Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 39 (Self Edited) – The Adventurers from A Certain Remote Region


The Adventurers from A Certain Remote Region

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A flame was fluttering and dancing.

Together with the flame, there were other various things were dancing.

Plants, flowers, houses, and… people in the village too.

The father, mother, younger sister, younger brother and the girl next door who he slightly liked were there too.

Everything altogether were dancing and embracing the flames.

…But, it didn’t literally mean like that. (Recheck)

It was supposed to be… he just wanted to take revenge on those people who tormented him.

That was before he fled off as usual… he helped those who wore black robe.

In exchange, those people would help him back.


“Now, your revenge has come true. I overdid it a little bit, but this much is just a small matter. Anyhow, everyone is bearing the same sin. Nevertheless, you really helped me out. By no means, in regard to the lifting of the seal, I also didn’t think that I was asked about this from their blood relative.” (??)

That voice was heard.

But the boy never turned his eyes toward that voice. He just kept on staring at the front only.

He was staring at his own village which was currently burned down.

“With this, the first thing is done. It is considerably suspicious… Yes? No, I probably should wait a bit before saying that. Do you intend to repeat the same thing again? Otherwise… Aah, it is about that, huh. Yes, it doesn’t matter. …Oh my. Goodness, I thought that it would be difficult, but anyhow, I was worried about it earlier.” (??)

The figure with black robe didn’t mind about the boy even now. Instead, he just leaked out a sigh.

Nope, he might be didn’t care about the boy in the first place.

However, he was talking because it had a necessary purpose.

“Anyway, what I have to do here is over. I’m not sure how long your life will last, but let’s pray to the God that you will be able to peacefully spend the rest of the time. Well then, goodbye.” (??)

After saying that… those people were gone.

However, the boy didn’t even look at them until the end. He just kept watching the scene before him in a daze.

The people from nearby village noticed that there were something unusual, and they just dumbfoundedly stood around while waiting for helps.



Radius Kingdom, Arvent Barony, Yeasta.

This town was located at the northernmost tip of the Arvent Barony, but if it had to be directly said, it was a declining city.

The reason was simple. It was not worth the trouble to visit the place.

It was at the border of the Neumont Duchy, and it was also the town that faced the territory. But, it was meaningless to say that since people had no reason to go to Neumont Duchy in the first place. (recheck)

Although it was a Duchy, there was also no point of going there because the border of Duchy was where the Demons lived.

The only people who went to the Duchy were people with considerable reason or with strange tastes.

Of course, there were some people coming and going, but this place wasn’t perceived as a relay point. Moreover, what spread in the surroundings was wasteland where monsters frequently appeared.

Instead of saying the word ‘declining’, the place was not developed and it was a matter of course.

But, in such a town, there was still a branch of the Adventurer Guild.

No, maybe the town should be explained in this way.

Although this had been mentioned earlier, the monsters frequently appeared in the surrounding area of this town.

If not because of adventurers had to hunt them, this place would never become a town.

“Nonetheless, this place is strangely crowded, right?” (??)

“…? …What are you talking about?” (??)

“I’m just talking to myself. Even if it is crowded, it doesn’t really matter because I am free.” (??)

While noncomittally replying in that way, Doris Heinzel glanced at that place.

What kind of scene spread over there was like how it was said earlier where adventurers were gathered and making noises.

Well, even it was said so, there were at most ten people gathered, but it would be good enough when considering the size of the building and the scale of the town.

Literally speaking, there were just making a fuss while eating and drinking.

It had nothing to do with Doris who was sitting at the reception desk. She was just leisurely spend her free time in that way.

“With this, it is also possible for me to eat and drink. Of course, I appreciate to have such a free time.” (Doris)

“…Aren’t you going to eat?” (??)

“I am not desperate enough to do that in the midst of work. If you just wanted to make sure, I would say that it was no good.” (Doris)

“…That is surprising.” (??)

“What do you mean?” (Doris)

“…Well, I thought that you would disregard about it.” (??)

“I suppose that I would do that if it is not in the contract, but unfortunately, it is included in the contract after all. Dear me, my luck is really bad.” (Doris)

Although Doris was saying such a thing, she wasn’t a guild official even though she was sitting in the reception area.

Or it could be said that even though there was a guild branch in this town, but there was no guild officials present.

When considering the number of towns and how many guild branches needed to support them, there was no way to send officials to all branches.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t possible to close the guild branch.

The presence of adventurers in this city was indispensable and their number was not small.

Thinking about the matter in that way, she was a substitute according to the adventurers.

