The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 174 (Self Edited) – Secession




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When I finished talking with Soim, I looked at the garden and saw that most of the preparations were already done. The work such as feeding the horses with grass was probably already done. There was no more complicated work to be done, just put the people in carriages, rally the soldiers, and that was it.

I went to the captain of the mounted soldiers riding the Galloping Bird.

“Yuri-sama, this time is really…” (??)

“It’s fine. More importantly, get me a Galloping Bird.” (Yuri)

“What!? Are you going to ride?” (??)

‘Of course, I’m going to ride. Do you think I’m the CEO of a company who only look from the inside of a carriage?’

“Of course. Do you see this spear? I will lead the charge from the front.” (Yuri)

“It’s too dangerous. Please get on–…” (Yuri)

“Don’t be foolish. I would rather not leave Father’s White Dusk here. Do you have any soldiers who can ride an eagle properly? I want you to get that eagle.” (Yuri)

“Yes, we do. But if that’s the case, Yuri-sama should get on the eagle.” (??)

‘What are you doing, really?’

“This is a long winding discussion. Get it fast.” (Yuri)

“–Yes, sir! Understood!” (??)

When I gave the order, the captain moved like a bounce and began to perform his duties. Soon, one of the cavalrymen came and dismounted from the Galloping Bird.

“This is Horos Yoma of the Fifth Detachment!” (Horos)

‘Naturally, the troops sent to the capital are temporary units that have been detached from each unit. So, each time they are sent, they are called the Detachment. It is the fifth dispatch unit this year.’

“Sorry, but I need a Galloping Bird. I want you to get Father’s eagle, called White Dusk, and bring it to the Hou Household’s territory.” (Yuri)

“Understood.” (Horos)

“It’s going to be a night flight. The moon is out, but… I’ve pushed White Dusk too hard today. So, don’t fly all at once even if you think it will be fine. A short time after you leave the royal capital, go down to a place not along the highway and spend a night. Take some meat from the feeders and feed it at night. Once you enter the Hou Household’s territory, go to the nearest estate and explain the situation. Then, if possible, send an army to the border of the territory. Do you understand? Repeat after me.” (Yuri)

“Understood. I will depart from the royal capital, go down to a vacant lot not along the main road, feed it and spend a night. In the morning, I will depart and negotiate to send troops to the city and the border of our territory.” (Horos)

“Good. One hundred points. I leave it to you.” (Yuri)

I tapped him on the shoulder, and he, who called himself Horus, put down his Galloping Bird, and immediately began to move. He gracefully took off his heavy leather armor.

‘I’ll have to remember his name and pay him back later.’

I got on the Galloping Bird and set up my spear in the spear holder on the saddle. The next step was to head to Cuffe.

“Hey.” (Yuri)

I called out without reserve.

“This is a hell of a mess. What will happen in the future…” (Cuffe)

“You should be happy.” (Yuri)

When I said that, Cuffe gave me a look of ‘What the hell are you talking about?’.

“I’m going to crush the entire Witch households that you hate so much. I’m going to wipe them off the face of the world, and you’re going to think about what comes after.” (Yuri)

“Aah, is that what you mean?” (Cuffe)

“Give me the bottle. I need to use it now.” (Yuri)

Cuffe handed the Molotov cocktails to me, who was on a bird. There were two Molotov cocktails, three each.

The Molotov cocktails these days were usually sealed with cork, but they had already been uncorked and a cloth had been placed in it. The liquid inside was sucked up and the cloth became wet.

“Would you like to bring this too? It’s a flintlock, so it’ll come in handy.” (Cuffe)

Cuffe offered me a gun. It was the type that had been trimmed down to be usable on horseback.

“I have another one.” (Yuri)

‘As I said, there is another gun. It is an ordinary matchlock gun, but it is placed on the ground. I think I was going to fight this war myself.’

“I really appreciate it.” (Yuri)

I took the gun, checked the safe, and put it in my waistband.

“Now, get in the carriage. Be on your way immediately.” (Yuri)

“Yuri-sama.” (Beaure)

Beaure called out to me.

“Please be safe. I pray for your continuous luck in the fortunes of war.” (Beaure)

‘I wonder if that phrase is the phrase to use in this situation. You’re also going through them. Well, it’s fine.’

“Thank you.” Yuri)

That was all I said, and I turned to the Galloping Bird. When Cuffe got on the carriage, there seemed to be no more non-combatants left in the yard.

I headed toward the main gate.

