Ex Strongest Swordsman 102 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Taking the Class as Usual


Ex Strongest, Taking the Class as Usual

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Kurt was discovered in the dungeon with severe conditions.

To be honest, it wasn’t a big deal in itself. It was one of the common things that happened in the Academy, and it wasn’t something to make noise about it.

There are couple of reasons to make noises in his case though.

First of all, the place where Kurt was discovered. It was in the third layer.

If he was an elementary student, it might be possible for a rear guard to be injured. However, Kurt was at the highest grade of the secondary school, and he was a spearman. Even if he was relaxed enough to do it alone, it was possible to go through the third layer with his eyes closed.

Despite of how it happened, the state of the injured Kurt was also a problem.

It was a severe case, but his wounds were roughly at two spots. It was at the right arm and face.

The right arm was thoroughly destroyed, but the funny thing was the arm still attached on his body. Although he was treated, it was unclear whether he would be able to move or return to the original state.

But, the face was even worse than the arm. The face became pulpy to the extent that the structured of his face couldn’t be recognized… what was remained there was tooth mark. It could be understood that he was eaten by the monsters. He still didn’t show the sign of waking up after three days since discovery as if it was due to fear.

By the way, although the face was in such a state, the reason that they knew he was Kurt was because he had the academy student card. The card was given at the same time as the students entered the academy. It was a palm-sized card to prove that he or she was that person. Occasionally, it was used as an identification card, especially to identify corpses that couldn’t be determined its identity. Not only the face but the scalp also were eaten. Without those two things, it might have taken some time to identify him, but it was judged to be Kurt due to the physical characteristics.

The other problem which was the most problematic one was his condition. In particular, his right arm which was thoroughly destroyed. The investigation revealed that it was most likely done by people, not by monsters.

Incidentally, one student disappeared from the academy since that day.

— Lars Hofmannstal.

He was considered to be the most suspect to the incident.

Well, strictly speaking, no evidence was found. It was just a circumstantial evidence, but… clearly it was certainly suspicious. In addition, Lars was also suspected of being involved in another incident.

It happened on the same day as Sylvia’s incident. After hearing about the situation at the time from Sylvia and Helen, the academy judged that it was a man-made incident. Although it was a mere circumstantial evidence, Lars became a suspect.

Perhaps, it should be said that… the academy assumed that this might be related to why Kurt was attacked. It was something like Kurt noticed about something. Then, he asked Lars, but he was attacked instead.

There were other concerns such as why did they go into the dungeon and could Lars, an elementary student, surpassed Kurt, but it wasn’t something that could be understood by guessing. Currently, the matter was put on hold until Kurt woke up. He would be questioned after that.

At the same time, a meeting was held on that day at the academy. This incident was likely aiming for the students of the Academy. Fundamentally, the school was responsible for the majority of things, but this couldn’t be overlooked.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Hence, there were three things that had been decided.

First was to strengthen the security of the Academy. It was judge that Lars was highly likely to hide somewhere, and someone else would be attacked too. Available lecturers had been instructed to be on guard regardless of day and night.

Second was to search for Lars. The Academy wasn’t sure that he really had anything to do with the incident, but it was certain that he was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t in the class and in academy. Since, this matter couldn’t be ignored, the search was supposed to be done separately aside from vigilance.

Third was Sylvia’s bodyguard. It was true that Sylvia was targeted, regardless of what the intention was. The bodyguard ensured her safety even until now, but it was decided that measures would be taken while strengthening the security and kept up with the vigilance.

In the end, she was obviously given a special treatment. It seemed that there was a dispute at the meeting, but because there was a situation, they have decided to give her such a treatment.

On the next day, the current mood in the classroom was because of that reason.

“Hmm… this is tough.” (Soma)

“…Are you saying that about Sensei, or everyone?” (Aina)

“Both. Well, I think it can’t be helped.” (Soma)

Soma shrugged while saying so. That brought a double meaning.

Despite the fact that she was targeted, the Academy couldn’t afford to neglect the security of the royalty. Even though it was a school… or rather the Royal Academy, there were things that needed to be done.

As a result, everyone occasionally looked at the entrance to the classroom. There were two lecturers from the martial art department of the middle school who they didn’t see often, were guarding them. Apparently, there were two more people outside as well… It was really a very good security.

Well, even if Soma said it couldn’t be helped, everyone else in the classroom probably thought similar. Nevertheless, it was another story if they could remain as usual. It was unavoidable that everyone was so stress about it.

“While saying such a thing, aren’t you looking fine?” (Aina)

“Am I acting as if nothing happened?” (Soma)

“I… well, I’m used to this kind of mood. It is because of the relation of the place where I was born.” (Aina)

“Well, I’m also similar.” (Soma)

There were differences, but Soma wasn’t going to tell her. After all, it was necessary to reach the top of the swordsmanship.

Besides, he was also used to it. In other words, everyone could do the same someday.

However, whether he would get used to this atmosphere or not, he wasn’t sure when the situation would return to normal.

“…Well, aren’t they also the same?” (Soma)

“…Yes.” (Aina)

Then Soma and Aina turned a fleeting glance toward the seat next to them. Sylvia was sitting there.

The situation was depressing, but it didn’t mean she didn’t feel responsible for it. No, they probably wouldn’t mention it, but… it was more or less because of what happened to Kurt.

Sylvia shouldn’t bear the responsibility even the slightest. However, Sylvia thought that she had a part in this as well. It was beyond help to say anything when the situation was already reached this extent.

Perhaps, after some time had passed, she would be different if the situation changed, but…for the time being, there was nothing much could be done.

“Do you think something happen to Helen too?” (Soma)

“…Well, I went to the front of her room yesterday, and she was more or less fine.” (Aina)

When Aina said so, she looked to where Helen always sit at but there was no one there now. Helen had remained locked in the room since yesterday, and she didn’t come out to the class either. Apparently, Helen was also shocked about what happened to Lars and others.

Well, until just a moment ago, they were receiving a practical training together with other students. It wasn’t something that they couldn’t understand.

“Anyhow, we can’t do anything about this, and that fact still hasn’t changed. The only thing we can do now is to pay respect to the lecturer who keeps teaching the class earnestly and we need to focus our attention.” (Soma)

“…It’s good that you say that, but why did you say so? Is it because we are in the class of magic now?” (Aina)

Since she made a right guess, Soma answered by shrugging his shoulders. No strictly speaking, Soma also respected other lecturers. Nevertheless, he didn’t feel like listening to the class, but… well, it was probably the same thing.

Plus, it was true that Soma couldn’t do anything else for now. Although he understood most of the circumstances, there was still nothing could be done.

The true nature of Soma was a sword, no matter how far he went. If there was a hindrance before him, he could slice it. However, if he didn’t know where was the hindrance even though he understood the hindrance existed, he couldn’t do anything. If his eyes recognize the hindrance, he would be able to help for the first time.

Therefore, the only thing he could do now was to sharpen his blade in preparation for that moment. While listening to the magic lesson, Soma squinted his eyes.

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  1. Koros

    Then Soma and Sylvia turned a fleeting glance toward the seat next to them. Sylvia was sitting there.

    “Then Soma and Aina” turned a fleeting glance toward the seat next to them.

    There are many missing pieces of story about this novel,, is hard to understand what is really going on..


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  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Even in modern time identifying someone with a mangled face can be hard if that person has no fingerprints, dental and DNA in records. IDs and same general built is often used by identity thieves to pass as those people.



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