Ex Strongest Swordsman 302 (Self Edited) – Encounter with God



Encounter with God

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Strangely, there wasn’t much surprise. No, to be more precise, Aina might have just been too surprised that the senses were paralyzed. But at least, it wasn’t much compared to the moment when she stepped into this room.

In front of her, there was a figure of a girl. It was because she was able to understand what to say immediately as she easily accepted that playful introduction.

‘She’ was God.

Aina knew that there was no lie in the word without anyone saying anything.

She wasn’t a believer of the Holy Doctrine, but she believed in the existence of God. However, ‘her’ presence was so terrifying that she could understand it at a glance, and it was atmospheric pressure. Perhaps, if she had met ‘her’ alone, she might have just believed it as it was.

It didn’t happen in that way because Soma and Hildegard were there with their normal expression. After seeing him talking to the existence with a face that looked like nothing was going, Aina was able to gradually regain her composure.

However, that didn’t mean that she was completely calm–…

“Hmm… the next Magic King, is it?” (Soma)

“Well, strictly speaking, she may still be a candidate. However, as you know, there are only a few people with Special Rank skills, and I think it’s almost fixed. By the way, the story is a bit different, but it’s quite common for people of the Seven Heavens to get married. Did you know that? The same was true for the Sword and Magic Kings of this generation, and I wonder if there’s something in common with them.” (Satya)

“You… why are you telling this story now…!?” (Hildegard)

“Well, I just remembered it, and I have no other intentions, you know? Soma-kun is also the next Sword King, so I just thought it was strange. Aah, that reminds me, you also have Special Rank skills, but was it after you had already given up the throne to the younger ones? Well, that’s too bad…” (Satya)

“Don’t say it as if my loss is confirmed…!” (Hildegard)

While interacting like that, Aina suddenly felt that Satya’s eyes turned to herself. She also felt that the eyes were like seeing everything about her, and she was about to be sucked in at the same time.

It felt similar to Eleonora’s eyes, but it was deeper than that, and she didn’t know the depth of it. She instinctively felt that the eyes weren’t something she shouldn’t keep looking at, but… before she looked away, ‘she’ gave a wry smile.

“Even so… yeah, as I expected, the clothes look good on Aina-chan.” (Satya)

“As expected, is it? Was it your work?” (Soma)

“Oh my, did I get caught? Hmm, should I have made it a bit more difficult to understand…?” (Satya)

“What’s with that ‘hmm’? I wonder if there’s anyone other than you who can do such unnecessary things in many ways.” (Hildegard)

No matter who the other side was, the appearance of Soma, who wasn’t even scared and his unchanging attitude, made Aina display a wry smile. Suddenly, she tilted her head. It seemed that something that shouldn’t have happened, just happened at the moment…

“Aah. The surname…” (Aina)

“Hmm? Yes, do you understand my surname? Even if I have it, I’m God. That much is still possible.” (Satya)

The appearance of shrugging it off while saying so completely looked like a girl. However, that wasn’t the case. That was because Aina knew well that Satya wasn’t just a girl.

Still, her feelings that she was much more afraid the moment she first saw Satya were fading. Did this mean she was starting to get used to ‘her’? She didn’t understand her feelings well, but if the other side was really God, that might be the case.

Plus, if she thought that it was useless to think about it, there was still one thing that remained in her mind. She wasn’t surprised at Satya’s self-introduction earlier, but there were doubts.

“Uhm… may I ask you something?” (Aina)

“Ooh, you don’t have to change the way you speak, you know? I don’t like it. I would like you to forgive me for letting these people in that way, but I want you to talk comfortably, alright?” (Satya)

“…I see. Understood.” (Aina)

Was it because she heard the same line yesterday? She was surprised at how easily she accepted the words.

There was no problem accepting it. Once she was convinced, she continued.

“Well then, just now, you said that I was the next Magic King.” (Aina)

“Yes, did you have any doubts?” (Satya)

“Yes. After all, the Seven Heavens should be selected from humankind, isn’t it?” (Aina)

That was because the Demon Heavenly Generals among the Demons. If the Seven Heavens were selected from other than humankind, it should be strange to have one of the demons to be elected to the Seven Heavens.

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In fact, the Seven Heavens was a title that could be highly praised…

“No? At least I don’t remember saying a single word like that, you know?” (Satya)

“…Eh? But if that’s the case, the Demon Heavenly Generals is…” (Aina)

“The Seven Heaves isn’t simply selected forcibly. Each has its own conditions to be selected, and if those conditions aren’t met, they won’t be selected. To be exact, some seats were vacant. I don’t remember the details, but it may be because the conditions weren’t met.” (Satya)

“Hmm… that reminds me, did you actually choose the Seven Heavens?” (Soma)

Soma suddenly asked. He probably wasn’t surprised. After all, if there really was God in the Holy City, it wasn’t surprising if such a thing was decided by God.

