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Intermission: Later On…

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— Noel —


“Today, you will make stir-fried vegetables. It looks easy, but it clearly shows your skills. Focus yourself.” (Dee)

“Yes!” (Noir)

Noir’s culinary training started today as well.

After closing the [Erina’s Dining Room], Dee-san and Noir-chan were cooking in the kitchen.

Dee-san showed his sample, and next, the meal would be prepared by Noir only…  and this awfully spartan-like training continued.

“Hmm… You’ve made a progress.” (Dee)

“Really? Hehe, I’m getting closer to become Reus-sama’s attendant!” (Noir)

I was attentively watching Alad and Nokia-chan, who were working hard, from behind.

“She’s doing her best today, too. Isn’t she already better than you, Onee-chan?” (Nokia)

“That’s rude, Nokia-chan. Noir-chan is still a child. I was taught by Erina-san, and to defeat me, who is an adult…” (Noel)

“But the Tamagoyaki made by Noir-chan at that time was tastier than the one Nee-chan made, wasn’t it?” (Alad)

“…Noir-chan has grown up, right? Okaa-san is pleased.” (Noel)

“Don’t run away from reality! Just accept your defeat!” (Nokia)

My sister and brother were noisy, but there was no parent who wasn’t pleased with their daughter’s growth. The fact that she was better than me was just trivial.

Besides, Noir-chan wasn’t only going to be Reu-kun’s bride, but I was excited that she was already becoming a little like Onee-san(1).

While having warm feelings, I took some dried meat and munched it.

“*munch munch*… If it’s like this, Reu-kun’s—…*munch munch*… stomach will be grasped—…*munch munch*” (Noel)

“You can just eat or speak, you know?” (Nokia)

“I have no choice because I am hungry. You will understand when you become an Okaa-san.” (Noel)

“Kuh!? Don’t say anything to me…” (Nokia)

“Nee-chan, Nee-chan. If you make too much noise—…” (Alad)

“It’s already noisy.” (Dee)

““Thank you for your hard work!”” (Noel/Nokia)

I ran away to escape from Nokia-chan and Alad.

It was because Dee-san had scolded us, who were watching Noir-chan while getting noisy, and that made Noir-chan unable to concentrate. It was just that Dee-san became serious when it was about cooking. But he was awesome that way.

Anyway, I wanted to run away, but it was pointless because this was our home. I thought of going out of the house, but I wanted to make sure of Noir-chan’s dishes.

“Oh, the stir-fried vegetables are delicious! Noir-chan is a genius!” (Noel)

“…Dear me. Noel, let’s eat together.” (Dee)

“Yes, Okaa-san, let’s eat together!” (Noir)

“Dear. Noir-chan… Yes, Okaa-san will also eat it.” (Noel)

I was having Noir-chan’s stir fried vegetables while rubbing the tummy during my last month of pregnancy.

It was delicious… This was a meal made for Reu-kun. It felt lonely because she didn’t make it for me… hmm, why have I become this selfish, huh?

It felt a bit complicated, but this was delicious… I guess it was alright.



A few days later, I quickly lowered the closing signs because our inventory stock became little on that day.

Dee-san was also tired, so such an occasion these days was also a good thing.

And then, when everyone took a break at the table in the dining room, before clearing up, a person came in, even though I lowered the signboard.

“Yo! You close early today, huh?” (??)

“…Gadd?” (Dee)

“Eh, this is rare, isn’t it?” (Noel)

Employees of the Galgan Company regularly delivered ingredients, and it was becoming less for Gadd-san to come here, maybe because he recently went somewhere far.

And then, Gadd-san sat on a chair prepared with a tired expression.

“I’ve been busy going back and forth to Adload. Dear me, I feel much better when you are here, after all.” (Gadd)

“This is not your house. But, do you want to eat something?” (Dee)

“Ouh, please. I will put the ingredients at the usual place. And the other thing is… the main reason why I came here are these.” (Gadd)

Gadd-san took out a bag filled with letters from his pocket and put it on the table.

Eh, the writing on these letters…

“There are letters from Danna and the others. I directly met them, and that’s why I came here.” (Gadd)

“From Sirius-sama!?” (Noel)

“Ooh!” (Dee)

I thought that it was impossible to write a letter because they were already far away, but… I was unexpectedly moved.

Sirius-sama’s part was on Emilia-chan’s. And Reu-kun’s was on Reese-chan’s. I was glad that there were letters from everyone. I looked forward to read these.

“…There is one extra?” (Noel)

“Well, yes, it is. Uhmm… who is this Shimifia?” (Gadd)

“I wonder if there is a person by that name among them? And the wolf is Hokuto-san.” (Noel)

“Aah, is that so? According to the story I heard, there seems to be an Elf in Danna’s group. Maybe that person?” (Gadd)

““An Elf!?”” (Noel/Dee)

Speaking of which, Sirius-sama said that he met an Elf when he was a child.

