Ex Strongest Swordsman 137 (Self Edited) – Intermission – The One who Observes Stars and the Last Fool


Intermission – The One who Observes Stars and the Last Fool

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A girl was tilting her head alone on a bed. Outside the window, the curtain of the night was down. Let alone that, it was already the time that the date would change.  As a matter of course, it was time to sleep if it was usual.

This place was a room in the academy dormitory. Some rooms were larger than the ones for students because it was for the lecturers, but the basic structures weren’t much different.

Currently, the academy was having a long holiday. Hence, there was no sign of people compared to before, but at this time, it was even more so. The girl was twisting her neck while looking around the room where there was no one else.

“Hmm…? Why did I wake up? I don’t feel anything, and there should be no plans for something to happen, right??” (Girl)

Speaking of the plans, it had become unreliable, but that was the fact. At this time, she shouldn’t need to do anything… aah, no. There was only one thing to do, maybe, but that should be done a bit later.

In the first place, even if the plan could proceed ahead, she was too far to do anything from this location. When she woke up, there was nothing she could do.

“My feelings hurt if I am told that, right? There is nothing that can actually be done, anyway. Dear me, I don’t understand her thinking.” (Girl)

It was normal that she didn’t intend to understand such things. But instead of talking nonsense, she wondered why she woke up. She had been wondering about it until now, but this was the first time she couldn’t figure out why. It was likely that something happened beyond her understanding, but of course…

“–!?” (Girl)

At that moment, the girl looked back abruptly.

However, what lied beyond the line of sight was a window. There was nothing and no one was there. It was as a matter of course. Far from the room located at the second floor, but the dormitory for the lecturers was slightly separated from the others.

The building could be easily seen by the public. However, even though there were no eyes at present, someone should be able to sneak in…

“…Should I say ‘I see’? Nevertheless, that presence has disappeared, but…” (Girl)

And, as if to ridicule such a thought, a shadow suddenly appeared inside the window.

The color of the hair illuminated by moonlight was pink. The stature wasn’t so high, but it was intended only for adults. The person was taller than her and there was a smile displayed on the mouth.

It was a woman. She wasn’t a girl. She was probably an adult, but… at the same time, she couldn’t judge more than that.

The girl felt that the unknown person was skilled, but based on the appearance and the expression, it gave a refreshing and youthful feelings. In short, the age and the nature of the woman were unknown. At that moment, the girl’s eyes interlocked with the woman’s.

It was as if completely looking through the girl’s eyes, and the girl couldn’t look away. The girl knew that it was an illusion, but her breathing clogged, and she gulped.

After that, she was liberated when the woman loosened her eyes.

“…I’m sorry. I was worried that I would be able to see through unilaterally.” (Woman)

“…Could you see it?” (Girl)

“Yes, of course. That’s my duty and my role. If you are a [sword], it’s possible to see through, you know?” (Woman)

“…” (Girl)

The girl gasped because she understood the meaning of the words that the woman said. No… perhaps, it should be said that she was convinced.

The moment she saw the figure, she knew who the woman was.

“Aren’t you…” (Girl)

“Yes, I am. If I have to be direct, I am the [eye]. To you… I’m sorry. Speaking of which, I haven’t greeted you yet.” (Woman)

“…Well, that’s right.” (Girl)

The woman straightened her posture once, and with a smile on her face, she bowed.

“Nice to meet you……. Or should I say, it’s been a long time?” (Woman)

“…I think it should be ‘nice to meet you’, yes? At least, I’ve never seen you before.” (Girl)

“Surely, that’s true. Then again, nice to meet you.” (Woman)

As the woman said so, she bowed once again… and when the woman raised her head with a smile on her face, the girl knew who the woman was. Even Lina had seen the woman once before.

…However, even if the girl hadn’t met that woman, she would understand at a glance who the woman was.

“Yes. Nice to meet you too.” (Girl) (TLN: FYI: The character ‘Girl’ is not Lina)

The girl also gave her greetings… Then, she asked a question. That was the most important question, in a sense.

