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The Unforgivable Matter

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The Doctrine of Mira.

It seemed to be one of the religions that exist in this world. It was a religion which I came to hear about after coming to the Adload Continent.

It appeared to have avid believers. I’d seen the appearance of these believers, whom wore a crest drawn with a sun that symbolized the Doctrine of Mira, doing community services.

Mira was also known as the Goddess of Love. It seemed to be the Goddess of Charity, giving her love and kindly watched over the people.

In fact, the believers were mainly seen with good faith, and… with Mira-sama’s love, it reached out to people who were in trouble. It seemed to be a sincere religion suitable for its name.

Although people would seem to be easily swindled with ill will, the mystery and harm were small, and the rumor about Mira-sama’s divine protection was gradually spreading.

Well, what I understood was only that much.

I thought that it was a personal liberty in terms of religion, even though I would say that I wasn’t interested that much.

“And… I am the Saintess of the Mira Temple in Fonia.” (Ashley) (TLN: The name of place in raw is フォニア)

Fonia was the birthplace of the Doctrine of Mira-sama… Moreover, a girl, who claimed to be the Saintess, was in front of me.

However, despite being a Saintess, she was chased by the people who claimed to be the apostles and the ones who punished the criminals. And since her attire was dirty in general, I could only think that there must be a problem.

Another thing to worry about… Why was Chris here?

There were many parts that I didn’t understand, but the sun would set soon and it was getting dark. They seemed to be tired, so should we returned to the carriage at once?

“Saintess… huh? Well, let’s put that matter aside. Anyway, we should take a break. Since we are preparing our camp over there, it’s alright for you two to join us.” (Sirius)

“Eh!? Y-yes. How should I say this… You are so calm.” (Ashley)

“Didn’t I said that, Ashley? Sensei is special.” (Chris)

“Whether you are a Saintess or not, it doesn’t have anything to do with me. I will ask for the details after you take a rest and settle down.” (Sirius)

We dragged the tied men and returned to the carriage.



“…This is my first time eating this, and it’s really delicious!” (Ashley)

“Sensei’s cooking is delicious, after all.” (Chris)

We made our camping preparations again, which had been cleared halfway during the critical time, and I was serving Udon to Chris and Ashley.

They were using forks, since they didn’t know how to use chopsticks. They seemed to like the taste and they were eating with smiles on their faces.

When hearing them, it looked like they didn’t eat enough because they were busy running away from those men. As I cooked additional Udon while telling them to eat without reserve, it went without saying that I also served a bowl to Reus and Reese, who had eaten moderately after their meals were interrupted.

After we finished our meal, I talked about the main issues while having tea served by Emilia.

“Since you have calmed down, please explain the situation. Other than protecting you both, I’ll have bad dreams if I say goodbye without doing anything.” (Sirius)

“Sensei, we are being pursued, but if we explain it, will you lend us your strength?” (Chris)

“It depends on the details. I will listen to both of your explanations, and I will decide whether to lend a hand or not.” (Sirius)

Even if it was for a short time, Chris, who was involved in this, was my student, and I’d like to help him. However, I couldn’t unconditionally help him.

Although I knew Chris, I still didn’t know anything about Ashley. If it turned out that Chris was cheated by Ashley, there was a possibility that I would have to deal with her, even if I had to show no mercy

“If you think it is fine, tell me. If you can’t explain it for some reason, I will not ask you anything, and I will take you to a nearby town.” (Sirius)

I said that with a condescending attitude towards the Saintess. We were not even the believers of Mira’s Doctrine, so if they were going to ask for help, they had to properly explain and lower their heads.

Chris was smiling and put his hand on Ashley’s shoulder, who was surprised by my proclamation.

“Ashley, there is nothing to worry about. So, it’s fine to honestly tell him the situation. Besides, if Sensei lends his hand, I’m sure we will somehow manage it.” (Chris)

“Sirius-san is someone who will understand if you sincerely speak.” (Reese)

“Chris-kun, Reese-san… I got it. If you can help, please help.” (Ashley)

They were probably on good terms when she was treated. Ashley, who smiled due to Reese’s assurance, nodded as if she had decided.

“First—… where should I begin?” (Ashley)

“When I met Ashley—… No, the order may be different.” (Chris)

“Well, when I ask, answer it within your limit. I heard that Ashley is the Saintess of Mira’s Doctrine. So, what kind of position is that Saintess?” (Sirius)

“It is the third highest position in Mira’s Doctrine. Saintess is the only one who can receive Mira-sama’s oracle.” (Ashley)

“Hmm… Then, why is that Saintess being targeted by the same Mira’s Doctrine believers?” (Sirius)

Looking at the fainted men with their mouths gagged, tied up and left over there, Ashley was sadly depressed and was about to cry.

