World Teacher 124 (Self Edited) – Those who Serve their Master

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


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24 thoughts on “World Teacher 124 (Self Edited) – Those who Serve their Master

  1. GM_Rusaku (@ Post author

        ┏┓    ┏┓
         ┃ ■    ■ ┃
       ┏┛  ┃■┃ ┃ Thanks!!!
       ┃    ┣┫  ┗━━┓ Nepu!!!
       ┃    ┗┛ ┏━┓┃
       ┃  ━┓    ┃  ┗┛
       ┗┳━┛    ┃
         ┃  ┏━┓┗┓
         ┃┏┛  ┗┓┗┓
         ┗┛      ┗┓┃


  2. Lhabzkhie Post author

    It’s like the sacrament of confirmation where you get a light slap on your cheek by a bishop to wake up and make you aware of your being as a baptised catholic. Nice going for your blessing Hokuto!

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. macktheknife123 Post author

    Thanks for the chapter. When Emilia was Gliding in made think her power of flight is similar to Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2. When Level up enough with white outfit you get more time to Glide. Hokuto will more then likely have more crazy meetings chapters like this in the next chapters.


  4. itssumitrai Post author

    Hmm, it don’t understand this at all. Not only Sirius who is supposed to the man who killed for a living, doesn’t do anything to an assassin. But even Emilia is more concerned about Mea than Sirius ? Sirius started off as a strong and different protagonist from the usual spineless Japanese MC, but seems like he is turning into one.


    1. mondox41 Post author

      Right? Sirius being decisive to those that tried killing him seperated him from other Japanese mcs. Also, Emilia seems to be all talk. She keeps mentioning that she will hurt anyone that tries to hurt Sirius, but she is showing pity towards his assassin.


  5. Bukubukuchagama Post author

    This chapter was legit posted on my birthday. Unfortunately I was only on like chapter 20 something at that time


  6. jorgelotr

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Although I got a repatriation due to false charges <- I think you mean "reparation"; "repatriation" is sending someone back to their own country.

    I closed my while wrapping myself in a blanket. <- eyes?

    I had a doubt about the sleeping pills taken out, but it might be due to mind./In the meantime, I kept have an uncertain feeling, but… it was due to mind as expected. <- 気のせい cannot be translated word by word; it means "one's imagination" (in this case, "my imagination"), "overthinking" and such.

    it didn’t have affect on her ability. <- have an effect



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