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The Unexpected Reunion

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Author: Volume 14 starts.

“As expected, they’re not chasing us anymore…” (Sirius)

“There is no one who can catch up to the carriage pulled by Hokuto-san, right?” (Emilia)

After reuniting with Fia, and achieving the championship of the Fighting Festival, we were ready to depart on a trip from Garaff. However, we met some unexpected ‘enemies’.

With Beauty, who got the wind of us out of nowhere, heading the list, Reus’ and my fans barged in.

There were adventurers who either tried to become our companions, or incorporated us into their members, so we rushed out of the town to run away from them.

There were also people who chased after us even outside of the town and said that they  wanted to be my disciples, but since I was in the middle of broadening my views on a trip, I really had no intention to increase the number of disciples or students. Because of that, Hokuto had to work hard, continuing to run on the main road at a speed that was impossible for a normal carriage or a horse.

There wasn’t anyone who could overcome Hokuto, who ran without rest with nearly inexhaustible stamina, whether it was an adventurer or a horse.

We continued running for several hours and once we confirmed that no one was chasing from the rear, we returned to normal speed and leisurely proceeded down the main road.

As I sit together with Emilia on the coach seat, while carefreely looking at Hokuto’s back, Fia, who rested inside the carriage, came out and put her chin on my shoulder.

“Although it looks normal, it is a very cozy horse carriage. Even royalties probably won’t have such carriage, you know?” (Fia)

“Of course! It is a carriage designed by Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“The one who made it was the Galgan Company. I think that technology is a big deal.” (Sirius)

I remembered the time when this carriage was made while smiling at Emilia, who boasted as if she was the one who made it herself.

I sold the suspension technology to the Galgan Company, and I had them incorporate the function as compensation.

Zack, of the Galgan Company, was happy with the technology that would become a revolution of the horse carriage, but then he asked me what request I had for him. Hence, I asked him, but they had to struggle in many ways.

By excluding some parts, as a carriage, which primarily functioned for moving, how many goods and people that could be loaded was important.

However, I wasn’t traveling as a merchant. It was only to broaden my view… in other words, it was like a trip. It would probably right to make the carriage similar to the nobles’ and royalties’ in order to spend time comfortably.

“Aniki, I am hungry.” (Reus)

Since we had been running in a hurry to escape those troublesome adventurers, Reus, who stood on top of the carriage to train his sense of balance, had his tummy boldly grumbling.

Soon, it would be noon, based on the position of the sun. Not only Reus, Reese also seemed to be hungry, so I ordered Hokuto to stop the carriage in a place with a fine view. We split the jobs and started preparing for lunch.

Reus and Hokuto would procure meats. I entrusted Emilia to secure herbs and wild vegetables, while Reese and Fia would help me with the cooking.

Stir-frying the meat and vegetables procured with the raw noodles prepared prior to the departure, it was a lunch of salty yakisoba.

By the way, when I cooked this noodle dish in Garaff, Beowulf came by before the end of the day to inform me that he would be looking for the Strongest Sword, Lior, after resigning from being an escort. Afterwards, he became absorbed with the noodle dish before bidding farewell.

Besides, he told me that Jekyll and Sieg had already left the town, but since Reus was staring as if to say that the amount of food being eaten was decreasing, it was a delicate farewell.

While continuing to eat the dish, and thinking that Beowulf could probably find Lior-Jiisan, I noticed that Fia was eating the Yakisoba while showing a distant look.

“What is it, Fia? Does it not suit your taste?” (Sirius)

“There is no such thing. I was just thinking for a bit, but the dish is very delicious.” (Fia)

“Of course, that’s because Sirius-sama’s cooking is done with plenty of affection. Anyways, what were you thinking about?” (Emilia)

Fia wryly smiled at Emilia’s question. She looked at the dish, and continued eating it while talking to us.

“I was thinking that after traveling with Sirius… I don’t think that I can travel alone anymore.” (Fia)

“I understand that well, Fia-san. It’s just that… I, myself, can’t travel alone, you know?” (Reese)

“Oh, really?” (Fia)

“It is fun to be with dependable friends, a comfortable carriage and even delicious meals. Even though people can tolerate pain, once they taste luxury, they can’t run away from that.” (Fia)

““That’s for sure!”” (Emilia/Reus)

Emilia and Reus were intensely nodding at Fia’s remark. Since Fia had been traveling alone, she had an understanding about us being abnormal.

