Ex Strongest Swordsman 89 (Self Edited) – Magic Lesson


Magic Lesson

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“Well then, I’m going to start the lesson today as well.” (Carine)

The one who said so at the beginning of the class was Carine, but when she lightly survey that place, she let out a small sigh. The scenery spread out there was as usual.

Although it was as a matter of course, she was about to give magic lesson from now on and the recipients were a small part of the elementary school and they were from Magic Department. To put it simply, she should emphasize to these students that this was one the lessons that they had to take, but… after briefly concluding, she couldn’t feel the motivation from most of the students.

There were only four students sitting in the front row, and that meant… well, it was still good enough. Carine was talking by using a magic tool on purpose so that her voice could reach even if they sat at the last row. However, the location of the sitting had nothing to do whether they were seriously receiving the lesson or not.

But… but… Even though Carine already spoke since the start of the lesson, the sound of conversation in low volume like a rippled sound continued to echo from that everywhere of the classroom.

And majority of the students were doing it. Regardless how friendly they were, this wasn’t the attitude of those who wanted to receive the lesson seriously.

Nonetheless, this was the Royal Academy and they were the ones who had passed through the tough exam. It wasn’t like they didn’t have the motivation… In fact, Carine also knew the truth.

Yes, they weren’t without motivation. When it came to magic, they had tremendous motivation, and… that was why they didn’t feel like receiving Carine’s lesson seriously.

The reason was simple and obvious.  Although magic was basically about learning and using it intuitively, what Carine was trying to teach was the theoretical part.

In short, this lesson had no meaning for them, and… far from that, it was only waste of time. Therefore, they tried to effectively use the time even a little, by creating arguments and discussing it with each others.

But, it was meaningless to advice them. That was because all lecturers except Carine, who was in charge of magic, already confirmed it. It was said that was how the magic lesson was conducted in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, magic was something intuitive, and it depended on people’s senses. For example, some people meditated to learn magic or spending time thinking about the magic they wanted to use on a daily basis and they would be able to use it someday. Other than that, some people would go to place of worship to pray to God in order to learn magic. Some people also said that practice was everything and they could abruptly use it while fighting.

There was no common point in those examples and learning magic began with searching the methods of how people could learn magic first. Basically, the magic lesson was the time for each person to search how they could learn it.

That was why their attitude was correct. Each of them was discussing among themselves, and in a way, they were trying to learn magic.

However, Carine thought that it was wrong. No, she didn’t deny that magic would be available for them to use. However, since they didn’t know how to learn magic, these students tried to learn by thinking on their own, but… as a lecturer, Carine thought that was wrong.

Therefore, she categorized the magic, disassembled it based on theory and proved officially. No… actually, she was trying to do those. Although she was talking at the moment and still being demonstrating, there was one thing that she certainly could confirm.

That was if the students firmly understood and apply the theory, it was surely easy for anyone to use magic, but…

“In short, even though it is said to be magic, it is a kind of skill ultimately. It is similar to the people with Special Rank Swordsmanship and they can slice the space with that image. If you think normally, it is not possible to do such a thing right? But in their case, they can. It is possible to manifest in reality by having such a concept. This is also similar to illusion type species in a sense.” (Carine)

When she said that, she noticed a person, who stayed at the edge of her eyesight, looked at her. She wondered whether what she told raised his interest.

The interest temporarily expressed within that eyes, but… she could see that it faded away. At the same time, Carine understood that he was hiding his intention because that happened many times already.

That was because… No, he probably didn’t understand what she was saying.

Even though she explained it so clearly, these students probably thought ‘What on earth is this?’.

“…Say, I remember that you said you sliced a space, so do you understand the talk just now?” (Lars)

“I also do that completely based on intuition… I think that I can do it, or perhaps, I know that I can do it… no. So that means, if I apply that, I will be able to use magic…? In other words… it is necessary to prepare a sword.” (Soma)

“Isn’t that just a swordsmanship?” (Lars)

“Ye-yeah… if you bring out a sword… I think… that is… a swordsmanship, right?” (Helen)

“What… did you say…? It can’t be…!?” (Soma)

“Eh, why are you seriously surprised? Are you really…? …When you said ‘It can’t be?’, I feel like believing you.” (Sylvia)

Carine clearly heard that unusual conversation. It couldn’t be compared to the other conversations that echoed in the classroom… no, that might be obvious, wasn’t it?  They were sitting in the front row.

But the most different about their conversation compared to others was that their conversation was about the content of the lesson. It seemed that what she had been doing wasn’t a waste endeavor, and… when she thought about it, it couldn’t be helped to smile.

However, that wasn’t the case. Certainly, they seemed a bit unintelligible, but they listened carefully. Then, as a lecturer, she should answer that question properly.

