Ex Strongest Swordsman 309 (Self Edited) – A Fool’s Decision



A Fool’s Decision

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“Haah…” (Aina)

Aina, who sighed and had returned to the room assigned to her, walked to the side of the bed, and she sank into the bed.

Thanks to the extraordinary softness that gently accepted Aina’s body, the impact transmitted to the body was almost close to nothing. But for now, Aina couldn’t afford to enjoy the feeling beyond her means.

She moved only her neck, and when she turned to the side, she let out a sigh again.

“No good… it’s tiring. To know something you don’t know is still difficult.” (Aina)

She intended to fully understand the difficulty of learning at the Academy, but for some reason, she really couldn’t do so. Speaking of it, it might be natural. There were no lessons in the Academy where stories that would make people get questioned and pulled in the capital by the Inquisitors.

Even so, Soma and Hildegard didn’t seem to be tired with the lesson. However, that didn’t calm Aina. In such conditions, was there an opportunity to stay here and do something useful?

When she thought about it, she let out a third sigh.

“Although I can understand to a certain extent, as expected, it’s too much…” (Aina)

In the same place where Soma and Hildegard were, there was God. She didn’t understand well about being in the same place, but ‘she’ must be God.

She would only understand if she had experience, but the moment she saw ‘her’, she instinctively realized it. It was to the extent that it wasn’t possible to have a misunderstanding.

Besides, Soma and Hildegard confirmed that fact. If so, it must have been true.

Rather, that wasn’t a problem in the first place. There might be various issues in regards to the Holy Doctrine, Aina wasn’t a believer. Regardless if there were problems, Aina didn’t know.

So, the problem she had was rather…

“Why are we getting lessons directly from God?” (Aina)

However it might be, it could be an impetus for creating a new religion. It seemed like an impossible situation, and no matter who she talked about what was happening, it would be treated as a lie.

Imagine the reaction if she talked about ‘her’ in Radeus…

“Eh? It’s surprising that I can believe it, isn’t it?” (Aina)

She could imagine there might be a dismay in everyone’s face, but if she said it that way, would they react ‘Ah, I see’? There was no contradiction.

And even if she was the one who listened, she could easily imagine that she would react in the same way. That was because of Soma. It wasn’t weird when that kind of thing happened when he was involved.

However, to put it another way around, it was because Soma was there. If she was there alone, or… perhaps, even if Hildegard was together with her, she didn’t think everyone would believe it. The facial expressions of everyone might have been the same, and their reaction that they couldn’t believe it.

No, if it was Soma, his reaction was probably the only exception…

“That’s why Soma is fine…” (Aina)

Aina muttered as if she was surprised with her thoughts, and then, she buried her face in the pillow. To begin with, the thoughts were steadily shifting.

‘Let’s make some adjustments.’

“Uhm… I wonder if they couldn’t believe that I received lessons directly from God.” (Aina)

She rolled around, lying on her back, and looking up on the ceiling. What would she think if she knew yesterday that there would be God, whom she could talk to in the same space, and learned a lot from ‘her’?

If she knew it before leaving Demento, she would…

“No, if it is so, I would somehow come here.” (Aina)

She thought that even if it was intimidating, she wouldn’t be pulled in. She could help her homeland… the place where she could go home, and for Soma to… no, she could repay her debt to Soma. Therefore, there was no reason not to come.

“Well, I can’t say that it made sense as it did when I came here.” (Aina)

When she tried to deceive her thoughts in this way, words other than her thoughts were still spinning around in her head. The Devil, the Demon King, Curse, Divine Arts, the world, the Evil God, and Father. The information she learned about them today was moving around in the mind as it was hardly understood.

Leaving that aside, she lost to Soma without being able to do anything.

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She didn’t think she could win. It was expected to lose.

But up to that point, she never expected that she would be defeated without even using her favorite magic. The reality was that it was less than she had imagined.

He wasn’t distracted even for a moment. On the contrary, her ability to concentrate was interrupted and that was why she lost. There was no excuse. It was a complete defeat.

From long ago, she hadn’t been able to move forward even one step.

Perhaps, it was just that Soma walked faster than her, but that wasn’t an excuse. If she wanted to return the debt to Soma, she had to catch up with Soma’s current ability. Otherwise, instead of paying debt, she would incur more debts.

Although Soma and Hildegard didn’t mind lending their wisdom, Aina was hopeless at such a time…

“Well…  I have no intention to give up and run away.” (Aina)

So, what should she really do? That was right. It would be a wise choice not to drag his feet.

Unfortunately, Aina wasn’t smart. It didn’t matter if she was a fool. It was fine. If it was wise to run away from here because she didn’t want to drag his feet, Aina would be glad to be a fool.

“Rather, I wonder if I was misunderstanding things.” (Aina)

A self-deprecating bitter smile leaked to her own misunderstanding.

Aina certainly had a decent grade at the Academy. When she had free time, she was trained and treated like a disciple by Sophia. She finally got confirmation from God that she had the power to become Sophia’s successor. Was it because of that? However, when she thought about it for a moment, she could understand.

Why did God say that? Did God think she would be proud and confident?

The person who walked further in front of me… the one whom she wanted to pay her debt… it was Soma. It was natural that being a successor wasn’t enough.

“I need to focus. Come on.” (Aina)

Aina remembered while telling that to herself.

Yes, she used to understand that well. Of course, she knew she could reach Soma’s level.

Even so, she was walking behind Soma. That was because she had something to do.

Soma was neither invincible nor omnipotent. At first glance, it seemed that he could do everything, but sometimes, he suddenly started doing strange things and overlooked something.

There were many things she could do.

Of course, she had to think about it. There was no reason not to.

But that was that. It was the privilege of those who had the ability to complain. If she couldn’t have the ability that she couldn’t reach, she had no choice to do what she could.

Besides, she was sure… if it was simply about the ability, even Hildegard should be enough. She understood that clearly.

However, that woman was there. She stood next to Soma and she walked in the same line of sight. She was at least struggling to do so.

In that case… Aina also could do the same.

“I won’t lose.” (Aina)

Aina didn’t know what she should do yet. She was merely muttering without thinking about it. She knew it wasn’t a bad thing if she was aware of something strange, and she knew herself best without being told by anyone.

So, Aina just closed her eyes before she thought about her strange thoughts. She didn’t do it to sleep, but to cool her head and rejuvenate.

When she opened her eyes… she thought what she should do. For the time being, she might want to go to the room next to hers.

As Aina thought about it a bit further, she slightly loosened her mouth.


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