Fia was explaining it with a bitter smile, but she suddenly felt depressed and covered her face with her hands.

“So I was thinking about how I could be helpful in anyway, but… I am totally lost. I am… the most unworthy one.” (Fia)

It was bad for Fia to be depressed, but plainly speaking, she wasn’t very helpful in cooking.

Although there was no gap to help because of my and Reese’s performance, I thought it was justified since she barely had any experience in cooking.

“That can’t be helped, right? If it’s alright with Fia, I will teach you various things together with everyone, so what do you say?” (Sirius)

“Yes, please. Even though I am older, if compared to you guys with the way I am right now, it is embarrassing.” (Fia)

“There is no need to think that far. It is alright to gradually learn them.” (Sirius)

It was impossible to forcibly change her, but if she desired it, I should teach her then.

There were things that need to be remembered, even if I forced them to remember, but other than that, it was my policy to let them independently decide. The current disciples decided by themselves that they wanted to follow me.

“Besides, it’s not good if I don’t receive the same training as you guys. I don’t want to be a burden.” (Fia)

The result of practice running together when we stayed in Garaff was that Fia had the stamina of an adventurer, but it was lower than our own.

In her case, she could use Spirit Magic and defeat her enemies before approaching them, and since she could jump high by using the wind, there was no need to have stamina to that extent.

However, this might be a improbable possibility, but there might be times when the Spirits would not lend their power, or times when she couldn’t borrow it.

When I told Fia that she should be able to respond to such a worst case scenario, she firmly agreed and told me that she wanted to train. It seemed that she remembered the careless mistake in the past, where she was rescued by me.

“We were stopping because we had been running until a moment ago, but we will run in turn starting from noon. For the time being, Fia will do it until you reach your limit.” (Sirius)

“Uuu… I’ll try my best.” (Fia)

“Ah, ahaha… Sirius-san will never ask for impossible things, so please do your best.” (Reese)

“The training is hard only at the beginning. If you think that is for Sirius-sama, it’s not painful at all.” (Emilia)

“When you get used to it, there will be a sense of completeness!” (Reus)

The disciples supported with the significance of their respective training to Fia, who anxiously nodded.

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“Your pace is declining, you know? Alright… that’s it.” (Sirius)

“Haaa… haa… That’s intense.” (Fia)

Later, we departed after we finished eating lunch. As stated earlier, we got off the carriage and ran.

Reus and I ran in parallel with Fia, while Emilia and Reese were resting in the carriage after finishing today’s quota.

On the other hand, Fia was the one who ran the whole time, while changing the pace. Now, I was teaching her how to keep a constant pace. I was thinking about going to the next stage soon.

“I-I don’t dislike training, but this is more than I imagined.” (Fia)

“Alright, let’s rest once we go over that hill. As compensation, you need to run with your full power.” (Sirius)

“Aah… gosh! If that’s how it is, I will do it. After this is over, I want a reward. I’d like a lap pillow!” (Fia)

“If it’s just with my lap, that’s easy. Well, shall we go at once?” (Sirius)

“I will go ahead, Aniki!” (Reus)

Currently, Reus was wearing leg bands and bracelets made of Gravilite, which was a much heavier ore than iron, and Fia muttered in shock as his running figure headed towards the hill that not only overtaking us, but also the carriage.

“He is running at the same time as me while wearing those weights. You guys really aren’t ordinary.” (Fia)

“I admit that we are not ordinary from the perspective of the world. However, Fia will also be similar to us with what I have taught, you know?” (Sirius)

“At this point of time… I am an oddball among Elves, but I am not an oddball of the world. If I can reach your levels, I will do as much as I can!” (Fia)

Fia said that with a serious look. She, then, mustered her remaining stamina and overtook the carriage.

Emilia and Reese, who had heard such proclamation from the carriage, looked at Fia’s back with a gentle look.

Beyond the hill, I brought Fia, who collapsed after reaching her limit, back to the carriage, and I gave her a lap pillow as promised.

To tell the truth, it wasn’t about the promise. I planned to give Fia a lap pillow in order to apply [Regenerative Activity], but since she was putting her head on my lap and seemed happy, it wasn’t necessary to tell her that.

However, in order to apply it, it was ineffective to recover stamina unless she slept. Because of that, I was waiting for Fia to sleep, but she kept smiling while looking at my face.

