Ex Strongest Swordsman 343 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Running Away at Night?



Ex Strongest, Running Away at Night?

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The move went much more smoothly than expected. Cecil said that most of them had been prepared from the start, and Soma could see that from the way they moved so briskly. Soma thought they were really prepared for it in a lot of ways.

Preparations were completed in a blink of an eye, and Soma and others quickly began to withdraw without any regrets.

“The house was left as it was, was that a good thing?” (Soma)

“We have completely discarded the things that lead to us. Even if someone were to enter the barrier, there would be no problem. And… if we destroy everything, people who come after us may be in trouble.” (Cecil)

“After you all? Does anyone have a plan to come?” (Soma)

“No, that’s not it… How can I explain it… As a matter of fact, we didn’t build that place ourselves.” (Cecil)

According to Cecil, that barrier or something was in that place from the beginning. Cecil and her companions found it by accident and were merely using it.

And when they found it, the houses were still standing in that spot. Although the houses were a bit old, it could be used without any problem, and it was used as it was by maintaining it.

“So, we thought it would be better if the house was left standing for people like us to find it again. Just as we did. Perhaps, someone who originally lived there would come back.” (Cecil)

“Hmm… I think there’s a chance it could be destroyed, right?” (Soma)

“Then, it couldn’t be helped. It’s just that we couldn’t bear to destroy it with our own hands. In that sense, it’s not good to let everyone do that.” (Cecil)

They might have been prepared for it, but it was where they lived. It could be some attachment to the place, and it was reasonable.

While talking about such things, Soma and others continued their way. Even though they left the village early, it didn’t make sense to be seen here.

It was a place where there wasn’t much of a barrier, so they just had to keep the distance.

“Even so, the wilderness is still wide as far as the eye could see. So, how long are you planning to walk?” (Soma)

It’s going to be about one week.” (Cecil)

“One week? We’re fine with that, but are the others fine with it?” (Aina)

“Yes… I think we’ll be fine for the most part, but I’m worried about Daniela and her mother.” (Cecil)

That being said, Soma turned his gaze to the rear.

Soma and others were walking in the front, so inevitably, the ones following behind were the ones who were in that village. There were about thirty of them, and among them was Daniela, who was walking with her mother.

She smiled and waved her hand widely, as if she realized that she was being watched. He smiled at her and waved his hand back, then, turned his face forward.

“Hmm… it looks like she’s full of energy right now, but I certainly don’t know what will happen if she continues walking for a week.” (Soma)

“The mother has just recovered from her illness. Even so, she is probably even healthier than others. Aina-dono’s magic is really amazing.” (Cecil)

“A-ahaha… that’s not true.” (Aina)

“Well, if there are only one or two people, it’s just a matter of carrying them on our back, and it seems that there is no problem for the time being, right? How’s the food supply?” (Soma)

“Everyone’s luggage is mostly food and water. I think it will last for at least two weeks.” (Cecil)

“Then, what if something unexpected happens?” (Soma)

“Hey, stop it. If you say that, something really is going to happen.” (Aina)

“I’m being honest here. I mean, it wouldn’t be my fault if it happens. Well, I’m vigilant, so I think it’s fine.” (Soma)

While saying that, he turned around again, and this time he looked at the most rear part. He, then, nodded as if he realized something and understood the intention.

Sheila was walking at the end.

The reason why Soma and Aina walked at the front and Sheila at the end was to be on the lookout for surroundings, but also out of consideration for the feelings of the villagers. Perhaps, the repulsion of those who came and the matter with Daniela’s mother, the suspicions of the villagers had eased, but it didn’t mean that they weren’t no longer wary.

They couldn’t be very relieved that such people were walking behind them. That was why Soma and Aina were walking in the front while Sheila, who seemed to have earned the trust of the villagers, was walking at the end.

Of course, this formation was also useful for vigilance, and even if something happened suddenly, most of the time it would be manageable.

“Well, I wonder what will happen.” (Soma)

Soma let out a breath with such a murmur while thinking about the future.

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Surprisingly, it was peaceful along the way. It had been a week since they left the village, and they hadn’t had any major troubles so far.

Of course, if it was something small, it happened occasionally. There was something that happened at least once a day, such as a quarrel from a trivial matter and sometimes a monster attack.

However, to put it the other way around, it was only that much. When the arbitration was done, it was easily understood that the cause was a misunderstanding between them, and the monsters were easily repelled, and the food turned into a warm dish. He was worried about Daniela, but she didn’t collapse, and if there was a problem, it would be that she was bored halfway because there was nothing but wilderness.

It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard either. It was such a trip.

In the meantime, the gazes of the villagers toward Soma and Aina had become much softer. Defeating monsters up close and taking the lead might have worked positively somehow. Regardless of whether they had earned the villager’s trust, at least they were no longer nearly as wary of him.


“Hmm… I see. That too… is here, huh?” (Soma)

Soma muttered that because the moment Cecil announced that they had arrived, the scene around him changed drastically. Like the place where the village was, the scenery of the wilderness disappeared from the surroundings and the greenery spread out.

However, compared to that village, it didn’t seem to have as many trees as a forest here.

“Speaking of the same thing, yes, it’s the same, but strictly speaking, it’s made by imitating that place. So, the effectiveness of the barrier is much lower than that.” (Soma)

“Is that so? Is that the reason why there are few trees?” (Aina)

“It came from somewhere else. Well, in the first place, there is no need to create a forest to live in hiding.” (Cecil)

“That certainly makes sense, but…” (Soma)

“…? Soma-dono? What’s wrong?” (Cecil)

Cecil gave him a quizzical look with those words, probably because Soma was staring at the inner part of the place. But Soma didn’t respond to that question, and instead, said something else.

“Cecil, how many people live here?” (Soma)

“Eh? It’s about the same as our group, but… could it be…!?” (Cecil)

Cecil opened his eyes for a moment, perhaps because she knew what Soma wanted to say.

Yes, normally, Soma didn’t have to ask that. This was because it was possible to capture the number of people by sensing their presence.

In other words… he couldn’t feel any presence other than themselves from this place.

“…!?” (Cecil)

Cecil rushed out unintentionally, and the villagers who saw her, were making a noise. It was natural to be worried about what happened.

But at the moment, rather than thinking about the villagers, he should go after Cecil. For starters, Soma and Aina weren’t suitable to calm down the villagers. He turned his gaze to Sheila, who was appropriate for the role, and when he confirmed that a nod was returned, Soma and Aina ran after Cecil.

It took only a short time to catch up with her. She was just ahead, probably at the entrance to the village.

She looked as if she was standing there dumbfounded, and the two immediately understood why she was like that. They lined up next to Cecil, squinting at the sight reflected in the field of view.

There were houses that had been destroyed and villagers who had been ruthless turned into dead bodies.


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