Beyond the main gate, the soldiers of the Second Army occupied the road in a dense group. As far as I could see from the top of the bird, there were probably about five hundred people, not including the ones surrounding the secondary residence.

‘I have 140 infantries and about 60 cavalries. Well, I guess I can make it. Even though our appearance has clearly changed, and we are in a state of imminent battle, the enemy is pointing their spear at us in a deadly manner, but they haven’t taken out bows or guns. It’s as if they don’t know how to fight a war.’

“Give me that for a bit.” (Yuri)

I borrowed a fire from a soldier who had a torch and lit the Molotov cocktail. I returned the torch, tapped the Galloping Bird’s belly with my foot, and with a little momentum, I threw three bottles at once.

Stopping in front of the enemy forces, the other bottle was thrown to the front line.

I turned around without seeing what they were doing, and when they were slightly away from the front line, I took the spear that was standing on the spear stand and held it up to the sky.

“First, the infantry must pry open the gate! The cavalry will open up a bloody trail that way!! Then, the infantry will continue to protect the carriages!!!” (Yuri)

I swung my spear down and thrust it at the enemy. The front line was a whirlpool of screaming as the fire spread to five or six people.

“Come on, everyone! Let the Hou Household show the Witch’s forces there what warfare is all about!!” (Yuri)

The captains raised their spears and gave the order to battle in unison.

“Oooh!!!” (Yuri)

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I shouted as I plunged forward.

The entire Second Army on the front line was in a state of restlessness as they watched their comrades being engulfed in fire.

‘As I expected, they are weak soldiers who have been to war. They have been working for the yakuza since the rebellion of the General household 150 years ago. Even then, it was the First Army that took the lead.’

As the soldiers rushed in and spears pierced the burning front line, the enemy army was pushed back with great force.

The infantry slammed flat, and more than a few Second Army soldiers flooded out from the sides. The momentum was too strong, and we would be surrounded if we didn’t do that.

As we exited the gate and they moved to the right, I turned the Galloping Bird a bit to the left. I looked at the cavalry commander and gave the same instructions to his troops.

There was a strong relationship between assault power and straight lines.

I raised my spear again.

“Brave Knights of the Hou Household! Your father, to whom you offered your spears, is watching from the heavens! Make a name for yourselves! Give your spears to the new Queen!!” (Yuri)

I issued the proclamation again.

“Charge!” (Yuri)

I swung my spear down and struck the belly of the Galloping Bird with the middle part of my foot. As I rhythmically tapped away, the bird quickly switched from fast walking to cantering, and then to striding.

I led the way, spearing through the heads of soldiers who were running away from the intimidation of the approaching Galloping Birds, and trampled down the soldiers together. I looked around from the mount.

The one riding the Galloping Bird and issuing the order was in the back left corner. I pulled out the gun while removing the safety and took aim.

The metal fitting holding the flint fell with a click sound, igniting the gunpowder in the fire cap, and a moment later, there was the sound of gunpowder exploding. The man I was aiming for was shot in the chest and fell from his Galloping Bird.

Since I couldn’t use this gun anymore, I threw it at a nearby soldier.

In the meantime, the following cavalry rushed in one after another, and began to scatter the Second Army.

As the cavalrymen, who had become a single spear, pushed further in, part of the enclosure was lifted, revealing an empty street.

“The siege is lifted! Come!!!” (Yuri)

I looked behind and gestured to the carriage coachman who was about to leave the main gate. The carriage was pulling a guest cabin instead of a cargo bed. That was the carriage Carol was riding in.

When I looked, I saw that the carriage had Soim on the side. He lifted his hips from the saddle of his Galloping Bird, dressed in a standing position, and stabbed three of the soldiers who were trying to stop the carriage in the face, and quickly cleared them up.

‘What is that trick? He’s a scary old man.’

In the meantime, three carriages followed safely from the unenclosed area. There was the sound of gunfire, and the luminescence of gunpowder could be seen from the back of the last carriage. That would be Cuffe.

As the last carriage broke out of the siege, the infantry also withdrew back, abandoning the front line they had been supporting. Soim, who had left the carriage, darted into the gape between the infantry and the distracted enemy. He seemed to be able to escape without being stuck.

“Hey, cavalry captain!” (Yuri)

I called the cavalry captain who was nearby.

“Yes sir!” (??)

“Divide the cavalry and send a squad ahead to scout. Then, gather up the rest of the cavalry! If the enemy’s pursuer closes on the backs of the infantry, charge again!” (Yuri)

“Yes sir!” (??)

With a crisp reply, the cavalry captain immediately began to divide his troops.



