Ex Strongest Swordsman 128 (Self Edited) – The Witch, the Elves, and the Siblings


The Witch, the Elves, and the Siblings

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Felicia was looking at the wooden wall that she had nothing to do with it. It was because there was simply nothing to do and there was no motivation to do anything.

However, as she was bored, she would inevitably come to think of what happened earlier. She said goodbye to that person.

What she said at the time was not a lie. It wasn’t a lie, but … if asked if it was true, she would say no. At that time, the words she said to Soma were such a thing.

However, the reason she did that was because she thought it was for the better. She might be conceited, but.. if she conveyed the current situation, it felt like Soma would try to help her. In fact, Soma told her that she would help. So, that was why she decided to shake that hand at that time.

The help was unnecessary if one of them was going to survive. Even if Soma was recognized by a dragon. If Felicia certainly asked for his help, it would have been possible to get her out of here.

The Witch used Curse for someone’s wish, so the effect was impossible to exert on herself. Then, if Curse couldn’t be used, she would become an existence that was lower than ordinary people. If she wanted to get out of here, she had no choice but to ask someone else. However, that was the case if that was something she wanted.

Yes. After all, the problem was her. Felicia didn’t want to escape. I chose this path because I wanted everyone to live, not just herself. It was just that.

Same as what her father and mother did.

After that, the door of the room was knocked out unexpectedly. She didn’t need to confirm who the other party was because she knew who that was. Although this didn’t mean much, she spoke while sincerely smiled as always.

“Please, come in.” (Felicia)

“Humph… excuse me.” (Joseph)

The one who appeared was someone she expected. It was the face that she knew. It was the chief of the Elves, and the older brother of Felicia, Joseph. After today’s ritual was over, he left the job since he had more work, but it seems to be over.

Such a person snorted as he overlooked her with a displeased face.

“…You seem fine.” (Joseph)

“Yes, thanks to you.” (Felicia)

“Are you being sarcastic?” (Joseph)

“What do you mean? I’m fine because Nii-san had prepared various arrangements, am I right? There is no exception even today. So, I mean what I’ve said.” (Felicia)

“Hmm… really?” (Joseph)

“Eh…?” (Felicia)

Felicia raised a voice of doubt and tilted her head because Joseph was simply nodding. Even until now, that was also no exception–…

“…What?” (Joseph)

“No… you didn’t corrected me when I called you Nii-san.” (Felicia)

“Hmmm… It’s true that I am your brother. There is no need to correct that. We’re the only ones here right now.” (Joseph)

If it was so, he would say it all the time but… he was really a clumsy person. Well, she couldn’t call herself a person too.

“Really?” (Felicia)

“Yes…” (Joseph)

With that, their words stopped altogether.

Silence came to the place…… Still, she thought it was not a bad thing. At least, Felicia didn’t feel unpleasant.

However, Joseph seemed to be uncomfortable for some reason as he slightly loosened his mouth. From the very beginning, nothing had changed.

“So you didn’t just come here to confirm, did you?” (Felicia)

When she said that, Joseph snorted after blinking his eyes several times. Felicia further loosened her mouth.

This habit also was one of the things that didn’t change. When their father was no longer there, he took the position of the chief. At that time, in order to show the dignity of a chief, the misunderstanding was starting because he stopped doing so.

In the end, it wasn’t the dignity. It wasn’t nothing but selfishness. However, what was happening now was similar to those days.

“Yes, of course. It’s for the final confirmation of the plans for tomorrow and beyond.” (Joseph)

Even while having such a thought, those words instantly pulled her back to reality. She understood it, and she was prepared for it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t easily put up a defiant attitude.

And yet, with just a little bit of strength, she nodded under the guise of calm since she didn’t want to worry her family.

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“Understood.” (Felicia)

“After this, take a day to cleanse your body, and get ready. And the day after tomorrow…… You’re going to die.” (Joseph)

That fact wasn’t concealed to the slightest. She naturally put up a smile at that blunt statement. It was really the same as always.

To be honest, it would be better to use the term ‘sacrifice’ but… she wondered if her brother was fine with this circumstance.

