Ex Strongest Swordsman 60 (Self Edited) – The Third Ruin


The Third Ruin

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At the moment of realizing it, the man was struggling with all his power.

There was no hesitation. There was only killing intent.

He couldn’t leave it alone, the whole body of the man or the existence itself was screaming.

And his companions were probably thinking of same thing.

As they trembled with fear, they still pierced the spear, shot arrows and threw spells.

Although their coordination which had been tempered up to this degree, all of the assault were simultaneously hitting it, but…

“…It-it can’t be…” (Person A)

“Hmm… that’s a bad decision. No, I should rather say that it is completely expected. Even though you made a come-back, I immediately notice that something, and that the only chance of winning is to do it with full power from the beginning. Yes, the assault just now certainly wasn’t bad, but… it was disappointing. With that degree, you won’t succeed.” (Person B)

“…Kuhh!” (Person A)

“If you know that it is impossible, shouldn’t you immediately change target to me? No, that is really as expected. It is unfortunate that you all can’t display full power, but you can do so from now on. How about that? If it’s alright with you guys, I want to add ‘it’ to our companion. Thanks for this time also.” (Person B)

“Nonsense…!” (Person A)

“…Well, is that so? That’s too bad… Oh yes. ‘You’ can eat them.” (Person B)

At that moment, the man felt the heat on his right arm as if it was burned.

However, he quickly noticed that it was just an imagination.

The reason was… the spot where his right arm should be had nothing on it.

“Aah….Aarrggghhhh! My…! My arm….!?” (Person A)

“What, if you treat it immediately, you probably won’t die. Alright then, I will excuse myself because I have something else to do. Well, after this, there is one more… Aah, yes. Sorry, but please clear up the rest with that. Somehow, these people seem to be a fine meal as suits the occasion. They seem to fit your mouth.” (Person B)

When the man thought what did that meant, he immediately realized the meaning.

While suffering from pain, when he lifted up his face, and… what was there was the gouged upper bodies. That were his companions corpses.

“Aarggghhh!” (Person B)

While the feeling of pain, anger, fear and various other feelings mixed, the man could only scream.



The air in the ruin was somewhat creepy similar like its appearance.

Although the structure itself seemed to be mainly made of stone, some parts of it were either eroded or assimilated with trees.

In a sense, the air was similar to a ruin. It was unavoidable to feel the exaggeration there.

On the contrary, Sheila didn’t care about it because she was used to it.

As an adventurer, it wasn’t uncommon to go to such a place. More importantly, in regard of forest, Sheila always saw it in some way or another.

She had no reason to feel unpleasant or be surprised if the environment was only to that extent.

Sheila was walking at the end of the line of her party.

Before anyone notice, she looked at the surrounding as they were stopping at a certain location.

While wary of the surprise mainly from the rear, they explored the wall and others as to whether there were any clues.

To be honest, if there was something, usually Soma would notice it first. Hence, it could be said that it wasn’t necessary for her to look around.

Even if there was an attack from the rear, Soma would notice it first.

Perhaps, since there were two other people doing the same thing, there would be no problem just by staying at the rear.

Nevertheless, even if Soma was there, it couldn’t be said that she were overlooking stuff. If she was like that, the emergency response would be delayed.

Even if those two were in front of her, they knew that Soma was good at exploring and searching enemies.

Therefore, Sheila were merely concentrating on her role and not to play hooky.

Among them, Sheila had the most experience as an adventurer, so she couldn’t give up that role.

Far from finding anything at the moment, she couldn’t feel a sign of monster’s appearance, but… that wouldn’t be the reason to put off vigilance.

Rather, it would be the reason to be more concerned–…

“Hmmm… it’s strange.” (Soma)

It was at such time when Soma muttering those words.

His gazes was at the surrounding, but those words were for those behind him.

“What do you mean by strange? Well, it’s true that this looks strange, but this is how it is, right?” (Aina)

“Hmm, it’s a bit hard to explain by words, but it is about the atmosphere, I think? Plus, I can’t see any monsters too. Speaking of being strange, it is really strange.” (Soma)

“That remind me, we haven’t seen even a single monster since entering this place, but… it will sometimes be like this, isn’t it?” (Lina)

“…Well, it’s almost none like this. I mean, it is possible they are unable to enter from outside, but it is also normal for monsters to settle outside of a ruin.” (Sheila)

There was such a mechanism in an ancient ruins and it was normal that there was a barrier of recognition inhibition.

According to one theory, it seemed that there was such an effect in order to preserve things inside to a certain extent, and thanks to that, ancient ruins could remain as it was until the present age. Though it was stated like that… it was just a digression.

Even so, monsters could settle in such ancient ruins because there were cases in which such barriers were hardly effective.

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It was mainly for nonbiological monsters. Plus, it wasn’t uncommon for other monsters to settle down inside.

And for that reason, it was normal that some kind of monsters stayed inside weather-beaten ruins.

