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The Straightforward You

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“That’s how it is now… Albert, Marina and Reese have also grown up.” (Sirius)

After defeating Guirdjieff, we peeled off the targeted horn and sold its parts. And then, we returned to the base.

Now that the objective had been achieved, we planned to close this base tomorrow. So, I used the harvested meat and the old ingredients to prepare for a lavish party.

Emilia and Reese were helping me, and we continued cooking while explaining the battle against Guirdjieff to Emilia.

“Ahaha… in my situation, it’s all thanks to the Spirits.” (Reese)

“Isn’t that also Reese’s strength for making the Spirits follow along?” (Emilia)

“Th-that’s because Water Spirits are friendly. More importantly, since Albert got what he wanted, we can finally go to Parade.” (Reese)

“I see. Sirius-sama, what will you do once we get to Parade?” (Emilia)

The original purpose was for sightseeing, but as we meet Albert, who lived there, I would like to add extra planning in the schedule to understand the situation and to lend a hand.

“We will go for sightseeing, but I’d like to see the conclusion of Albert. I will think about it after listening to their plan when they return to Parade during today’s dinner.” (Sirius)

“I agree. I also want to see the ending because they are in love with each other.” (Emilia)

“This is the first time Reus made a friend, and maybe together with Marina… and when I think about it, I want to him be with them together for a long time.” (Sirius)

The first encounter might have been the worst, but, somehow, I had good feelings when Reus and Marina were becoming good friends.

All women who were deeply involved with Reus were older than him, and since he was unable to act on an equal basis, his way of associating with women was slightly off.

Because of that, I definitely had no problems if they were brought together, it was a recommended setting for such a thing like being together in many ways, but…

“But doesn’t Reus have Noir?” (Reese)

“Yeah… if she won’t quarrel with Noir, it will be good, but that will depend on Reus’ hard work.” (Emilia)

“…Will that be alright?” (Sirius)

“Is that weird? Since Reus is Sirius-sama’s disciple, it will be a shame if he can’t deal with women.” (Emilia)

…If the surroundings didn’t mind, I won’t mind either.

Perhaps I should say that I didn’t have any qualifications because I had three lovers.

As Reus and Albert took care of their swords on a river a bit away, Marina had a bright-red face while being toyed by those two. In the meantime, we proceeded with the cooking.

When dinner came, after having meals to a certain extent, Albert corrected his posture and deeply lowered his head.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. Thank you very much.” (Albert)

“Aah, that’s great. There will be no mistake with that horn, right?” (Sirius)

“Yes. With this splendid horn, I think that they will be convinced.” (Albert)

According to Albert’s story, after showing the horn, he would fight with a strong man designated by the parents of his fiancée.

Although it was troubling if he lifted himself up too much just because he achieved the first step, I would let him do as he pleased today.

It was a reward for going through severe hardship by me with sweat and blood.

“By the way, regarding the Guirdjieff’s parts stripped by Shishou, why did you store it like that?” (Albert)

After we returned from the mountain, we carefully treated Guirdjieff’s materials so it would not go bad. We, then, put them in a wooden box with a tight cover and placed it inside the carriage.

Albert was right. We were not far from the town, so it wasn’t necessary to delicately treat them, if we just wanted to sell the materials.

“I plan to sell them in a distant city or much later. If I sell them around here, there is also a possibility that the horn that you bring would be seen as if it came from our materials.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, we still have no problem with money, right?” (Emilia)

“Yeah, we are still good to go. We also don’t have to worry about this thing until Albert’s situation is over.” (Sirius)

“Thank you for everything. Yeah, everyone is… an adventurer.” (Albert)

“Aah…” (Marina)

When the topic of a distant town came out, the siblings’ expressions became a little gloomy.

It looked like they understood that it would soon be time to say goodbye. Although they were imposed with strict training for a short period of time, it felt lonely when it came to partings. Especially Marina who was visibly depressed.

