The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 172 (Self Edited) – Farewell




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“Yuri-kun! Are you alright!?” (Myaro)

Myaro untied the restraining belt and climbed down from the eagle. She put one foot on the railing of the balustrade in a hurry…

“Idiot, it’s dangerous.” (Yuri)

I hurriedly put my hand on Myaro’s feet. If she slipped her foot, she would go straight down from the sixth floor to the ground.

“Wawahh… sorry!” (Myaro)

Myaro grabbed my head as if to hold it. I held Myaro’s lower body in my hands and slowly lowered her down to the floor.

“What are you doing here?” (Yuri)

“Please forgive me, I couldn’t detect the Witch’s movement.” (Myaro)

Myaro bowed deeply.

“Let’s put the blaming aside for now. So, what is it?” (Yuri)

“Well, I just wanted Yuri-kun to get away even if it’s you alone.” (Myaro)

Myaro said as she looked around the room to get some information.

“Is it poison?” (Myaro)

She had a pale face.

“Yes. It seems Carya was instigated. A lot of things happened.” (Yuri)

“What kind of poison?” (Myaro)

“Red Canolia… is the poison.” (Yuri)

When I said that, her face turned paler.

“…Really? It’s a horribly time-consuming poison.” (Myaro)

“The Queen’s Sword said so as well. I have no doubt.” (Yuri)

“So, what about you? You look fine.” (Myaro)

“It was put in an alcoholic drink.” (Yuri)

As I said, it seemed that Myaro had figured it all out.

“The Witch didn’t do the research. I’m glad you are alright.” (Myaro)

‘Am I?’

“I will not leave without them.” (Yuri)

“Eh… but… if they have had the Red Canolia, it’s already…” (Myaro)

“I made her vomit right away. She drank a little bit. So, it’s never too late.” (Yuri)

While saying that, I wasn’t sure if I was telling the truth objectively. Maybe that was just what I wanted to think.

“Yuri-kun, I understand that you’re unsure about your decision. But… if you are also gone, what will everyone do?” (Myaro)

“But…” (Yuri)

“Lily-san, Shamu-san, everyone in the company, the people of the Hou Household’s territory… If you’re not there, everyone would be lost. Even the new continent… I can’t lead people there.” (Myaro)

“That’s my parents and Carol! They are pregnant!” (Yuri)

“Yuri-sama.” (Enrique)

It was Enrique who called out to me from the side.

“I told you to shut up. Don’t interrupt me.” (Yuri)

“Your father is calling.” (Enrique)


I hurried over to Rook’s side. looking closer, he looked pretty sick.

There was no blood color on his face, and there were traces of blood on the side of the bed. His facial muscles were cramped.


“Father… what is it?” (Yuri)

I brought my ears close to the bedside.

“That… is… my eagle.” (Rook)

‘Rook’s eagle? So, did you lend it to her? You lent it well.’

“White Dusk… You… go. Both of you… *cough*… ride it. If it’s that eagle…” (Rook)

‘Two people? Am I going to ride that eagle with another person?’

“…But, to leave Otou-san and Okaa-san is…” (Yuri)

When I said that, Rook moved his arm wide and forcibly held my neck.

His strangely hot hand was shaking.

“Do you think we want you dead? You only need to think about yourself and your wife! It’s the man’s job to protect his wife and children–!” (Rook)

Given Rook’s physical condition, he shouted horribly loud.

‘It must be blood spray. I can smell the blood droplets splattered on my face.’

“Gohogoho–…” (Rook)

Rook took his hand away from my neck and put a futon over his mouth, coughing loudly. The futon was stained with a frightening amount of blood.

“Go…” (Rook)

Rook mumbled and lied down on the bed as if he was going to pass out.

“…Yuri-kun. I’m Gudanvier, so it doesn’t matter. So, please take Carol-san.” (Myaro)

“Yes. I’ll take the eagle.” (Yuri)

‘Strangely, my mind was set. I don’t hesitate anymore. Rook taught me a lot. You are really… a great dad.’

“The villa hasn’t fallen yet. It’s only up there.” (Myaro)

‘It was dangerous to ride an eagle with two people, but Rook said the eagle could do it. Rook, who taught me all about eagles, told me that fact. Fortunately, we were on the sixth floor. It was high enough, and with the distance between here and the villa, there was no need to ascend. If it glides down, perhaps…’

“I will do it. But before we go, I’ve to kill one of them.” (Yuri)

I walked to the corner of the room and drew my dagger right in front of Carya.

