World Teacher 125 (Self Edited) – The Infiltrating Shadow

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

(In the case the link is not working and I may not be available to fix it, please click the second page button just before the comment section.)

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PS: I had more time to translate.

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22 thoughts on “World Teacher 125 (Self Edited) – The Infiltrating Shadow

  1. Bacem Post author

    A scene when sirius communicate with his shishou by wooden knife stabbed in soil. Remind me usual supernatural rite in my country.

    Thx for the chapt…


    1. macktheknife123 Post author

      I also thought so to. I figure he would piss on her to punish her, sort of like how that elephant from the movie “George of the Jungle” did to those villains.


  2. macktheknife123 Post author

    Thanks for the chapter. The villain is back. Reus has it rough with his sister for looking at other women with his sister around.



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