“What is it, Fia? You won’t recover if you do not sleep.” (Sirius)

“I know, but it’s a waste. When it is about a lap pillow, you can’t do it if I am not like this, right?” (Fia)

“It also depends on the situation, but if you want it, don’t hesitate to say it.” (Sirius)

“Although I said it in this situation, I am the one who wants to give you a lap pillow. Don’t you guys think so, too?” (Fia)

Emilia and Reese, who sat nearby, were nodding in agreement.

Especially Emilia, who was smiling and tapping her lap as if to say, ‘Here, you can have it anytime’. That affectionate smile… looked similar to Erina-Okaasan. I seemed to think about her without noticing it.

“Oh yeah… I think that I will have it someday, but Fia’s recovery is the priority, right now. Do not push yourself because you are tired.” (Sirius)

“Hehe… yeah. I’m tired, so let me sleep a little…” (Fia)

As Fia fell asleep before finishing what she wanted to say, I put my hand on her head, and poured some of my mana into her.

When I poured my mana, so as not to disturb her sleep, Emilia and Reese, who were looking at the sight, quietly sighed…

“…Fia-san is sneaky.” (Emilia)

“Yeah. To be defenseless in a time like this…” (Reese)

“What do you mean by sneaky?” (Sirius)

““Her sleeping face is really sexy!”” (Emilia/Reese)

“Aah—…” (Sirius)

They said it with their mouths looking envious.

A man would be involuntarily fascinated, so it couldn’t be helped for them to be envious when she seemed able to naturally display a sexy sleeping face.

It was because Emilia had an innocent sleeping face, like a child, and Reese had a defenseless sleeping face with drool that could spill at anytime.

I told them about it when they woke up, and they were in a panic with reddened faces.

“Even if you can’t be like Fia in particular, you both have your own merits. You don’t have to imitate her, and I just like Emilia and Reese the way you guys are.” (Sirius)

After beckoning and calling them, I stroked their heads with one hand, while giving treatment to Fia with the other hand.

Later… we kept moving through the main road, while continuing our training, and then, we got off the road to get ready to make camp at sunset.

While we were preparing for the dinner in a proficient manner, Fia, who couldn’t move due to the training fatigue, seemed to be sorry. However, as I said earlier, during midday, it was fine because she would gradually get used to it.

I had Emilia and Reese replace me in the middle of cooking, and then, I gave a massage that was also used to confirm Fia’s physical condition.

“Is there any pain other than muscle pain?” (Sirius)

“No… there’s none. Hmm… here… is good.” (Fia)

“Don’t make that seductive voice, alright?” (Sirius)

“It’s just that this is my first time feeling good while having my legs massaged. I wonder if everyone else gets this, as well?” (Fia)

Emilia and Reese, who were stirring soup, nodded at Fia’s question, while blushing a bit.

“That’s right, we also receive Sirius-sama’s massages. It has decreased recently, but… I can’t forget the excitement when I received it for the first time.” (Emilia)

“Yeah, it was pretty pleasant, wasn’t it? But, it make me really sleepy.” (Reese)

“I immediately fell asleep, you know?!” (Reus)

Unlike those two girls, who received the massage while feeling sorry and wanting to stay awake a bit longer, Reus fell asleep when I started massaging him.

“Aah… I understand… that feeling…” (Fia)

“Oioi, it’s too soon to fall asleep. You still haven’t had your dinner, right?” (Sirius)

“Yeah… but I wonder if I can eat? I am tired and I don’t think my stomach can accept anything…” (Fia)

“You’re right, so I guess you have become like that, huh?” (Reus)

Fia, who had half-asleep eyes, bitterly smile while touching her stomach, but I thought that it was natural for her to be unable to eat a meal after that much running.

Even though…

“Is there such a thing? Weren’t we able to eat everything at that time?” (Reus)

“Since the meals Sirius-sama cooked were very delicious, I was able to eat it.” (Emilia)

“You will get hungry when you train a lot, and you are not able to eat the meals!?” (Reese)

“…Am I weird?” (Fia)

All of my disciples were surprised, but you guys were the weird ones when you could composedly eat after training.

There was nothing to disagree with Emilia and Reus because they were a different race, but… Reese was really a mystery.

