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Private Tutor and Atonement

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While watching Soma, who earnestly listened to her talk, Camilla suddenly leaked a bitter smile.

It was because he thought of such things as a big deal.

She wasn’t sure why Soma himself understood, but talking with Soma now was not like talking to a normal 6-year-old child.

Especially the talk about Demons, it was a subject that was originally meant for middle education, but now it was a subject in higher education.

Higher education — in other words, it was for scholars or researchers. Those who wanted to take important positions in the country would go to an institution of higher education.

Although the subject was being discussed, most people didn’t know about the details.

Rather than being confidential, it was to avoid confusion. In the first place, the subject of Demons was also information that was not well understood, and it was taught later, but… this 6-year-old boy was naturally discussing it while making a face that understood the subject.

As expected—

“…Well, I guess there is something like that, huh?” (Soma)

“Hmmm? What do you mean?” (Camilla)

“Nah, you don’t have to mind it. Anyway, according to you, the Demons are not evil. However, their fighting power is certain. In order to fight against any Demons, it is said that at least an Intermediate rank Skill is required.” (Soma)

While continuing the explanation, his reasoning made Camilla think about when she taken over tutoring him from the people that had been Soma’s tutors.

…No strictly speaking, that wasn’t correct, right?

The reason was that  almost nothing was handed over to Camilla by those people.

Especially how far Soma’s studies had progressed… and as for the rate of progression, she wasn’t told about it at all.

Arithmetic, general studies, foreign histories, and others.

Although Soma had different tutors with different studies, it was all the same from all of them.

Well, in Sofia’s view — if Soma knew early about the fact that he was coming from a Duke household, he would grow arrogant, or possibly start shrinking. Although she purposely tried to exclude the information, it was more or less her complete defeat.

It would not be impossible to teach him anything.

Those people were officially hired by the Duke…

She heard that they were currently engaged in the education of Soma’s younger sister, Rina. So, it was hard to think that they abandoned their job.

Because of that, Camilla initially thought that Soma was disliked.

There were some who minded Soma’s way of speaking and manners, and those tutors of the Duke household were highly prideful, even in simple situations.

For that reason, she thought that there might’ve been some kind of conflict that had happened there.

However, it also seemed funny when it came from all of them. So what she thought next was that even though they had pride, there must’ve been other things.

It was too late to mind about it, given the circumstances, but from a tutor’s viewpoint, it was good to say that Soma was already in the middle of progress.

She thought whether Soma hurt their feelings, but when she thought again, if that was true, they would’ve left this place in the first place.

After considering they moved to Lina instead, she also had the feeling that Soma didn’t do it.

She tried to think further, but… she hit the wall.

There was such a thing like other possibilities that didn’t come up, but she didn’t reach that point.

The reference books and other materials for higher education were in reserve because she was pestered, but anyhow, she didn’t know how far Soma had studied.

How should Camilla conduct the class?

Just thinking about it, she wanted to do her best.

Well, that made her think too much and she needed to change the mood. She came across Soma in the backyard, but… it surely could be said that there was meaning for that occasion.

It was because she came up with the simplest solution immediately after challenging Soma to a match.

She was able to change the mood… or perhaps, it should be said that she probably didn’t think that far, and since it was a simple thing to do…

Yes, it was.

She wanted to directly ask Soma how far his lessons had progressed.

Really… it was a story that didn’t talk about the reason.

Although there were many kinds of excuses, she was just making an excuse and there was nothing else.

Anyhow, even when she thought so… her understanding on various matters was because of that moment.

Nothing was said about the preparation for higher education.

To be honest, it was prepared as planned to do it from there.

And they just handed everything over.

Yes, it was because Soma had already finished with everything from middle education.

Besides, whether she was surprised or not, it went without saying that she dared to proclaim the fact, but at the same time, she noticed their intentions.

In short, that was the reason those tutors didn’t tell her about his rate of progression.

Perhaps, it was of such a thing.

The message she received from all the tutors was ‘Don’t misjudge his talent’.

Even without hitting around the bush, she thought that it would be quicker if they directly told her by mouth, but… oh well, that was what it meant in this country.

Next, it was also related to Camilla, who was a Skill Appraiser.


“Hmm, basically, the Demons have High rank skills, correct?” (Soma)

“Yeah. At least, that is how this country measured the strength of the Demons.” (Camilla)

“…Skill rank… No, in the first place, isn’t it easier to understand what kind of skills the other side has?” (Soma)

“Well, that is correct. We, as Skill Appraisers, are certainly able to determine their skills, but it is necessary to touch the other’s body.” (Camilla)

“Then, why are they making such a conclusion?” (Soma)

“It is simple. It is because of how they are remembered as being strong. Actually, there is no one who had appraised someone from the Demon race.” (Camilla)

“Hmm…” (Soma)

Camilla could imagine why Soma groaned, and her guess was probably not wrong.

Soma probably thought like this.

That too—

“…I had this feeling before, but isn’t this country emphasizing Skills a bit too much? A Skill is certainly easy to understand, but maybe, the information about it is restricted in this country.” (Soma)

“Yes, you are right. There is no doubt that other countries are using it as an indicator, but this country is probably the only one that emphasizes it until this degree.” (Camilla)

“Hmmm… is there any reason for it?” (Soma)

“Well. It’s not a big deal though.” (Camilla)

It was derived from the circumstances of this country because it emphasized too much on skills.

