World Teacher 148 (Cleaned) – Unexpected Talent

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24 thoughts on “World Teacher 148 (Cleaned) – Unexpected Talent

  1. Rozpacz Post author

    Thanks for the chapter…
    “But, there can be only one Mama, right?” (Illua)

    “My Otou-san has three.” (Karen)

    “What did you say!?” (Illua)


    1. daiyuhao

      They are twice the age of Reus’ first wife though… Also this could elude to future Hakuto creating a new bunch of silver wolfkin. (Silver Hakutokin?)


  2. Kuzo Post author

    “If it was Hokuto, he should get the role of a pet… or something, but why he had two wives…”
    Lol he didn’t realize that he have 3 wives

    Thanks for the chappu~


  3. GM_Rusaku (@ Post author

    .   ∫
    .   0□
    ./ イ Thanks(((ヽ
    .(  ノ Nepu!  ̄Y\
    .| (\ ∧ ∧ |  )
    .ヽ ヽ` ( ゚∀゚ ) _ノ /
    . \ |  ⌒Y⌒ / /
    .  |ヽ   |  ノ  /
    .  \ト  ー仝ー イ
    .   |  ミ土彡   /
    .   )     ° /
    .   (     /  
    .   /  /    
    .  /../  /    . .
    .   ( (  )   ) ). )
    .   (  ).   ( | |
    .   | /       |
    . nn.. ).    ( .nnm


  4. Vein Testarossa Post author

    Sirius don’t want to teach Karen about Magnum. At least, not yet.
    But, Karen can do that magic, without her noticing, although it’s inferior to original magnum Sirius used.

    Really unexpected talent, and unexpected story, lol


  5. macktheknife123 Post author

    Thanks for the chapter. I remember the last time I played house was in kindergarten, but that time the girls doing so I decided to play any away.The anime My Bride is a Mermaid when it did its version it was very funny. When think of how Karen is hiding her wings I think of how Angel the 1st version of the X-men hid his wings by putting a belt around him and holding it in place with a shirt covering it.


  6. Mischa Post author

    So she cast something similar to Magnum…. what’s smaller then a Magnum? Should we call her spell the 9 MM hollowtip? Would that work lol



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