Ex Strongest Swordsman 101 (Self Edited) – Sudden Turn


Sudden Turn

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At a corner of the training ground, the heavy mood continued to surround the area. Not everyone knew what was going on, and no one utter even a single word as if they were swallowed by the mood of that place. They merely stared at one point, and they were either praying or already had given up.

…No, technically there were two exceptions among them. Camilla, was brought back those who had continued the practical training in the dungeon, was looking at it casually. Among them, Sheila was staring at the entrance that led to the dungeon.

But, the rest of them were all similar. Lars was also not an exception.

However, that was inevitable. Although they knew how strong Soma and others were, they didn’t know everything. It was obvious to have suspicion.

…Anyhow, if it was said that didn’t matter, it didn’t really matter. That was because it was no longer relevant to Lars.

When he confirmed that everyone’s attention wasn’t focusing on him even the slightest, Lars began to quietly move from the spot. He wasn’t forced to stay here in particular, but anyhow, that was the mood. If someone found about it, it could lead to troublesome situation.

Therefore, while playing close attention, he moved slowly but as quickly as possible to leave the place.

–The reason why he stopped for a moment just before that was because of the hesitation that remained at the end. But, that really took a moment. His foot resumed walking soon, and his body was brought outside the training ground as it was.

Honestly speaking, the life at the school wasn’t bad. No, it would be nice to say that Lars liked it in his own way.


That was until this point.

“…A fragment of power of the Evil God, huh?” (Lars?)

Lars imagined the future that would be waiting for him after this, and his mouth become loosened a little.



What was waiting for Soma and others who returned from the dungeon was a fervent welcome.

It was completely like a miracle or something, but… it would be a lie if he said that he didn’t feel uncomfortable about them. It was good to be pleased, but he thought that it was surprising with that size of the commotion. That was also the proof that they didn’t believe in Soma’s group.

However, the fact that Soma was actually smiling made him knew that he was really pleased. Soma wasn’t narrow minded to throw cold water.

Well, the people who were delighted were mostly the lecturers. After all, more than half of the students didn’t understand the circumstances.

“Hmm… how should I put it… I have a feeling that all people who went for practical training in the dungeon today are still here. What happened?” (Soma)

When the students were doing maze practical training, they were basically going to do it all day, but it was up to the students on how to use it. They don’t have to wait for everyone to come back. No matter how they thought about it, even if it was extremely inefficient, there should be none able who wanted to do it.

Of course, if they were waiting for their friends, that would be another story–…

“…Well, you can feel it somehow, right? You can imagine that this was the kind of mood before.” (Aina)

“Aah… at least the instructor has to stay. They won’t be able to go home because of the sense of urgency.” (Lina)

“In the end, it’s my fault, isn’t it? Ugh… I owe everyone an apology.” (Sylvia)

Perhaps, some of them had gone home, but when looking at the number of people in front of them, there seemed to be no mistake that almost all of them were there. It was hard to find the person people were look for.

“Hmm? Sheila is also there… Why do I feel like being stared at? I don’t remember doing anything that made her angry…” (Soma)

“Rather than being angry, I feel like she is sulking, I think?” (Lina)

“That may be the right answer. That’s what happened when you leave out your friend.” (Aina)

“It was an exceptional circumstance, there’s nothing I can do about it…” (Soma)

“I’m sure Sheila also understand that. So, instead of being angry, she is sulking.” (Aina)

“It seems to be that way.” (Lina)

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While talking about such a thing, Soma turned his view further away. When he met Camilla eyes, he smiled as he shrugged his shoulders, and Helen was smiling as if telling that she was relieved. Those who had similar expression with Helen probably knew what was going on. The rest were either those who tried to guess what was happening, and those who were clueless. Some of them started to return home, but it was quite a chaotic situation.

When Soma noticed, the number of lecturers had decreased by half, but the rest still shared their joy with their colleagues… Then, when he looked at the surrounding, he tilted his head. The reason was he could find the person he wanted to see.

“Hmm… Hildegard?” (Soma)

“No good… I also can’t find him.” (Hildegard)

Somehow, he didn’t seem to overlook.