“I’m happy when you feel that, but Albert, you still haven’t achieved your target, right? Now, rather than parting, think what will happen next.” (Sirius)

“Yeah… you are right. Since I have reached this far, I can’t show my face to Shishou if I don’t succeed. Hey, don’t make such a face.” (Albert)

“…Yes.” (Marina)

“That’s the spirit. I think that it will be… about two days to reach Parade with Hokuto pulling the carriage. Anyway, what will the two of you do when we reach the town?” (Sirius)

“First, I will go back home and report. And then, I will show the horn to the parents of my fiancée. I will give you the reward at that time.” (Albert)

“Aah… speaking of the reward… I totally forgot.” (Sirius)

I totally forgot since I trained him not for the reward.

It was fun to train Albert, and I was satisfied because he became a new stimulus as Reus’ friend.

As I hadn’t firmly considered whether to accept anything, Albert had a surprised look.

“Forgot… it is not a word that comes from adventurers, you know? Or perhaps I should really say that Shishou is a strange person.” (Albert)

“It’s because he is Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“That’s Aniki for you!” (Reus)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Although that already became a standard routine, the siblings and Hokuto were proudly boasted.

Albert was smiling while watching such a scene, but when I thought why he suddenly closed his eyes and nodded, he looked at me with a serious expression.

“…Shishou. I would like to tell you the truth before heading to Parade.” (Albert)

“Aniue…” (Marina)

“They will understand it when we arrive in the the town. Besides… I don’t want to hide it from these people. Do you understand?” (Albert)

“…Yes!” (Marina)

“I am not sure what you want to say, but if you think it is impossible, you don’t have to tell me. It is enough for us to know both of you.” (Sirius)

When I checked the situation of the disciples, it seemed that they had the same opinion as they were smiling and nodding.

“No, it will be weird to me if I don’t say it. I will say it as a disciple and as a friend.” (Albert)

“…Understood. Emilia.” (Sirius)

“Yes. I will prepare tea.” (Emilia)

I didn’t want to get involved with troublesome things if I got to know their secrets… especially when we were not really related to them.

I didn’t know what kind of story would come out, but let’s be prepared and listen to him.

After that, not only tea, cookies for the tea were also prepared. Albert, who drank a cup of tea, slowly talked.

“Half a month ago, I said that we were from a certain noblility, but in fact, it is a bit different. My name is Albert… Parade Fox(1).” (Albert)

“Parade Fox… is it? The name of the town is also included, and that means…” (Sirius)

“Yes. As you guessed, with the name of the town included in my name, it means that I am a person from a family who rules Parade.” (Albert)

Although there was no castle, I heard that in the town of Parade, it was governed by a single authority, like a king.

Since that influential lineage included the name of the town in their name, it seemed that Albert and Marina were also similar.

“In short, Al is like royalty? Should I call you Albert-sama?” (Reus)

“Stop it. It is certainly true that I come from such a family, but the successor has already been decided, and that is my older brother. My family and surroundings are satisfied with the arrangement, so I am somewhat a noble—… no, I am just an ordinary man now. Therefore, please, act like before.” (Albert)

“I see. So, calling you Al is fine, right? Aah, don’t eat that big cookie because I had my eyes on it.” (Reus)

“…You don’t really hold back.” (Marina)

“I don’t mind. I am happy that way.” (Albert)

He also hid his face at the Fighting Festival because he didn’t want to be known from that family.

However, when I thought about it, there were a lot of weird things. Although the Successor had been decided, it was strange at the time to ask such a family member whether he could defeat the dragon or not.

“What is your standpoint on this, Albert? Since you are not a Successor, it is strange for you to have liberties to do something like fighting a dragon and the Fighting Festival.” (Sirius)

“There is something I need to explain before telling that reason. The Deine Lake is an essential part of Parade, and it is a very wide lake, but on the opposite shore, there is a country similar to Parade.” (Albert)

“I have heard about it before. I didn’t go there because the direction is different, but I am certain that the name of the country is Romanio(2), correct?” (Fia)

“You are right, Fia-san. The ruler of that Romanio only has a single daughter.” (Albert)

“…You mean, that girl?” (Sirius)

“Yes, she was my fiancée.” (Albert)

By the way, Parade and Romanio were not in dispute. There seemed to be a good relationship between two countries, since there was also trade.