Maybe that Elf was…

“Was she beautiful?” (Noel)

“I told you, I didn’t see her. Well, my acquaintance said that she was a beautiful woman.” (Gadd)

“That is like Sirius-sama. I want him to come back soon.” (Noel)

“My goodness.” (Dee)

“Oops, wait a moment. There is one more.” (Gadd)

One more?

Gadd-san took out a small wooden box while we were surprised, but he didn’t give it to me or Dee-san. He gave it to Noir-chan.

“Gadd-san, what is this?” (Noir)

“This is for you. From your beloved Reus-sama.” (Gadd)

“Reus-sama!?” (Noir)

Noir-chan’s eyes were glittering and when she opened the wooden box… there was a pendant attached with a red gem and a letter.

“Waah… it’s beautiful!” (Noir)

“It-it can’t be!? Why did Reu-kun… give her a present!?” (Noel)

“Wh-what is this!? Noir, read the letter!” (Dee)

“Yeah. Uhmm…” (Noir)

What on earth was this, Reus-kun!?

Without minding me and Dee-san who were impatient, Noir started reading the letter with a full smile.

“Uhmm… Noir is important to me, so I’m sending you this… Ehehe—…” (Noir)

“This is… Honey!” (Noel)

“Hmmm…” (Dee)

I read each letter from Sirius-sama and the others and I tried to search for even a bit of information.

And… Reu-kun seemed to have mentally grown up, and he found a new lover.

“Marina-chan… is it? Could it be that Reu-kun—… Yeah, it’s not that weird, isn’t it?” (Noel)

“That’s right, Onee-chan. Although he is under Sirius-san’s shadow, Reus was quite popular in the town.” (Nokia)

“I also heard it. While Sirius-san stayed here, I heard the town girls were asking about Reus-san many times.” (Alad)

Marina-san was a cute Foxtailkin girl, but since he properly sent the pendant here, he also seemed to think about Noir-chan.

Besides, if it was Reu-kun, it was probably alright to have one or two girls. Since he was Sirius-sama’s disciple, that might be a matter of course.

It felt a bit complicated, but as I was happy with Reu-kun’s growth, Dee-san slowly got up.

Eh… it suddenly became cold…

“Gadd. Rather than Marina, our Noir is the number one lover, right?” (Dee)

“…What are you saying? Why are you talking about lover or something?” (Gadd)

“What kind of girl is that Marina!? Of course, Noir-chan is cuter, right?” (Dee)

“I don’t know! Why are you acting like a child!?” (Gadd)

“Please investigate!” (Dee)

“Don’t ask something impossible!” (Gadd)

Y-yeah… I was certainly interested to know about Marina-chan, but as I expected, Dee-san didn’t like it, huh?

Plus, Sirius-sama and Emi-chan were there, so I didn’t think that she was a bad girl. Anyhow, Reu-kun wouldn’t do something bad.

As Dee-san became agitated, our Noir-chan…

“Ehe— this suits me, doesn’t it?” (Noir)

“Yeah. Definitely, Noir.” (Dee)

“Come, turn around and show it to me.” (Noel)

She seemed happy wearing that pendant.

Yes, today Erina’s Dining Room was peaceful.

“If that’s the case, I will create an [Erina’s Dining Room]’s branch in Adload—…” (Dee)

“Can you please calm down!? Do you even have extra money!?” (Noel)

…Actually, there were some savings.


※Later, Dee calmed down thanks to Noel.





On the day when we received letter from Reu-kun, Noir-chan told us her decision.

“Otou-san! Please teach me your specialties!” (Noir)

“…Which one?” (Dee)

“Which one? Are there many?” (Noir)

“Tou-san has two. There are times when I can’t eat dishes other than my own cooking. Some delicious foods or dishes are made by using addictive ingredients that can make people lost in a daze. Which one?” (Dee)

Uhm… I knew the former, but the latter was kind of…

How did he know such dishes in the first place?

I learned about it later, but since he was taught about harmful food in detail by Sirius-sama, the dish was created in the middle of learning.

Fortunately, Noir-chan didn’t really understand that, and since the later was disturbing, I should have stopped him and…

“Yes… both!” (Noir)

“Got it.” (Dee)

“Eh!?” (Noel)

‘Okaa-san is getting a little worried about you, Noir-chan.’


Extra/Bonus 2 ※The author apologizes in advanced.


“Hey, Onee-chan, what was written in Shimifia’s letter?”

“Wait a second. Uhmm…” (Noel)


Case 1

[Nice to meet you. I am an Elf, Shimifia. Everyone calls me Fia. I fell in love with Sirius-san because I was saved by him several years ago, and I became his lover when we were reunited—…] (Fia)

And the later part was her introduction and their present situation…

“‘He fell in love with the Elf’ …I asked Sirius-sama, but… he told me that it was the other way around.” (Noel)

“An Elf, is it…? I have never seen one, except in the far distance.” (Nokia)


Case 2

[We got married.] (Fia)

They were formally dressed, and the photographs of Sirius and Fia blessed in front of the church were enclosed.

