Ex Strongest Swordsman 92 (Self Edited) – Talent and Determination


Talent and Determination

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“Haa…” (Sylvia)

As Sylvia deeply sighed, she fell on the bad in front of her. When the face hit the soft futon, she unexpectedly let out a breath of relief.

The bed in the academy was soft enough, but it couldn’t be comparable to this one. After all, she was used to the highest grade of bedding.

“Oh my, you are doing it again as soon as I take my eyes off you. Sylvia-sama, that manner is bad, you know?” (??)

“Hmm?” (Sylvia)

Of course, Sylvia heard those words, but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make her move. Well, that was needed to disturb her time to be spoiled.

“Really? Will you stop doing that? You don’t have to do anything  right now, aren’t you? Oh my… you guess you can kill some time. This was certainly written by Sylvia-sama’s last year. I mean the novel about you as the main character and the adventures you go–…” (Maria)

“Kyaa–!?” (Sylvia)

Sylvia unhesitatingly got out of the bed, hurriedly rush over and took it away from that hand.

‘Even though I properly kept it away when I went to the academy, why is this here…!?’

“Hehehe, that’s naive, Sylvia-sama. If I become serious, I can easily find what you are hiding.” (Maria)

“Muuu, what a waste of displaying excellence…!” (Sylvia)

The girl, who was proud of herself, was Maria, an exclusive attendant of Sylvia, but she didn’t looked bothered at all. While looking so in front of her master, Sylvia, she didn’t seem scared at all.

“Goodness… you used to be pretty obedient and cute in the past.” (Sylvia)

“What are you saying, Sylvia-sama? I am still pretty cute and lovely even now, yes?” (Maria)

“Aah, yes, sorry. That remind me, I may feel that for years.” (Sylvia)

Well, that was why Maria was kept hired. It wasn’t known whether Sylvia still remember this or not, but Maria was actually hired to fulfill Sylvia wish to be her friend.

“Now, I should hide this in a place no one can find it next time… By the way, why are you coming here?” (Sylvia)

At first, Sylvia dived onto the bed earlier because she was alone. If she knew Maria would come, she wouldn’t do that.

“That is of course, to make the bed. I completely forgot that Sylvia-sama is coming back today, so I have neglected doing it slightly in the daytime.” (Maria)

Sylvia immediately understood that was a lie. Despite of saying so, she knew to a certain extent that this friend, who was six years older than her, was an excellent attendant. There was no way she forgot doing that at this kind of time.

“Well then. Oh, yes. Since Sylvia-sama didn’t look well, I was ordered to cheer you up.” (Maria)

“Aah.” (Sylvia)

That was also an obvious lie. To begin with, no other person than Sylvia could give order to Maria. Even if it was from the maid chief or her father, who was the king, that fact didn’t change. When Sylvia wasn’t present, the mansion was temporarily lent out, but as long as Sylvia returned there, no one else could give such command to Maria.

Perhaps, if it wasn’t from Sylvia… Maria was probably wanted to do so on her own. Whether Maria noticed what Sylvia was thinking, her mouth was slightly distorted in a shape which couldn’t be said to be either a bitter smile or just a normal smile.

“…Did something happened at the academy?” (Maria)

“…Well. I wonder if I should say there was something happened.” (Sylvia)

For a moment, the air around Maria turned dangerous because of those words, and a bitter smile leaked this time. Something that Maria thought separately didn’t happen.

It was just that–…

“Hey, Maria.” (Sylvia)

“Yes, what is it?” (Maria)

“I wonder if I’m not talented at all.” (Sylvia)

“…This is my advice and warning, but please don’t say such a thing outside? It will spread seriously like a wildfire. I will also blow it away seriously.” (Maria)

Having said that, Maria holding her fists was probably half a joke, but… the other half was serious. Sylvia knew about this.

Sylvia Heidrich Radius. To be brief, the girl born between Olivia Heidrich and Alexis Radius was a genius.

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It was a genuine fact that omitted all flattery and exaggeration. Speaking of who was the most talented among those who currently attending the Royal Academy, it would definitely be Sylvia. Even Aina, Sheila or Lina couldn’t win against Sylvia if it was purely in terms of talent.