When I asked in detail, it seemed that there was an eldest son of the Romanio’s ruler, but he seemed to have suddenly disappear several years ago.

However, to make a daughter the Successor, there must be a man in order to make the succession. The father of the daughter didn’t want to devote her to a bad guy.

Therefore, during the exchange meeting with Parade, the father met Albert many times, since he was a young boy and they were on good terms. And since Albert and his family had no problems, he was chosen as the son-in-law.

“It feels like a political marriage, but the daughter, Pamela, and I took an oath since we were children, we were not dissatisfied with that decision.” (Albert)

“However, she was suddenly not his fiancée anymore a few months ago.” (Marina)

“I wonder if the father was hesitant? And the daughter…” (Fia)

“No, our relationship was good. When I listened to the story, I was told that some upper nobles who lived in Romanio formed a faction.” (Albert)

Albert didn’t really mind at all, but those nobles believed that their town would be taken over when the Parade bloodline entered their own.

Perhaps, for public appearance, it seemed that there was a greedy noble trying to gain a position as an influential person by marrying the girl, Pamela.

Moreover, that noble wasn’t someone that could be easily ignored. Therefore, according to the agreed condition, that noble asked him to achieve a victory at the Fighting Festival.

“When I made a report that I couldn’t win the Fighting Festival, it was her father who protected me. And then, the noble came out with a new condition, which was the suppression of Guirdjieff, and I was told to fight a mercenary, who was a traveling swordsman, assigned by him.” (Albert)

“…It seems different from the previous explanation.” (Sirius)

“I’m sorry. Since there are problems related to my house, it was also something that we couldn’t say until this late.” (Albert)

We didn’t know them for for that long, so they couldn’t trust us yet.

In addition, the things done before would not change anyway. There was no need to force him to talk about it.

“Oh well. Leaving that aside, let me say this clearly. You already had sufficient ability at that time.” (Sirius)

“Her father tried to stop me, but… I was impatient. Besides, my brother, who knows about my personality, supports me to do what I want to do…” (Albert)

“I don’t say much about people, but Al is a fool.” (Reus)

“Aniue is not a fool! It’s just that Pamela-san is important!” (Marina)

“Calm down, Marina. Aah, Reus is right. I really am a fool. But, I was lucky. Meeting with Shishou and Reus… I was really lucky.” (Albert)

Albert probably loved her so much. It’s to the extent that he thought it was better to die than to give up.

It seemed reckless, but I didn’t dislike the behavior of such a fool. That strength of determination was one of the reasons why i wanted to lend him a hand.

“Oh yeah, I am glad to meet Al, too! Anyway, the situation is complicated in various ways, but it’s going to work well now, right?” (Reus)

“I am not sure how strong the swordsman I have to fight later is, but as long as I am not careless, I think that I will not lose to him.” (Albert)

That swordsman seemed to be able to defeat Guirdjieff alone, but now Albert was also in a similar situation. At least, he won’t be done in one-sidedly.

“Well. If they come across Sirius and Hokuto as their opponents, I think that there will be even more amazing rumors going on.” (Fia)

“Y-yes. Now that I know the despair against Shishou and Hokuto-san, I am not afraid of one or two swordsmen. I will definitely grab the victory!” (Albert)

The time when I put the despairing thoughts into him during mock battles was too much no matter how many times I thought about it, but… he turned out alright at the end.


“Let’s be a bit more gentle next time… alright?” (Sirius)

“Woof.” (Hokuto)

As I met Hokuto’s eyes, we were contemplating together.

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Albert, who finished his explanation like this, slowly exhaled after drinking the remaining tea.

