The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 157 (Self Edited) – Scene in Grand Lecture Hall


Scene in Grand Lecture Hall

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“Yuri-dono, there’s a guest here to see you.” (??)

In the middle of the party, a staff member of the academy came and said so. It was probably someone from Hou and Associates that I had called.

“Please don’t go.” (??)

A drunken former member of the group said something strange.

“It’s probably someone from the company. They know more about hiring than I do.” (Yuri)

I stood up while saying that. I didn’t mind the atmosphere of the party, but as a non-drinker, I couldn’t help but feel a bit alienated.

‘I don’t drink, so it’s too much of a hassle to pretend to drink. I think I’m going to get out of this place.’



“Chairman Yuri, please don’t do anything too selfish.” (??)

The man I knew from the company seemed to be in a slightly bad mood.

‘I’m sure that the fact he was called away from work added to the grumpiness.’

“Sorry, sorry. They can read and write, and they’re well disciplined. So, they’re easy to use, right?” (Yuri)

“That may be true, but I’m sure some of them are the children of high-ranking nobles. If it’s a general recruitment, they will start at the bottom, you know. They have to work while being poked in the head by their commoner boss. And what if there’s trouble? They have received combat training at the school of Knights over there, isn’t it? What will you do if there’s bloodshed?” (??)

“You can explain to them that from now on, their boss is a commoner. If they have a high level of pride, you’ll be fine. If they are no good, you can fire them after the probation period.” (Yuri)

“Haa… it’s just that the ratio of applicant to acceptance is very high.” (??)

“There are 288 people, but actually, it’s less than a hundred people. They’re going to want to stay in the army for some reason.” (Yuri)

“It’s not about that…” (??)

The man from the company walked toward the hall while complaining. He seemed to be a worrywart, but it was a good thing that he wasn’t afraid to complain to me.

“Yuri-kun.” (Myaro)

“Owaa!?” (Yuri)

Myaro suddenly came out of the dimly lit corridor that was illuminated by a lamp. I was surprised. It seemed that she was hiding and listening to the situation.

“Is it you, Myaro? What’s wrong?” (Yuri)

“I need to talk to you for a second. May I?” (Myaro)

“Aah, I also want to talk about something with you. It’s fine.” (Yuri)

“Aah, but here is a bit…” (Myaro)

“Well then, let’s go somewhere else. Yeah… follow me.” (Yuri)

I walked toward the grand lecture hall with Myaro. It was a bit far away, but I thought this place was suitable.

“Uhm, here?” (Myaro)

As we walked, Myaro asked me.

“It’s the grand lecture hall. I wonder if it’s locked.” (Yuri)

“What do you think? It’s not usually locked, isn’t it?” (Myaro)

‘The grand lecture hall, like a university lecture hall, is just a sloped hall with long desks and chairs, and since there’s almost nothing to steal, the door is often left unlocked.’

“But why here in the grand lecture hall?” (Myaro)

“Since it’s wide, people can’t hear even if there’s someone who is listening from outside.” (Yuri)

“What I want to say is, it’s not a big deal.” (Myaro)

“It’s just a precaution.” (Yuri)

Then, we went into the great lecture hall. I borrowed one of the lamps on the wall and opened the door to find the room that was in total darkness.

I walked around, illuminating my feet, and took a seat in front of the lectern, and placed the lamp on a long desk. Myaro sat beside me. We were not side by side, not facing each other.

‘It’s a bit hard to talk in this way. I can understand, but in the end, it would have been better to do this in a different room.’

“This might be a mistake. It is probably better to have another room.” (Yuri)

“No, it’s easier to talk here.” (Myaro)

“…Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘I wonder what she is going to talk about. I can predict it, but I have a feeling that I don’t want to hear it.’

“This is about the matter when Yuri-kun left us, and that was about Liao-san.” (Myaro)

She came straight to the point.

“Yes, that’s right.” (Yuri)

“He asked me to marry him.” (Myaro)

“…Is that so?” (Yuri)

‘Well, it has become like this.’

“For me, it seriously troubles me. I don’t understand Yuri-kun’s intention. I thought about that maybe after what happened with Carol, so I was thinking if you had started to avoid me.” (Myaro)


“That’s not it. What did Liao…” (Yuri)

“Uhm, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I… am angry.” (Myaro)

Myaro said it with a flat voice.

“Aah… is that so?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Myaro)

‘I didn’t think that she was angry. It’s best not to make any excuses.’

“Yuri-kun. You don’t understand women’s minds, don’t you?” (Myaro)

“Maybe.” (Yuri)

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“Since it’s you, you may think that it was wrong to interfere in someone else’s love life after what happened with Carol, but I wished you would say no to him.” (Myaro)

“Hmm… hmm? So, would it be better for me to say… Myaro is my woman so leave her alone?” (Yuri)

“Aah… y-yes, that’s right.” (Myaro)

‘Was that a correct answer? Eh… I don’t know… I didn’t even think of it at that time. But it seems that my pride doesn’t allow such a thing. It was just my own self-interest, but it might be for nothing.’

