Ex Strongest Swordsman 315 (Self Edited) – Slight Deviation Toward Aimed Destination



Slight Deviation Toward Aimed Destination

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Etvin Donato swallowed his saliva while receiving the sword presented in a casual manner with his trembling hands.

This piece of thing was made by a blacksmith master. Although the sword was still in the scabbard, there was no reason not to be aware how good it was.

No, strictly speaking, he couldn’t know it. The only thing he knew was that it was a sword that he couldn’t make.

If he saw the sword as it was, his confidence would be crushed to dust. He had a similar feeling to such conviction.

However, if he was afraid here, he wouldn’t want to see it from the beginning. He swallowed again and closed his eyelids tightly.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he pulled it out of the scabbard at one go.

“…Amazing.” (Etvin)

The words leaked out unconsciously. Still, there were no other words coming out.

Various words came to mind. Just looking at the sword that was exposed in front of him, he could only think of words of praise.

But it wasn’t possible to say all of it. Various words overlapped in the mind, became entangled, and it didn’t make a sound.

And above all, those words were stale. No matter how many beautiful phrases were lined up, it wasn’t as valuable as the brilliance of this sword.

Today, Etvin was only allowed to mutter the word ‘amazing’ with praise, envy, jealousy and resignation.

Originally, what he was good at was spears that he did business with. Since the skills required for sword and spears were different, it wasn’t possible to simply compare their skills. Even if he said that he wanted to compare spears with each other, he wouldn’t necessarily lose.

However, the pride of refusing it here remained in him. In the first place, he had a spear he struck, and it was clear that the spear he struck was inferior to who and how he saw it. If he tried to make a silly excuse here, he knew that it would only demean himself.

To be honest, he didn’t care about that. No… Should he say that wasn’t the case? It didn’t really matter that he was inferior in terms of skills… To put it simply, Etvin was fascinated by the sword.

It wasn’t simply a matter of making a sword. Rather, should he say that he didn’t mind about it?

It was true that the work of this sword was beautiful. There was nothing that could be lined up beside it, and even calling it the best wasn’t enough. It was certainly true for this sword.

But there was more than that… At least, there was something in this sword that Etvin thought.

“…Say, the boy over there. I’m not asking you to give me this sword. But would it be alright to let me have it for a while.. no, just one day today. Can you do that for me?” (Etvin)

For that reason, he asked. He gazed straight into the eyes of the lad who carried the sword, and made a request from the bottom of his heart.

“Hmm… lend you the sword, is it?” (Soma)

“Yes. Of course, I don’t mean to borrow it for free, but I don’t mind the price. What if with what everything I have it? No, I don’t mind paying for all my fortune, including the money I got from selling everything. Well, to be honest, I don’t have that much money…” (Etvin)

They were serious words that didn’t include any hint of joking. In fact, if the boy nodded here, he was prepared to hand over all his property, including the store, to the boy.

As expected, he was planning to exclude the workshop, but he was fine with everything else. At least for Etvin, this sword was worth it. However, at the same time, it could be said that all the property, including the shop, was worth less than a swing of this sword.

In the first place, Etvin was originally a blacksmith, not a businessman. To the extremity, Etvin’s only interest was to hit a better spear, and it didn’t matter if it sold or not.

The reason why he ran such a shop was that he couldn’t live just by hitting a spear. It didn’t mean that his works wouldn’t sell. Even so, Etvin was a well-known blacksmith in the empire, and if he put his work on the market, the right people would buy it for the right amount of money.

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However, he was also a very emotional person. He had to admit it. He didn’t want to hit spear except when he felt right, and for that matter, he didn’t want to hit spear for an unspecified number of people. Etwin was only interested in what he wanted and what he was aiming for.

Be that as it might, such a circumstance wasn’t so rare among craftsmen. It was a bit extreme when it came to Etvin, but this was often seen among people who were only interested in hitting themselves.

And that was why Etvin had a store. He couldn’t live as it was just by hitting and not selling. Therefore, Etvin, who often didn’t hit because of mood, sold products that he was satisfied with just hitting, and earned the living expenses for that purpose.

By the way, the reason why only general products were sold in the store was that there was a separate entrance for customers who wanted a proper product. This was a shop for customers who wanted something like that, while being attracted by his name. In other words, it was just to brag that they bought it in Etvin’s shop.

Of course, they were not hit by Etvin, and he would tell them to the customers. However, it didn’t matter to such customers. They just want to be proud that they bought it at Etvin’s shop, so they didn’t care about anything else.

Customers were happy to be proud, Etvin was happy that they were able to enjoy it, and those who were hitting the general goods were happy to earn money to live. It was a shop where no one was unhappy and everyone was happy.

However, for that exact reason, it would be regrettable if this shop disappeared. Well, if this shop disappeared, there was a problem with how to live with it in the future, so it was actually a bad idea to offer it.

But it wasn’t a mistake to offer so when considering that he could hold this sword in his hand even with that small amount.