“Yes. I understand.” (Felicia)

“…I see.” (Joseph)

His mouth opened in unnatural way as if he was trying to say something. But he closed his mouth and nodded. The words that he was saying weren’t probably something that he meant to say, but that was enough for Felicia to be surprised.

“After this, you have no freedom. But until that time, I swear that I will protect your body. And the one who will protect you until that time is this person. …Come on in.” (Joseph)

“…Yes. …Nice to meet you.” (??)

“…Eh?” (Felicia)

The one who appeared was someone Felicia knew. It was the first time they actually met in a few years, but she hadn’t forgotten. She couldn’t forget it. The person there was her younger sister, Sheila.

“W-why Sheila is here? I’m sure you are on a trip, isn’t it?” (Felicia)

“…Yes, I just came back” (Sheila)

“She came back just the other day. Because of that, she didn’t have time to say goodbye to everyone.” (Joseph)

“Well… the timing is perfect, right?” (Felicia)

It was too late to return home a bit more, or perhaps sooner. However, Felicia probably didn’t know how to react this time.

Of course, she was happy to see her sister. But, it was better if Sheila didn’t know.

“…Yes, it’s fine.” (Sheila)

Felicia was looking at Sheila as if she was reading her thoughts. It felt like she was slightly worried, but she could feel Sheila’s strong determination.

“… Have you changed a bit?” (Felicia)

“…You think so?” (Sheila)

“Yes. If it was the old Sheila, she would be more worried compared to now.” (Felicia)

Even though they were Elves, it was normal to change after a few years. And it would be even more so if they were traveling.

But somehow…… Felicia felt like that was not the only thing.

“…Well, if you think so… it might be thanks to those people.” (Sheila)

“…Really?” (Felicia)

Sheila, who usually lacked of expression, had a slight smile when she said that.

That was why Felicia thought that it should be alright. Sheila might have a hard time, but… if she met such people, surely–… As an older sister, she was happy for Sheila, and a smile naturally appeared.

“Humph, you may talk as much as you want after this. I’ll be busy from tomorrow, but if it’s today, I still have time.” (Joseph)

“Eh, are you sure?” (Felicia)

“Well, I told you that it’s scheduled for tomorrow. I don’t have any more plans for today. There would be no reason for anyone to complain where I spend my time.” (Joseph)

“…I see. Thank you very much.” (Felicia)

“…Yeah, thanks.” (Sheila)

“…Hmmm.” (Joseph)

The two of them expressed their gratitude and looked at each other as their brother snorted their nose and turned away. Immediately after that, they smiled at each other and their chest became warm.

Whatever happened after this, and what happened now were certainties.

“By the way, what is Nii-san going to do after this?” (Felicia)

“…I can return home to my house, right? Then, I decided to relax slowly.” (Joseph)

“…Are you always working until late hours?” (Sheila)

“You are asking the same thing. In several years, I’ll be more efficient. …Well, today’s work happened by accident, and it might be because everyone else did its best.” (Joseph)

“…Really?” (Felicia)

In other words, everyone worked hard so that those there could spend time together. It would be nice to say openly… that he was a really clumsy brother.

But thanks to that, Felicia seemed to be able to leave without hesitation. She was just a bit worried. After all, the three of us didn’t spend much time together.

…It was because she might leave a weight on the left chest. She would like to overlook that fact if it was that much.

After this, it would be–…

“–Aah.” (Felicia)

“What is it?” (Sheila)

“…No, don’t worry. I just remembered something I don’t concern about.” (Felicia)

“…You think so?” (Felicia)

“Yes…” (Felicia)

Yes, it didn’t really matter. At least, it must be so for the other party… Perhaps, it was one of the selfish things Felicia ever thought.

However, she thought suddenly. Speaking of which… she said goodbye, but that person didn’t say goodbye. A boy went through her mind as she was having that extremely selfish thought.

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  1. Dragonarc

    Uh… So somehow soma and sheila didn’t meet even though they are at the same village? I guess this will end up be a suprise meeting at the crucial moment

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