An adventurer could receive a request from the guild to be a substitute for the guild officials.

Of course, the authority was much more restricted than the actual guild officials, but it was still good enough to manage the guild branch designated.

Of course, it was not a request that anyone could receive it, so those who were allowed to accept it was a kind of status as adventurer.

To the extent that she could fool around by hosting banquet.

“No, I don’t really mind… Eii! Nee-san, let’s drink…!?” (??)

“Do you think I can drink when I am sitting here? What are you talking, you big idiot.” (Doris)

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“What, is Nee-san not going to drink? It will be waste not to do that in this such a nice day.” (??)

“If I am drinking like them, I won’t be entrusted with this duty… Geez, I’ll be no different from these drunkards.” (Doris)

Although Doris said so, her mouth was loosened.

Regardless of what said, she didn’t feel bad that she enjoyed this.

Yes, such fooling around banquet was to celebrate in the event of Doris who was entrusted to be the substitute for the guild official.

Because today was the day when Doris was entrusted with it.

Before her, there was another adventurer who did the same thing.

By the way, that adventurer was going away after entrusting the job to Doris.

The adventurer came to this place to become a substitute to replace the guild official, but it could be said that he would return to where he came from.

That kind of thing was not unusual.

There were not enough adventurers who were good enough to be the substitute for all places.

In this case, a worthy adventurer would be specifically sent out from other places.

And if that adventurer found another adventurer who he could entrust to act as a substitute, once he was replaced, the adventurer would return.

Occasionally, there were adventurers remained in one place, but… it was really rare.

In addition, the criteria needed as a substitute was to be trustworthy.

Even though it was a branch, the authority was considerable.

Since it was unreasonable to misuse the authority, the affair happened here could be seen as too much.

As expected, physical strength and popularity were needed. (Recheck)

The fact that adventurers were entrusted with the substitution of guild officials meant hat they had to delegated the adventurers in their area.

If something went wrong, that person had to solve it, and in most cases, physical strength was something necessary to have.

In the first place, those who became adventurers were mostly good for nothing people.

Therefore, it was reasonable to have strength to suppress such people.

Well, in that sense, it could also be said that the physical strength and popularity were almost proportional.

Since it was a foolish thing to oppose someone with overwhelming power than their own, nobody was going against her upon arrival.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to find such a person.

Sometimes, there was no adventurer who could become the successor of the present substitute and that fact was common.

In that case, the adventurer who had been dispatched would continue to serve as a substitute, but… it wasn’t expected to be that way.

In the end of the day, these people were merely substitutes.

They were temporarily be there until the successor was decided, and that period was said to be two years at the longest.

And when that period was over, the adventurers normally returned to their own place.

Then, the guild branch there would be closed down.

If that happened, the adventurers who were there couldn’t do anything other than going to other places. Therefore, the celebration this time had a meaning of celebration because the branch here could continue to exist.

Anyhow, other than that reason, fooling around like this wasn’t usually happened.

The place was noisy because today was a special day, but as expected, this didn’t usually occur in daytime.

Nonetheless, since the feel wouldn’t change if this was done in nighttime, it could be simply said that it was just an excuse to make noise.

“First of all, this is to show that who is the guest of honor.” (Doris)

“…If you want to join them, go ahead.” (??)

“Haa? What do you mean?” (Doris)

“…It’s fine to have only a person here.” (??)

“You want me to leave you here, and let me join them?” (Doris)

While saying so, Doris moved her gaze to the side.

What was there was a small shadow with hood and white robe that covered the whole body.

She couldn’t see the face even she stood nearby, so if people saw a similar person in the town, they would feel nothing but suspicious.

However, Doris knew the person next to her, and she just shrugged her shoulders.

…And that action mixed with a sigh.

“If you do that, I guess I would seem heartless. In the first place, you just accompany me, but I’m the one who get the role, isn’t it?” (Doris)

“…But, I promise, I won’t get into trouble.” (??)

“Well, yes, that too…” (Doris)

Doris made a smile while asking that person to keep the promise, but actually, Doris was the one who definitely saved.

Although she was entrusted to stay here, she couldn’t do it after all.

“Well, it’s only a feeling, but I appreciate it. Although the adventurers who utilize this place are all here, it doesn’t mean that something will not happen.” (??)

“…You’re right.” (Doris)

“No! Nee-san, are you having fun!?” (??)

“I told you. I’m just going to enjoy staying here. …Well, by looking at you guys, in a sense, it is fun.” (??)