“Nngh, nggh!” (Carya)

Carya turned pale and flailed, but she was tied up and couldn’t escape.

“Yes. I think it’s better to kill her here.” (Myaro)

Myaro seemed to agree with me.

‘It’s not just personal grudges. After Carol and I are gone, the Witches are going to enthrone her. Surrender is no longer an option. If that’s the case, there’s no point in keeping Carya alive here. Far from being meaningless, it’s harmful.’

“Wait.” (Tilet)

It was Tilet who grabbed the hand holding the dagger and stopped me.

“Just out of curiosity, what are you doing?” (Yuri)

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“I can’t let you kill her.” (Tilet)

I could see the firm determination in Tilet’s eyes.

‘Well, I guess it’s the role of the Queen’s Sword to stop the royal family from being killed. It’s like a police officer stopping a murder about to take place in front of her. However, that’s just a procedural issue.’

“If you need the Queen’s permission, get it quickly.” (Yuri)

“I will do that.” (Tilet)

Tilet went to the Queen and had a couple of words of conversation with her. When she came back…

“No good. She can’t let you kill her.” (Tilet)

I was stunned.

“What is she talking about? It’s her fault to begin with. And now she wants to get in the way?” (Yuri)

My head was about to exceed the boiling point. I knew that there was no point in blaming her here, so I had been bearing it in silence, but it was probably the fault of the royal family that this happened.

They invited people over, and they poisoned them. I didn’t know how this fool poisoned people, but the mismanagement was the royal family’s responsibility.

“Please understand the heart of Her Majesty Simone…” (Tilet)

“Oh, her heart?” (Yuri)

‘Hey how about mine? I’m begging you. I want to kill her even if it’s not strategically necessary. Your heart? Is this a bad joke or something?’

“Would you like to speak with Her Majesty Simone?” (Tilet)

“Alright.” (Yuri)

I walked over the Queen’s bed and sat at the bedside.

“…What do you mean?” (Yuri)

“Carya… I…” (Queen)

‘Do you want to handle her yourself? Does the shame of the relatives mean that she wants to get rid of herself? From my point of view, I want to make sure it gets done while I can still see it.’

“And… one last thing… I need to talk to you…” (Queen)

“No, the time is…” (Yuri)

“If you use that, it may help save your parent’s lives…” (Queen)

I was told that.

“Please…” (Queen)

Queen Simone said in a fading voice as she closed her eyes. It sounded more serious than any of the pleas so far.

“I understand. It’s not unreasonable.” (Yuri)

“Please be careful… I’m… really… sorry…” (Queen)

‘It can’t be helped anymore. I don’t have time to ask and answer questions, and it’s hard to force it when the Queen’s Sword is here.’

“Understood. I leave Carya to you guys.” (Yuri)

“I’m grateful.” (Tilet)

Tilet said.



‘Queen Simone said it, but saving lives means not being killed. It doesn’t mean that the poison will be cured. That’s what the poison experts say. I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to… Rook and Suzuya for this lifetime. I have to say goodbye.’

I knelt at Suzuya’s bedside.

“Okaa-san… I’m sorry. I’m going.” (Yuri)

“…Please. Yuri, let me hold you one last time.” (Suzuya)

I gently leaned toward Suzuya’s chest. Suzuya’s arms appeared from the bed and a natural embrace enveloped both my shoulders.

“Thank you… I was very happy to be your mother. I’m worried because it’s going to be lonely, but I’m sure you’ll be alright.” (Suzuya)

“Yes… yes.” (Yuri)

When I thought that this was the end of her life, memories of Suzuya, who had surrounded me with kindness since I was a child, flashed through my mind like a running lantern.

I wondered how much kindness I had received from Mother. I was loved and cared for in that warm house.

Tears welled up from both of my eyes. It made me cry.

“Yuri is kind, and you may regret that this happened, but… please, be happy.” (Suzuya)

“Sorry, Okaa-san. Sorry…” (Yuri)

Tears flowed one after another.

‘The original idea was to show up for my wedding. If this was the case, I shouldn’t have done anything in the first place. I shouldn’t have set my sights on a new continent. If I hadn’t hunted down the Witches, maybe none of this would have happened. I’ve lost everything.’

“It’s fine. I wanted to see your wedding with Carol. Aah, I wish I could have seen my grandchildren… I wish I could have given birth to this baby too…” (Suzuya)

‘Aah. There was such a future. I’ve ruined it. Suzuya could have spent a happy old age, surrounded by grandchildren, sons and daughters. It… shouldn’t have ended in this way.’

