Ex Strongest Swordsman 345 (Self Edited) – Hope that Leads to Destruction



Hope that Leads to Destruction

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There was a dull sound in the air. It echoed continuously with a muffled voice, and each time it echoed again, a reddish-black liquid scattered. The inaudible voice was a moan of anguish, and the dull sound was a blow.

In the middle of a vast hall, two men were beating each other. No… it wouldn’t be that anymore, wasn’t it? This was because one man was riding on another and was hitting him one-sidedly.

The consciousness of the person being beaten was already uncertain, and the fist that was swung down never stopped. The punching… was finally stopped when the opponent stopped twitching.

While continuing the rough breathing, the mouth of the man loosened…

“—What’s wrong? Why did you stop your arm?” (??)

The voice heard made his face and his body twitch.

The man turned his face to the back of the hall. It was one step higher than the place where the man was, and there was only one chair.

And the person sitting there looked at him, displaying a bored expression.

“Eh… No, he’s not moving anymore.” (??)

“Oh…? Which…” (??)

At the man’s words, he stood up and approached the fighter casually. The figure gave a feeling of intimidation just being there, and the fighter unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

The man walked up closed and looked into the person who was under the fighter… and he snorted.

“You… do you remember what I said? I told you to beat each other until one of you dies, right?” (??)

“Th-that is–…” (??)

“–What an indecisive guy.” (??)

At that moment, the man grabbed the fighter’s face and there was a sound as if something was being squeezed.

The fighter’s body wobbled as he lost his strength, and he fell to the ground. With a dull crashing sound, a sludgy, reddish-black liquid spread across the ground.

“Tsk… Damn it, that’s going to get my shoes dirty. Oh well. More importantly, the man over there.” (??)

The man who had been beaten opened his eyes to the call. Perhaps, he had regained consciousness some time ago.

He seemed to understand the situation, and his mouth slowly formed a smile.

“–What a fool.” (??)

Immediately after that, a reddish-black liquid scattered to the surroundings with a sound of something bursting. A sullen snort was made as he looked at his own feet, which he had slammed.

“Did you think you have been saved? You’re a loser, so you’re not going to make it through.” (??)

Then, he snorted again and returned to his chair without hiding his displeasure. He sat down. He slowly lifted his arm, which was dripping with a reddish-black liquid.

“–Ooi, lick it.” (??)

At his words, shadows swarmed around him. Like the food given at the time of starvation, it gathered on the lifted arm and licked the liquid with its tongue.

(Thank you for reading at bayabuscotranslation.com)

The shadows were women. They didn’t wear a single cloth on her body, exposing themselves as if they were just born.

But the faces weren’t cheerful. Although they were smiling, they were clearly twitching, and there was even fear in the eyes.

“Hmmpph… The idea of having siblings beating each other until one of them dies was interesting when I thought about it, but it’s not so interesting when you actually try it. If this is the case, it’s them killed altogether… no, that’s disgusting. Anyhow, should I let an older brother and his younger sister do that? Well, how about letting the sister get violated in front of her brother first? After that–…” (??)

[Looks like you’re doing pretty much whatever you want these days.] (??)

At the voice he heard, the person, Isaac Veritas, didn’t show any pretense of surprise. While looking at the women, he made a somewhat amazed voice.

“Why did you come? It would have been nice if you just said it quickly. Is it such an interesting spectacle for you? That’s not the case for me, alright.” (Isaac)

[Interesting isn’t quite the right word. If anything, the term ‘very interesting’ would be more appropriate. Of course, you’re the subject.] (??)

“Hoo, is that so? What, you got a problem with me? I’m just doing what I want to do. After all, I’m doing what I’m told.” (Isaac)

[Of course, there is no complaint. I told you, right? It’s very interesting. You weren’t like this before. Wouldn’t that be true? The second prince of the Veritas Kingdom.] (??)

“Haah.” (Isaac)

Isaac snorted at the words that describe himself. That was as if to say it was nonsense. Perhaps, his past self was truly like that.

“Second prince, is it… I feel like really a fool to be called that way. But because of that, I’m grateful to you. Devil.” (Isaac)

“…Is that so? I don’t feel bad about being grateful, but I don’t think I’ve done all that much, have I?] (Devil)

“How can that be? You have given me this power, and above all, the plan.” (Isaac)

[Plan? I don’t remember giving such a thing.] (Devil)

It was a fact. It was true that the Devil gave power to Isaac, but that was all it did.

It didn’t tell him to do anything. It only told him to live his life the way he wanted to.

“It was important to me to live like that. I have been living the way someone told me to. However, I don’t have to do that anymore. I can kill the ones I wanted to kill, and I can commit the ones I wanted to commit. You should know that I’ve been living with my greed suppressed until you said that. Well, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I was doing at that time without this strength.” (Isaac)

“I see… well, if you’re going to live your life the way you want to, there’s nothing much I can say.] (Devil)

“Haa, really? I’m doing whatever I want without being told, alright? Well, I’m thinking about doing something because it’s almost time for me to enjoy it alone. I’ll be the next king, so what is it that I can enjoy alone, right?” (Isaac)

[I agree. You may do as you please. If that’s what you want, I will truly welcome and congratulate you.] (Devil)

It meant what it said. That was why it didn’t give anything other than power, and the fact that Isaac had seemingly changed was just that he wanted it.

If he wanted it, he could have really reorganized the country to be more in line with what the country was at the moment. However, he didn’t want that. What Isaac wanted was what he was at the moment, and that was fine.

He could do what he wanted, as long as he wanted it. The world would be destroyed as a result, but what was the problem with that?

At least, Isaac could die in satisfaction at that moment. Then, and only then, would it be proved that it was right for the world to be destroyed.

[…And to prove that, you may live as you please.] (Devil)

“Haa? Did you say something?” (Isaac)

[I’m just saying that I’m glad you’re having fun.] (Devil)

“Haa, really? Well, honestly, it’s not so much now. The real fun is going to start soon. I’m looking forward to it.” (Isaac)

With that said, Isaac lifted the edge of his mouth in anticipation of something. He said it wasn’t that much, but he was enjoying it enough.

But because of that, he murmured.

‘It has to be.’

Hoping that this would continue to lead to the destruction of the world, the Devil just kept looking at the man of its choice.



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