The drunkard who thought so was by Doris’ side until now.

…Rather than taking initiative and fool around, she was here to guide them, but… as expected, she couldn’t do so from here on.

Of course, she felt lonely.

However, since Doris was in such a position, even if she fooled around in front of them by making noises as she pleased, there was a meaning to do it.

“…Thinking about that matter, I guess I also have grown older.” (Doris)

“…?” (??)

“What? I’m just talking to myself. I was certainly happy when I was told that they entrust this place to me, but it seemed that there was something more than I thought it was.” (Doris)

Like that, Doris was smiling as if she was mocking herself, when recalling that time.

Although it was mixed in the fuss, there was a definite voice heard.

“Excuse me, is this the branch of the Adventurer Guild?” (S???)

Apparently, it seemed that was a customer.

It was a first customer since she was given charge for this place.

Strictly speaking, she was already handling requests for fooling around in front of her, but it would be fine not to treat it as a request.

She was too at ease, so it didn’t feel like she was working at all. (Recheck)

Anyhow, the fact that it was asked whether this place was a guild branch mean that the person was not from this town.

Regardless of whoever came here, if they were people who stayed in the town, they didn’t need to verify that this place was a guild branch.

In other words, this occasion was extremely rare, but from someone to expressly come to this place mean there was a high possibility that person had similar business…

“Yes, this is certainly the place, but what… is that!?” (Doris)

From the mouth that was supposed to continue the conversation, a surprised voice was leaked.

But, that would be inevitable.

When she looked toward the entrance of the room to see who was coming, she wouldn’t imagine seeing a figure of a monster over there.

“…!” (Doris)

However, it should be said that the reaction was quick.

The feeling that was somehow floating blew away in an instant, but a question floated in her mind to replace it.

It was a monster that resembled wild boar that seemed to come close to the entrance and showed its face there.

But she didn’t judge it as a common wild boar, because it was too big.

In this world, there was no wild boar that had its head went past three meters height.

Moreover, with red body hair like blood, it was a Mad Boar if Doris’ memory was correct.

If it was handled poorly, even one of them could destroy a town. Therefore, veteran adventurers were needed to suppress it.

As a matter of course, a party of veteran adventurers was needed.

To be honest, Doris wasn’t confident to suppress the boar, but… this wasn’t the situation to say it.

But the problem was, why did such a monster suddenly appeared here?

The town people would already make noises if they saw it from a distance, but if she wasn’t imagining things, did the boar used the human speech just now?

She never heard such a story…

However, before giving answer to such a momentary thought, when Doris got off from the sitting chair, she took up two favorite handguns from the waist and stood up.

And at that time, she prepared the partner she had by her side and put her hands on the handle of the specialized weapons.

As expected, she lifted her mouth while thinking about what was that thing. She was also considering whether it was fine to attack it first…

“Wai-wait a sec, what are you doing…!?” (A???)

“No, I mean, the first impression is important. I thought that it would be better to have as much impact as possible.” (S???)

“Well, with this degree, it doesn’t only give impact, this is…!?” (A???)

But when she heard the voices, she suddenly stopped her arms.

Obviously, there were more than a person. In fact, they seemed to be children.

The bewildered presence was transmitted from the side, and the people who were fooling around at that time finally noticed it.

With huge noise that carried different meaning than before, the place was filled with…

“…Nii-sama, I also can’t support you on this after all.” (L???)

“What… why…” (S???)

“It is surprising in big way, but… perhaps I should say that you are not surprise at all, right?” (A???)

“Hmm. You are right.” (S???)

“‘You are right’… that’s not what you’re supposed to say!” (A???)

“Now, now. Aina-san’s also is here. More importantly, we should explain this soon.” (Lina)

“Hmm. You are right.” (Soma)

“You…!” (Aina)

However, instead of making it exploded, the figure of the monster was put on the side of the entrance, and there were three figures left in place.

As expected, they were children… and the bewildered air surrounded the place in that instant.

However, whether they noticed it or not, the boy who was in the middle of the three, opened his mouth without hesitation.


“Aah, sorry for the trouble. Anyway, I would like to confirm this once more. Is this a place to register adventurers?” (Soma)

He threw out such words.

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    What are you talking, you big idiot –> What are you talking about, you big idiot (is it thinking or talking??)

    officials meant hat they had to delegated –> officials meant that they had to delegate

    this wasn’t usually happened. –> this wasn’t usually what happened.

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    Then the second was about the receptions at an adventurer guild in a village. which is the same guild that Soma, Lina, and Aina walk into.
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