“I… disobey Mira-sama’s Doctrine, and that was because a prophecy about becoming a heretic, who abandoned the doctrine, was received.” (Ashley)

“Going against the Doctrine… is it? Did you announce yourself the oracle that push you into corners?” (Sirius)

“From the beginning, Mira-sama is the Goddess of Love that can’t confer such an oracle.  And… it wasn’t me who received the oracle.” (Ashley)

Didn’t she say that only the Saintess could receive the oracle, so what did this mean?

Maybe the disciples, who were listening to the story, thought the same thing in their minds, since they were looking at each other in puzzlement.

“Question, how do you receive an oracle?” (Sirius)

“There is an altar inside the temple. I can receive an oracle if I pray there. And no one but the Saintess can receive an oracle…” (Ashley)

“Is there anyone else who can receive an oracle other than Ashley? In other words, that person…” (Sirius)

“Yes. That person received the oracle, declared that I am the enemy of Mira-sama and tried to punish me.” (Ashley)

That person was Dolgar. He seemed to be the Archbishop who held close authority to the Saintess, Ashley.

“I don’t understand the reason, but an oracle, which should have been received only by the Saintess, was received by the Archbishop for several months.” (Ashley)

He appeared to be suspected in the early days, but let alone phenomenon that occurred when there was an oracle, the way how the oracle happened did properly happened. For example, there were natural disasters, such as a flood of nearby rivers, had been anticipated.

Since it was a more detailed oracle than Ashley’s, he gained the trust from the surroundings. As a result, the position of the Saintess, Ashley, gradually worsened, and it seemed that the supporters within the temple had decreased.

“Even so, I didn’t mind about that. Many could be saved because of the oracles of Archbishop-sama. I am fine if that will let the love of Mira-sama to be known. But…” (Ashley)

A month ago… it was said that a big festival, which was held once a year, was held to gather the officials of the temple and to receive oracles.

The only one who could receive oracles was the Saintess until now, so Ashley went there, but the Archbishop was chosen by the surroundings to receive the oracle this time.

And while the temple officials were watching, Dolgar, who received the oracle, loudly shouted.

<There is an oracle from Mira-sama! The Saintess… No, Ashley Mira Dogenheide is a heretic who goes against Mira-sama. This is the oracle to lay the judgment to such an existence!> (Dolgar)

Ashley had, of course, rebutted, but there was already so little on her side. Nevertheless, she escaped from the temple with the help of the remaining supporters. It seemed that she’d been running away from the town.

“In order to let me get away, there were many believers, whom supported me, that had been sacrificed. After that, together with the remaining believers, I ran away to a port town, which is far away from here.” (Ashley)

Ashley wished that she had escaped to another continent, but she had been the Saintess of Mira-sama, so she didn’t know any other way of living.

She believed that the day would come when she could prove her innocence and come back. However, when hiding in the port town and gathering information, it appeared that there had been a change among the believers of Mira’s Doctrine.

“The larger the offering is, the better oracle can be given. They will become happy, and the things that never existed in Mira-sama’s Doctrine had been increasing. Mira-sama is a goddess that is like the sun that pours its love equally to the people. Although I can say that such a doctrine is definitely impossible…” (Ashley)

“What is that? Although you understood the equality in love, why did you believe such a thing?” (Sirius)

“If the offering is numerous, they will be given preferential treatment from Mira-sama’s Doctrine. So, there are a lot of believers that think it will make their lives easier.” (Ashley)

It spread around and also increased the number of people who wanted to do so. The usual teachings were also accepted… and that was what probably happened.

However, it would be nice if people could afford the offerings, but there were also those who couldn’t make it from their livelihood. Such people were not only coldly treated by the surroundings, but also mentally driven to a corner.

For that reason, the present Fonia was in an unrestful situation, and some people had left the town.

“It’s sad to say that people have been abandoned by the surrounding environment, and those who are in higher stature. But, there are people who are not like that, right?” (Sirius)

“Yes. There are also some who think differently based on the true Mira-sama’s Doctrine. But since those people have suddenly disappeared or had unnatural deaths, it seemed that it is naturally becoming the word of mouth.” (Ashley)

“Even though there is such a situation, what about those people who have a higher position than you?” (Sirius)

“The Pope-sama, who is the top, went on a pilgrimage all over the continent in order to spread Mira’s Doctrine since a year ago.” (Ashley)

For a Pope to go on a pilgrimage… he was surely doing as he pleased. I considered that it would be fine with such a Pope, but by looking at Ashley, who couldn’t help smiling, that seemed to be a daily occurrence.

