Ex Strongest Swordsman 97 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Heading for Rescue


Ex Strongest, Heading for Rescue

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“Someone was thrown again to a troublesome place, huh…” (Hildegard)

It seemed Sylvia was forced to be sent somewhere by a teleport.

Soma and Hildegard heard about it as soon as they got out from the underground dungeon.

It was fortunate that Soma came back immediately after Kurt’s party got out. Although he wanted to ask variously, he asked it together with other lecturers there. Whether it was a teleport or not, there was almost no mistake that she was moved to somewhere based on the present situation.

The main issue was where Sylvia was moved was solved by Hildegard. Hildegard was able to recognized where she moved by looking at the actual spot.

Anyhow, it wasn’t possible to go there immediately. It was shocking when Hildegard said it.

“She is at the 40th layer.” (Hildegard)

In this underground dungeon, there were things called area bosses that appeared every ten layers. Literally speaking, they were strong monsters that protected the layer and prevent people from proceeding to the next layer. It wasn’t unusual that its strength was higher than the monster that appeared in the ten layers above it. They were the walls that appeared every ten layers.

Hence, there were two main problems. In the official records of the academy at the present time was the highest layer reached was the 30th layer. In other words, the boss of the 30th layer couldn’t be defeated. Second, the area of the layer would be closed at the same time as someone arrived and it wasn’t possible to go in unless that person got out.

Without having enough war potential to reach there, there was nothing could be done. The lecturers, who heard those information from Hildegard, looked gave up, and that was reasonable.

Well, that story didn’t really matter to Soma.

“So, the information are all out now, so shall we get going?” (Soma)

“Eh… wh-where… to?” (??)

“Hmm? Aren’t we supposed to go to the 40th layer?” (Soma)

“–!?” (??)

At that moment, multiple startled faces were directed toward Soma all at once. He understood the reason, but since it was a hassle to associate with them, Soma ignored them and looked at Hildegard.

“Is it possible to ask you to lead me? You probably know the shortest path to go there, right?” (Soma)

“Well, I have no reason to refuse you. In fact, I am supposed to ask your help for this matter. Yes, I know the way.” (Hildegard)

“Then, next is…” (Soma)

While muttering that, Soma looked at the surroundings. Lars and Helen were startled like the other lecturers. In the mean time, Kurt was looking at them as if he was trying to guess their intention. Among the lecturers, there was also Camilla who looked surprised, and Lina who was smiling as if it was a normal thing.

There were no other people in this place now. Some of the students, who came back from the dungeon, stayed a distant away from them as if they understood the situation. These students were watching for any development.

Then, Soma saw Aina who was standing still. He shrugged his shoulders when seeing Aina sighed.

“Aina and Lina, you both come with me.” (Soma)

“As you wish!” (Lina)

“I don’t mind, but… do you really need us?” (Aina)

“It may not be necessary, but it will help me if you come.” (Soma)

“…I see. Alright.” (Aina)

Soma would like Sheila to come if possible, but she hadn’t come back yet. He couldn’t see her in this place… well, it couldn’t be helped if she wasn’t available.

“Is there something I can do for you? I may become a burden if I go with you.” (Camilla)

“Hmm, well…” (Soma)

He thought what Camilla could do. In fact, there was one thing she could do for him. Although this was a possibility by any chance, it was probably better to keep it beyond the possibility.

“I would like you and other lecturers tell all students who currently in training to retreat from this place. I think it will be fine, but I can’t be sure what will happen.” (Soma)

“When you say that, what are you actually planning to do…” (Camilla)

“Hmm… well, the students are going to places where traps that should be there, are there. Whatever it is, they need to come back. I understand.  We will do that.” (??)

“Please do.” (Soma)

It should be done in this way. This had become a race against time. The faster they started moving, the higher chance Sylvia could survive.

When they were wondering when to start heading out, a voice came out at that time.

“Oi, are you going to 40th layer? Are you insane!?” (Lars)

“Y-yes. Isn’t it a bit reckless?” (Helen)

It was obvious that Soma wanted to go immediately because of the situation, but it couldn’t be helped since those two had recovered from the situation. He couldn’t ignore them, so he merely let out a sigh.

“Are you asking me to abandon Sylvia?” (Soma)

“Uuh.. tha-that is…” (Lars)

“…Well, this is my personal opinion, but Sylvia-san is important in many ways, right? However, as a lecturer, she is no difference from you guys. As long as your lives are likely to be lost, we have no other choice but to head out.” (Carine)

“Hmm… I’m sorry for not having time to answer your question, but Hildegard, can you say something?” (Soma)

“Well, that’s the case… For the time being, it isn’t limited to Carine. Those who are trying to approve what Soma is about to do will not understand, unless they know the circumstances.” (Hildegard)

Although most of the lecturers didn’t say anything when Hildegard looked at the surrounding, their eyes certainly held negative thoughts.