“…Those are, more or less, the truth about me. The talk was dragging, but I won’t bother everyone from here onwards.” (Albert)

“You got that. Next is to win with Albert’s own hands. Nevertheless, is it alright for you to talk about the circumstances of your house?” (Sirius)

“I didn’t want to hide it from everyone who is my benefactor. After this, I hope we can maintain an unchanging relationship from now on…” (Albert)

“If Al thinks so, we have no plans to change. Aniki’s also the same, right?” (Reus)

“Yes, if it’s good with Albert, I will also be your Shishou.” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much. From here on, please take care of me.” (Ashley)

When Albert deeply lowered his head, Marina, who sat next to him, was somewhat restless.

She, then, pulled Albert’s sleeve as he raised his head, and came close to his ear.

“…Are you sure?” (Albert)

“Yeah. I also want them to know about me.” (Marina)

“Understood. Everyone, I would like you to listen about Marina too, is that alright?” (Albert)

“It doesn’t really matter, but is there anything about her? She is not your real sister, right?” (Sirius)

“No, Marina is definitely my sister. It is about her three tails.” (Albert)

It was a very unusual feature, but for us, we already got used to it.

Her tails were beautiful, even though they were not on par with Emilia’s, and these days, rather than being unusual, I thought more about how hard to maintain them.

“Does everyone know about the legend passed by the Foxtail?” (Albert)

“No… I don’t. How about Fia?” (Sirius)

“I also don’t know.” (Fia)

“Well then, I would like to explain from here. According to the legend, it is said that the Foxtail tribe started from the existence of one person. He was called Kyuubi, and he had nine tails, as the name suggests(3).” (Albert)

The Foxtailkin called Nine-Tails not only had enormous mana and strange abilities, it seemed that he lived a long life.

He gave birth to many children, and these children grew bigger. It seemed that the number of Foxtailkin increased because of that.

“However, only one tailed children were born, and same goes from Nine-Tails himself.” (Albert)

In rare cases, children with two tails also were born, but when people started to think that Nine-Tails was a special existence… a child with five tails was suddenly born.

“The child had mana and capability close to Nine-Tails, but he was drowned with power and acted rashly, and it seemed he attacked many countries and Foxtailkin.” (Albert)

Anyone who challenged him was brought down, and it seemed that Nine-Tails started to move and defeated him.

However, the lifespan of Nine-Tails was weakening, and apparently, he used all his strength when he defeated that child.

“Since then, those who had more than a tail in the Foxtail tribe, were more or less seen as a terrible existence.” (Albert)

“What is wrong with that? The bad one was the person with five tails, and others are not related.” (Reus)

“I also think the same, but it seems that at that time, it was such a terrible incident. It seems that it was a long time ago, but the fact is still rooted until now.” (Albert)

“Does that mean, Marina is treated like that in the town?” (Sirius)

“Fortunately, since she is the daughter of the ruler, she didn’t encounter any direct injuries. However, maybe the people in the town are holding back because they are afraid, and the people who are close to Marina are…” (Albert)

Marina, who was avoided by the people of the town, only allowed her family to get close to her.

In brief, since the social interaction with people other than her family members was almost none, the reason why Marina was wary towards others was because of the anxiety.

As we understood in various ways, Emilia and Reese, who were led by Fia, suddenly stood in front of Albert.

“Say, Albert. I’d like to ask you something. What would you want us to do?” (Fia)

“That… like me, I would like you to maintain your current relationship with Marina…” (Albert)

“““Ei!””” (Emilia/Reese/Fia)

“Guhaa!?” (Albert)

At that moment, those three simultaneously dropped their fists on Albert’s head. It made me unintentionally say ‘Ooh’ at their coordinated movement.

“Dear me. Don’t say such a thing like Marina is an important person.” (Fia)

“That’s right. We have already become friends with Marina, and we have no plans to hold back.” (Reese)

“I know that you are worried, but you are being rude to us.” (Emilia)

“Everyone…” (Marina)

Marina let out tears at that proclamation, but she immediately settled down.