“Don’t worry. Fia is normal. I already prepared a soup with little ingredients for now, so please eat it, even if it’s just a little. Not having nutrition is the worst thing.” (Sirius)

“Did you expressly making it? Since it is so, I’ll try to eat it.” (Fia)

Fia, who gave a bitter smile while receiving some soup Emilia poured, was surprised when  the soup entered her mouth while extending her hands with a pet expression.

“Yeah… since it is lightly seasoned, I can eat it, somehow. It’s easy on the stomach.” (Fia)

Since I made something similar to bonito with the fish that I got from the Silver Wolfkin’s settlement, it was a soup created based on its soup stock. Considering Fia’s stomach, I made it rather bland, but the nutrition should be enough because it was cooked with other ingredients.

“Eat as much as you want, since we will eat the leftovers.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, our parts have been completed. Shall we have it soon?” (Emilia)

“That’s right, Aniki. I’m hungry.” (Reus)

“I’m hungry.” (Reese)

These children… no, these disciples started to make a fuss because of hunger, so we decided to have dinner.

More than the somewhat strong soup, Fia muttered in agreement as she was eating a colorful sandwich with an original sauce on meat and vegetables.

“Hehe… it’s difficult, but since you already made it, I’ll try eating it. I ought to be strong…” (Fia)

When the meal was finished, next was a bath.

There was no such thing like a hot spring. Usually, it was at the level of wiping your body with a cloth soaked in hot water. However, it was also possible to take a bath if there was a plan made in advance.

Taking out a special lump of iron with low thermal conduction, which was carried on the carriage, I put it on the ground and poured my mana into it. The lump of iron changed shape, while widely spreading.

Since this lump of iron was drawn with a [Create] magic formation, it was designed to deform into a predetermined shape when it was filled with mana. In other words, it was like a shape-memory alloy.

And when the lump of iron spread out… three people could easily enter the bathtub.

Later, I had Reese pour some water in using the Water Spirits, and when Reus activated [Flame Knuckle] after putting his hand inside the bathtub, the water became hot water.

After that, it was the completion of an instant outdoor bath by connecting the carriage to a nearby tree with a rope and making a partition with some cloth.

The female group went in first. In the meantime, I read a book on the other side of the carriage, and Reus spent the time swinging his sword. By the way, Hokuto was guarding near the partition.

Since they would be defenseless when taking a bath, I tried not to get too far away, in case something happened. Thus, I could hear the conversation of the female group.

“Haa… I feel refreshed. Even so, I didn’t think that we could take a bath in such a place.” (Fia)

“We’re really having the luxury, right?” (Reese)

“It would be better if Sirius-sama was taking a bath together with us. I want to scrub his back for the first time in a long while.” (Emilia)

“Aah, isn’t that alright? Hey, Sirius! Why don’t you enter here with us?” (Fia)

“Eeh! Wait a sec, Fia-san!” (Reese)

“No… I’m not going in.” (Sirius)

Recently, I felt like I was aimed at by those three at every opportunity, so it would be very dangerous when I  thoughtlessly go in.

The conversation continued as it was awhile, but Emilia and Fia finally gave up. Anyway, since Reus was swinging his sword with nothing else in mind, I didn’t think that he heard the conversation.

“…So nice…” (Reese)

“What is it, Reese? Is there something on Fia-san’s body?” (Emilia)

“Eh… aah, yes. I’m… jealous of her beautiful skin.” (Reese)

“Yeah, the Elves are sneaky.” (Emilia)

“Oh, you guys have something that I don’t have. Although you guys are still young, those big chests are foul play.” (Fia)

“I-I aimed for something different, but they just get bigger…” (Reese)

“It’s getting bigger in order to satisfy Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

…As expected, should I be using earplugs?

If I listened more than this, I would somehow feel bad.

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While proceeding with the training in that way, our trip continued on and three days had passed.

Fia had gotten used to the training a little bit, and now she was able to eat meals to some extent.

We were currently off the main road. After preparing the camp, while we were in the middle of eating dinner, the sky was still bright and the sun was still high as we finished the preparations early today. However, since there were times like this, we didn’t mind to continue eating.