“There is Cardinal-sama below him, but he has been lying in bed for several months for unknown reasons. If the Cardinal was healthy, such a matter…” (Ashley)

In brief, for the top positions, there was only the Archbishop, Dolgar, and the Saintess, Ashley.

Hmmm… The Archbishop, Dolgar, was the only person who had the convenience for himself, and it couldn’t be helped to say that he was suspicious.

With just Ashley’s story, it wasn’t a good idea to decide without seeing the actual location, but that possibility was high, since she was being pursued by Mira’s Doctrine believers.

“I couldn’t stand seeing Mira’s Doctrine being soiled any further than this. When I gathered those who knew Mira’s Doctrine and had decided to fight, I was found by the guards of Archbishop-sama, who has been searching for me.” (Ashley)

If Dolgar was the main culprit, then the ones who would probably become his enemy were the Pope, and the remaining supporters of the charismatic Saintess, even if they were tricked by the oracle.

There was no mistake that in order to completely deal with the Saintess, Ashley, the enemies became eager and searched for her.

“I… can’t do anything other than receive an oracle. The number of enemies is too many. The believers who had been supporting me, became decoys and I was the only one who was able to run away. But, even though I tried to run away earlier, I was found by one of the Guards, and when I thought that I had no more hope… Chris-kun helped me.” (Ashley)

“When I was working, I accidentally found out that Ashley was being pursued, and I instinctively jumped out…” (Chris)

Thinking that it was only a girl, that Guard tried to hog the credit by pursuing Ashley without calling his companions.

And then, when she was driven into a blind alley… Chris gallantly appeared and defeated the enemy.

I guessed there was such a thing like Ashley sending an intense glance at Chris with reddened cheeks.

“Although Chris-kun is almost the same age as me, he went up against a bigger opponent with his bare hands and knocked him down. He was… really amazing.” (Ashley)

“Do you mean those guys over there are the Guards? So, you can defeat them alone, Chris!?” (Reus)

“No, that’s because I’ve learned a lot from Sensei.” (Chris)

The smiling Chris seemed embarrassed when Reus tapped his shoulder. Hmmm… remembering the muscles Chris had during our previous engagement, it looked like he didn’t neglected his training.

To train until that extent, even though he had a job as a merchant, it seemed to me that he was a hard-working man, more than I expected.

“I understand that you were rescued there, but why were you being chased in such a place?” (Sirius)

“I was saved thanks to Chris, but my friends were caught and taken back to Fonia. With the present Mira’s Doctrine, I can’t imagine what they will do to the traitors. I couldn’t stay, even if I was there. I also didn’t listen when Chris-kun tried to stop me, and when I headed to Fonia, I found out that…” (Ashley)

“After that, we met Sensei while running away from them. We were really saved.” (Chris)

“…Why is Chris here? What about the Galgan Company?” (Sirius)

“That is…” (Chris)

It might be hard to say from the moment he diverted his eyes, as if he felt bad, but since we were close with the Galgan Company, I wanted to properly hear his story.

Chris waited without saying anything awhile, and then, he started to speak bit by bit.

“I… came together with Gadd to the port town where I met Ashley.” (Chris)

Chris was studying to be a merchant. He seemed to have been brought by Gadd, who had been seeking business expansion and unknown commodities.

Later, when strolling around the town alone, Chris, who was separated from Gadd, saved Ashley. When he heard about the situation… he decided to help her.

Indeed Chris was saved by Gadd, when he was sold as a slave, and he said that he had a huge debt of gratitude. And going with Ashley meant that he left Gadd’s wing. Since she was being pursued, he couldn’t do his thing as a merchant.

“I understand… that I am a guy who returned the favor by picking up enemies. But, I can’t leave Ashley, after all.” (Chris)

After that, when he explained the situation of Ashley to Gadd… he was seriously beaten by Gadd.

<I already don’t know the bastard who forgot his debt, go wherever you want. And go die a dog’s death!> (Gadd)

“I was a slave when I was bought by that person… and yet he didn’t ask for anything. But, I didn’t want to him to face trouble later. I… was picked up by a really wonderful person…” (Chris)

“Chris-kun… I’m sorry…” (Ashley)

“It’s alright. You don’t have to worry about it. Because I have decided that I will protect you.” (Chris)

To leave Gadd’s wing showed that he was really concerned about Ashley. It was evidence that he really wanted to protect her.