After leaving the secondary residence, the enemy’s pursuit eventually slowed, and the group was able to escape successfully. The Second Army, which was carrying torches and acting like a patrol in the city, didn’t make any move at all, and at this rate, we would soon be able to leave the capital.

The scouting cavalry that had been ahead of us returned and reported back.

“The southern exit of the royal capital has been barricaded. They have been shooting arrows at us from afar.” (??)

‘After all, it seems that we have a problem at the end.’

“How many troops do they have?” (Yuri)

“It’s about 100 people. They are holding bows behind barricades made of logs.” (??)

“It doesn’t make sense to use barricades. What are they thinking about…” (Yuri)

‘The Witches are really stupid when it comes to war, huh. They could have kept so many conspiracies secret, but it wasn’t suitable for every war.

Since the First Army is usually doing even the subjugation of bandits, it seems that they have no actual experience in battle.’

“Cavalry Captain, we’ll keep going with full cavalry. Infantry Captain, you’re going to keep going on foot, and when we charge, you guys charge.” (Yuri)

“Wha…?” (??)

“I don’t have time to explain. Follow me.” (Yuri)

The cavalrymen followed neatly behind as I sped forward with the bird.

‘All the Knights on the Galloping Bird attended the school of Knights, which means they must have lived in the royal capital for more than ten years, but have they ever walked around here? There are many textile shops around here, and I used to go there to find raw materials for paper.’

‘The royal capital doesn’t have a wall surrounding the city. There aren’t many roads that a carriage can pass, but there are plenty of roads that two people can pass each other. There is no border between the city and the outside, and the alleys lead to the outside in some places.’

‘No matter how much they block the street, it would be barely enough to prevent the passage of carriages. There’s no need to barricade themselves in, but I don’t have to go along with it.’

Sure enough, when I passed through the road I remember in a single column, I could easily get out of the royal capital. There was a barricade back about fifty meters away, and the flame of the bonfire was a good landmark.

“Now, let’s wipe them off.” (Yuri)

I said it without raising my voice. Since it would be bad if I shouted, I accelerated the Galloping Bird in silence.

A man who looked like a commander stood in the rear, a few steps away from the barricade. He folded his arms as he stared single-mindedly at the street.

The man finally noticed me at close range, only about three meters away, and opened his eyes wide in surprise at the swarm of cavalry suddenly appearing out of the darkness.

“You– uggh!!” (??)

By the time he reached for the sword he had on his waist, my spear was already plunged into his chest. A shock ran through my arm, and I disposed of his body as if I were throwing it to the side.

With the same momentum, I stroked and slashed two soldiers who had abandoned their bows and were in a great hurry to get to their spears.

The following cavalry rushed in one after another, destroying the troops on the barricade.

In just a few minutes, the area had become a bloody stage littered with bodies trampled by the birds. There was no damage on our end. Infantry charged from behind the barricade and were running towards them, but there was no need for them to do that.

“Everyone, get off the bird! We’re clearing the barricades!” (Yuri)

I parked the Galloping Bird on the side of the street and got off. Then, I headed to the barricades. If I left it to the infantry, they would have removed it on their own while I was still on the bird, but I was in a hurry.

It wasn’t them that I was really afraid of, but it was the cavalry that would be sent in pursuit of us once everything was exposed. I didn’t want to stop the carriage and infantry from running.

Together with the infantry who had arrived, we pushed aside the hastily constructed barricade made of logs.

I looked around at the streets I had passed. There was no sign of Soim since he left the secondary residence. I didn’t think he died in the assault to create an opening for the infantry to break away, but I wondered if he was fighting the pursuing troops somewhere.

“There are those who surround the residence in Sibyaku, but they’re too unresponsive. If this is the case, we might have been able to storm the royal castle.” (??)

The cavalry captain, who was standing next to me and moving a log, said that he felt better about the victory.

“Don’t be foolish. I can tell from the sky but there were 5000 over there. If you add in the amount of people that went inside the castle, there might have been twice that many. It’s too impossible.” (Yuri)

“Is that so? I’ve said too much. Please forgive me.” (??)

The cavalry captain bowed his head with only his neck and upper body while holding a log.

“I just hope they don’t expose Father and Mother’s corpses. Either way, I will kill them.” (Yuri)

“The next step is a war of revenge.” (??)

“Don’t be distracted. You never know when a large army of cavalry may be in pursuit.” (Yuri)

After some idle chatter and the removal of a large log, we finally made a path for the carriage to pass.


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