Ex Strongest Swordsman 127 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Spending the Night in the Elf Forest

Ex Strongest, Spending the Night in the Elf Forest

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It was an open space that was noisy at one time, but now, the remaining people were not. Now there were only two people, Soma and the man, who were still there. It seems that today’s ceremony was really over earlier, and everyone had already disbanded.

It wasn’t long after Soma was told goodbye by Felicia. When Joseph announced that the ritual was finished soon, the elves obediently followed him and began to withdraw immediately.

With Soma, who was considering the story that was heard before, the man remained there to accompany him.

“Well then, we should go too. There is no meaning to stay here.” (??)

“Hmm… I understand.” (Soma)

Soma nodded because he had finished thinking at that point. There weren’t much to refute the information earlier, and Soma had no objection to moving. It was about the matter he asked before, and the reason why Felicia said goodbye to him.

However, it wasn’t so complicated as she said that there wasn’t much details. If it were to say it plainly, it was the law of the Elves. It seemed that Soma couldn’t stay here because of the law.

This was what Joseph said, but it seemed that the Elf’s exclusionary depended on the law more than their characters. According to the law, except for the exception, no one except the Elves should not enter this forest. Apparently, it was a spurred exclusive situation.

The reason why Soma could be here now was due to the exception. But as Felicia had decided that she didn’t require the power of Soma, the exception was valid until today.

It seemed that Soma was invited here as an exception due to the fact that Felicia might need his power, and it was reasonable to be debriefed if he failed to meet the conditions that made him an exception. It looked like he wouldn’t be expelled out until the morning of the next day.

However, that was what the Elves are saying freely. Speaking whether Soma would abide the law, it was no to be honest.

Having said that, the problem was there any reason not to abide the law.

“It is true that they are being unreasonable, but I don’t want to hear that as the reason…” (Soma)

“Hmm? Aah, is it about you getting expelled tomorrow? Well, from your view, we are certainly be unreasonable, but… if it is possible, I would like you to follow me.” (??)

“Is it because of the law?” (Soma)

“There is also that, but now, we are in the midst of important rituals. Especially when it comes to tomorrow, it’s going to be a lot of trouble.” (??)

“The real thing is on the day after tomorrow. So, what’s with tomorrow?” (Soma)

“What to do… well surely, there is something to do, but how should I say it… uhm, let’s talk about it after we have arrived. Here’s my house.” (??)

While talking, they were walking in the forest. Then, the man stopped while saying such a thing.

However, when Soma stopped and tried to look around, there was no house-like building anywhere. The only thing there was a huge tree with a thick stem.

“…Aah, that reminds me. The Elves build their houses on top of trees, so is there where you live?” (Soma)

“Yes, I am. To begin with, I rarely come down on the ground surface, and I don’t know if I’m going to use the spacious room once a year. Anyway, wait a minute. My house is up there, but it’s still a decent height. I’ll be ready to carry you with magic now.” (??)

Soma turned his eyes upward as he was told that, and he could see something a thin shadow of a house. It was certainly not so much, but it seemed to be at a decent height.


“No, there is no need for that. If it’s that high, I can usually go.” (Soma)

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When considering the house that was built on top of the tree, the interior seemed normal than he thought. The exterior was also the same. The interior looked similar to what he saw in Felicia’s house. It might be a common thing in the houses of the Elves.

There was a bit concern since these people were getting on top of the branches, but it seemed to be more stable than he thought. Obviously, if he thought about the appearance and the lack of interior space, the magic might be used.

Aside from places like the Academy, the use of magic in private homes should be rare since it was difficult to maintain, but… this should be expected from the Elves.

“I thought you will use magic, but you did something quite unexpected.” (??)

While having a great interest in the interior, Soma entered the house, and those words came from that man suddenly.

As the voice sounded amazed, Soma tilted his head. Well, he had no memory of doing something different. Soma just came here by a very common mean.

No, perhaps, it was something really unexpected for the Elves. It was true that the Elves, who were said to use magic like their limbs, had no relation in this.

What Soma did was just climbing the tree, but…

“At least I know that you are climbing trees, but I didn’t expect you run perpendicular to the tree, but… oh well. As expected of the guest brought by the Chief.” (??)

“What do you mean?” (Soma)

Soma also felt like it had nothing to do with it. It felt like it was just about halfway through.

“As for the progress, that Chief will not bring ordinary people. Anyhow… we have returned. Shall we continue our talk?” (??)

“Continue? About what?” (Soma)

“Hasn’t it be decided already? It’s about the festival.” (??)

The man went inside of the house as soon as possible, but Soma was lost for a moment, thinking whether he should go inside or not. The place where he was right now was like a living room. He didn’t know what the man was going to do, but almost at the same time after deciding that he would wait here, the man came back.

The man had a battle that the contents could be seen.

“Is it alcohol?” (Soma)

“It’s a festival, that’s why. Everyone is drinking before the festival is starting, right? So, are you drinking?” (??)

“I don’t know what that is, but I don’t like drinking to begin with.” (Soma)

Perhaps, it should be said that Soma was physically not an adult yet. In Radeus, drinking wasn’t prohibited once people reached adulthood. Although this place wasn’t in Radeus, drinking alcohol before adulthood was obviously bad for the body. It was also true that he didn’t like alcohol in his previous life, so he didn’t intend to drink it at all.

“Is that so? That sounds exaggerating, but… I don’t intend to force you. Since it is festival, it would be meaningless if you don’t enjoy it.” (??)

“Aah, speaking of that, it does concern me though, but… is it alright to enjoy it?” (Soma)

“Hmm? What do you mean?” (??)

“I mean, this is about the preparation for the ritual earlier, right? I had a feeling that almost everyone should stay silent. So, is the ceremony held this time to calm the Forest God-sama or something? Then, I felt it was different since everyone was making noises…” (Soma)

“What did you hear from the Chief? Then, it might look a bit strange indeed… well, that is that, right?  We have to stay silent tomorrow anyway. It’s the first time in several hundred years, so it’s alright to act without restraint for a bit today.” (??)

“Tomorrow?” (Soma)

That reminded him. They were in the middle talking about that. They would do something tomorrow.

“Aah, we were on that, isn’t it? Well, it’s not a big deal though. The ceremonial performance will take place the day after tomorrow, so tomorrow, we will all have to keep praying in our house. If you do not leave by tomorrow morning, it will be troublesome. No matter what happens, we all have to be in our house.” (??)

“Hmm… So, you continue to pray throughout the House, are you? I feel something unusual again.” (Soma)

“I think it’s weird, too, but it’s been done for the first time in hundreds of years and it’s been decided. Well, it can’t be helped. That’s why I would like you to obediently leave tomorrow and that’s why I want to have fun today. However, the opposite is also true that you should have fun today! That’s about forgetting everything that you don’t like!” (??)

The man, who drank sake while saying so, certainly seemed to have fun. The man smiled and laughed, ‘Gahaha’, to urge with the whole body that he was having fun.

In any case, it is as if he was telling himself that he was enjoying himself now.

Soma narrowed his eyes while watching such a man. Then, while thinking back about the various things that had happened today, he let out a small sigh.

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