Ex Strongest 54 (Self Edited) – Former Strongest, Arriving at the Second Ancient Ruin


Former Strongest, Arriving at the Second Ancient Ruin

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A girl was wondering.

‘Why… Why, why, why–..’

“Why…!?” (Girl)

“Hmm? By any chance, are you asking me that?” (??)

Who else was there?

Yeah, who else…

“If yes, you got it wrong. In the beginning, you said that you wanted to kill them, right?” (??)

“Th-that is…” (Girl)

Indeed, that was true.

But, she said it when she was drunk. It supposed to be a nonsense talk.

Usually, there were many things she said. Although she was seriously thinking of it for a moment, nothing usually happened because it was something trivial.

“Even if you say that now… it is not my concern. Basically, I’m fine if you didn’t come here. However, I want to help you, since you had came here after hearing that talk. And you helped me just as I told you. Therefore, I also grant your wish. That’s just it, right?” (??)

She came here because she heard that there was an ancient ruin.

That was the only reason.

She never thought that she would truly get to that place, so she only thought that it was good enough to be told that.

By the way, she was asked to help. So, she explored ruin as usual, and when she proceeded ahead–…

“Well, whatever I should do here is over. I’m also busy and I have to head to the next one. You too, it’s fine to do whatever you want.” (??)

“…Is that so? …I see. Aah… you don’t have to say it, because I will do whatever I want…!” (Girl)

As she shouted and leaped in one instant, and with a sword in hand…

“–!? …gah…!?” (Girl)

“Oi, don’t overdo it, you know? It’s troubling if you don’t tell it to them. Oh well, there may be no problem if the number of people decreases by one, and it isn’t necessary for everyone to tell it… Hmmm, I see. It’s fine then. Well, I’m going now. With this, it’s finally half done… dear me, this is taking too long to do.” (??)

“Uh… damn it… wait there…!” (Girl)

With the body hit against the wall, she desperately stretched out her arm, but of course, she couldn’t reach him… since the other side had disappeared.



After reaching the town called Triam, Soma’s group immediately find another carriage and got on it.

They weren’t really tired since they were on a carriage, and it was necessary to spend some more time to reach the destination.

However, they had no reason to be in a hurry, and since everyone didn’t object, they return to a journey with clattering sound again.

After that, they only stayed in Triam several minutes and then, they left for their destination.

By the way, the reason for changing carriage was because the carriage running in the territory and the carriage running between territories were different.

Basically, the carriage wasn’t used regularly. They had to fix the destination and went there.

It seemed that such arrangements had been made because there were various troubles if people could get over other territories without permission.

Of course, the source of information was from no one but Sheila.

It was because Soma’s group didn’t even know how to find a carriage in the first place and how to get on.


“Hmm, how should I say this… that building is considerably extravagant.” (Soma)

“You can be direct, you know. By the way, is this really alright?” (Aina)

“…Yeah, it’s fine… right?” (Sheila)

“I want…!?” (Lina)

They went into Jodl Barony, and they had been jolting in a carriage for another week.

Since there was a suggestion that they should take a break, they did so when they arrived at Viot, and started moving early in the morning next day.

Soma’s group had such conversation in front of the ancient ruin when they arrived there.

The reason why they were hesitated was totally because of its appearance.

Apparently, there was a barrier similar to the previous ruin. Even if it gave the feeling of ancient times, the barrier was properly constructed.

But, Aina was saying it while crumbling.


“…It is a tower, of all things.” (Aina)

“I feel like the walls are going to collapse.” (Lina)

“…If we go inside, there will be such a possibility, right?” (Sheila)

“Well, it can’t be helped to expect it…” (Soma)

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

Since it was a talk of the outer appearance, there was also a possibility that it wouldn’t be happening.

If possible, they didn’t want to step in because it wasn’t strange to think that it could collapse anytime.

“…It’s unavoidable to say that, but shall we go in for now?” (Soma)

“…Well, shall we decide what to do from now on?” (Aina)

“…I have no objection.” (Sheila)

“…Me too. But, we should prepare ourselves.” (Lina)

They cautiously went to the place that was in the form of a tower.

By the way, they tried to go around it but it seemed there was nothing much there.

Maybe it was half of the size of the previous ancient ruin?

If there was no strange gimmick like last ruin, it shouldn’t take long time to examine it.

However, the problem was not the horizontal, but vertical.