Emilia and Fia lifted both of Marina’s arms, and she was completely dragged away from him.

“By the way, it’s going to be girl-talk after this.” (Fia)

“Reflect this awhile over there, Albert.” (Emilia)

“Uhmm, Aniue was only thinking about me…” (Marina)

“No. If it is about speaking clearly, it’s not really necessary. Well, Sirius-sama. I am going too, but please call me anytime if there is something.” (Emilia)

“Aah, Aniue…” (Marina)

And then, the ladies disappeared into the temporary hut used for a bed.

We were looking at such a scene as they left, but after a while, we were naturally laughing.

“Hahaha, Al. Even Aniki can’t stop Nee-chans when they become like that. It was right not to stop them.” (Reus)

“You can’t stop them, huh? Besides… the ladies were right. I think that Shishou’s lovers are splendid women because they can clearly say it.” (Albert)

There were also things like arguments and fight, but their relationship was good. Even though they were from different races, they looked like real sisters.

To be accepted by people who accepted each other, they were lovers who were too good for me.

“Let’s leave it to them for now. Let me tell you right now. It doesn’t matter if Marina has three tails, it still won’t change how I feel towards her.” (Sirius)

“…Thank you very much.” (Albert)

“Besides, not only to Nee-chans, Marina is also my friend. You don’t have to worry.” (Reus)

“A friend… is it?” (Albert)

“Hmm? She is a friend, right? Well, I got Marina to help me with my training and she was talking a bit more. Ah… she hadn’t call my name yet though, and it was difficult when I got closer than a certain distance.” (Reus)

At that time, Albert’s expression looked very complicated, but it quickly disappeared and he, then, laughed at Reus.

“That’s because Marina never exposed her feelings when she talks to someone. Reus, if you don’t mind, please keep talking with that girl.” (Albert)

“Ouh, leave it to me!” (Reus)

“…Please.” (Albert)

Perhaps his last word was a word with various meanings, but Reus nodded with his usual innocent smile.

I was at a loss on whether to give him advice, but I thought that I wanted him to experience this by himself after all.

Well, Reus was not someone who would easily break a promise. He was just an innocent guy with a strong sense of righteousness.

As long as something didn’t happen, I would quietly watch Reus’ actions.

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— Reus —

“…Phew! Alright, today is also like usual.” (Reus)

It was time to go to bed after I heard about the circumstances of Al and Marina, but somehow, I couldn’t fall asleep. Hence, I was swinging my sword by a river that was a little away from my bed.

After finishing the hundredth swing, I put down the sword and took a towel to wipe the sweat. And then, I suddenly remembered Marina.

“A terrible existence… is it?” (Reus)

According to Aniki, Marina’s mana was a little bit higher than average, and there was nothing special about it.

She had an ability to show illusions, but I thought that she would never do something like the terrible person from the legend.

So, even though it was impossible for Marina to be a terrible existence, I wonder why she was seen like that?

That was strange… why do I feel annoyed? I thought about going to the bed, but since I was somehow not feeling good, should I swing a little bit more?

As I raised my sword again while thinking so, I noticed a shadow approaching me.

“…Why are you swinging your sword at such a time, even though we’re going to depart tomorrow?” (Marina)

“Is that you, Marina? What’s wrong?” (Reus)

“It’s nothing. I couldn’t sleep for a while, so I took a walk. And then, I saw you.” (Marina)

“Is that so? I am doing this a bit more. You don’t have to mind me, and you can keep walking.” (Reus)

As I said so and resumed swinging, Marina sat down a bit away and started to look at my swings.

I didn’t understand well, but I kept swinging without worrying about her. When I swung my sword down while moderately sweating, Marina raised her voice.

