Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 41 (Self Edited) – Test for Adventurers


Test for Adventurers

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“Hmm, so you want to become adventurers to get money just because you need traveling expenses. Well, that’s a common reason.” (Doris)

“I was wondering if it would be better to sell the material of the monsters without becoming an adventurer, but people refuse to buy it.” (Soma)

“Aah, that can’t be helped. Regardless of the royal capital, even if you bring such things in this neighborhood store, you will not be able to sell them.” (Doris)

“I see. I was thinking that because you couldn’t completely trust us.” (Aina)

“Of course, that’s also the thing, but if it is necessary, we will do the arrangement. Having said that, merchants rarely come here, so I can’t afford buying things that I can’t sell.” (Doris)

“In other words, even if someone who is not an adventurer takes it to the guild, they will not buy it?” (Lina)

“In the end of the day, the guild is an organization for adventurers. Under normal circumstances, we’re not going to be responsible on then. Although it is easy to encounter troubles by not guaranteeing their identities, we don’t want to bear any more extra things.” (Doris)

“This is pretty tough world.” (Soma)

While exchanging such a conversation, when Doris and others headed out toward the training ground.

Even though it was small, this area was prepared at once.

However, there were hardly people who used it. Therefore, the training ground was in the name only. It was prepared well to the point that battles could be conducted here.

‘Still, this was the most suitable place to do the test’… while murmuring that, Doris lead the three here.

“Anyway, we’re going to conduct the test here…” (Doris)

While saying so, she looked at their faces in turn.

Nonetheless, it couldn’t be helped to make a final confirmation, but…

“…Alright. You are Soma, right? Will you accept the test?” (Doris)

“Hmm? Everyone is supposed to take the test, right?” (Soma)

“Well. It’s going to be tiresome if we do that. If you pass the test, the other two will also pass it, but if you fail, it will be the same with the rest. Is that easy to understand?” (Doris)

“I see. You mean everything will depend on me, huh? That is a huge responsibility.” (Soma)

“…You are so calm when you said that, you know?” (Aina)

“If it is Nii-sama, it will be fine! Fighting!” (Lina)

While looking at such interactions, Doris nodded.

As expected, or it should be say that among these three, the boy named Soma seemed to be an exception.

For those two girls, they were slightly corresponded to their age.

It was an occasional behavior such as getting stiffened if one was nervous.

But, Soma was the only one she didn’t feel anything like that.

He was calm at everything.

Although Doris had said many things, he didn’t perturbed.

Rather, she had doubt whether she could measure him from now on, and she had no other choice but asking him to take the test.

“Now, here’s the crucial part. You will have a match with me and we will consider it as a test.” (Doris)

“Hmh… is it a simulated fight?” (Soma)

“Yes, However, since the outcome is not related to the result of the test, you don’t have to worry about the fight and just do it comfortably.” (Doris)

That rules wasn’t come from Doris. It was an unspoken agreement if the test was conducted by the substitute.

It was best to have a match once in order to know his disposition.

That was why it was reasonable to say that the result wouldn’t be related to the victory or defeat.

If not, it was as good as saying that no one could become adventurers as they couldn’t win against their opponent who was the substitute.

Well, given that they had defeated Mad Boar, there was also a possibility Doris would lose, but… in any case, this would give the answer to one question she had earlier.

And that was… Soma’s true strength.

It was because she couldn’t guess Soma’s strength at all.

For the two girls, Doris vaguely knew that they were strong.

But only Soma she couldn’t feel anything.

It was as if he was an ordinary person who didn’t have any skills.

She nominated Soma because she judged that he was the leader among them and it was also to confirm it.

Of course, if he was rather weak, it had nothing to do with the evaluation, but… if that was the case, it would be that kind of expectation.

… that the two girls were following him not because of strength.

Well, it didn’t have to be because he was strength.


“That’s how it is…” (Doris)

“…Doris, may I?” (Sheila)

Suddenly, Sheila interrupted her.

Certainly, Sheila also came here together, but… Doris was surprised because of this unexpected development.

Sheila was basically a person with few words, and she barely speak to people she didn’t know.