“Haa… the meal was delicious. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect to get used to this so soon.” (Fia)

“It is an evidence that Fia has worked hard. Do you want more?” (Sirius)

“Yes, please. This Udon is really delicious.” (Fia)

“Another, please.” (Reese)

“Me too!” (Reus)

“Sirius-sama, I also want more!” (Emilia)

As I boiled the Udon, which I had been getting tired of making recently, I put some into each of their bowls. I reflexively invoked [Search] when I saw Hokuto, who sat nearby, suddenly stand up.

I detected several reactions coming towards us. As I quickly cleaned up the cooking utensils, my disciples, who were wondering about what I was doing, started to notice the incoming reactions.

“Someone is coming, Aniki. Are they enemies?” (Reus)

“I don’t know. But, don’t go ahead as you please, Reus.” (Sirius)

“Fia-san, this is…” (Reese)

“Yeah, the Spirits are also restless. Like those two have said, it seems something is approaching.” (Fia)

Emilia and Reus detected them based on smells and intuition, while Reese and Fia noticed the other party when the Spirits informed them. In most situations, with the exception of Hokuto and I who noticed first, the detection ability of those four people was quite splendid.

Their facial expressions were serious, but they didn’t get flustered, since they were all holding bowls containing Udon.

“… Shall we eat it quickly and end it around here?” (Sirius)

“““Thank you for the meal!””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)

“The heat!? …Wait a sec!” (Fia)

Fia was slightly struggling, but by the time she finished cleaning up after eating in one gulp, we caught figures of people running from the other side of the hill with our naked-eyes.

“It’s a young boy and girl pair. Aren’t they a bit younger than us?” (Emilia)

“What? That man… I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before. Does Aniki also think so?” (Reus)

“Yeah, me too. However, they’re both…” (Sirius)

“Yeah, it looks like they’re both being chased by something. According to the Spirits, it seems that five people are approaching from behind them.” (Reese)

The boy pulled the girl’s hand, while desperately running towards us.

I felt like I was getting involved in something troublesome as it is, but that boy was somehow familiar, and I couldn’t ignore them, since the other side had noticed and was running towards us.

Maybe my disciples had sensed it as they stood up without me saying anything, and they were waiting, while preparing for battle.

“Are they being chased by thieves? If that’s the case, should we help them?” (Emilia)

“That depends on the approach of the other party. Let me tell you guys in advance. Don’t be careless, even if you know them.” (Sirius)

“Got it! That will be after we determine whether they are friends or enemies… right?” (Emilia)

“That’s the standard of adventurers. Are those kids Sirius’ acquaintances?” (Fia)

“I don’t know the girl, but that boy is probably…” (Sirius)

“Sensei—!” (??)

The one that let out the loud voice with unorganized breathing was Chris Fayt… or Chris. After we left Elysion, we went to the village where Noel and the others live with him.

He was a trainee of the Galgan Company, and he was doing the merchant apprenticeship under the Company’s boss, Gadd, but… why was he in such a  place?

Although it might be possible to cross to a different continent as a merchant, he didn’t have any luggage and was injured. No matter how I looked at him, it didn’t feel like he came for business.

As we were puzzled, we waited for them to run towards us, but the girl, whose hand was pulled by Chris, stumbled on a stone and fell.

“Aniki! Chris is in danger!” (Reus)

“Sirius-san!” (Reese)

“…” (Sirius)

“I can’t just watch them, AnikI!” (Reus)

“Me too.” (Reese)

“…Do whatever you like. After this is over, you have to take responsibility.” (Sirius)

“Got it!” (Reus)

“Yes!” (Reese)

Reus and Reese, who couldn’t endure it, went running towards Chris. Even if they knew each other, there was a possibility of being pointed at with weapons and threatened.

And since the reaction that followed them was still a distance away, there was still time to confirm things about Chris, but… this was troubling.

When I looked at their running figures from behind, Fia, who stood next to me, put her hands on my shoulder with a bitter smile.

“Aren’t they young? But… they are kind children.” (Fia)

“Well, I must watch it because that’s their strong point. Anyway, are you alright with that, Emilia?” (Sirius)

“I am Sirius-sama’s attendant, so I will stay by your side. To tell the truth, I also want to go, but since Reus and Reese have already gone to them, I thought that it was necessary to see the situation from behind.” (Emilia)

“Really? It looks like you think well.” (Sirius)

After I stroked Emilia’s head, we slowly chased the two while keeping a distance. Actually, it would be better not to move, but it would be difficult to deal with something if they were too far away.