However, that didn’t include Soma from the beginning. When trying to compare with Soma, it must be considered from another aspect.

The criteria was basically different… for example, it was like asking which one was more talented by comparing dragons and ants. Therefore, it wasn’t something that could be compared.

Speaking of the actual talent, Sylvia was overwhelming to the point she was called one of the great students from the magic department of the academy. Plus, she seemed to own a skill.

— Universal Talent Intermediate Rank.

That was all Sylvia had. That alone was enough.

In a literal sense, Universal Talent was a skill that demonstrate same effect as all talents. There were six basic types, which were, swordsmanship, spearmanship, axmanship, archery, staffmanship, and martial arts. Besides magic, there were application developments of blade technique, hammer technique and gun techniques. There were obviously included obstacles and signs of inquiries as well.

Without learning all that, it was possible for Sylvia to use all of it up to Intermediate Rank. Thus, the word Genius used to imply Sylvia, was kind of lukewarm. Sylvia had such a talent that she would definitely bear the name of Seven Heavens.

Then, there was no mistake that Sylvia and her mother was treated equally as royalties with others, and that was the reason nobody in the surrounding said anything about them. She had a suitable talent to be treated in that way.

However, it was only a talk if all talents were made equivalent.

When it came to the practical, Sylvia was far from the Seven Heavens. In fact, she would lose against the top contenders of study subjects in the academy. It was obvious. Indeed, it was amazing to be able to use everything, but… the talent was still only an Intermediate Rank after all.

There weren’t many who could have Intermediate Rank skills. Therefore, she shouldn’t complaint. However, if she competed properly, she definitely couldn’t win against those who had Advanced Rank skills. It was just that her talent was only to that extent.

Sylvia once again realized that at the time of the dungeon practical training.

“…That is an extravagance talk, isn’t it? Will it be alright if I blow it away?” (Maria)

“Since that doesn’t change the fact that it really hurts when getting beaten, I would like you to stop doing it, alright?” (Sylvia)

Sylvia probably thought that with a bitter smile. Basically, she knew that from the beginning. She had been decided to enter the academy long before she entered it.

But perhaps, she intended to do so to avoid getting hit by Maria.

Seeing Soma’s movement in the dungeon and verified that nothing wrong with her eyes… she understood at the same time that she couldn’t do anything by herself. Perhaps, she couldn’t do whatever Soma did. He used various skills, and many of them were effective for exploring dungeons.

Sylvia understood about Advanced Rank when she looked at Helen. Although it wasn’t a Special Rank, Helen was a genius that specialize in that one specific talent. Originally, Sylvia was aiming for that target.

When she saw Lars, she learned there was a difference even if they were in the same Intermediate Rank. Sylvia couldn’t do same sword techniques as Lars. Even though she could do everything, it would be harmful to the party later.

Which was why Maria said it was a luxurious talk. People, who didn’t have such things, wouldn’t have enough hands if their wishes were suddenly fulfilled.

If it was about luxurious, Sylvia’s current situation itself was luxurious. To be brief, it was necessary to obtain permission from the school to go out. That was also meant for overnight stay. Nevertheless, the criteria for overnight stay was strict, and there were almost no permission given before.

However, Sylvia was permitted once for every two weeks. That was why she could return to her parents’ house and took a break.

But at the same time, she might be–…

“…Seriously. I am thinking that you are satisfied with the current situation. This should be enough for Sylvia-sama, right?” (Maria)

“Yes… maybe.” (Sylvia)

“…Haa. Well, Master, you didn’t listen to what I’ve said just now. I think you should do what you want to do.” (Maria)

“…Alright. Thanks.” (Sylvia)

When Sylvia noticed, it had been like as always. But, she also realize she couldn’t stay as it was.

So today, Sylvia said goodbye to that part of her. She should part from something that she could enjoy only by herself.

It would be a while for her to come back to this house.

“…I will feel lonely.” (Sylvia)

“Everyone is trying their best, right? So, Sylvia-sama also should do the same. Do your best, alright?” (Maria)

“Yes. …Thanks, Maria.” (Sylvia)

And she smiled after that. Sylvia decided to renew her determination for the future.

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