“Say, Chris, do you really want to protect her?” (Sirius)

“Yes, I want to protect her. I am still not strong enough, but… I will do anything to protect her.” (Chris)

I see… he really understood the situation.

Although there were various coincidences that have overlapped, I thought that it was great to be able to help those two and I was happy to see my student again.

However… there were things that must be said to them first.

“Aren’t you moron!?” (Sirius)

I slowly got up, and dropped my fists onto Chris’ and Ashley’s heads.

It was fine for Chris, since he was my student, but I thought that I had no right to scold Ashley during our first meeting. I thought that they were pitiful by looking at their eyes, but I couldn’t overlook the matter.

“Auu…” (Ashley)

“Se-Sensei!?” (Chris)

Both of them didn’t expect to be hit. They looked up at me awhile with tearful eyes.

My companions were also looking at me in puzzlement, but I didn’t mind, while glancing at Ashley.

“First off, Ashley. Your determination is splendid, but it is reckless to go to an enemy’s camp without preparing any measures. If you died in vain, you would trample the thoughts of those who helped you, right?” (Sirius)

“But, I can’t do anything by myself… so what should I do now…?” (Ashley)

“Find somebody who you can consult with, but there is Chris, right? Besides, Chris tried to stop you, but you didn’t listen. If your acquaintances get killed because of your own actions… won’t you regret it for the rest of your life?” (Sirius)

“A… uu…” (Ashley)

To tell the truth, I wanted to ask what action she would take, or whether she realized that the situation on her side was diminishing, or the questionable behavior of the Archbishop, but it was already a past story. There was no other option since she was still young.

But, even if she was impatient, she went to Fonia in spite of Chris’ warning and that was intolerable. This was probably a reflection, but somebody had to be angry in order to make her realize her own thoughtlessness.

Looking away from Ashley, who was about to cry any time soon, this time, I was looking at Chris.

“Chris… if you want to protect her, why you didn’t wholeheartedly stop her? If it was you, you should know what would happen.” (Sirius)

“Ple-please, wait a minute! Chris-kun didn’t do anything bad! I was forcing him to…” (Ashley)

“Keep your silence. Although it was a short while, didn’t I teach you how to live, other than training? You didn’t utilize it, you know?” (Sirius)

In other words, Chris had the ability to judge the situation.

By judging that it was too reckless to charge into the enemy’s camp without preparation, he should have forcibly stopped her. If he wanted to protect her, I wanted him to calmly say that he would take all of the responsibilities.

Perhaps, he understood that. The result of giving in to her push and going with the flow… was something like this.

“If we weren’t here, you guys would surely captured by them. Chris, who is unrelated to this, would be killed, and as for Ashley, there is no way to know what they would do as a warning.” (Sirius)

“…I have nothing to say about that. It is true that I was lenient. And I didn’t utilize… what Sensei had taught me.” (Chris)

“Yeah. It is fine if you can admit your failure and reflect on it. You guys are still alive, so make use of what you have learned next time.” (Sirius)

Although it depended on the situation, there were many things they could do as long as they were alive. It would become an experience, even if they failed, and with accumulated experience, they would grow more.

Continue walking without stopping, even if there was a failure… That was my educational policy.

And, I should say the most important thing.

“Well… even though I can forgive the failure, I will never forgive you if you died in vain! This is what you guys almost did this time. Do not do this kind of thing again! Of course, you guys, too!” (Sirius)

“““““Ye-yes!””””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus/Chris/Ashley)

As everyone replied, my scolding was over. I had told them the most important thing, so even though the wound could be healed, the fatigue remained. Hence, it would be harsh to get more tired than this.

When I was preaching nearby, the two of them didn’t calm down. Incidentally, when I turned around, I matched with Emilia’s and Reese’s gazes, and they nodded as if to say that I could entrust it to them.

If there were women who were also my disciples, Chris and Ashley would probably calm down. After leaving them to my disciples, I quietly left from that place.

While sitting on the root of a tree a little ways away from their range of vision, Fia came and sat next to me. She smiled while putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks for the hard work. That was the first time I saw you getting angry, but you are quite a good Sensei.” (Fia)

“I couldn’t overlook it, after all. Although it was something that could be said to all, don’t let me say the things earlier too many times.” (Sirius)

“I understand that. You were angry because it was a serious matter.” (Fia)

“If you understand that, there’s nothing to say in particular, right? Anyway, about Chris…” (Sirius)

“Do you want to help him? You can do whatever you want without having to worry about everyone. We will just follow you, Sirius.” (Fia)

“Sorry for the trouble. If my disciples know this, and die before my eyes, as expected, I…” (Sirius)

During the earlier conversation, I exercised a silent pressure to my disciples who seemed to want to do something about the situation. In addition to sympathizing and listening to the conversation, it seemed that they couldn’t leave Chris, who was like a younger disciple whom received the same training in the past, alone.