Originally, this country was a part of an adjacent country, but it achieved independence because it was badly treated.

There was one reason why the country was badly treated. It was because the land was not abundant with resources… no, it was clearly poor land, thus the tax revenue was bad.

Because of that, this country wasn’t considered important, despite the fact that the Demon’s Forest was next to it.

Rather, it was treated as a cushioning place to keep the Demons under control.

Some people, who knew that fact, migrated into the place. Instead of driving away the Demon tribe, who did things as they pleased, they raised their weapons and declared independence.

One of the people who emigrated became king. In order to protect this place that became a country, they started to gather various people based on Skills.

“Based on Skills, is it?” (Soma)

“Yeah. Since the reference of Skill rank became absolute, the quality of the soldiers was obviously improved. It is said that it is necessary for them to possess at least some Martial Art skills. There was a famous story where the country turned the table with a sufficient degree of military forces when the former affiliated country was attacking.” (Camilla)

However, what made that possible was because the newly-formed country was driven into a corner.

It wasn’t something people wanted to do, but they wouldn’t be able to stand up unless they focused on what was most important, and all the people understood that fact.

If other countries tried to attack this place, they would fail because the citizens would fight back.

In fact, it turned out very well, since no other countries followed the move taken by the former affiliated country.

“Hmmm… is that the reason why this country absolutely emphasizes Skills?” (Soma)

“No, if that was the only reason, this situation would not happen. Didn’t I say it? They did it as a basis of gathering talented people.” (Camilla)

“…I see. Which reminds me, although this place is supposed to be a poor place, I have never felt that way before. I thought that it might be because of my house, but… in order to free myself from here, did they allocate talent based on a Skill that’s specifically for agriculture or anything else?” (Soma)

“…You understood this matter, as always. That’s good. Are you really a 6-year-old boy?” (Camilla)

Camilla directed amazed eyes, but she was absolutely right.

And they poorly succeeded… No, because they had been too successful. Hence, the inhabitants of this country believed that Skills were an absolute matter.

“I see… well, if it is such a case, I understand the current situation I am in, but…” (Soma)

“Hmm? Do you have other doubts?” (Camilla)

“No, I think that Sensei seems to be quite detailed.” (Soma)

“…Well, the lesson is about the local history, and in the first place, this country has been built for more than ten years. It’s not long enough to forget about the history.” (Camilla)

She probably wanted to say that even if she wanted to forget, she couldn’t.

“Hmm…” (Soma)

“What is it? Do you still have something else?” (Camilla)

“No, I am simply consenting about my situation.” (Soma)

“Aah… is that what you mean?” (Camilla)

Yes, Soma probably would have no problems if he was born in another country.

Even if he couldn’t learn any skills, he could still be the heir of a Duke.

However, he wasn’t allowed to be like that in this country.

The inhabitants of this country would not allow him.

No matter how much Sofia wanted to, it was something that she couldn’t do.

And that was why—

“…You have the right to hate me.” (Camilla)

—Initially, Camilla was responsible to teach Soma for the sake of atonement.

No, instead of that, Sofia prepared that opportunity for her.

In the past, she was called a hero, and it was the time when the life of 10-year-old girl turned upside-down.

She was similar to Camilla, who resigned herself without enduring the sin, since she took the job as a dedicated Skill Appraiser.

Apart from that, Camilla wondered why Soma didn’t plan to take revenge, but at least, she wouldn’t mind it.

Or, maybe, deep down in her heart, she wanted it to happen.


“Hmm? Hate?” (Soma)

The expression on Soma’s face was amazement.

As if he didn’t understand what she said.

Even though she told Soma everything.

“…Well, it’s just that only Skill Appraisers know the details of people, such as what kind of skills they have and whether one can learn it. So if I lied… if I properly fabricated the Skill that you can learn, your life would have never gone out of order. So…” (Camilla)

“No, honestly, whatever happened, it doesn’t really matter anymore, right?” (Soma)

That face was certainly saying his true feelings.

He was just puzzled like earlier.

Yes, he was being honest with his feelings. He wanted Camilla to cast away the anxiety.

“…It doesn’t matter? Are you saying that you don’t really mind, especially when your life is turned around?” (Camilla)

“Hmm… as I already said, I only want to learn the information about magic… because I hope that I am able to use magic. When I think about it, I am pleased because the time for myself has increased. So I have no reason to hold a grudge… Hmm, rather I should be thankful to Sensei, right?” (Soma)

On the other hand, his face was strangely embarrassed when saying thanks.

Camilla, herself, didn’t really understand what kind of expression that was, and… there was only one person who understood it.

For some reason, she wanted to laugh.

“I see… I see.” (Camilla)

Just like this, Camilla suddenly thought, while meaninglessly nodding.

As she intended from the beginning, she got enough motivation as a result of the match.

Apparently, the motivation had gone up even further.

Camilla loosened her mouth as her heart felt lighter.

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    So, the country they are in was like separated from another country and they were meant to be like a cushioning force in case demons attack.
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