Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World 28 (Cleaned) – Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls – Part 1

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Ex Strongest, Heading Out to Save the Girls – Part 1

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Two people were running through the forest.

However, their speeds were something that didn’t really reflect in the eyes of ordinary people.

Or perhaps, it felt like the wind passed by if they looked at them.

While running at such speeds, Soma exchanged words without any difficulties.

“By the way, I don’t mind running at full power, but I wonder if there is a basis to go towards this direction?” (Camilla)

“Of course, there is. To be honest, I didn’t think that there was something really useful, but… I should check on it regardless.” (Soma)

“What?” (Camilla)

Soma was aiming toward a landmark etched on the ground and stretched out to the sky.

But, this was somehow special because it was only visible to Soma.

The reason was simple. It was made from magic and the requirement to see it was that it was only available to Soma

He immediately noticed at the base point of the landmark.

When Soma headed to the usual place later than the regular time, Aina wasn’t there and there was only this replacement.

It was engraved on the ground and it became a landmark. Soma could slightly feel Aina’s mana.

And then, he suddenly remembered when he had a nonsense talk that suggested a sign— It was a magic for informing him if she got kidnapped.

No, if it needed to be said in various ways, it wasn’t only the sign of being kidnapped, but it was also possible to chase after her.

“…What are you doing here?” (Camilla)

“This is actually very useful.” (Soma)

However, Soma wasn’t sure what the situation was, but it was important because Aina properly used it.

Without this, it would be very difficult to search, no matter how good Soma was.

“By the way, this magic is still activating, so that girl, Aina, is still alive and conscious…” (Camilla)

“No, there is no mistake that she is alive, but I’m not sure whether she is conscious or not.” (Soma)

“Haa…? When it is about magic in general, the invocation of magic will be canceled when the consciousness is gone, and isn’t that the same with its effect?” (Camilla)

“I have heard about it, but it is difficult to cancel this magic. When a person’s being kidnapped, there is a high possibility of losing consciousness. Therefore, the magic is pointless if it lose its effectiveness when she loses consciousness. So, it will still be there, unless she arbitrarily cancels it.” (Soma)

“You mean that girl?” (Camilla)

“Although the main idea came from me, it was Aina who made it possible.” (Soma)

“She could do something that she never heard of before, but why did you give her such an idea?” (Camilla)

“No matter what I said, it was the only thing that I could think of…” (Soma)

“…Goodness, you haven’t changed at all…” (Camilla)

Camilla let out a sigh as she said that, but Soma, who didn’t understand the reason, tilted his head.

For example, even if he didn’t leave his name in the world, he was considered innovative.

In the first place, Soma’s goal was to be able to use magic, and his reaction would probably be as usual, even if he knew it.


“Well, it is possible to pursue her because the magic is here, and you understand about the matter of her being kidnapped. But, did you also notice that Lina was kidnapped?” (Camilla)

“No, it was a coincidence that I learned of it. Or perhaps, I should say that I only knew when I returned to the mansion.” (Soma)

Soma understood that Aina was kidnapped since the beginning, but he didn’t immediately give chase because he was aware that it was possible to track her and he knew that it was impossible to do it right away.

As Soma proposed in various ways, the magic used by Aina was designed to be able to respond to a wide range of situations.

One of them was in the case of dealing with spatial transfer.

In that case, this magic was designed to become a landmark with certain intervals that tied the space connected from the base point to her current position.

Well, basically, it was based on the place and time of using the magic. After a certain period of time had elapsed, the magic was supposed to mark the current location.

The shape was like a pillar of light, and since it was also a non-substance, it couldn’t be blocked, even if she was in a building.

In addition, the magic specification was set to a height of ten meters or more, and there was no way to miss it, no matter where she was.

Since it was triggered because of the elapsed time, the intervals at which the markers lined up were usually disjointed.

It would inevitably happen, since it was difficult to move straight, especially in the forest.

However, the visible landmarks were all aligned in a straight line and at regular intervals.

And she didn’t move in a straight line with a constant speed.

It was because one of them was buried in a tree.

Someone, who definitely deprived Lina and AIna, was probably moving according to the spatial transfer.

“Spatial transfer, huh? If it is done by magic, it would be no less than a High Grade Skill. If it is done by magic tools, that person is not an ordinary person for having that kind of tool.” (Camilla)

“Well, I had judged that it was impossible to chase after her at once, and that was why I came back.” (Soma)

The kidnapper expressively used spatial transfer.