I thought that it was fine to show sympathy to them, but there was no need to worry to that extent, since they could recognize enemies based on past experience.

“If I leave it as it is, they are likely to head towards the enemy line again.” (Sirius)

“You’re right… and they are also good children, but it seems that Ashley can’t see anything ahead due to the heavy pressure and her duty, and Chris is looking after her because she can’t see the whole thing.” (Fia)

“Even though I said that I would lend a hand, it will be like that if Dolgar and these guys are the lowlives.” (Sirius)

“Yeah, I got it. I think that the possibility is high from the situation of that girl, but if we only believe one side of the story, we can’t continue being adventurers.” (Fia)

Talking with Emilia and Reese would calm me down, but as someone who had a rich life experience, the conversation with Fia went well with its tempo and was comfortable.

After that, I spent the time discussing future plans with Fia.

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“Sirius-sama. Both of them have calmed down, so it’s alright now.” (Emilia)

“Alright, shall we head back?” (Sirius)

After a while, Emilia came to call me, so we returned to everyone.

Ashley was the only who wasn’t there. It seemed that she suddenly fell asleep, as if she had fainted, after feeling relieved during the conversation with my disciples.

“She was also tired, but since she continued to endure the whole time, it seems that the mental fatigue was great.” (Emilia)

“She is sleeping in the carriage now.” (Reese)

“Well done. More importantly, are you alright staying awake, Chris?” (Sirius)

“I am used to it to a certain extent, so I’m still fine. Leaving that aside, thanks again, Sensei. Please lend us your strength! Later, we…” (Chris)

“That is the case, but… from now on, we are heading to Fonia, and I plan to stay for several days to resupply. In the meantime, I will lend a hand.” (Sirius)

“Re-really, Sensei!?” (Chris)

Chris was delighted and let out a loud voice, but he hurriedly close his mouth when he remembered that Ashley was asleep.

“She will not wake up since she is tired. However, there is something I have to do while she is asleep.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, what are you going to do?” (Emilia)

“I will interrogate the captured men and get information. It is severe to show this to her since she believes in the Goddess of Love. Hence, I want to finish it while she’s still asleep.” (Sirius)

“Yeah. I don’t want Ashley to see it, and I… also don’t want to see it.” (Reese)

“Yeah, that’s why we’ll do the interrogation with me, Reus and Chris only. You three will watch over Ashley here.” (Sirius)

An interrogation was not something pleasant to look at. Especially for Reese, since she was on the healing side, rather than the injuring side, I didn’t want to show that kind of thing to her.

“Understood. Leave Ashley to us.” (Emilia)

“Please avoid injuring them as much as possible.” (Reese)

“Take care.” (Fia)

Emilia quietly nodded, Reese let out a breath as if she was relieved, and Fia nodded while lightly closing one of her eyes.



Leaving the camp, we brought the men to a place where they couldn’t be heard by the girls, and then, we immediately started the interrogation.

The men were awake at the time we led them away, but since their mouths were gagged, we couldn’t hear anything but groaning.

Knocking the men down on the ground, I asked Reus to untie the gag while they were between us and Hokuto.

“Well, we’re going to question—…” (Sirius)

“Bastard! You dare doing something like this to the apostles of Mira-sama…” (Guard 1)

“You’re noisy!” (Reus)

The man shouted as soon as he became able to speak, but Reus swung down his greatsword without hesitation. Although it was certainly stopped before it hit, I could say that it was splendid. Because of his superb handling, the blade slightly touched his neck.

However… even though this wasn’t the first time to do an interrogation with Reus, I didn’t remember telling him how to do this. Could it be because of that weird Jii-san? I would have to check it later.

“Hiiii!?” (Guard 1)

“Listen…From now on, just answer Aniki’s questions. Or shall I gouge your neck out every time you refuse?” (Reus)

“A-alright…” (??)

He probably understood the fear of dying that was unleashed by Reus, and the other four were also intensely nodding.

While having Reus in front and Hokuto at their rear, I asked the questions and I got information to a certain extent.

Although the men were the Guards under the Archbishop, they weren’t thinking too much about Mira, and they were just small fries who tried to suck up while getting hired by the Archbishop.

On the contrary, the way they waved their weapons while mentioning Mira’s apostles, it seemed that the Archbishop told them to do so.

He was saying that was a just cause, so the feeling of being guilty was also diminished. I didn’t know what they thought about that, but since the Archbishop would recognize their judgment as good, they might as well do it.

