The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 132 (Self Edited) – Telor Tuni Chartes



Telor Tuni Chartes

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That night, Telor Tuni Chartes was in Kilghina.

The bridge nearby was heavily congested. Even though it was midnight, there were people crossing it. There were angry shouts spreading around. It seemed people were crossing all night, urged by strangers, while they weren’t being informed about the current situation.

Telor also had crossed the bridge once. At that time, the bridge was occupied only to herself. While it invited disapproval, she went to Shaalta by a carriage.

The bridge was a strange bridge. There was a crude wooden bridge cuddling up next to the magnificent stone bridge. Telor rode a carriage and crossed the stone bridge to the Shaalta side.

However, after that, when the sun was about to set, a messenger on an eagle came. Then, she was hurriedly put on a horse and got onto the crude wooden bridge. She looked sideways at a large number of people crossing the stone bridge and looked back to her side.

At that time, she was also separated from her caretaker, Hinami Waltz.

Telor didn’t understand. Even if she was prepared with a carriage that was equipped with a canopy, she couldn’t get very sleepy.

At the moment, she was looking at the Canterra light while being wrapped in a blanket. The bed was just straw covered in a cloth and the blanket was worn out, probably because it was urgently prepared.

This was her first time to have such a poor quality bed. She still wanted to sleep, but even though she lied down once, she couldn’t sleep no matter what.

In the end, instead of getting up and doing something, she could only watch the bonfire while thinking about the situation. Rather than just this night, all the bad thoughts came to her mind this night as well.

The canopy cloth at the rear of the carriage was slowly opened when she spent the time in that way. The one that opened it was Dolla Godwin, whom she got used to for the past ten days.

They were people who were like her exclusive escort, guarding the area around the carriage without sleeping. Dolla went back here, and pulled the reins of the horse on which Telor was riding.

“…Do you have something?” (Telor)

Telor said in a disappearing voice.

“No… I was wondering if you were sleeping.” (Dolla)

The man, Dolla, wasn’t speech-impaired, but he wasn’t someone who was good at using variety of words like those in the royal court.

“I was trying to sleep…” (Telor)

“Is that so? May I come in?” (Dolla)

“Alright.” (Telor)

Telor had something to ask, so she allowed him to come into the canopy. He untied his lace-up shoes, put them outside, and slowly entered the carriage.

He was a big man whose head was closed to the top of the canopy, even if he bent down. His weight was probably double than her weight.

However, surprisingly, this man wasn’t a rough man, the characteristic which was often associated with Knight. Rather, for the last ten days, he sat quietly and looked sadly as if he was indulged in something. He sat down slowly at the wooden box at the entrance.

“Uhm… what are you going to tell me?” (Telor)

Telor said in a soft voice. Although she hadn’t been informed of anything since she went on this trip, she could guess that something unusual had happened since yesterday.

If there wasn’t anything, there was no need to drive the refugees out, and it might be his intention to bring her back to this side in the first place. In other words, she was recalled to be taken advantage of.

“Well… I also haven’t heard about anything.” (Dolla)

He didn’t seem to be a man who was good with acting. That was why she asked.

As expected, he didn’t seem to be lying. But there was also no information obtained.

“Is… that so?” (Telor)

“Uhm… it’s not going to be bad, so you don’t have to worry too much.” (Dolla)

There might be no basis in such words. She could at least understand that.

“Yuri-… sama… is he going to hand me over to the other side?” (Telor)

That was what Telor was worried about. She didn’t know how bad it was. However, she could understand the reason for doing such a thing.

In other words, she was sold to the Kuran. In exchange, the enemy would overlook them or gave him money when they met.

“What? Uhm, are you saying that Yuri is going to hand you over?” (Dolla)

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“Yes.” (Telor)

“Fuh… haha.” (Dolla)

Dolla burst into laughter immediately. When she looked at that face, he had a strange-looking face.

It was the first time seeing him laughing.

“That’s impossible. He’s not someone who is going to do that.” (Dolla)

Dolla affirmed that was a bad joke.

“Why? You don’t know that, right?” (Telor)

“Why…? Well, that’s because I think it is.” (Dolla)

‘Thinking as it is…’

It seemed that he had a reason to say that such a thing was impossible.