“So, I thought Yuri-kun might be avoiding me, so I agreed to go out with him.” (Myaro)

“I see… eh, going out?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Myaro)

‘Aah, I see… Uwaah…’

“Well, I only know Yuri-kun as a man, I thought that there is a good thing about knowing Liao-san from a different perspective. You see, I thought of that because you were probably avoiding me.” (Myaro)

‘How heavy to hear this… This is probably why she was angry…’

“So, while along the way here, I got to know Liao-san, and… when we arrived at Mittal, I was immediately introduced to Kien-sama and his wife that I was his bride. I was dressed and invited to a gorgeous dinner…” (Myaro)

‘Mittal is the capital city of the Rube Household. Since it was a short walk along the road from the river, they would have arrived there in a day or two even with refugees.’

“Everything went well. “Since it was so sudden, I didn’t get to know Liao-san well, but then, I was brought to a special guest room. Their maids came and I was forced to wash my body and change my clothes. It has been a long time since I wore a dress. When I was invited to dinner, Kien-sama, his wife, and Liao-san’s younger siblings talked about the expedition and the Rube’s territory. Liao-san also said that the dating is going well. That didn’t make me uncomfortable. Everyone was good. The men are energetics like those from the General household, and the women seem to stand up as men. It was a very nice family to have.” (Myaro)

‘They seem to be a happy family. Although we are similar, the Rube Household is probably a much larger family.’

“As I was having dinner, I felt like I was feeling overwhelmed, and I thought something was different.” (Myaro)

Myaro’s voice was kind of lonely.

“Everything was in my imagination. To be invited to a dinner, to be welcomed… even the content of the conversation… there was nothing to be disappointed about. When I imagined myself to be married into this household, I will continue to live like this. And the meals that were supposed to be delicious had a sandy taste like a novel that you got tired of reading. It made me laugh at myself.” (Myaro)

‘I can’t see Myaro’s face. After all, she is sitting next to me.’

I really wanted to see what kind of face she had now. However, I felt that doing it was an act of peeping into a secret thought, so I was looking at the lectern that was dimly illuminated.

“I didn’t dislike it. When it came to getting married, I felt like something was different.” (Myaro)

‘It’s true that she didn’t dislike it. However, that place wasn’t the place where Myaro lived. It was like a saltwater fish thrown into freshwater, so it probably didn’t get used to it.’

“It’s fine if you realize it, and you should live a life that suits you from now on.” (Yuri)

“I wonder what life suits me… I can’t play the leading role like Yuri-kun. However, I can’t live an ordinary life as a woman. I’m not suited to be a Witch. Somehow, I feel that I am a ridiculous failure.” (Myaro)

Myaro seemed to be at a loss.

‘Even if she is at a loss, she isn’t at a loss as to which option to choose, either A or B. It’s just like getting lost in the woods. That is common for young people, but for me, who knows Myaro very well, it doesn’t seem to be her. Myaro knows what he wants from the beginning and she’s working to achieve it.’

‘It seems to say that she is taking time to find herself nowadays. It’s just that the order of things is inverse. Is there something that caused a crack in the root of the identity? I know her too much. Well, 99% of it is because of me.’

“Listen.” (Yuri)

I pulled out a short sword from my waist and put it loosely next to the lamp. The polished body part of the short sword reflected the flame of the lamp like a mirror.

“This is the one I used on the expedition. It’s one of the finest treasure short swords handed down in the Hou Household. I killed a lot of people with this, but when I slashed the meat, I didn’t feel any response.” (Yuri)

“Ooh… it has a good blade, isn’t it?” (Myaro)

Myaro was looking at the short sword with interest.

“Does that make you think that you couldn’t use it as a kitchen knife? No, I would be in trouble if I said that.” (Yuri)

I lightly pinched the handle of the short sword and stabbed the tip into the desk with a force like poking the desk with a pen. The tip of the short sword sank as if it had been stabbed in a swamp with a stick and stabbed it strangely deeply.’

“I need this one. I wish I had one kitchen knife at home.” (Yuri)

Even if I let go of my hand, the short sword remained standing.

“Yuri-kun isn’t a cook.” (Myaro)

“You’re right. That’s why you shouldn’t marry to be a cook. It’s a waste.” (Yuri)

I was relieved to hear that Liao was no good. I hate myself for thinking so.

At the same time, the identity of the slight loss that I had felt since I came back was clear.

‘As I expected, I can’t calm down without Myaro.’

“But there are many more on Yuri-kun’s side right?” (Myaro)

“You mean people?” (Yuri)

“Yes.” (Myaro)

‘No, no.’

“No one is like you.” (Yuri)

“…Is that so?” (Myaro)

Myaro sounded happy.

“Do you want me?” (Myaro)

“Yes. I need you. I want to have you under my control.” (Yuri)

“Ehehe, you sound like a violent husband.” (Myaro)

Myaro smiled secretly and said it happily.

“However, if you want me, please do it properly.” (Myaro)

“Is it necessary?” (Yuri)

“It’s a woman’s heart. It’s a bit miserable to chase another woman’s man from herself.” (Myaro)

‘That’s vivid. Besides, it feels a bit different.’

When I turned to the side, Myaro was staring at me. She looked at my eyes with a strong gaze that made me lose my mind.

It might be necessary to tighten the mind. I put my hand on Myaro’s hands that were on the armrest.

“Myaro, I need you. Come to me.” (Yuri)

Naturally, a passionate voice came out.

“…I understand. Please make use of my life.” (Myaro)


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