“You’re a weird guy. Although you have been moving since morning, you are swinging your sword, even at night.” (Marina)

“It is to get even closer to Aniki. Besides, I can’t calm down if I don’t do this.” (Reus)

“You’re really a weird guy…” (Marina)

She was surprised, but since it was a fact, it couldn’t be helped.

After Marina bitterly smiled at my honest reply, she looked up at the moon. I was also looking up and could see a beautiful moon.

Which reminds me, the first time when I met Marina…

“I met you under the same moon as now.” (Marina)

“Yes, it is. Although I helped you when you were in danger, I was beaten up.” (Reus)

“That… I regret that. And you properly apologized, right?” (Marina)

“Well, I was just surprised because it was the first time I was beaten like that by a girl.  But, I don’t mind at all.” (Reus)

“As a guy who says such rude things, why haven’t you been beaten up until now?” (Marina)

She was surprised again, but that was also a fact. I had never been beaten up, but I was made a test subject of Nee-chan’s joint lock that she learned from Aniki.

Since Marina wasn’t going anywhere, even though she said that she was taking a walk, I got close so that I could easily speak with her.

She usually took a certain distance from me, but she didn’t move away today. At last, I could get right next to Marina.

“What, are you not going to run away?” (Reus)

“I have something that I want to tell you. It’s difficult to talk if I move away.” (Marina)

“Talk? Sure, please do not hesitate to say it.” (Reus)

“Hmm… I won’t have difficulties if you say that. A-anyway, please sit down and listen quietly. There are a lot of things that I want to say.” (Marina)

“Ouu!” (Reus)

I tried sitting next to Marina because I was told to sit down. However, Marina didn’t run away and turned to me.

“When you first met me, were you comparing me with your sister?” (Marina)

“That was certainly true. I unconsciously did that, but it was rude of me and now I am reflecting.” (Reus)

“Yes, you were rude, but… now that I know those people, I can’t be help feeling a bit daunted.” (Marina)

What did she mean?

I heard that it wasn’t good to arbitrarily compare to others, but why was Marina looking refreshed?

While I was confused, Marina looked at the hut where Nee-chans were sleeping and opened her mouth.

“After all, I am not as beautiful as Fia-san, I can’t do housework and help people like Emilia-san, and I am not as gentle and can’t use Healing magic like Reese-san. It is not a discrimination towards me when you are surrounded by those splendid women, and that make you want to compare them to me, right?” (Marina)

“It’s not to compare you to them. My Nee-chans are amazing, Because they are Aniki’s lovers.” (Reus)

“That’s why I don’t understand. Even though you have seen beautiful and nice-looking women… how could you say that I am beautiful?” (Marina)

“What do you mean by that? No matter how many times I say it, I think that you are beautiful, you know? Is there anything else to it?” (Reus)

Besides, Marina was beautiful and she had cute face. That slight reddish blond hair and three tails were reflecting the moonlight, I thought that she was really beautiful at that time.

As I said so, while thinking about such things, Marina started to beat my shoulder with her tail while she was blushing. It didn’t hurt, but it was a bit itchy.

“What are you doing?” (Reus)

“You’re noisy! Really… you’re asking at the wrong time!” (Marina)

The unreasonable tail attacks continued for a while. Marina finally calmed down and cleared her throat, while her face was still blushing.

“N-nevertheless, I would like to ask one more thing. Why are you trying to be strong? Don’t you think it is unpleasant to be beaten like that every day?” (Marina)

“I don’t like to be in pain, but I never thought of wanting to stop. And it is necessary to catch up with Aniki. That’s why I want to get stronger.” (Reus)

“Although you are already strong enough, why do you want to catch up to him?” (Marina)

“I’m the same as Marina.” (Reus)

Marina said that she was able to live because of her brother, Al, and I was also able to live because of Aniki.

In addition, he was not only helping me, but also taught me the way to progress forward. I was really grateful and that’s why I wanted to live for the sake of Aniki.

But Aniki was strong enough and he didn’t need my help at all.

But still, I wanted to be the man who Aniki could entrust his back to. I would like to be counted on like Hokuto-san.