“Oh my, what’s wrong, Soma-kun? I wonder if you have something that you don’t understand.” (Carine)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

“Although they are not many who understand you… aah, no, it’s nothing. Soma? Do you want to ask the thing that you don’t understand?” (Lars)

“Hmm? Hmm… oh yes… just now, everyone said that if I use magic when I hold a sword, that is a swordsmanship. Is that true?” (Soma)

“Eh? Well… How should I say this?” (Carine)

She thought that was a joke for a moment, but when she looked at his eyes, he looked serious. If that was the case, she should reply seriously.

But, when she thought about it, the answer came right away. The answer was no.

“Well, I don’t think that is really the case. If I say that, all magicians use magic not their bare hands… but with Taijutsu instead. So, that means, it’s no good to use bare hands. If you think about it, whether you hold a sword or not, a magic is a magic, right? Look, Lars-kun also can use magic when you hold a sword, right?” (Carine)

“Aah yes? W-well, I can use magic, but…” (Lars)

“Right?” (Carine)

“Hmm… I see.” (Soma)

While looking at the nodding Soma, Carine loosed her mouth a bit not only because Soma agreed with her explanation. She was trying to talk to Lars since it let her see those who sat behind the front row, but she received his reply instead. In other words, Lars also listened to the lesson properly.

Little by little, the students started to listen to her lesson. When she thought about it, there would be no way she wouldn’t be pleased.

Anyhow, she did the same thing last year, but in the end, nobody listened to her. As a result, Carine would no longer conduct a classroom lesson after two months, but… there were five people who listened to her lesson this year. She couldn’t suppress her loosened mouth, but she continued talking properly.

“In addition… well, to be honest, I don’t want to say this, but the way to learn magic is surely different for each other. If Soma-kun learns magic while holding a sword, such a thing is also possible, right? No, that’s not it. I think that there is also a way to try it which is more suitable to Soma-kun.” (Carine)

That wasn’t a theory at all, so it wouldn’t be a problem if it would be a starting point for the students to listen to her talk. Tentatively, she couldn’t do anything if they didn’t listen to her.

Although they listened to her for the moment, there was no meaning because they might stop listening later. If that as the case, even if she had to yield her own beliefs, that shouldn’t be considered a mistake as long as it made it easier for her to make them interested.

“Hmm… a more suitable way… I see. In other words, I should make progress rather than just holding sword… and that is trying to learn magic while swing sword, maybe…?” (Soma)

“It’s not ‘maybe’, you know. Isn’t that already swordsmanship!?” (Sylvia)

“Yes, it’s a swordsmanship. I think it’s completely useless already if you swing the sword rather than holding it, right?” (Lars)

“But, doesn’t Lars occasionally have a feeling to swing sword while using magic?” (Soma)

“Th-that mean… if you are… using magic only… so… it is different… when you use it after you learn it… I think.” (Helen)

“What… did… you say…?” (Soma)

“Why are you so surprised… isn’t it obvious?” (Sylvia)

“Se-sensei… is that true?” (Soma)

“Eh… yeah… that’s right. Well, even if you try to learn magic while swinging sword, it may not be magic.” (Carine)

“It can’t be…” (Soma)

Carine was surprised when Soma said it seriously, but… that made her smile a little. Even though Carine judged whether what he said was a bit weird or not, it didn’t change the fact that he was listening to the lesson properly.

At the same time, she thought. Why was his reputation bad?

That was because Soma had bad reputation from other lecturers.

According to them, he read other books during classes, and didn’t really listen. Since he perfectly answered if he was asked questions, there was no passion. Although he was diligent on the first day, that didn’t stay after that, so they were dissatisfied!

In the end, there were also weird feelings mixed in, but in general, it were that kinds of feelings. He didn’t receive the lesson properly. It was said that he even cut corners during the practical training or skipped classes. It seemed that the dungeon exploration practical training was the only lesson he received properly, but other than that, it was a total lost.

However, when Carine looked him with her own eyes, she thought that Soma was a serious and good student. Well, it seemed he still couldn’t use magic yet, but… he surely had the motivation.

The fundamental principle of the Royal Academy was people should learn what they could learn. There, there would be no problem. Anyhow…

“Yeah… well, for the time being, let’s hold the question. Shall we resume with the lesson? If we talk about that later, you may get some idea at that time.” (Carine)

“Hmm… I see. I’ll do my best.” (Soma)

At any rate, that kind of students would hope for the continuation of the lesson. Then, it was good enough.

While thinking such a thing, she would be happy if all of them became able to use magic someday. Nevertheless, for the time being, Carine resumed the lesson.



  • There were actually five students who listened to Carine’s lesson. Four of them were Soma, Lars, Helen and Sylvia. The last person was the one who looked at her but turned away.

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