“Hmm… I refuse.” (Soma)

Or maybe it was because Etvin knew that this sword was valuable. He wasn’t disappointed that he was turned down without much hesitation, rather he was convinced.

“Is… is that so? Even with all my property…” (Etvin)

“No, I’m not interested in a huge amount of money. I don’t really care, but…” (Soma)

“But?” (Etvin)

“This sword is my partner and it was hit by my companion. It’s fine to show it, but I can’t lend it to you for whatever reason.” (Soma)

“Aah, certainly.” (Etvin)

The words were convincing. And he was convinced. It wasn’t a mistake that he was fascinated by this sword.

Etvin was fascinated by the way it should be. This sword was wonderful, but the most amazing thing was it recognized the bearer.

No matter how great the weapon was, it was meaningless if the one who wielded it wasn’t suitable. It was similar to the weapons displayed in this shop. All the repaired and maintained weapons only became the seed of bragging.

However, how much skill one should really have for the sword to recognize its bearer. Etvin couldn’t imagine it, but… what this sword recognized was the lad had that much skill. Even if he couldn’t imagine, it was natural to know to a certain degree if he was a blacksmith expert.

And the boy also seemed to recognize this sword. It went without saying that he wasn’t just making up words.

It was a relationship in which the weapon and the bearer recognized each other. It was ideal… It was exactly what Etvin recognized.

He hoped that the best weapon he had struck was something that he could recognize with someone. With that in mind, Etvin kept swinging his mallet so that it could be. He couldn’t inspire his mind in a situation where he didn’t know if there was an end and when his own skill didn’t synchronize with the mind.

That was why he wanted to look at this sword, which was the destination, and swung the mallet as his heart commanded, but… well, if it was impossible, it couldn’t be helped. He was able to see the destination he was aiming for in shape. Then, that was enough.

A clumsy and unfinished spear was placed at the edge of the view, and the mouth was slightly distorted. There was a destination to aim for, and he was finally starting to run.

He was aware that the destination was far away. If he still kept running, he would soon be able to–..

“–n! Etvin!” (Victoria)

“–!? Haa? Your Majesty, do you need something?” (Etvin)

Etvin turned his gaze to the woman, who called out and looked at him. She was a guest, and he knew that she was the greatest person in the country, but he didn’t want her to be in sight if possible.

But he couldn’t leave it alone, so he reluctantly opened his mouth.

“Well, have you already confirmed the result? Then, there’s no reason to be here anymore, right?” (Etvin)

“That’s right, but were you daydreaming just now? Aside from my partner, you should at least entertain other customers.” (Victoria)

“Tsk… I know.” (Etvin)

Actually, he didn’t remember neglecting the customer’s partner in the first place. He wasn’t but… he was daydreaming, and he didn’t even remember what he was thinking until just before. It was true that he was thinking about something.

He felt annoyed to be told that, but it was certainly his fault.

“Aah… sorry about that.” (Etvin)

“No, we’re not customers to begin with. You don’t have to worry about it.” (Soma)

“Really? Well, I can’t borrow this from you. I’ll return it. Thanks anyway.” (Etvin)

“Well, it’s not going to diminish or anything, and I hope it helps.” (Soma)

Etvin twisted the hold slightly, putting the sword in the scabbard and returning it to the boy. He somehow felt like he had forgotten something.

In the first place, why did he decide to borrow that sword?

However, it wasn’t a big deal to forget it. While thinking so, he needed to do something before that. Then, he turned his attention to the person in front of him.

“So, do you still need anything? Your Majesty is busy today, right? You shouldn’t have time to stay like this, yes?” (Etvin)

“I know. Today was meaningful. I’ll come again.” (Victoria)

“I hope you don’t come…” (Etvin)

Did the murmur from the bottom of his heart reach her or not? The steps of the empress, who turned her back, didn’t change and she walked away to the outside as it was. The boy and the girl, who came with her, followed, and eventually, the usual silence returned to the shop.

It was Etvin’s clicking tongue that broke the silence.

“Aah… I feel bad. I saw something unpleasant. Seriously, don’t come all the way here.” (Etvin)

While muttering as if to throw up, he clicked the tongue again.

He was always like this after meeting her. As the chest felt not good, something similar to nausea struck. Then, he didn’t want to see her face if possible, and he didn’t want to be in the same space even a little. If she wasn’t a customer, he wouldn’t even want to see her again in the future.

There was no particular reason though. It wasn’t like something happened in the past, but somehow, he didn’t like it.

However, that shouldn’t have been the case for a long time. If it was so, it was doubtful that he had received his request.

No, when did he become like this?

Speaking of the old days, he also noticed her attitude. Did they have such a relationship for a long time? Was it such a relationship where friends smiled at each other?

In the past, it seemed to be more different.

“Tsk. It doesn’t matter.” (Etvin)

He got rid of unnecessary thoughts with the clicking tongue. All he had to do was to fulfill the request.

Etvin thought about that as if to tell it to himself. Then, he gently looked away from the door where Victoria went out.



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