Doris didn’t think that she would open her mouth here just by knowing the situation, and she was watching Doris from the side.

Of course, Doris couldn’t see her face hidden under the hood from that position.

“What’s wrong? This is quite unusual, but…” (Doris)

“…I will fight him, alright?” (Sheila)

“Eh? Is that as an examiner?” (Doris)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

Doris was getting more surprised when Sheila nodded.

This was something she totally didn’t expect.

It was true that when it was about the test, Sheila was the best choice.

Doris could see the situation from the side, and more importantly, Sheila was stronger than Doris.

However, Doris didn’t propose it because she didn’t think Sheila would do it by any chance.

“…Is that alright?” (Doris)

“…Yes.” (Sheila)

But, if she wanted to do it, there was no reason not to accept it.

Doris was concerned about why Sheila was motivated, but she decided to leave it aside for the time being.

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As they walked toward the center of the training ground, Soma pulled out his personal weapon from his waist.

It was a familiar wooden stick, but… it was a bit different. Was it properly shaped like a sword?

Although its shape was full of handmade feeling, it was something that could be called as wooden sword.

If Soma went on a journey, he wouldn’t be able to wear a stick forever. Hence, it was something prepared by his own hand.

On the other hand, the weapon brought out by his opponent was something that should be called as a sword made of metal.

Unfortunately, Soma didn’t know about metals. Although he didn’t know what it was specifically made of, he at least had no doubt that her sword was made from steel.

Strictly speaking, it should be called as sword, but… oh well, it didn’t matter anyway.

He was more concerned on the other thing. No matter how he thought of it, she didn’t seem to be someone who like to compete in a fight.

Moreover, she was wearing robes and covered hood.

It couldn’t be helped to think if she was joking, so Aina was somewhat feeling unusual when she thought of it.

Anyway, even she was seemed making jokes, Soma was holding a wooden sword. Some people would see him nothing other than trying to make jokes. In a sense, they were both the same.

Well… at least, Soma didn’t think so.

Maybe Lina also was like that.

Anyhow, this time was not Aina’s responsibility.

Whether the strength was insufficient, or she was proud, or something that she couldn’t see, this was simply a matter of difference in abilities.

Soma and Lina were people who uses swords.

Therefore, they understood whatever the opponent was doing and how much she could do.

In case of Aina, she probably would have made an accurate judgment if the opponent used magic.

Well, if Sheila used magic, there was no problem with her attire in the first place.

In any case, Soma didn’t feel conceited as he vigilantly looked forward.

To be honest, this match was unexpected, but… in a sense, it was something he desired.

After all, even if he had abandoned the way of swords, his soul remembered the trace of it.

Once he understand that the opponent was strong, his mind got excited if they could fight.

It was troubling even if he said it himself, but his mouth loosened a little…

“Well then… Begin!” (Doris)

— The Rule of the Sword – Diving Protection of the Dragon God: Self-taught – Gale Sword.

Simultaneously with the starting signal, the stiffness feeling he had on his arm returned back to normal and his mouth became more loosened.

“Hmmm… As I expected, you can do it. Originally, people think that you will have difficulties to see and to move. Besides, I can’t feel your movement at all… It is not only your abilities, that robe itself is a specially made, right?” (Soma)

“…!” (Sheila)

Whether it was unexpected for Soma to see through it, she was slightly perturbed. The force of her sword swing was also shaken, but Soma didn’t go against the blow. He leaped to the rear a little.

She didn’t chase after this maybe because the words just now were greatly affected her.

In other words, the dress was used not for jokes. Rather, it was to make the opponent put off his guard.

She didn’t know why Soma aware of it.

After coming this far, she didn’t feel inconvenience at all.

In addition, there was a possibility of her having skills. Although it was a comparative conjecture… she showed that she had no problem making that kind of movement. However, the fact she was perturbed was the most important.

By the way, this was a test, not about winning or losing.

Even if it was mentioned in that way… there was no need to cut corners and lose.

There was no need to hold back if he could win.

Even though things might appear in that way, Soma disliked losing.

And if the opponent was shaken, there was no reason not to take advantage on it.

As Soma loaded a bit of strength into the arm that held the wooden sword, he took a step forward.

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