she became quite curious, but when she asked the actual situation, she didn’t inquire for anything.

There was nothing. After all, there were almost no Elf who became Demons.

The Elves were originally low in numbers, and it was said that they had low birth rate. Speaking of other species, there were those who became Demons, but the Elves weren’t like that. They helped and protected each other.

However, it seemed their reaction toward others was quite severe other than their companions. They didn’t allow anyone to touch their body, always had firm attitude and didn’t show a smile. That was why the Elves were said to be hard-headed people.

Speaking of what Ayla wanted to say was that she was killing her time by looking at various people and appearances. That was also true if the Elves came here, but it went without saying that it was impossible.

“Hmmm… although I’m free…” (Ayla)

In the end, she had no choice but to lie down on the spot.

If Ayla was also the receptionist of the guild, it would be hectic and there was no way she would have spare time. Even though this place was a guild, there was a bar in the guild. She was waiting there just in case, so it would be nice to receive an order.

Anyhow, it was still early in the morning. This was the time when the request forms would be hanged, and that was what those adventurers were waiting. There was no reason not to use the bar while waiting for the requests to come out.

Since that fact was understood, Ayla was the only person in charge of serving customers here. Well, at the same time, she could act lazy.

“I can’t go on like this for more than one hour… at least, if there is a newcomer… hmm?” (Ayla)

When she was complaining in such a way…

The guild here was a typical looking guild. The reception was on the front side. At the left back, there was a cash exchange, and the bar was at the right back. In short, Ayla’s position made it easy to see if someone entered the building… while everyone was starting to get frenzied, she immediately realized that there were newcomers.

There were three of them. One was probably a boy of a human species… the other two were unknown. They wore white robes and even wore hoods. From their height, Ayla judged that the other two were at similar age as the boy, but she didn’t know anything other than that.

With obvious suspiciousness, Ayla didn’t recognize the face of the boy. In other words, he was a new face Ayla wanted to see, but the next moment, she realized.

They were dangerous people.

“Hmm… it’s a normal guild.” (S???)

“…Yes, it is.” (S?????)

“Isn’t it normal? What are you both trying to say…?” (F??????)

The voices of the children clearly reached Ayla, who was at a distance.

But that was not to say that the children were screaming loudly, but because the place was strangely silent. The men, who were bursting with bloodlust until a few moments ago, killed the sound of their breathing. It would have been a ludicrous sight to behold, but Ayla would not have laughed at them.

As soon as she saw the children, she was going to pretend to sleep. If anything, she was the side that could be laughed at. However, that would be a story if someone else was laughing.

It went without saying that most of the adventurers were human, rather than Demons. It wasn’t because there was no law that cause these people didn’t act disorderly. On the contrary, they were controlled by one simple thing.

That was strength. Those who had strength were the law. It wasn’t much different from the outside.

However, the adventurers, who were in this place, were ruffians. They tend to be strong and they were proud about themselves.

That was why. At first glance, Ayla couldn’t sense how strong was that boy, but she could tell that he was dangerous. Everyone was sensitive to that kind of thing because the power was the law of the Demons.

This was a town near the border. Even those dangerous Demons didn’t flock at this place. They were further away from the border. In short, the people here were those who were smart, but who hadn’t made a big deal in many ways. But, why those newcomers came to such a place?

The boy looked carefree at a glance, but that made him more terrifying. Perhaps, he was… a senior adventurer? Just the other day, a girl, who seemed to be coming from outside of the town, arrived at this place. So, why it kept going on like this?

Ayla wondered if this was a punishment since she said that she was having too much spare time. While pouring cold sweat, she seriously worried. As she prayed that these children went somewhere else quickly, she was wondering whether the Goddess would grant the pray of a Demon.



  • Ayla is a Catkin, and she speaks with ~nya at the end of the sentence. I don’t feel like adding it because if I do that, I have to add ~nodearu for Soma, ~nodesu for Lina and ~nanoja for Hildegard. Too much work lol.
  • I reread chapter 22 and 23 to understand more about Demons (or Mazoku in raw). After reading it, I think the author hasn’t fully described about the Demons.
  • From what I understand, they are humanoid, but they aren’t considered Mankind because some countries define Mankind only for certain humanoid races/species but they refuse to include Demons. Unless Demons admit that they are Demons, people will think that they are just human. This is what happened to Aina. We’ll just have to wait for more information on Demons.

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