Ex Strongest Swordsman 311 (Self Edited) – Ex Strongest, Being Invited to the Empire



Ex Strongest, Being Invited to the Empire

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The empress was looking down on them as if she was observing with a joyful smile on her face.

Her figure was at higher elevation than Soma, and it was about three steps higher. As long as she looked around while being cautious, this place probably looked like an audience room.

Of course, here wasn’t the shrine in the Holy City. It was almost certain that this place was the Yupiter Empire.

The previous phenomenon was a forced teleportation, and literally speaking, they were forcibly brought from the Holy City to the Yupiter Empire.

“Hmm… rather than being surprised, you are quite calm. Besides, you don’t seem to be hostile. There’s no way you expect this, right?” (Victoria)

“Well, it’s certainly unexpected that I would come this far, but… there is no reason to be panicked or hostile, isn’t it? That’s because the one who should be panicked or hostile is you, right?” (Soma)

“Hou…?” (Victoria)

The moment he said it, the empress’ eyes were squinted while keeping a smile on her mouth. It was a bit more intimidating, but Soma just shrugged lightly.

He cut off her gaze and looked at Aina who was nearby.

“Aina… are you alright?” (Soma)

“…Well, I’m alright, but… you act as usual, aren’t you?” (Aina)

With that said, Aina sighed as usual, but… she turned out to be composed because Soma was still holding her hand. Of course, Aina realized that as well. She understood that this was something that needed to be done in this situation.

The other side was the empress. Their side was the side who would bring the fight. She didn’t know what would happen if she showed an appearance of being weak.

Well, speaking of that, Soma had already said words and showed attitude as if he was asking for a fight, but those acts were also necessary here. They were in the enemy camp. It was an isolated place and there was no support. It was necessary to show the appearance of nothing was going on.

Or rather, it was fine if only Soma acted that way. The appearance of the empress was certainly shocking in many ways.

What was particularly shocking was that there was no sign of anyone other than the empress here. Yes, in other words, the empress was alone in this place. It was also at the level of suicide.

To begin with, the empire would collapse if she was killed in this place. It wasn’t just a metaphor, but it was a fact.

Since the emperor’s position was inherited only by blood. Furthermore, she inherited the position from the previous emperor. If she were killed here, no one could succeed the throne and her empire would end.

Or someone could take over, or people moved to another country, but then, it was no longer the empire. It was another country that inherited all kinds of things from the empire.

In spite of that, the empress greeted them alone, so Aina couldn’t be helped to be surprised.

However, to put it the other way around, that was it. She was surprised that she would think of that, but yes, that was it.

Indeed, her appearance was certainly suitable for controlling the country that stood at the top of the world. There was nothing to despite if she stood proudly by putting out the chest, arm folded and releasing intimidation.

After all, it was a story of a person who controlled the country. Whether she felt threatened or not, that would be another story.

Still, it seemed that it was appropriate for that person holding the position, or… at least she had an appropriate strength for it. Perhaps, that person was at least as good as Aina, or she could defeat Aina in an actual battle.

Aina was trembling because she could sense it. In addition, considering the position of the other side, it could be said that Aina had no chance of winning.

But again, that was it. How could Soma fall behind an opponent of that level?

Although it was necessary for him to be careful since Aina was here, he wouldn’t be defeated.

If that was the case, the person who should be most concerned in this situation was Aina. At that moment, a small sound reached Soma’s ears. It was a laughter that came from above, and when he turned his eyes toward it, there was a genuine joyful smile, which was different from the one that person showed earlier.

“Hehehe… You’re not worried when you’re standing before me, huh? I would say that is a pretentious attitude. However, looking at the arrogance… you’re truly the Demon King.” (Victoria)

“Hmm… to be honest, I don’t want to be called arrogant by you, but… do you think that too, Aina?” (Soma)

“From my point of view, I wonder who is arrogant.” (Aina)

Could she doesn’t like that person’s voice? The empress’ laughter became louder, probably because it was a true fact, and the voice sounded as if she was in a good mood.

“Kuhahaha…! The Demon King and I are on the same level, huh… Hmm, I would say it’s disrespectful to me to be compared to anything, but since you are the Demon King who has been recognized by the world, there’s nothing much I can do about it. Rather, I should be proud if I’m being treated as having same level as you…!” (Victoria)

Without having a sense of irony, Soma reflexively turned to Aina, who was looking at the happy-looking empress. He wondered how he would respond.