And as soon as Reus arrived at Chris’ location, the remaining five reactions appeared from behind the hill.

Hmmm… if this was some time ago, Reus would probably protect the other party behind his back, but he was stopping at a place where he could see both Chris and the guys who seemed to be the pursuers. It wasn’t just Emilia, it seemed that Reus was also thinking properly.

“Are you alright, Chris!?” (Reus)

“Re-Reus-san! Those guys are aiming for this child…” (Chris)

“I’m not sure about this, but they are enemies! I will defeat them!” (Reus)

“Please, wait a minute.” (??)

Reus tried to jump forward, while taking his sword out, but the girl Chris was taking shouted while raising her body.

“It is dangerous for you alone! I can still run, so Chris-kun and everyone else, please escape!” (??)

“It’s alright! If it’s Reus-san, it will be fine, even with guys like that.” (Chris)

“But, they are five opponents, and they are guards—…” (??)

While the girl was puzzled at Chris’ proclamation, Reus jumped forward and stood in front of the five people who seemed to be the pursuers.

The five people who rode horses were equipped with full-body armor, like knights, but since the helmets were removed and hung from the horse’s harnesses, it was understood that they were all human beings.

The men had to stop their horses because of Reus, who suddenly stood before them. And then, the man who was thought to be their leader pointed the tip of the spear at Reus.

“Who are you? We receive the favor of Mira-sama(1) and will judge the criminals as Mira-sama’s apostles! There is no mercy if you get in our way!” (Leader)

“I don’t really know who Mira is, but I understand that you apostles are the guys who are being childish for chasing two children.” (Reus)

“What did you say, you bastard!? You’re a fool who doesn’t know who Mira-sama is! I don’t care if you get in the way. We shall judge you together with the criminals!” (Leader)

“You’re wrong! Mira-sama never desires such a thing! So, please, stop fighting!” (Girl)

The girl desperately screamed, while trying to stop them, but somehow the men had weird looks and didn’t even stop. They started their assault, while pointing their spears at Reus.

As Reus observed how to fight the men on the horses, which were higher than himself, Reus took a deep breath without preparing his sword…

“Come at me!” (Reus)

The men and the horses flinched from the overwhelming bloodlust unleashed together with his loud voice. He probably tried to imitate the bloodlust that I unleashed the other day, but the way he unleashed the bloodlust was closer to Lior’s than mine. It seemed that the intensity wasn’t there yet… but it was good enough for these guys.

Taking the opportunity when they were caught off-guard, Reus kicked the ground and leaped out.

“W-what!?” (Leader)

“Here I come!” (Reus)

Reus, who leaped at the man who seemed to be their leader, swung his partner from the side, and made him fall off his horse.

He, then, jumped again by using the vacant horseback as a foothold, and quickly swung his greatsword. He knocked down two enemies, who were surprised, from their horses.

“You! Is this beastkin trying to oppose Mira-sama!?” (??)

“Don’t tell me something I don’t know!” (Reus)

Two men thrust their spears, aiming for the gap when Reus landed on the ground, but he evaded it and grabbed one of the spears and lifted it up along with the opponent.

“It-it can’t be! What strength…” (??)

“And, you’re the last one!” (Reus)

Swinging the spear together with the user, it hit the last man on a horse and knocked him down.

Reus, who knocked down every last one of them, held his sword towards those who were still able to move.

“Well then, now we are on equal terms. Come from anywhere you want.” (Reus)

“Kuh! It’s only a beastkin, even without a horse…” (??)

One person fainted by the shock of the fall, but the remaining four prepared their spears and were striking at Reus again.

“Chris-kun… who are these people?” (Girl)

“They are friends! They are Sensei’s disciples…” (Chris)

“We are friends. Long time no see, Chris. I would like you to explain the reason, but shall we move away from this place for now?” (Reese)

“Long time no see, Reese-san! The reason is… I will tell you later.” (Chris)

“Because it is you, I don’t think it is something bad. Anyhow, I see that you’re injured, can you show it to me?” (Reese)

While Reese confirmed Chris’ and the girl’s injuries, Reus’ battle was about to end.

A man directly hit by Reus’ sword was horizontally blown away, displaying the appearances of the fainted men with their armor being crushed as their fighting spirit faded away.

There were three people remaining, but all they could do was hold their spears with completely daunted postures.