Having continued interrogating to obtain further information, Chris, who kept silent behind Reus and I, while watching the progress of the interrogation, called out to us in puzzlement.

“Uhmm… Sensei. Why did you bring me here?” (Chris)

“You were being chased by these guys, so don’t you think that you might want to get some revenge or kill them?” (Sirius)

“It is true that these people tried to catch Ashley, but I don’t want to kill them. Besides, looking at such a sight makes me remember some bad memories and I don’t feel good about it.” (Chris)

Perhaps, this sight reminded him of when he was a slave. While having a traumatic expression, Chris tried to look away from the sight as much as possible.

“How come Reus is fine? If you were a former slave, you’re supposed to detest this kind of thing.” (Chris)

“I certainly don’t like it, but I am aware that these guys are our enemies. Besides, if Aniki recognized them as enemies, there is no way I’m getting confused.” (Reus)

“Just for that reason!?” (Chris)

“It’s all good to me. Chris, this may not be something you like, but you have to properly watch this. There must be a good reason for Aniki bringing you here.” (Reus)

“Eh!?” (Chris)

Since we’d been together for long time, Reus seemed to know me well.

As Chris turned his eyes towards me because of Reus’ words, I slowly nodded.

“Whether it’s harsh or not, be sure to look at it. You will definitely need it.” (sirius)

“This is… necessary? What should I learn by seeing this act of slavery?” (Chris)

“These men are the dark side of Mira’s Doctrine. Although it is not fitting the Mira’s Doctrine mentioned by Ashley, it actually exists, and it’s not only your life, they even aimed for the life of the Saintess, right?” (Sirius)

“!?” (Chris)

No matter how beautiful on the ‘surface’, there was always a malicious person on the other side.

In this incident, the other side furiously bared its fangs, and it completely took over the ‘surface’. Besides, the main culprit seemed to be the Archbishop, and apparently, it was done with considerable planning.

And Chris insisted on protecting the Saintess, Ashley, no matter what happened.

“Let’s say… that this thing is settled, and let’s assumes that Ashley returns to Fonia again. After that, do you think an incident like this will never happen again?” (Sirius)

“That is…” (Chris)

“You don’t think so, right? Especially, when you already experienced slavery and know how ugly a person can be. However, it can be avoided beforehand.” (Sirius)

The current situation can’t be easily overturned, but it might have been possible at the beginning.

In order to notice it beforehand, even if it was a cruel act, it was necessary to have a broad perspective to see the world underneath. That was why I told Chris to properly look at it.

“She is a girl who shines on a front stage. She is still young and has a kind personality. Hence, she surely can’t see the other side. However, if it is you, you can do it.” (Sirius)

“Because… I will protect her.” (Chris)

“Yes. Of course, it’s not just the enemies on the other side; you can also protect her from the enemies of the ‘surface’. So, don’t avert your eyes and look. And then, be strong. I don’t know what drives you, but you have that much of resolution, am I right?” (Sirius)

“That’s for sure! I… will definitely protect Ashley!” (Chris)

“That’s what I want to hear. Nevertheless, I didn’t say for you to suddenly do the interrogation. If you are overdoing it, you are no different than those fools that you know.” (Sirius)

“Yeah. I will learn about moderation.” (Chris)

“It’s troubling if you make it as a basis. Well… I guess I should go with the next question at once.” (Sirius)

The men, who had been jostled by the bloodlust that Reus and Hokuto continuously unleashed, were pretty dispirited.

Shaking their spirits, we heard about the Archbishop’s strength…Incidentally, the man, who seemed to be the leader, suddenly started to laugh as if he noticed something.

“Ha…hahaha! Perhaps, you’re going to challenge the Archbishop?” (Leader)

“That is the plan, but what’s wrong with that? If there are Aniki and me, it will be useless even if there are hundreds of people like you.” (Reus)

“No… it’s over. Because you will be burned by Holy Knight-sama’s Spirit Magic.” (Leader)

“Spirit Magic?” (Reus)

Whether he was looking forward of the things we would do, the leader didn’t even listen to us anymore, and easily leaked the information.

The Holy Knight, who could use Fire Spirit Magic, was the protégé of the Archbishop Dolgar, and it appeared that it was extensively announced that the knight could use Spirit Magic.

It seemed that he was not only there to protect Archbishop Dolgar, but he used an overwhelming power to fight against the existence that threatens Mira’s Doctrine.