Of course, they were looking for the person who set Sylvia up. To begin with, given the circumstance, there were not many suspects from the original thought.

“It isn’t a coincidence for that person to go home early, yes?” (Soma)

“He might have escaped because he was found to be involved. However, if it wasn’t because of that, there is nothing to worry about…” (Hildegard)

That was as good as confessing the crime. If the perpetrator thought that he could deceive people, it was obvious why he did so, but–…

“…Perhaps, he headed to where he wanted to be?” (Soma) (Recheck)

“That seems to be so, but I can’t be sure what he headed… hmm. We are completely being forestalled.” (Hildegard)

“As expected, it is difficult to get ahead in this situation.” (Soma)

“Hmm… well, it’s not a big deal if you can outrun him in the end…” (Hildegard)

This was a time when they both secretly talking about such matters. Suddenly, a different commotion occurred on the spot.

“Tsk… sorry, but I need bring him out of here…!” (??)

“Oi, it’s alright. Hold on tight!” (??)

It was a building that led to the dungeon, where Soma and others came out earlier. From there, two people, who probably seemed to be lecturers, came out, and they were screaming for something.

“Hmm, I realized that half of the lecturers aren’t here, but have they already investigated the dungeon?” (Soma)

“It looks like it. They went there without me having to ask for it…” (Hildegard)

It seemed Soma wasn’t the only one who thought that it was an unusual situation.

As soon as they had confirmed that Soma and others had returned, they must have gone to investigate the dungeon right away. The dungeon was a place for all students to use. Hence, if similar incident happened, it would be troublesome. That was how it went.

And the fact that they were making a noise meant that the lecturers had discovered someone–…

“…It seems to me that they are carrying someone somewhere.” (Soma)

“I’ve similar thought as well. Everyone hadn’t evacuated yet… No, I’ve confirmed that indeed.” (Hildegard)

“Do you mean it happened after we went in?” (Soma)

Just to be sure, on the day of the practical training, those who had no practical training weren’t allowed to enter the dungeon. The Academy was considering unlikely events, so the reason was to prevent unnecessary troubles inside the place.

In other words, when considering about the situation, after the students were all brought out, someone had came in. If they considered the time, that person would be found in a relatively early layer, so they couldn’t say that it was impossible.


“Hmmm… no matter how much I think about it, we still can’t stop speculating, huh? Even so, don’t they seem to be in a hurry?” (Soma)

“Yeah. Well, they probably found someone who was knocked down by monsters…” (Hildegard)

That wasn’t an unusual story. Especially now, there was no one else who was doing the practical training.

It was unknown what that person thought to the point of going to that place, but it should be different than the selfishness done by Sylvia’s group. If that was the case, it was easy to imagine that an accident happened there.

However, it wasn’t something that Soma and others would care about. Aina and the others went to see what happened in the middle of that commotion, but Soma had something else to think about. He seemed cold hearted, but he couldn’t afford to care about someone he didn’t know much–

“–Eh!?” (Aina)

Soma turned his eyes toward the commotion because the cry was from someone he knew. It was certainly Aina’s voice. Was she surprised because she knew who the one that was carried out?

If it was so, there was a high possibility that someone was an acquaintance, but… those who were closed to him were here at this moment.

“Hmm, is it someone from our department?” (Soma)

“While guessing to that extent, your concern seems to be pale, you know?” (Hildegard)

“I’m not socializing with schoolmates that much anyway…” (Soma)

Although Soma rarely remember their names, he didn’t come to school to experience a student life. He came here to study magic. That didn’t mean he didn’t value what was here, but it was inevitable when thinking the priority of the present situation.

However, that was how far his carefree thought. In his field of vision, there was a figure of Aina who came back to him with an impatient face.


“So-soma…!” (Aina)

The name conveyed by Aina made Soma opened his eyes wide.

It was someone that he didn’t really expect.

The name of the person who had been brought from the dungeon was Kurt Munchausen. He was the senior whose role to guide Soma’s party.

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