Soma didn’t think that the kidnapper would move at a nearby place. He also judged there was a high possibility that this would take much time to search.

“It doesn’t seem like… you want to inform them that you’ll be away for a long time.” (Camilla)

“Well, I did consider about that too, but it was primarily for a financial reason.” (Soma)

Soma didn’t have any kind of financial savings.

Naturally, it wasn’t necessary to have it, but there would be problems if it took days to find her.

He didn’t mind to sleep anywhere, but it was impossible not to eat any meals.

Soma thought that Camilla would lend him money, so he returned the mansion at once. However, he heard the story about Lina’s disappearance.

Soma wasn’t dull enough not to guess the situation.

“Hmm… for both of them to be coincidentally tied up, wouldn’t that be impossible?” (Camilla)

“Between the possibility that two kidnapping cases coincidentally happened at different places and almost the same time and the possibility of the being kidnapped together, if you ask me, which is more likely, I will answer the latter.” (Soma)

“Me too. Well, I understood many things for the time being. If that’s the case, it’s all good if you can get to them, right? …Nevertheless, I am a bit surprised, if I do say so.” (Camilla)

“Hmmm? What do you mean?” (Soma)

“I mean you are really calm. I’m not asking you to be impatient, but I was wondering whether you would show anger for a bit…” (Camilla)

“Hmm… I look calm, huh? If I am seen like that, would that be a problem?” (Soma)

While saying so, Soma shrugged his shoulders.

He was tightly grasping his fist until he gradually felt that his hand became numb.

“You…” (Camilla)

“Anyway, I still lack training.” (Soma)

If only he was there…

Because of a trivial matter, he had to delay the time of their meeting.

When he thought about it, a self-mockery smile started to appear.

Even if that was a fact, the assumption that it wouldn’t happen had no meaning.

While Soma understood that, he would vent his anger on the surrounding trees if he lost his focus, but he thought that he didn’t train enough, no matter what.

“I think that I would prefer you that way, and it make me feel relieve— uhm.” (Camilla)

In this way, rather than confirming the situation, the trees disappeared from their surroundings as if it had been like that since the beginning.

They went to the other side of the forest.

In short, they were already where the Demons lived.

“Hmm… well, of course. It seems that there is no change in particular.” (Soma)

What was spreading there was just an open field.

Rather than saying that it was peaceful, it was far from the image of the place heard where the Demons lived.

Well, for now—

“Anyhow, there is no such thing as being attacked without question and answer, right?” (Soma)

“There is no difference between here and there. So, you should be alright if you are not saying something unnecessary. I am not sure about being attacked by bandits, but since there are monsters also here, it is probably not safe.” (Camilla)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

There were no particular problems to repel them, if they were attacked at that time.

Speaking about problems, it was actually more on whether it was possible to gather information or not.

It would be good if they could go directly, but he wanted at least to arrive at a standard conclusion.

Besides, they also needed to figure out food as well.

“First of all, I would like to gather information nearby, is that alright?” (Soma)

“Aah, I don’t think that there is a problem, but…” (Camilla)

“…?” (Soma)

Soma was wondering because Camilla had a bitter smile while saying that.

“It’s just that I was told that you will lead this search, and you had been doing so until now, but I never thought that you would suggest such a thing. I was thinking whether I should follow you to this place, but… now I feel relieved.” (Camilla)

“I am not familiar about this matter, so while I am at it, I am thinking of asking for help, and…” (Soma)

“There will be plenty of help at that time. Dear me, are you a person who is reliable as usual, or someone who always give a sign that something is going to happen?” (Camilla)

“Hmmm… am I always like that?” (Soma)

Although Soma didn’t think of himself as a child, he didn’t think until that far.

Aina and Lina were considerably immature, and that was also probably the reason.


“Well, shall we try to find a town or something? There is probably no one living in this place.” (Camilla)

This place was no less than a borderline of a territory, and it was necessary to have personnel to monitor it. When considering the time of emergency, a corresponding strength was also needed.

If that was the situation, rather than a village or something similar, it was natural to think that there was a place called a town.

And at such a place, it wouldn’t be so difficult to find information from the surroundings.

“Uhmm… shall we go?” (Soma)

They had no time to relax, but it would be counterproductive if they were too impatient.

The two, who understood that, started looking for the place they were aiming for. They weren’t impatient, even though they did things quickly.

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  • Can anyone enlighten me what is spatial transfer (空間転移)? LOL, thanks!


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