“But, Yuri, what I want most of all is for you to be happy. Protect your happiness… So, now, your mother is happy… I’m happy… Please remember that.” (Suzuya)

“Yes… yes.” (Yuri)

“…Then, go ahead, Yuri. I love you.” (Suzuya)

Suzuya hugged me one last time, even more forcefully, and then, untied her arms as if to say goodbye.

‘I don’t want to leave. I thought strongly about it. But I have to leave.’

I moved away from Suzuya’s bed, and she smiled at me.

On the bed next to her, Suzuya was looking at me. Rook said nothing but looked at me with a powerful gaze.

I squeezed Rook’s hand as I got out of bed.

“Otou-san, Okaa-san. Thank you so much for raising me.” (Yuri)

“Aah… *cough*… go now.” (Rook)

Rook looked like he was having a hard time just saying it. His voice was very hoarse, probably because he had shouted earlier.

I left my parent’s beds, even though my back hair was pulled by regret.



I wiped my tears, blew my nose, and headed for Carol’s bed.

“Carol, are you alright?” (Yuri)

I sat on the bedside and stroked her cheek.

“…Sorry. I always cause you trouble…” (Carol)

Compared to the other three, Carol’s condition was still quite good. It was bad enough that she was pale, but she was able to speak normally. That meant that her vocal cords weren’t paralyzed.

I could also feel the warmth from her cheeks.

The most important difference was that she didn’t vomit blood. She seemed to be having a hard time speaking, so she might be in pain, but I supposed the respiratory vessels weren’t torn.

“Are you alright?” (Yuri)

“Yes. I’m alright.” (Carol)

She seemed to be alright. I got up from the bed.

“Myaro. You said you could survive, but I’m sure you must be very confident.” (Yuri)

“Of course.” (Myaro)

“Well then, keep this for me.” (Yuri)

I handed my dagger to Myaro.

“Eh, this is…” (Myaro)

“I’ll be riding with her. We need to make it as light as possible.” (Yuri)

I took off my shoes. I also took off all my clothes except for my underwear and shirt.

“Alright. Carol, can you stand up?” (Yuri)

“Hmm, somehow.” (Carol)

She tried to get off the bed, but her butt slipped, and she fell on it on the floor.

‘I’m afraid she is numb, and she isn’t flexible enough.’

“Queen’s Sword, can you help her?” (Yuri)

As much as I would love to do that, I had to ride the eagle.

“Carol-sama, I will help you.” (Tilet)

Tilet lent her shoulder and brought Carol to the parapet. I stood on the balcony, put my feet on the parapet, and climbed on White Dusk’s back.

I put a restraining belt on my almost bare body and manipulated the reins. The eagle that Myaro had attached to her had its head facing the room and needed to be turned over in order to depart.

White Dusk, as expected from Rook’s training, seemed to have sensed my intentions by heart and mind. It spun the claws that gripped the parapet around and reversed direction without any hassle.

‘No ordinary eagle can do this. They can’t read your intentions and get confused or take off on the spot. It is a feat that can only be accomplished through a deep partnership between a great deal of trust in human beings and the eagle’s own intelligence. This is a feat that can only be accomplished by a deep partnership.’

“Can you lift Carol?” (Yuri)

While trembling, Tilet lifted Carol. Carol put her foot on the parapet. If she fell, she would end up on the ground.

I reached out to Carol, who was being held around the waist by Tilet to keep her from falling. I clasped my hands tightly together between my wrists, and I pulled her up with all my strength.

Somehow, she was able to sit on the back of the saddle.

“Put your arms around me and hold on tight.” (Yuri)

“Aah.” (Carol)

Carol put her hands behind my back. From the experience of being hugged many times before, it was a terribly weak force.

“Give me a rope.” (Yuri)

‘A saddle for two people exists only in the merchandise of rare goods stores. Of course, this isn’t for two people.’

Tilet gave me a rope, and I tied Carol and myself together in a tucking motion. Then, I did it again at the waist.

We were all set.

“Myaro, be careful. Don’t die.” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Myaro)

“Carol. We’ll be in free fall at first, turning altitude into speed. So, don’t panic.” (Yuri)

“G-got it.” (Carol)

“Let’s go.” (Yuri)

Using the reins to propel forward, White Dusk jumped from the sixth floor as if it was diving into the ground.


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