Of course, this time was a tower, but it has a considerable height.

Although it was impossible to measure the height when looking up… well, it was also impossible to say that there were only two or three internal layers.

Perhaps, there would be at least five layers.

At that point, it had been decided this ruin was much more spacious than the last one. Anyhow, they knew from the beginning that this wasn’t an ordinary ruin.

They were prepared for various things, so they went inside.

“–Hmm, that is…!? (Sheila)

“I want to be surprised by something, but it’s totally dark here and we can’t see anything.” (Aina)

“Well, it is an old tower after all… It may have lightings in the past, so it is natural to be dark inside by now.” (Lina)

“…If it’s like this, it is impossible to explore.” (Sheila)

“Hmm… we surely have prepared lanterns, so…” (soma)

“Aah, yes, it’s alright for this time. You can leave it to me — Oh, Light.” (Aina)

The moment Aina muttered that word, light came and it literally lit up that place.

Aina used illumination magic.

A ball of light with the size of fist was floating above the head, and it was illuminating the surrounding.

“… Ugh.” (Soma)

“What is that groaning? Did you find something strange?” (Aina)

“No, I just thought that it was envious to use magic like it’s not a big deal.” (Soma)

“…Agreed.” (Sheila)

“Do you feel troubled just because of that?” (Aina)

“It would be good if you apologize soon, you know?” (Lina)

“Lina…!?” (Aina)

While making such a joke…

“Wait a sec, that is really a joke, right? Why Lina looks so serious?” (Aina)

While exchanging the words, they surveyed the place.

Anyhow, there was only an entrance and they couldn’t find anything particularly conspicuous.

As expected, the light didn’t reach the interior, but for now, it would be good enough to check the surroundings.

As for the area, it was about five meters wide.

The height was about three meters and such a passageway continued ahead.

As for the material of the passageway, it was made of stone similar as the ones from the outside.

If there was a difference, the material inside seemed to be somewhat better than the outside…

“Hmm… for starters, it is unlikely that the ground will collapse or the wall will fall, but we still need to keep an eye.” (Soma)

It didn’t crack when it was tapped lightly, but to be honest, the sensation that he got was eerie.

Soma didn’t try scratching it yet, but if he put a little effort around the handle of the wooden sword and hit the wall, it seemed easy to make a crack.

They need to pay sufficient attention to it when moving or if they got involved in battles.

For the time being, Aina should be prohibited from using attacking magic.

Whether it should be said that this was within their expectation, Aina’s Special Grade magic easily lit up the surroundings.

If she could casually used it in such a place, Soma could only imagine the future of being buried in rubble.

“I understand that much. I’m not thinking to use magic in such a place, you know.” (Aina)

“Hmm… Since you are saying that, it’s fine.” (Soma)

“…Certainly.” (Sheila)

“…? What do you mean by that?” (Aina)

“No, I mean if you use magic too much, my hands may slip because of jealousy.” (Soma)

“…Be careful.” (Sheila)

“What!?” (Aina)

“Hmmm… wait a sec? When I think about it, there is no replacement for lighting other than this magic, so you will always use magic, is it? Aina, I’m sorry. My hand may slip a little, so I’ll do my best.” (Soma)

“…Me too.” (Sheila)

“I ask you, what do you mean by that!? By the way, what’s with ‘doing your best’!?” (Aina)

“Hmm, I feel like I am missing something… Should I swing my sword at Aina occasionally?” (Lina)

“Please, stop it! I mean, isn’t even weird for Lina to say that!?” (Aina)

“No, I’m just joking, you know? Recently, I found that it’s fun to joke around with Aina, so I’m just doing what Nii-sama is doing.” (Lina)

“Lina!?” (Aina)

In that way, they had set up their roles in party while having such a conversation, and they finished a simple survey of surroundings.

Even if they were scared, there was nothing else to do but move forward.

“By the way, shall we go ahead?” (Aina)

“…Yes, if there are clues here that will allow us to use magic, we definitely have to go.” (Sheila)

“Indeed.” (Soma)

“I’m going to follow Nii-sama!” (Lina)

“Yes, yes, I also have no other objection.” (Aina)

What was waiting them ahead?

Honestly, they didn’t feel good, but there was no other choice but to proceed.

If the goal ahead was difficult, Soma would just cut off everything stood in the way.

While staring at the end of the passageway that was covered in the darkness, Soma went on ahead.

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