“Aah, well, yes. That’s a secret, you know? Eleonora is supposed to choose them for now.” (Satya)

“I feel like I’ll be treated as a liar if I tell it to anyone.” (Hildegard)

“Well, that will almost certainly happen. By the way, as Aina says, is the division of humankind and Demons created by humankind in the first place? The Holy City shouldn’t have affirmed that view, and I think it’s no wonder that Seven Heaves isn’t limited to humankind.” (Soma)

“…If you told me that, I guess you’re right.” (Aina)

“Well, I wonder if that’s one of the reasons. Since I’m in the Holy City, I try to be as neutral as possible. Aah, there was only one exception. The only exception is the Demon King. It’s decided by the world.” (Satya)

“Eh, is that so? Then, Soma is… ehh? You said earlier that Soma has been unofficially chosen, right?” (Aina)

To be honest, she wasn’t sure if Soma became the Demon King or was called the Demon King, but at least, the existence mentioned in the letter from the empire must be Soma. When it came to that, was it just that the empire calls him that way, or was Soma an exception?

“Aah..  Well, to be honest, that matter is a bit messy. For the time being, Soma-kun is certainly the Demon King, but it isn’t a problem for him to be chosen to Seven Heaves if he has the requirements.” (Satya)

Although Aina was still not sure, she was convinced not because the other side was God, but because it was related to Soma. It wasn’t uncommon for things to happen that weren’t well understood when Soma was involved, but rather, it was almost every time. If she couldn’t convince herself without knowing that fact well, she couldn’t do it.

“Actually, the same thing could be said for you in that matter.” (Satya)

“Eh, me?” (Aina)

“Yes, you’re also intertwined in a variety of ways. Well, that’s the story, and you don’t have to worry because you’re likely to be chosen as the Seven Heavens.” (Satya)

“If she doesn’t have to worry, shouldn’t you have said it from the start?” (Soma)

“Aah, you’re right. But you see, I’m God. I’ll just respond if asked.” (Satya)

“Do you feel like no one would ask that?” (Hildegard)

Looking at her sideways, Aina nodded as if she was convinced of the answer to her question. For the time being, it seemed possible to be selected as the Seven Heavens regardless whether she was a Demon or not.

Honestly speaking, she couldn’t say whether she was happy or not. Even if she was really chosen, it wouldn’t cause anything to happen. It seemed that it could be used for Demento, but it didn’t give any advantage to Aina personally.

It was just that… It was probably because Satya said something strange. For some reason, what came to her mind was the sight of Sophia, who often took care of her, standing side by side with Kraus.

If she were chosen, would she be in that way as well?

“Aah, yes, yes.” (Satya)

“Kyaa….!?” (Aina)

Perhaps, she was absorbed in her thoughts that she would never think about it, the moment she was called by Satya, she reflexively let out a scream. Three pairs of eyes looked slightly surprised, and she could feel her face turning red.

“Uh-uhm… what is it?” (Aina)

“Aah, yes… that part got slightly involved in the current story, isn’t it?” (Satya)

Although she seemed a bit confused, she was grateful in her heart that ‘she’ continued the story, but she was inclined to the content of the story that followed. Was there still something to talk about related to the Seven Heavens?

“Well, rather than talking about the Seven Heavens, it’s more about Soma being the Demon King. Since Aina-chan is our companion, I could at least talk about it, right?” (Satya)

“Well, yes. If you didn’t intend to talk about it, I wouldn’t come here in the first place, and I would just go home. That is…” (Aina)

In fact, the role given to Aina by her father was finally over. It was Aina’s job to tell the message, and she was told that he would leave it to her own judgment after that.

That was why Aina intended to stay here, or was there any condition to be their companion?

Thinking that far, she thought it was natural. Even if she was Soma’s friend, she couldn’t join him unconditionally.

Moreover, no matter how much she thought about it, troubles were waiting for her. It was clear from the fact that she used the word companion. She hadn’t heard the detailed story yet, so it was no wonder what she would be told.

She was prepared for anything–…

“Yes… can you try to fight Soma-kun for a while?” (Satya)

“…Yes?” (Aina)

The surprised voice leaked out unexpectedly, but she wasn’t at fault for that. Aina thought such a thing in the corner of the head while looking at Satya’s smiling face.



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