That attitude was right as a lecturer. But–…

“It is a pleasure as the headmaster of the academy. Well, it’s hopeless if you think normally. I appreciate the way you judge this matter as a lecturer, without worrying the obligation and the relationship with the royal family. However, let me say this clearly. It is a needless worry. To be honest, it is a hindrance. If they say they will do it, they are going to bring Sylvia back safely for sure. I guarantee this not as the headmaster, but as Hildegard Lindwurm.” (Hildegard)

When she said that, it didn’t only surprised the surrounding people. Even Soma was also surprised.

“…No, well, I am confident, but I didn’t expect you would say that.” (Soma)

“If it’s you, you would have to do with all of your body, right?” (Hildegard)

Soma shrugged his shoulders at those daring words. That was the plan to begin with, and Sylvia had to be brought back safely at any rate.

“So, are you convinced as well?” (Soma)

Soma was looking at Lars, Helen and Kurt. The lecturers had now withdrawn, but only these three were still somehow looked unsatisfied.

Well, it was probably they had the sense of taking responsibility, but–

“…Well, if it’s you, I also think it will be fine. But, if that’s the case… please bring me along…! It’s because of me she has suffered from the trap.” (Lars)

“I refuse.” (Soma)

“You–…!?” (Lars)

“Let me say this. You’ll be a hindrance. I am forced by someone else to bear the responsibility I don’t owe. Therefore, I have no extra room to bring other people.” (Soma)

When Lars was told that with motionless eyes, words clogged in his mouth and he took a step back. Still, he was opening and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he gave up and diverted his eyes.

“Tsk… I got it. I’m sorry, but please rescue her.” (Lars)

“Hmm, leave it to me.” (Soma)

“Un-understood, it’s a bit… shameful, but… please. If I properly check my feet at that time…” (Helen)

“I told you, that was my…!” (Lars)

“I don’t think it is a responsibility of one person… No, I should say this is the responsibility of everyone. Not to mention the third layer, descending to third layer is considered reckless as well. It was no surprise if such situation happened when you went there.” (Soma)

“That’s a forceful argument. …But if I have to make excuse, I want to give her confidence. Besides, they are more skillful than I expected…” (Kurt)

“I will hear the excuses later. I don’t much time now.” (Soma)

“…That’s true. By the way, shall I accompany you?” (Kurt)

“It will be the same with Lars. I can’t afford to bring extra people.” (Soma)

“I see. …I’m sorry, but please rescue her.” (Kurt)

Soma nodded at Kurt’s words. He looked around once again, but it seemed that there were no complaints from anyone.

As he let out a sigh, he looked at Aina and others. Then, he nodded again. After confirming the other side had nodded, Soma’s group turned to that place to head to the underground dungeon.



‘He’ didn’t expect that the destination was discovered so quickly. The headmaster’s ability was something unexpected, and even if they knew that Sylvia was on the 40th layer, ‘he’ didn’t expect that they would go there. Although ‘he’ had been attempting the traps of the second layer, it would be meaningless if it was done poorly.

Well, that time was that time. It was painful because ‘he’ wasn’t allowed to accompany them, but it didn’t matter. The problem would be if they could really rescue her.

No, at that time, ‘he’ probably didn’t care about Sylvia. From the beginning, it should be done in that way. Although it was carried out because there was a chance, it was said that there was no problem if ‘he’ failed.

In the first place, things already happened. It wasn’t ‘his’ duty what happened after that. ‘He’ supposed that ‘he’ didn’t have to work hard on everything.

If it was a problem, it would be a different matter, but… that was only until Soma brought Sylvia back to them. There were a limited number of people who could do such things in this country. Other than the two Seven Heavens, there were either one or two people who could do it.

Yes, for example, a person who would be able to kill an existence called Evil Dragon.

By any chance, was he that person? If it was so, this would be fun.

“…Well, whatever it is, I should start moving soon.” (??)

While watching the retreating figures, ‘he’ muttered that to the extent that no one could hear it and the edge of the mouth was quietly lifted.

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  1. tacos1

    Well I’m guessing Kurt is the bad guy. He wanted to accompany Soma and the “He” that did this said he wasn’t allowed to accompany Soma. Plus Kurt was the one who suggested everyone to go to the 3rd floor against the rules in the first place. Only thing I’m wondering is if Kurt is doing this under his own free will or if he’s being possessed by something.



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