“…Did they blow away various processes!?” (Noel)

“Emilia-san and Reese-san were left behind!?” (Nokia)


Case 3

[This is a promissory note for 3 barrels of wine, 5 bottles of wine, for as much as this money… Please transfer it to the store.] (Fia)

“…Why is this letter in the house?” (Nokia)

“Yeah, I wonder if this is a mistake. Anyway, I can tell that she is a drinker.” (Noel)


Case 4

“In the next full moon, I will steal every wine in your house. Sincerely, Shimifia.] (Fia)

““An advance notice!?”” (Noel/Nokia)



Hokuto at Work – The Adventurer Guild Edition –


This was a story a few days after the hordes of monsters assaulted the towns.

On that day, there were ten adventurers, including newcomers, gathered in Romanio because a certain request was about to be made.

“By the way, this is a request to explore the surroundings of the town and subjugate the monsters today.” (??)

Although most of the monsters were killed in that incident, some of them managed to escape.

The request this time was to get rid of such monsters.

Although it was a request that was done every day since the incident, there wasn’t that many monsters because the surrounding monsters were already being driven out.

Because of that reason, the present request was used to train rookies, and 70% of the people gathered today were them.

“Listen, rookies, do not try to fight on your own. Well then, reply when I call your name.” (Instructor)

Among them, the number one skilled adventurer was a male human, and he was calling the names of the requesting participants on the roster to confirm it.

He continued calling names of young people who were nervous. They seemed to be newcomers. Finally, he called a name of a participant who was wearing a mask.

“You are the last one? Hee… what a splendid Beast Companion. Rather than this person himself, the Beast Companion is stronger, right? Oh well, Hokuto.” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

The man was surprised.

Although he was calling the name of the masked beastkin, why the reply came from this Beast Companion?

“…Why did the Beast Companion answer? Didn’t I say to reply when I called names?” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“He is replying to you…” (Reus)

“No, don’t joke around, alright?” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“He is not playing around. Hey old man, are you thinking that is a mistake?” (Reus)

“Mistake?” (Instructor)

“The Beast Companion here is Hokuto-san. I am here only to interpret Hokuto-san.” (Reus)

“…” (Instructor)

When the man checked the roster, he noticed that there was a small addition in the lower part when he closely looked.

[This is a special case, but please treat the Hundred Wolves as an adventurer.] (??)

By the way, that man remembered that today’s receptionist was a Wolfkin.

And since the Beast Companion was splendid, it wasn’t weird if it was worshipped by the Beastkins and it was probably impossible to refuse this. So the man understood from years of experience, and… he gave up.

“…Oh well. You there are not counted as an adventurer. Is it alright because you are not paid with any reward?” (Instructor)

“Ouu. I won’t participate in battle, so you can think that I am not here at all.” (Reus)

The man was worried about various things, but since that person understood that he wouldn’t get any reward, the man accepted it.

“Well then, we’re going. Rookies, don’t jump out first.” (Instructor)

“““Yes.””” (Rookies)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)


One hour later…


“Monsters! Rookies, fall back. Look closely to your Senpai’s movements!” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto attacked… and monsters were defeated.


“They are secretly lurking over there! Always keep your attention to the surroundings—…” (??)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Mowing down with Hokuto’s claw… and the monsters were defeated.


“Wha!? They were hiding there!? Rookies—…” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

With the combinations of ram attack, nails and tail… a group of monsters were completely annihilated.


“Excuse me—… this is my request, will you return home, please?” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“He said… that he’s doing a job, so he asked what did you mean by that?” (Reus)

“No. He’s too active and the rookies won’t learn anything.” (Instructor)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“‘I am also rookie adventurer. I will call my lawyer—’… what is a ‘lawyer’?” (Reus)

“I’ve never heard of such a strong rookie. Since you are a special case in the first place, it is impossible to treat you as a rookie adventurer, so…” (Instructor)

“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)

“He asked what about the reward!? How can he give a present to Aniki… I got it, Hokuto-san. You wanted to use your first reward money for that?” (Reus)

“Hokuto-san is already active enough, so how about I pay you the reward anyway…” (Instructor)

The man understood that it was useless to go against Hokuto. It seemed that he was a man who had experience even in this matter.

Hokuto understood after getting the reward, so he accepted the man’s appeal and obediently withdrew.


One hour later…


“Alright, rookies. We will strip the monsters after defeating them. Look and learn how the Senpais doing things.” (Instructor)

“““Yes.””” (Rookies)

After completing the extermination of monsters, it became a practice of stripping materials that could be sold to the guild.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“He said ‘That’s right. You can cleanly peel if you pass the blade well inside the skin.’” (Reus)

“Yes! That’s it!” (Rookie)

“…Hokuto-san. I’m also a rookie in this part, so will you give supplement training?” (Instructor)

“…Woof.” (Hokuto)

“He said ‘It can’t be helped then…’” (Reus)

…And Hokuto became the teaching side.


Today’s Achievements.


Remuneration for the request… four copper coins.

Sale of the materials stripped… two copper coins.

Temporary instructor fee… three silver coins.


Hokuto at Work – Adventurer Guild Edition – End


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