World Teacher 129 (Self Edited) – Because You are not Alone

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

(In the case the link is not working and I may not be available to fix it, please click the second page button just before the comment section.)

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28 thoughts on “World Teacher 129 (Self Edited) – Because You are not Alone

  1. GM_Rusaku (@ Post author

    γ⌒ヽ T
    \γ⌒ヽ  H
     \γ⌒ヽ  A
      \γ⌒ヽ  N
       \γ⌒ヽ  K
        \γ⌒ヽ  S
          \⊂(。Д。) ….Nepu!
           \ ∨∨


  2. [blank] Post author

    “possible combo for Isabella” Giant swing then dash in rediculose speed, grab in mid-air then backdrop…. Thanks for the chapter by the way…


  3. Rain Post author

    Thank you for the update.

    “When I suggested treatment with implication, the Beast King and Keith displayed approval, but Isabella didn’t object.” Do you mean disapproval?

    “No… the passageway still continues, but I can feel any mana reaction here.” (Sirius)
    Any -> a

    “Although she was strengthened with [Boost], she was quite strong to life up Keith whose physical difference was nearly twice her own.” life -> lift


    1. PUCHIPYUN Post author

      “Since his balance is trained, Giant Swing is better… I think?” (Reus)

      His – her
      Because sirius talks about isabella new technique


  4. macktheknife123 Post author

    Thanks for the chapter. That scene where they walked in the lab and the monsters they fought made me think of the Resident Evil series.


  5. jorgelotr

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Should have checked this the first time the word appeared, but what’s done is done. For the time when this “self-edited” turns into “edited by”, I would like to note that the word “implication” doesn’t have anything to do with hypnosis in english. The word used in japanese, 示唆, however, does. According to EDICT-based dictionaries, it means “suggestion; hint; implication”, and those semicolons indicate that those are technically three different meanings (there’s some connection, though). In this case, the correct one would be the first, “suggestion”.

    (TLN: 傾国, I’m not sure how to describe this.) <- the first meaning is "beauty, siren", which I would translate as "siren", "lorelei" or "manipulative beauty" (some would use a different b-word for that last one, though). Given that you are using the second, completely different meaning, I'm starting to see a pattern where, when finding a new word, you use the last meaning shown; please check instead which fits best, since that's as bad as always using the first meaning shown.



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