The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 134 (Self Edited) – The Lady’s First Battle



The Lady’s First Battle

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“That’s it for the report.” (Delaro)

A man named Delaro had finished the reconnaissance report.

“Hmm…” (Epitaph)

Epitaph had an unprecedented serious face, thinking while sitting deep in a chair. Angie was also thinking hard in her head.

The bridge was destroyed, and the blonde princess came out on the front line.

They were looking for something, and they finally found it. Although they knew that their people were scouts and didn’t feel a threat, they were at the forefront, and were seen by the scouts, and thus, the report came out.

It felt strange.

However, there was a possibility that the blondes were exposed to attract the scout.

As a result of proceeding further, six people in the party of the man called Delaro died, and only two people including him returned. Even so, it was a success as a reconnaissance since he managed to return. However, it was a fact that he went deeply into the kill zone area of the ambush.

They used the blonde princesses to lure him into the kill zone area.

‘I think there should be a reason, but I’m not sure. Aren’t the blonde princess their top priority protection targets? If that’s the case, why are they on this side even though the bridge has fallen?’

‘I don’t get it. There may be some reason, but I couldn’t think of any theory that could be clearly understood.’

“Are they trying to make the weak soldiers ready while fighting us head on?” (Epitaph)

Epitaph came up with an answer.

‘It seems too straightforward, but the reasoning behind the situation is that it makes sense.’

‘But as Delaro mentioned earlier, the enemy seems to be less than a hundred people at most. He reported it. If the other side is the long-eared, they don’t always know the force of our side either, so there is a possibility of taking such a tactic. In other words, they are prepared to die, and are trying to fight from the front.’

‘However, this time around, the long-eared dropped a burning weapon again in the middle of the march and burned the provision on our side. That adds another level of anxiety on the provision. From the beginning, the amount is small and it becomes much worse.’

‘There’s no doubt that the enemy, who was using a giant eagle, plans to trap us in this situation. Given that, is it possible that they don’t really know our strength?’

‘If it’s a thousand against a hundred, no matter how the bridge has fallen and they become deadly soldiers, they should understand that it’s a bad fight. Is that the kind of judgment made by a person named Yuri Hou, who managed to escape? But…’

“It’s a possible story.” (Angelica)

Eventually, Angie gave a follow up.

‘In the first place, those people aren’t necessarily led by Yuri Hou. Some kind of irregularity may happen, and they may be led by the blonde princess.’

Angie couldn’t think of any reason to destroy the bridge in this situation other than the reason Epitaph stated.

The soldiers who were close to their hometown and were on the run were weak. Since the determination to die was lacking, that person spared their life and let them run away.

‘That’s one of Father’s teachings. By dropping the bridge, it creates a situation where you will have to face the enemy no matter what, so you can expect the effect of reprimanding the soldiers who are running away. This effect is definitely in reality. It would be encouraging for the princess to appear on the front line and take command.’

“Angelica-dono, could you tell me the geography around that bridge?” (Epitaph)

“Alright. Would it be fine to tell it roughly?” (Angelica)

“Yes, it’s fine.” (Epitaph)

The map in Angie’s head wasn’t always accurate. Maps were unexpectedly sloppy unless the higher ups had worked hard for it.

Angie drew a simple map on the parchment she had.



“The arrow is the flow of the river.” (Angelica)

“It’s true that there are two roads on this side, separate from the road we’re on now.” (Epitaph)

Epitaph said while pointing at the map.

“The only roads that can be called main roads are the road that we’re taking and the road heading to the east. The northern road is a mountain trail-like path, and it’s probably not accessible by carriage. It runs through the mountains to the other side. In other words, it shouldn’t be like a mountain pass.” (Epitaph)

Angelica certainly remembered that there was a picture in a book that was looted, but the memory was vague. He didn’t know what kind of meaning that path was.

Angie, who had read various books and heard various stories from Shanti slaves, made maps, but she often found mistakes on this expedition. She thought that it was a rather big road, but there were mistakes such as the road was a forest road similar to an animal trail, and the road didn’t appear on the map when going further.

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However, it seemed almost certain that it wasn’t a mountain pass that crosses the mountains.

If it was according to Angie’s memory, the only way to cross the mountain range without crossing the river from here was to go further north in order to avoid the mountain range, take a detour to creep in. Choosing the road that crosses the mountain range should be done further south.

“I see… let’s do this. Fortunately, the enemy is waiting on the road near the bridge.” (Epitaph)

Epitaph pulled the map drawn by Angie and took the pen himself.

Then, he applied vermilion ink…

“There. I will exercise the troops and do this.” (Epitaph)

He drew a red line.



“How about this? This way, the Devils can be executed.” (Epitaph)

‘As expected, it will come to this, isn’t it?’

Angie thought.

‘If there’s a way to escape, some of them will escape even if we defeat it from the front with a thousand soldiers. It’s difficult to pursue them forever because the supply is limited. However, if we block the road in this way, it will be difficult for them to escape.’

‘That’s what Epitaph intends to do. For those who have experience, this was a tedious and cumbersome strategy but it’s rational. But at the same time, there are many problems.’

“I would like Angelica-dono to play a role in restraining these two paths.” (Epitaph)

One of the problems is that the command doesn’t arrive because it’s a remote operation. However, it’s enough for two commanders. In other words, the other commander is Angie.’

“How am I going to contact you?” (Angelica)

“Use this.” (Epitaph)

Epitaph took a strangely shaped arrow out of his bag.

“It’s a whistling arrow of the Dragon Empire.” (Epitaph)

A whistling arrow used a whistle instead of an arrow tip, which wasn’t normally used in the Kuran army. Normally, when giving orders in battle, they used a trumpet.

“The command is hard to reach in these forests. With this, I can hear it.” (Epitaph)

Surely, if it was a whistling arrow that kept ringing in the sky, it might be heard even across the forest. The arrow wouldn’t be able to function for tens of kilometers away, so it was probably use within the range where sound could be heard.

“Well then, once the deployment is complete, we will shoot a whistling arrow from here and attack it once with the command. Is that correct?” (Angelica)

“Yes, you’re right. I have no intention of using things made by heretics, but it’s suitable for Devil hunting.” (Epitaph)

Epitaph said with his usual eerie smile.

“Well… surely.” (Angelica)

Angie, who wasn’t too religious, never get used to Epitaph’s view of religion, or… rather the view of the world.

The meeting on the battlefield was only purely to discuss tactics. There was no need for contempt or contempt that came from discrimination.

Somehow, she felt that tactics were watered down, or rather, mixed with impurities.

“Well then, will you accept the order?” (Epitaph)

“Of course, I will accept it.

Then, Angie said…

“However, I only brought fifty soldiers. To ensure that the plan won’t leak, they should spread the wings in the forest. In addition, soldiers should be placed on the northern path just in case. For that purpose, I would like to lend me about 300 soldiers from the volunteering chivalric order.” (Angelica)

She added.

“I understand. If that’s the case, I will lend you soldiers.” (Epitaph)

‘That’s good. With this, I can complete the encirclement.’

“Then, I’m going to let the soldiers eat.” (Angelica)

Angie stood up.

She felt her spirit getting excited and motivated. She got goosebumps, even though it wasn’t a role that she was willing to do.

For Angie, this was her first battle. It was her first battle that wasn’t about subduing bandits.



  • The maps above look not good because it’s drawn roughly.
  • The real map is shown in previous chapter. I’ll put it here just in case.


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