That was why I wanted to be strong. I would keep getting stronger… and as I was excited about that, I replied Marina’s question.

“I am jealous that you are straightforward. Yes. I want to be Aniue’s strength. But my words and actions are limited because of these tails that people are afraid of.” (Marina)

“I’m sure you had hard time, Marina. But if that’s the case, you have to be stronger.” (Reus)

“It is easy for you to ask me to be stronger.” (Marina)

“Didn’t I say before that it is not good if Marina will not get stronger?  That will make your heart grow stronger. If you are worrying about such a silly thing, you just have to work hard and turn them over.” (Reus)

“What do you mean silly things— uh, what are you doing!?” (Marina)

The reason why Marina covered her face with both hands was because I took off the shirt I was wearing.

It looked like she was peeking through the gap between her fingers, but I didn’t mind it and I threw the shirt that I took off nearby. Today was a full moon, so I should be able to transform with a little consciousness.


“You! You really are perverted—…!?” (Marina)

“How is it?” (Reus)

I showed her the figure of transformation.

By the way, I took off the cloth just to make sure it wouldn’t stretch out because Nee-chan was angry during the time with Noir.

As expected, she was surprised, but I was glad that she didn’t shout or attack me.

“That is you… is it? What is that…” (Marina)

“This is my ability. However, this is known as the Cursed Child amongst the Silver Wolf Tribe, and it is an existence that people fear, similar to Marina.” (Reus)

As I told Noir before, I explained the meaning and the conclusion of the Cursed Child.

If the fact of becoming this figure was known, I would be killed, but Aniki simply smiled and saved me.

He was also doing it even now, and I wanted that to tell that to Marina.

“After that, I met my Jii-chan a while ago. Jii-chan felt hopeless when he saw this appearance; but in the end, he acknowledged me and told me that I am his grandchild.” (Reus)

“…” (Marina)

“That’s why it is fine as long as my heart also gets stronger and I don’t give up. At least, no one will say bad things to you when you are working hard for Al’s sake, and if they do, they’re just being stupid. You don’t have to worry about that kind of thing.” (Reus)

“Getting stronger…” (Marina)

Besides, if the people in the town were really bad guys, they would have seen Marina as the worst.

There was also a limit to how much Al could protect her, and although it wasn’t strange if there was done to her without his knowledge, I couldn’t find any scar on Marina’s body at the time I first saw her.

Therefore, just being afraid of Marina, it didn’t really mean that they were really bad guys.

Well, I didn’t know because I hadn’t actually seen it, but I thought that Marina knew what to do next.

When I finished what I wanted to say, Marina stood up after thinking for a while and she turned her back at me.

“First of all… let me say this. Reus, thank you.” (Marina)

“Hmm? Just now, my name…” (Reus)

“Go-good night!” (Marina)

And then, she ran while wagging her tails.

Al certainly told me about that, when Marina’s tails were shaking—… what did that mean again?


Somehow my chest got warmer, and I kept watching the moon for a while, without undoing the transformation.


“This is troubling. As expected, I’m too excited when I am transformed and I can’t sleep.” (Reus)

He thought that he could calm down if Sirius stroked him, but since he was lying down, getting up was out of the question.

“Oh, yes!” (Reus)

Although the base was set up in this location, this was not a town. It was an outside world.

Since Hokuto was watching outside, if he asked Hokuto, he didn’t have to wake Sirius up.

Reus thought that if he could fight a bit and sweat, he could calm the excitement down. And then, he ran towards Hokuto.

“Hokuto-san! Fight with me—…” (Reus)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Guhaa!?” (Reus)

He made a miscalculation, and that was Hokuto had no mercy to defeat someone who disturb his Master’s sleep.

Hokuto instantly unleashed an earnest paw blow, and it sank Reus who was about to let out a loud voice with a single blow.

“Thank you… very much.” (Reus)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

As a result, Reus was able to sleep, and Hokuto was surprised as he brought him to the bed.