“That beastkin is certainly strong, but against Holy Knight-sama, you will be burned by the flames together with that stupid Saintess who said useless things like love, hahaha!” (Leader)

“Hmmm… I know that the Holy Knight is strong. What will happen to you guys now even if you tell us that?” (Sirius)

“Haa?” (Leader)

We understood well how terrifying Spirit Magic was, since there were some among us who could use Spirit Magic.

That was why I understood why the leader was trying to act tough…

“Is there someone as strong as Holy Knight-sama here? If he gallantly appeared right now, is he going to help you, who is bound and immovable?” (Sirius)

“N-no… Holy Knight-sama is…” (Leader)

“It looks like you only said it without understanding your situation. Besides, you switched your earlier words in front of the Saintess-sama’s knight, you know.” (Sirius)

“Don’t make a fool of Ashley!” (Chris)

That complacent smile was overturned, and the leader’s face became filled with blood, since he was beaten up by Chris.

“Ashley is not stupid! She believes in Mira, and she is also breaking her heart in order to help people in trouble! People like you guys, have no right to laugh, especially when you can do nothing but take things away!” (Chris)

“Ba-bastard…” (Leader)

“Keep it down, Chris. And we are already done with you guys. I will untie their restraints.” (Sirius)

When I sent a signal with my eyes, Hokuto nodded and swung the nails of the forefoot. He cut only the ropes that had bound the men.

“Hahaha! I don’t know what you are thinking, but aren’t you fool for cutting off the restraints…?” (Leader)

“You will get restrained one more time, you know?” (Sirius)

I already finished drawing the magic formations, so when I filled the magic formations with mana, soil and stones swelled from the feet of the men and started to cover their bodies, except their faces. Hence, five pieces of soiled objects had been completed.

Based on Reese’s magic, there was a case of enclosing the opponent with a large water sphere so that the opponent couldn’t move. And this was the soil version.

“What is this spell!?” (Leader)

“Captain, I can’t move!” (Guard 2)

“Damn it! Me too!” (Guard 3)

“Sensei… I understand the significance of learning a while ago, please don’t kill them. Ashley will feel sad.” (Chris)

“That’s why I ended this by restraining them. Let make them regret it overnight.” (Sirius)

The restraints of this soil would naturally collapse around tomorrow in the afternoon, and it would set them free. When I told Chris this, he was reluctant, but then, he nodded and was convinced.

“Well, we already got the information, so shall we return? Since you are also tired, leave the look out to us and take a good rest.” (Sirius)

I thought that there were monsters in the vicinity, but I didn’t want to trouble myself about that.

I wasn’t a demon, either. They were restraints that people could get through, if they had enough strength, and if they were lucky, since it was already night, someone might pass them by.

While the men were making noise asking for help, we returned to the camp.

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“Uhmm… will you really lend me your strength? There is a Holy Knight who uses Fire Spirit Magic, you know?” (Ashley)

“Yeah, I am helping you with that knowledge in mind.” (sirius)

Next morning… while heading towards Fonia, I explained the thing about lending a hand to Ashley, who was sleeping last night.

Incidentally, I told her that the captured men fled from the place with their horses, and she was smiling as if she was relieved. Even though they were trying to kill her, she had the kindness that befits the name of Saintess.

She was glad at the beginning, when she heard that I would lend a hand, but maybe she remembered the existence of the Holy Knight, since the smile on her face faded away.

“But, Holy-Knight-sama’s flame has unrelenting power. When we ran away as traitors, we saw a believer being burned by the flames in his hand. If everyone becomes like that… I would absolutely hate it.” (Ashley)

“It’s alright. So, I’d like to ask Ashley. What kind of person is this Holy Knight? I want some information, even just a bit.” (Sirius)

“Uhmm… I don’t involve myself with him that much, but anyway, he is a scary person. In response to the orders of the Archbishop, an appearance that burns enemies without mercy is also a symbol of fear.” (Ashley)

It looked like he had quite a rough and selfish personality. It was said that he burned an unrelated house by releasing flames without worrying about the surroundings.

Even so, being a Holy Knight, a position under the Archbishop, he had so much power, other than being protected by the Archbishop. The more I listened, the more troublesome he was.

“In the end, he is a person who’s drowned in power. Both of you, please keep that in mind.” (Sirius)

“Of course! To use Spirits in such a way… I can’t forgive him!” (Reese)

“Spirits are not weapons, they are friends. It will be no good if he doesn’t experience pain even once.” (Fia)

These two, who could use Spirit Magic, were angry with the selfishness used by the Holy Knight.