“Alright… anyway, are you guys still going for it? If you are going to throw down like a man, you will not end up like the guy who is lying down over there, you know?” (Reus)

“You-you dare to do such things to us? Mira-sama’s judgment will rain down upon you!” (??)

“I told you. I don’t know who this’ Mira’ is. And the one that can make a judgment if I do bad things is only Aniki!” (Reus)

“Damn it… we’re almost there! Rearrange your stance!” (Leader)

When Reus raised his sword at the remaining dispirited men after clearly saying that, they scattered and ran away.

Although they were a bunch with weird eyes and words, they knew that they were not his match and chose to run away. It might be alright to even praise their conduct of dispersing in order to increase their survival rate.


“I won’t let you go away!” (Reus)

“That’s right! [Air Shot]” (Emilia)

“Oh wind, please!” (Fia)

This was not a match, and here we had our friends.

They were dispersed towards three directions, but one running man got caught by Reus’ sword, and the remaining two were hit by the balls of wind that Emilia and Fia unleashed from a long distance, and they had completely fainted.

We silenced all the men in that way. And then, we headed to Chris and the girl, who were receiving treatment from Reese.

After defeating the pursuers, I thought that it was bad to ask them while they were feeling relieved and still receiving treatment, but first, they needed to explain the situation to clearly determine whether they were enemies or friends.

“Long time no see, Chris.” (Sirius)

“Sensei… Long time no see. By the way, thank you for saving us.” (Chris)

“Rather than saying that to me, you should say thanks to Reus and Reese. More importantly, I didn’t expect to see you again in such a place. It seems that things have turned somewhat strange, hasn’t it?” (Sirius)

“Yes. There are many things. I wonder where should I explain it from…?” (Chris)

This was probably not a very good situation, and the girl, who was pulling Chris’ sleeve, held her head as if she was worried about the explanation.

“Chris-kun. Are these people the ones that Chris mentioned?” (Girl)

“You’re right. This is the Sensei who taught me how to become stronger. You know, Ashley(2)… I think Sensei and his friends can be trusted. Why don’t you consult with him?” (Chris)

“But, to involve people who are not related is…” (Ashley)

“As for sending the Imperial Guards, they are really aiming for your life. Besides, as for me, right now, I probably can’t do anything. We will definitely be driven to a corner if we keep remaining like this. That’s why, even if it is embarrassing and troubling, you should choose a method where there is hope!” (Chris)

Chris grabbed the girl’s shoulders, and spoke with a serious expression while looking into her eyes.

While regretting in same the way as Chris, the girl nodded at his desperate plea, despite her regret.

I entrusted Reus and Hokuto to tie up the men. After that, Chris and the girl raised their faces towards us and they finally told us their story.

“Sensei, to tell the truth, I would like to consult you about this, but…” (Chris)

“I think that there are various complicated circumstances, but if you are not in a hurry, why don’t we start by introducing each other?” (Sirius)

“Yeah… you’re right. Since there are people who are meeting for the first time… again, my name is Chris Fayt. Please feel free to call me Chris. And this here is… uhmm…” (Chris)

“Chris-kun, I will…” (Ashley)

Interrupting the introduction from Chris, the girl slowly got up and graciously bowed down.

The girl’s age was close to the 13-year-old Chris. She had similar long blue hair, which was divided into two parts on the temporal region, which was also known as a twin tail.

Although she had a shabby appearance, wearing a dirty gown, that bow reminded me of upper nobles.

“My name is Ashley Mira Rodenheide(3). Thank you so much for helping me and Chris this time.” (Ashley)

“As I had said to Chris, if it’s the gratitude, say it to Reus, who is tying the men over there, and the girls next to me. Nevertheless, you are Mira… huh.” (Sirius)

Since she was wearing a pendant that symbolized a sun on her chest, I understood that there were believers who believed in the goddess called Mira-sama. And as a part of her name contained Mira, she wasn’t just a believer. I had a bad feeling.

I had mostly guessed, at this point of time, but I secretly sighed at the next words uttered by that girl.

“And… I am the Saintess of the Mira temple in Fonia(4).” (Ashley)

Fonia… that was the name of the town we were heading for next.

Since there was also my student, Chris, we believed that we would be involved with troubles soon.

(Thank you for reading at

Extra/Bonus 1

The conversation that was somewhat missed during the battle this time.

“You scoundrel who goes against Mira-sama!” (??)