※By the way, when Reus transformed and was in an excited state, it was easier to deal with him, either by running or letting out a loud voice.

Extra of Extra

※What if Reus endured Hokuto’s blow?

“Guhaa!? As… expected of Hokuto-san. But, I’m still…” (Reus)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto got ahold of Reus’ body with a blinding speed, and moved away from the place where Sirius was sleeping.


“Eh… Hokuto-san, that is—… gahaa!?” (Reus)

“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)

“That punch is foul play! I can’t see it, I can’t see it—… aah!?” (Reus)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Guhuu!” (Reus)

※The result was… still the same.

Presenting Hokuto

A few days had passed since Albert-kun’s training started.

Reus and Albert were brought to a place away from the base in order to have mock battles, which was also a routine for today.

“Today, we will do mock battles, but I think that I will change the plan for a bit.” (Sirius)

“Shishou, what do you mean by that?” (Albert)

“The first enemy that Albert needs to defeat is a monster. So, I will incorporate mock battles with something other than humanoids.” (Sirius)

“Aniki, does that mean…?” (Reus)

“Come here!” (Sirius)

A wind blow, altogether with the command, and Hokuto-kun, who was watching at the base, appeared next to his Master.

Since he broke into a run at the same time when he heard the voice of his Master, the time difference was only a few seconds.

While his Master stroked Hokuto-kun’s head, he spoke to Reus-kun and Albert-kun.

“This means you will have mock battles with Hokuto. The rules are the same as mine, if you give a blow that can’t be defended by Hokuto, you win. And if you are defeated, you fail.” (Sirius)

“As I expected!?” (Reus)

“A-are you sure?” (Albert)

“You fool! He is the strongest in a different way compared to Aniki! If he doesn’t hold back, you’ll be killed!” (Reus)

“Killed!?” (Albert)

Hokuto’s specialty was pounding with his paw.

He could force his opponent to the ground by swinging his forefoot down from directly above the opponent at high speeds. Although the damage was reduced by the paw (estimated 30% reduction), it was also a non-killing blow that inevitably neutralized the opponent.

Hokuto’s Pressure —  there were times when it was also known as the Heavenly Paw.

And then, the mock battle with Hokuto started.

“What’s with the weight of his blow!? His paw is also fast… and he handles it well!?” (Albert)

“Nevertheless, he is going easy on us, and let’s endure it!” (Reus)

Hokuto didn’t initiate assaults. He just unleashed continuous blows to the people who were approaching.

While desperately dealing with them, the two gradually took a distance from each other.

“Now!” (Albert)

“It is impossible if I am alone, but with this…!” (Reus)

With Albert’s voice, Reus turned around behind Hokuto-kun, and went for a pincer attack.

While Hokuto-kun admired how skillful they scattered in that rush, they were swinging from his back and front at the same time.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“W-what!?” (Albert)

“Damn!” (Reus)

However, their assault was stopped with Hokuto’s forefoot and tail.

With the perception and experience of Hokuto-kun, he could handle assaults from the back and the front.

Moreover, the impact was absorbed by the paw on his forefoot and his tail, which was trained to unleash blows that could crush rocks, so he didn’t feel any pain or itch with that degree of a wooden sword.

“Ca-can we win this?” (Albert)

“It’s still too early! This is for the sake of defeating Guirdjieff!” (Reus)

“No, Guirdjieff is absolutely not this strong, right!?” (Albert)

As Albert-kun’s extremely natural Straight-Man-retort(4) echoed, the mock battles continued.

A few minutes later…

“Hokuto, House!” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto, who made ‘two dead corpses’, returned to the base after having plenty of stroking by his Master.


  1. (TLN: The name in raw is パラード・フォクス)
  2. (TLN: The name in raw is ロマニオ)
  3. (TLN: Instead of Kyuubi, I will write it as Nine-Tails onward)
  4. (TLN: The word retort is actually Tsukkomi in the raw)

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