World Teacher 121 (Self Edited) – Even so…

Another chapter of World Teacher is out!   


Greetings everyone.

Kindly be informed that this is a self edited chapter. Please wait for the edited version, but if you still want to read it, you may do so by clicking this link.

(In the case the link is not working and I may not be available to fix it, please click the second page button just before the comment section.)

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PS: Sorry for the delay. I was in my hometown from Thursday last week until yesterday. Therefore, to make up with the release, I will translate two more WT chapters. After that, I will decide whether I want to translate another WT chapter or Ex Strongest. Please treat this as the release for last week. There should be another WT chapter before Sunday.

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Do enjoy! 😀

20 thoughts on “World Teacher 121 (Self Edited) – Even so…

  1. Deamonzean Post author

    She sounds either Tsundere, Or an S and kings an M? But damn white tiger lady, lucky son of a ***** king, plus kawaii daughter.


  2. GonZ555 Post author

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    “If Hokuto-kun’s Master was caught, it wasn’t confirmed if his voltage of anger would stop.”
    Pikachu is that you?!


    1. svnhddbst Post author

      single most obvious plot development ever. “person with the same atmosphere as that guy the mc spent years sparring with”.


  3. macktheknife123 Post author

    Thanks for the chapter. I kind of hope that the white tiger skin lady will in someway train Sirius and the others. I am kind of curious about that human teacher that is teaching Mea.



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