Ex Strongest Swordsman 97 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Heading for Rescue

Another chapter of Ex Strongest Swordsman is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

(In the case the link is not working and I may not be available to fix it, please click the second page button just before the comment section.)

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11 thoughts on “Ex Strongest Swordsman 97 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Heading for Rescue

  1. Isaac Cunningham

    whats with this minor villain who has a death wish, who would dare go against the guy who one-sidedly destroyed a dragon that could have ended the world


    1. mechapanda

      I like Carine but Kurt is triggering red flags in my mind… even if he *acts* surprised and sympathetic.


  2. tacos1

    Well I’m guessing Kurt is the bad guy. He wanted to accompany Soma and the “He” that did this said he wasn’t allowed to accompany Soma. Plus Kurt was the one who suggested everyone to go to the 3rd floor against the rules in the first place. Only thing I’m wondering is if Kurt is doing this under his own free will or if he’s being possessed by something.

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