“…So, what should I call you?” (Girl)

“Oh my, I don’t mind anything, you know? You can call me whatever you want. The saintess, the fifth monarch, the eye of heaven, or even the observer of humanity. Yes, you call me whatever you want. That’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s because we are similar.” (Woman)

“…” (Girl)

The smile that the woman floated was surely from the heart. But… perhaps because of that, the girl gulped her breath.

At the same time, there were a lot of things going on in her mind. She was considering and thinking about a lot of things. In the end, she continued her question.

“I see. Then, if I may ask, why are you coming here?” (Girl)

“Oh my, that’s cold. I was looking forward to what you would like to call me, but… Oh well, let’s save it for the next time. Certainly, I came here for a reason, and it would be better to tell you quickly.” (Woman)

After saying that, the woman erased the smile on her face. The atmosphere changed momentarily and it made the girl felt even solemnity.

Indeed, this wasn’t the case where they were in the center of the holy city, and the saintess of this age was chosen by God.


“This hasn’t been decided yet, but… you may say that it has been confirmed. Perhaps… in the near future, the new demon king would be born in this land.” (Woman)

The woman told the girl such words.

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When the woman stepped into the room, the girl instinctively let out a sigh. It was because the sight that was projected in her field of view was a ruin.

Anyhow, that was similar as before. It wasn’t something similar to a ruin. It was an actual ruin. And yet, the ruin looked different from the usual. Was she the only person who was here now?

As the girl considered such a thing, she let out a sigh again.

“When I think about it, those guys were useful in their own way. They were doing nothing but creating troubles, but… they were really troublesome. Even if they were there or not, there would be problems.” (Woman)

There were double or triple meanings in those words.

Although the woman looked complaining, nothing else was happening. For the time being, there was no other choice but to intervene.

“Anyhow, what are you going to do? Although I’ve gotten some information, I wonder what you can do.” (Woman)

When the girl looked at the surrounding, it was the room and the ruin that the woman mentioned earlier. However, she felt a slight sense of life in such a place even though there weren’t many people who actually lived here.

But now, there were no other human figure but the girl. It wasn’t like she was being away from her stay. At least for the last few days… no, there was no evidence that someone dropped in this ruin for months.

“…Give it up, it’s better that way.” (Woman)

That mutter just now… if it was coming from that suspicious-looking frail man, should she feel regret? If it was that suspicious-looking bean sprout, it might have been a big fight. If it was that rough man, she would be hurled with abusive words…

“When I think I miss such things, it’s the end of their lives, isn’t it?” (Woman)

Perhaps, it was a smart choice to let it end here. If it was now, she might still be able to return. If it wasn’t possible to return, it was possible to survive for a bit.

But such a choice wasn’t permitted. More importantly, the girl didn’t allow herself such a thing.

It was certain that she wasn’t the one who started this, and she was being brought here. But that couldn’t be excused. She made the choice, she moved on, and in the end, it was her intention.

In the first place, those three were more or less similar to each other. Even while complaining from one day to another, they were satisfied as they were spending their own time and being satisfied with their own way. As the place was destroyed… it had changed to such a state by the end of it, and that responsibility must be taken.

Even if there was no one left, the responsibility was still there. It was precisely because there was no one left.

“Hence, I would be happy if this was true, but… can I really believe this? Was the Evil God in this place? It is not at the suspicious level. If it is like this, I feel like Albert and Tobias had it better.” (Woman)

Even if that was said, the girl couldn’t do anything. There was no other way left but to bet on this.

She understood from the beginning that she had disadvantages in her plans. Of course, it would be nice to say that it was a miracle that she could continue up to this point.

If that was the case…

“Now, I wonder what you are going to do. Don’t let this end disappointingly. You might as well do it gaudily…” (Woman)

The girl didn’t want to be hurt, and while she had that feeling, she looked at the surrounding for one last time. She had no lingering feeling left. Then, she left the place.



  • I’m pretty sure you guys know the drill. It’s always like this in the early of new volume.
  • I can’t determine the relationship between the girl’s room and the ruin. I mean is the ruin an illusion or is the girl teleported to the ruin?
  • I can assume that the suspicious frail man is the bad guy in the second volume and he is probably Tobias. Albert is the rough guy, who appeared in the first volume. Lastly, the suspicious bean sprout is mostly Kurt. If I’m not mistaken bean sprout could mean annoying kids.

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