“She’s a bit different from what I expected.” (Soma)

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“…Yeah. Somehow, I have an impression that she is a person who doesn’t listen to anyone at all…” (Aina)

It was a bit doubtful whether she was listening to people, but what Aina had imagined was a more unreasonable appearance. At least, she couldn’t imagine that the empress was in a good mood, so she was somehow confused.

If the empress was hostile, they would be destroyed, so Aina couldn’t decide how to respond.

“Hmm… by the way, I can hear the voice earlier, but I can’t see the expression at all. I understand that you’re too afraid to look at me, but it’s fine. I’m in a good mood now. So, you can look at me and show your face. I’m allowing no one but you to look at my face!” (Victoria)

“…Did she say that to me?” (Aina)

“I can look at her face as usual. It looks good for now, so why don’t you do it?” (Soma)

“I see. Well, even if she’s in a strange mood, it’s not good enough to show my face.” (Aina)

Despite saying so, Aina’s face was clearly tense, and the grasped hand remained. However, for that reason, if she put a bit more effort to reassure herself, the tension would gradually disappear. Eventually, she let out a breath, and she looked back. Perhaps, she was ready.

Then, when the empress confirmed Aina’s face… the face which seemed to be in a good mood, suddenly became cloudy. Aina was wary if there was something the empress didn’t like, and…

“I thought you were his lover since you’re with him, but are you his servant? I thought you would be prepared for this if you were in love with the Demon King, but… I guess I got you involved.

Soma, together with Aina, blinked their eyes several times as the empress bowed her head. It was a surprising sight.

The empress of this generation was occasionally mentioned in Satya’s lesson. That was she was arrogant and self-centered. Aina thought that it was a matter of a person who only loved herself and couldn’t lower her head to others, but… maybe this person wasn’t the empress?

The appearance was so surprising that such a question suddenly came into her mind, and at least, the apology felt sincere. Was it because she got involved?

“…I don’t really mind. As you said, it’s true that I got involved because of this guy. However, there’s no one to apologize to.” (Aina)

Aina did a follow up because the apology wasn’t needed.

Then, the empress lifted her face to the words and made a sharp looking face for a moment, but immediately after that, the expression disappeared.

“…I see. What a good servant with good loyalty.” (Victoria)

But because Aina didn’t dare to deny that she was a servant, she felt that she was a very good servant. Well, actually it would be better to deny that now. It was a slightly confusing atmosphere and it made Aina think what to do, thinking that she might miss the timing to deny it. So, she had no choice but to give up.

“Hmm… when I look closely, I seem quite a bully. No, was that the case I said just now? I didn’t consider you both. Even so, to put on an attire that represents submissiveness, it means that you’re submissive. To have a servant waiting nearby… Demon King, you really have a good taste. To be honest, I envy you…!” (Victoria)

The words sounded as serious as the apology mentioned earlier. No, it might be more serious than when she apologized. Anyhow, the eyes were serious.

Therefore, when Soma looked back into those eyes–…

“Hmm… I know, right? The attire looks great.” (Soma)

“Hey, Soma…!?” (Aina)

“Hnghh… aren’t you proud of that!? And surely, the attire itself look good! I really do envy you!?” (Victoria)

For some reason, Aina thought that the voice was raised as if it was a shout or the empress was in surprise. But then, the empress looked frustrated when she proudly said that. If that person was the empress herself… well, the empress might be quite an interesting person.

While being given a reproachful look by Aina, Soma was also thinking the same. Then, he suddenly remembered it.

“Hmm… by the way, I feel proud about you again, Aina.” (Soma)

“You don’t have to say that, you know!” (Aina)

“It’s the truth. That reminds me, I haven’t told you that myself, right?” (Soma)

Yes, he should have validated it in the first place, but it was true that he didn’t literally say it. Well, it was correct that he didn’t validate it since it was clear that she would give him an antagonistic response, but… there was a possibility that she would respond differently in a different situation.

That was why Soma decided to validate.

“Hmm… anyhow, that’s true. Say, there were many things happening, but… let’s stop.” (Soma)

“…Ha?” (Aina)

Aina didn’t understand the meaning and responded with a confused voice, but the empress, who still folded her arms, nodded as if she was convinced of something. The empress was muttering something like ‘that’s better’ or ‘should I do that too?’ but Aina wasn’t sure which was which–…

“Well, that’s for the time being. I’m really in a good mood. Since it’s a good time, why don’t I guide you to the royal capital!?” (Victoria)

However, before Aina couldn’t ask what Soma meant, the empress uttered such words loudly.



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