Ex Strongest Swordsman 324 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Receiving Request from the Empress



Ex Strongest, Receiving Request from the Empress

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It was a spacious room.

A chandelier was hung on the ceiling and a carpet was laid on the floor. The room was also decorated with elaborate statues and paintings, all of which existed only to make one thing stand out.

The person who sat on the chair that existed in the deepest part of the room, a higher place, was the subject. A woman with bluish-purple hair and eyes of the same color, Victoria herself, was in the throne room.

However, there was no one to welcome, and Victoria just sat there and looked at the void. No, if strictly speaking, was she alone?

[…Surely, I basically entrust everything to you. But is this necessary to get a better future?] (??)

The voice that didn’t suit the atmosphere reached only Victoria. It could be said that the voice arrived without being obstructed by anything, but that fact annoyed Victoria as she creased her eyebrows.

“Of course, that’s what I am doing. Or don’t you believe me?” (Victoria)

[I didn’t say that, but… rather than a day, you let the Demon King stay for a few days. It is possible that your neck will leave your body when you notice it, you know?] (??)

“Hmm… that time is that time. I will think that I have no luck and have no choice but to give up.” (Victoria)

The moment Victoria muttered, she slightly felt that there was a shake of emotion at the end of the connection. If she was facing that existence face to face, ‘it’ probably raised one of its eyebrows.

[…Is the Demon King so powerful?] (??)

“Surely, that’s also a reason. I can’t deny that I thought there was nothing I could do when we were at a close distance. Then, I heard that the second person isn’t able to think of cooperation while the third person has decided but hasn’t even made contact yet. And the last person hasn’t been found in the first place, right? To be honest, I think I’m the only one in the right state.” (Victoria)

[That is… a disappointment.] (??)

“I am not blaming you in particular. However, that’s why I’m just saying that it’s fine for me to be this way for a while.” (Victoria)

There was no response for that statement. Only silence returned.

But that was why it was an eloquent response.

“Well, is that all you want to say? Since I’m busy, I can’t worry about them too much. Seriously, it would be more flexible if there’s no extra constraint that I have to be here or that place in order to talk to you.” (Victoria)

[…You have changed.] (??)

“Hmm? Is that so?” (Victoria)

Victoria tilted her neck slightly as if she wasn’t aware of it. However, what followed after that was a clear affirmation.

[Yes. Previously, you would have been indifferent to more things and couldn’t afford to think of it.] (??)

“That’s a refreshing way of saying it. But if that’s the case, it’s a good thing, right?” (Victoria)

[…Yes, it is. It’s definitely a good change for you as an individual.] (??)

“Hmm, then, there’s no problem. Yes?” (Victoria)

[Indeed…] (??)

Before hearing the affirmation, Victoria began to walk. It was true that she was busy.

At the time of being a large country, there were a huge number of things that had to be handled just by spending the same days as usual. Moreover, the country was in the middle of preparing for various things. There was more work to be done, and that was the same for the empress.


“I’ve been thinking about asking him something today. As expected, this can’t be left to someone else.” (Victoria)

The voice was slightly bouncing. Was she aware of it?

However, it was true that there was no one to point that out. As Victoria stepped lightly, she left the throne room.

All that was left was silence…

[…Change isn’t always preferred. It is even more especially for everyone. No, in the first place, you were an existence that shouldn’t be admired. And at least–…] (??)

A voice that had no one to hear didn’t even disturb the silence. Just as it wasn’t from the beginning, ‘it’ simply disappeared without affecting anything.

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It was about three days after Soma saw the peaceful and happy days, but that didn’t mean anything happened.

‘I want you to train the soldiers of the castle.’

Victoria asked that to Soma in person. And now, Soma was heading to the courtyard of the castle because of his response to it.

“…Hey, will you be alright? Well, you’ve said that earlier, but…” (Aina)

Along the way, Soma shrugged as a response to Aina’s question. For some reason, he was willing to train the soldiers.

In terms of whether there was a problem or not, there was no problem.

“Training means knowing the strength of the empire. It’s not a bad thing to know your opponent’s strength more than you don’t know what will happen. Plus, even if they are trained, there’s no way they can grow significantly. If that happens, it would be the same if someone other than me trained them.” (Soma)

Aina was curious why Victoria asked Soma. If he accepted it, including that reason, she would understand.

“In addition, we were able to find out what the people in the capital were like, but other than that, the amount of information isn’t good enough.” (Soma)

“Aah… Well, we’re supposed to be guests, but we can’t go around the castle much.” (Aina)

The only opportunity to come into contact with people in the castle was at the mealtime, but there was not much contact during that time.

With that in mind, Soma was rather grateful for this opportunity because he could make contact more reliable.

“For now, the question of why she is trying to destroy the world remains. In fact, that desire has become the most influential.” (Soma)

“So far, we can’t find any reason for that…” (Aina)

And the best way to counter this issue was to kill Victoria. If he had to give other answers, he would like to get even one more piece of information here–…

“Speaking if there’s a problem, it is whether they will accept me to train them or not.” (Soma)

“I don’t know how much the Demon King and the world are known to them, but at least, they know that you are a human from another country.” (Aina)

Even so, Soma was definitely younger than most of the soldiers. He didn’t know how the rank of royal soldiers were decided, but at least, it didn’t look good.

Soma was thinking of that.

“–All members, salute the instructor who will train us!” (??)

Although the place was called the courtyard, it was a considerable area where more than a thousand soldiers were training. And the soldiers scattered there, gathered together at the same time as Soma appeared on the spot, and saluted him. To be honest, Soma was quite surprised.

By the way, the salute of this world was simply the action of putting the right hand that made a fist near the heart. It was a common action of foolish recruits that were in a hurry and hit their heart as if they were out of breath.

Strictly speaking, the angle of the right hand was fixed, but such details looked good. It was hard to say that such an action wouldn’t be interrupted, but it was done quite well. It was a spectacular sight, and he had an impression that he was treated as an instructor, but that wasn’t what Soma was surprised at.

It was that there was clearly respect in the eyes for a young man. In fact, it was the same as those who thought to be the recruits.

Whatever it was, people would always decide the first impression based on appearance. However, it seemed that no one was like that, which means that they were trained well. That was what surprised Soma.

And that was why Soma lifted the edge of his mouth. It was worth it to train them. That was it.

Soma wondered what it would be like to train them and the reason why Victoria requested this. As he looked over the place, he squinted happily while thinking about what was going on.



  • For everyone’s information, the Japanese word used for the audience room is ‘謁見の間’ and for the throne room is ‘玉座の間’.
  • I search about these two terms and it looks like they are supposed to be the same. However, since the throne room ‘玉座の間’ will be used a lot in the future chapters, I can only assume that those two rooms are different rooms.
  • The author of this chapter pays a lot of attention on words or kanji characters. Although they can be translated to same word in English, the author means something different. Anyhow, I’ll change it accordingly after translating more chapters.


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