“Heh… if that’s the case, you are the scoundrel who goes against Aniki!” (Reus)

“You’re right, Reus! The fools who go against Sirius-sama will have nothing but death!” (Emilia)

“Because it is such a religion! Don’t you dare to go against it!” (Reus?)

Extra/Bonus 2

In regards of the bathtub, here’s how the story moved on.

“Aah… it feels good.” (Emilia)

When Emilia greatly stretched her hands and body out, that appearance (covered by steam) was greatly shaking.

“Say, Emilia, do you want me to wash your back?” (Reese)

Having a thing like a sponge, Reese (who was saved by the strange occurrence of steam) came out from the bathtub.

“Hehe… my back is good. Will you do it to me after her?” (Fia)

Rising from the bathtub, the beautiful characteristics of Elves (which was meaninglessly covered by Hokuto from the front) was lavishly exposed.

The so-called ‘Service Scene.

It was not a service because they couldn’t be seen due to the steam, right?

Dear readers, please brush off the steam with your imagination power.

You need to… further discuss it with Hokuto though. (Author)

Presenting Hokuto

Hokuto continued traveling with his Master even today.

In the evening, when his Master started preparing for camp, he instructed Hokuto-kun and Reus-kun to procure meat.

And then, they went together into the forest looking for prey. They parted along the way and decided to look for prey on their own.

When Hokuto-kun was looking for a prey, he found a small rabbit-like monster that had fur similar to him.

According to the information Hokuto-kun heard before, it seemed the fur of that rabbit-like monster was expensive, so he immediately took it down.

However, this monster had characteristics that the fur would deteriorate over time when it died, and he remembered that when he took it down.

The meat didn’t seem to be tasty, Hokuto-kun thought about giving it up and throwing it away, but something flashed in his mind.

It would be good if he could skin the fur on his own.

—This is the first time of skinning—

※Please play the theme song when you send your child to buy stuff for the first time in your brain. (Author)(5)

Hokuto-kun didn’t have A knife for skinning, but he had the nails that he was proud of.

He carefully moved the sharp nails, and slowly skinned the fur.

Hokuto was in a good mood because he could skin better than expected…

<Ooh! I don’t believe it, you can also do the skinning, you are amazing, Hokuto! As expected of my partner.> (Sirius)

He had a delusion that his Master would pat his head and he was wagging his tail without noticing.

However, Hokuto-kun, carelessness was a powerful enemy.

“Gyii!?” (Goblin)

He was too absorbed with the skinning, and he was late to notice the approaching goblin.

Actually, if it was Hokuto-kun, he would be fine no matter what the goblin did, but since he wanted to avoid getting dirty under a surprise attack, he regularly sharpened his senses.

The reason was that he couldn’t bring himself to let his Master brush his dirtied body. Hokuto-kun liked to keep things clean.

He was late at noticing the goblin, but since there was some distance, he wasn’t surprised.

But, maybe because the goblin had approached him more than he expected, he unintentionally became clumsy.

And when he noticed it… the fur, that he was skinning, was tore into two. Let me repeat, Hokuto-kun’s nails were sharp.

“…” (Hokuto)

“Gyi…gyigiii—!?” (Goblin)

At that time… the goblin saw a scene of carnage.

“Grrrr—!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun, who immediately swept the goblin, was visibly depressed.

The reason why Hokuto-kun was depressed was the failure of the skinning, and that made him burst his anger towards groups of goblins.

The only one alive was Hokuto-kun.

There were times when he was depressed, irritated, and venting his anger.

Although Hokuto-kun wasn’t quite satisfied, since he managed to secure a wild boar-like monster that appeared along the way, he fulfilled his Master’s order.

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun couldn’t stay depressed forever, so after recovering his motivation, he stood up while holding the prey in his mouth.

Hokuto-kun decided to beautifully skin it next time. He turned his back on the grave of the rabbit-like monster, where he also buried the goblin.

To tell the truth, Hokuto-kun was secretly a hard worker.

(Thank you for reading at


  1. (TLN: The word Mira wrote altogether with the word goddess in raw)
  2. (TLN: The name in raw is アシェリー)
  3. (TLN: The full name in raw is アシェリー・ミラ・ローデンハイド)
  4. (TLN: The name of place in raw is フォニア)
  5. (TLN: There is a Japanese show for this.)

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