It was also normal for adventurers to discover the appearance of such monsters as they headed out, and to find a ruin in such a situation.

That was why it was clearly abnormal not to see the figure of a monster.

For that reason, Sheila became more cautious.

“Indeed… in other words, we should be more careful.” (Aina)

“That is the case, but… Aina also has become quite used to it.” (Soma)

“Well, I am also surprised myself. Considering that I am together with you, even if that is weird, there is nothing of the sort.” (Aina)

“Hmm…? Why is that?” (Soma)

“Why are you wondering about that…!?” (Aina)

“Nii-sama, Nii-sama, I think I’m getting used to this as well!” (Lina)

“Hmm, as expected of you, Lina.” (Soma)

“Ehehe, Nii-sama praised me!” (Lina)

“This siblings… while you are saying that we need to be more cautious, how about that? Goodness…” (Aina)

As Aina was sighing when she said so, Sheila wanted to show her agreement to that, but that attitude of Soma wasn’t really mean that he was being careless.

That was still within scope of a strong man.

It also meant that there was no need to be that cautious… but again, even if he acted like that, he probably had a reason.

In other words, by taking a playful attitude, it was to let other people who saw it to calm their mind.

Vigilance was certainly necessary, but it was impossible for those people, who had worked hard, to be alarmed forever.

Originally, if it was in such places, people would naturally kept their guard up even if they themselves didn’t realize it. The main point was if that could be done, it meant that there would be no such cases where they couldn’t display their strength.

Soma could do it by himself. As for Lina, she could moderately relax his attention at the same time with Soma. However, as for Aina, it was necessary to joke around with her.

He didn’t directly tell her about it because she would became conscious if she knew and once she knew it, and she wouldn’t take handle it well.

“…Yeah, as I expected.” (Sheila)

She thought that Soma really noticed a lot of things.

He wasn’t only good with searching for enemies and exploration, but he was also good in this matter.

To be honest, Sheila couldn’t do such a thing.

They weren’t feeling frustrated since she noticed that Soma was doing this much.

When she observed him from the beginning, then, going on a trip with him until this far, that feeling was getting stronger. It didn’t get abated at all.

Of course, she wasn’t talking about strength… but, if it was only on that part, she also didn’t understand his real intention.

She didn’t feel unpleasant. She just didn’t know how to express it.

And that feeling was getting stronger as Sheila traveled together with them again.

For instance, she had something to ask him on a certain day.

Things like why Soma always used a wooden sword.

If a wooden sword could do it, a steel sword should do even better.

If it was about money, they should have enough, but… this was replied by Soma.

‘There is no reason for that, so I don’t use a steel sword.’

‘By all means, I could buy it’.

However, she presumed that if Soma seriously swung that wooden sword, it would be broken.

A sword couldn’t bare his techniques.

‘Of course, if I am going, there should be no problem.’

‘But then, what could be done isn’t much different from a wooden sword.’

‘Therefore, it is easier to maintain when using a wooden sword.’

To be honest, Sheila didn’t understand what he meant when hearing it at the beginning.

She could still understand that a sword couldn’t endure sword techniques, but what she didn’t understand was the things that could be done with a wooden sword and steel sword were no different.

What did he mean by that?

Nevertheless, there was one thing that she was certain, and that was Soma wouldn’t tell a lie.

Although Sheila couldn’t understand it, she was convinced of both reason and instinct that if it was Soma, then what he said was possible.

By the way, from what she saw, he was more or less could use with the katana she used.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t lend or give it to him after all.

Anyhow, Sheila’s katana was something that filled with few memories she had from that forest.

It was forged with the power of that forest and the thoughts of her companions. It was the only sword made for Sheila.

No matter how good Soma was, he wouldn’t be able to use it easily.

Besides, he had no reason to do that either.

Even with a wooden sword, Soma was way stronger than Sheila.

The situations of when that happened were like…

“…Hmm.” (Soma)

“…? Why did you suddenly stop?” (Aina)

“Could it be that you have found something?” (Lina)

“Well, yes, but… that is…” (Soma)

“…Soma?” (Sheila)

Sheila was wondering because Soma rarely puzzled.

For Soma to be puzzled… what on earth had he found out.

“What is that? Do you mean something is happening?” (Aina)

“I think it is related at least. It’s just that…” (Soma)

“…Nii-sama, I think that it would be nice if you tell us what you want. I will follow you no matter what it is.” (Lina)

“…I’m not sure what’s going but, but yes. If you have decided, I will also follow you. Just like before, right?” (Aina)

“…Yes, I leave it to you.” (Sheila)

“…Understood Well then, we’re going forward, but… everyone, please be more careful.” (Soma)

Sheila was worried of what Soma had found or noticed, but he didn’t say it maybe because he wasn’t sure unless he saw it first.

By understanding that notion, Sheila just nodded. Aina and Lina were probably felt similar since they were silently nodding.

And then…

Sheila and others saw that figure which was few meters ahead from there and at one corner.

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