“That’s why it is enough to lead us to Fonia. If I stand before the temple, the true believers of Mira’s Doctrine may rise up.” (Ashley)

“I told you, that is no good. Certainly, he seems strong, but haven’t you heard the Archbishop’s order? If we hold the Archbishop first, we might be able to do something.” (Sirius)

“If it is Aniki, you can win, right?” (Reus)

“We will still be on a disadvantageous side if we hit them from the front. You guys think about various measures, but never challenge him alone.” (Sirius)

“In particular, Reus, please be careful.” (Emilia)

“Understood, Nee-chan. Whatever Aniki says is absolute!” (Reus)

If we went to Fonia with this pace, we would arrive just before noon.

In preparation for something that might be happening, the training today was discontinued. We, then, discussed the flow after we arrived in town, while getting on the moving carriage.

As we didn’t think that we would get caught up with the upheaval later, it felt like we were going for a picnic, and that made Ashley so surprised when looking at us.

“They are amazing, aren’t they, Ashley?” (Chris)

“Y-yes. How come… they can laugh? They may die, you know?” (Ashley)

“Well, they are Sensei and friends. They are the people whom I admire.” (Chris)

“Yeah. I feel like… I can understand that feeling.” (Ashley)

“If these people lend their hands, I’m sure that Ashley will be able to return to the temple. Of course, I will also do my best. And I… will protect you.” (Chris)

“Alright… Thank you, Chris-kun.” (Ashley)

The ladies were having gentle eyes, looking at those two who were staring each other while the air become good around them.

“Yeah… we’re also can’t lose to them. Sirius, I’ll sit by your side for a while.” (Fia)

“There is no need to compete. You too, Emilia.” (Sirius)

“I am Sirius-sama’s attendant.” (Emilia)

“Reese-ane, the front side is empty, you know?” (Reus)

“That’s a bit… embarrassing.” (Reese)

Although there was a possibility of making the whole town our enemies if we poorly handled things, we were still like usual.

Without feeling any tension at all just like this, we arrived at Fonia, a sacred place of Mira’s Doctrine.





Recruiting people for Sirius’ Doctrine.



A respect for Sirius-sama. It is a condition to have the mind to service him without disobey even once.


Activities after joining

You will only break your heart for Sirius-sama. No more and no less than that.



Can eat delicious meals.

Can receive stroking and brushing from him.

By becoming executive, if you get permission, you will get the right to touch the mascot, Hokuto…


“I was wondering what were you writing… confiscation!” (Sirius)

“Aah!? That’s cruel, Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)



Hokuto’s clean up afterwards.


※ Unlike the usual Hokuto, there are some brutal aspects here.

Since there is no cuteness scenes, readers, who don’t want to break the image of Hokuto, please be careful. (Author)


Midnight… After finishing the interrogation of the men, Hokuto appeared in front of the men detained by soil.

“Wha… what!? Are you planning to eat us!?” (Leader)

There was no one other than Hokuto. Although the men were scared to be eaten, when they realized that they couldn’t feel hostility from him, they let out a breath of relief.

“W-well, Okami-chan. This soil… will you break it?” (Guard 2)

“You idiot! Do you think that monster can understand your words!?” (Leader)

“No, this guy is a smart monster. It moved because it fully understands what that man said, so it probably understands if we talk to it.” (Guard 2)

“Really? It is still better than doing nothing.” (Leader)

“Alright. Say Okami-chan, we will not do anything anymore… so will you break this?” (Guard 2)

“We have already reflected on it. That’s why—… uhmm, what is that?” (Guard 3)

While the men appealed, one of the men noticed that Hokuto was holding something.

“…Prey? Is that your meal?” (Leader)

“Perhaps, is it not satisfied with that meal? Since it is big, it seems that it may need more.” (Guard 2)

“I-is that so? Hey, if you free us, I will fill your belly.” (Leader)

“If you are not eating enough, isn’t it hard with such a master?” (Guard 3)

“Since we have a lot of money, we can let you eat until you satisfied, alright?” (Guard 4)

The men desperately persuaded without noticing the subtle changes of Hokuto.

And then, Hokuto dropped the prey on the ground…

“W-what!?” (Leader)

Brandishing his nails, he tore off the prey.

The men were surprised, but Hokuto didn’t do anything further and just turned his back.

“What… was that?” (Leader)

“Wa-wait! The blood…” (Guard 2)

To tear the prey means to splash the blood.

And the smell of the blood… was calling the predators.

When the men noticed it… Hokuto had already gone.


Hokuto was a partner of his Master, and a faithful servant.

One of his jobs was to receive an order to deal with opponents who would become a hindrance to his Master.

Even if he was seen as a demon, he didn’t hesitate at all for the sake of his Master.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Because it was Hokuto’s way of life.

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