His smile had already disappeared.

“You.. Do you know that person well?” (Telor)

“Do you mean, Yuri?” (Dolla)

“Yes.” (Telor)

“We have been in the same room for eight years in the school of Knights, but… I’m not sure.” (Dolla)

Speaking of the same room, it was something new for Telor.

“You know him for eight years, and yet, you’re not sure?” (Telor)

“Well, I know him better than others, but… I have a feeling that I’m a fool for not being able to understand his reason. That’s why I say I’m not sure.” (Dolla)

Somehow, she didn’t get it.

‘Is he a human being beyond the scope of understanding?’

“Even so, how do you know that he won’t sell me?” (Telor)

“…I wonder, is it because he’s strong? He will somehow do things by himself… Well, you don’t have to worry about him selling you away.” (Dolla)

It wasn’t an answer, but apparently, he had some convictions. Even if she couldn’t understand, she probably could if she looked at it from his point of view.

He wasn’t a fool, but it was just that the situation wasn’t understandable. That was what she thought.

“I can’t trust that person.” (Telor)

Telor boldly pointed that out.

“Is that so?” (Dolla)

“I don’t know what he is thinking, and somehow… I feel scared.” (Telor)

She had that impression since the first time she met him. His face was neat and so good that he could speak to the king on equal footing… no, probably, that was the reason. She felt something bottomless.

It was how she was scared when looking at the bottom of a valley… If she could put into words, it was as if she would be taken away somewhere far away…

“Well, it’s ridiculous to trust someone in a few days, right?” (Dolla)

Dolla seemed to think that it was an irrelevant matter.

“But if I can’t trust him, I won’t be able to sleep because of the anxiety…” (Telor)

Telor said in the same way how she asked her maid for comfort.

“It’s fine if you can’t sleep. It’s because I’ll shoulder the burden together with you.” (Dolla)

“That would be a problem…” (Telor)

She wondered if he understood it.

No, since she was going to live in Shaalta, no one would understand her birth of Kilghina. It was the royal family of a perishing country.

“In that case, I would help you if he’s really going to hand you over.” (Dolla)

“Eh…?” (Telor)

‘What did you say?’

“If I have no reason to tell you, I can only say that I will take you away before he hands you over. Well, he may have a compelling reason, but I will overlook it. Then, I’ll follow later and rescue you.” (Dolla)

Contrary to the words, Dolla was somehow languid.

If he didn’t sound uplifted, he also didn’t have the passion. But that was what he said while sitting on the wooden box.

Saying that he would do such things if she was still worried.

“Even if you may die along the way?” (Telor)

“Yes. Do you feel better now?” (Dolla)

“No… Why would you want to do that?” (Telor)

From Telor’s point of view, it was a confusing proposal. She didn’t want to die, and she didn’t want him to die either. So, why would he be willing to die for her?

“There’s no point in saying this, but… recently, I just had no purpose in life.” (Dolla)

“Haa…?” (Telor)

She didn’t understand well.

“Well, that is if Yuri hands you over. I said before that it’s impossible, but if I’m wrong, I’ll take responsibility. If I do that, it may not be worth to keep up the effort, so… well, it’s an impossible matter.” (Dolla)

“Really?” (Telor)

It seemed like a weirdo’s reasoning. However, it sounded reliable.

“Aah, does it bother you? If that’s so…” (Dolla)

“No, please take care of me.” (Telor)

While sitting, she bowed a little.

“In exchange… would it be alright if I sleep here? …until I’ll be on the lookout in three hours later. It’s also for the convenience of security.” (Dolla)

“Please do so. I don’t mind.” (Telor)

“Well then, you can sleep as well, Hime-sama.” (Dolla)

Dolla said that and when he put his elbows on his knees, his head drooped down, probably because he was tired. He gradually became passive, and a minute later, he seemed to be sleeping.

“…” (Telor)

After seeing that, Telor laid down on the crude bed while trying hard not to make noise, and covered herself up with a bit-smelly blanket.

Surprisingly, her consciousness easily faded and she fell asleep immediately.


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