The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 20 (Self Edited) – The Representative Oath

Another chapter of The Demon King is out!


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6 thoughts on “The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 20 (Self Edited) – The Representative Oath

  1. Nyesh

    Thank you for the chapter. I have recently come upon this story and have now caught up with it.

    I have been trying to understand the meaning behind the story title. My guess is that this story is going in one of two directions: 1) the MC will gradually rise in rank and eventually conquer the known world (which seems to be the European peninsula) – in the process getting a reputation for ruthlessness equal to that of Oda Nobunaga, or 2) the empire conquering the Shanti (which seems to be based loosely off the Romans?) will conquer the entire known world in such a vicious manner that their emperor will be called a Demonlord by the Shanti. Given the Shanti people seem to be on a losing streak – to the point that I suspect only the MC’s kingdom will still exist by the time he is an adult – I suspect the latter situation will occur rather than the former. In this case, my guess (since this does not seem to have the feel of a story shaping up to be tragedy in which the MC and everyone he knows dies or is enslaved) is that the MC will lead a small surviving remnant of the Shanti people to somewhere else, perhaps by making use of his modern geographical knowledge.

    The world itself is also interesting. For Denmark to be mostly underwater, the sea level must be at least over 50 meters above normal. This implies a world at least 5C warmer than Earth, where the ice caps do not exist. This would also help explain why the northern part of the Shanti kingdom is not a desolate usually-frozen wasteland, as was historically true of northern Scandinavia, where only semi-nomadic peoples lived until almost modern times. Given this warmth, Iceland may be a good site for the MC to lead the Shanti people. There could easily be forests covering most of it. (North America is too far away to be seriously considered, I think.)

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    1. shiningcry

      For how the author describes the world i wonder what happened that send humanity back to the dark ages, if we go to the theory of being the same earth but in a distant future what happen was maybe a nuclear war or some kind of extraterrestrial natural disaster that could explain why the planet is warmer and some island nations dissappear, that could explain why england has a peanut shape and there’s no Ireland, and there were some creatures that mutated like the eagle king and the bird chocobos, for what you say i feel that the plot is going forward to the second scenario if that is true i hope i doesn’t become a really dark story.



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