The Demon King Seems to Conquer the World 129 (Self Edited) – Crusade’s Great War Council



Crusade’s Great War Council

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The representatives from each country were gathering at the Crusade’s war council.

Although the king was rarely dispatched to the Crusade, capable people such as princes and princesses are commonplace. There were few other events where such nobles met together.

‘Was that during the Pope’s funeral?’

However, only the Euphos Federation army wasn’t here. They were pressing down the northern city. They were monitoring if soldiers were coming out from the city and attacking the rear of the battle formation.

Epitaph Palazzo raised his hand after completing a series of regular reports at the war council.

“Epitaph-dono, please talk.” (Alfred)

Angie’s oldest brother said. Epitaph was just to the right of the long desk’s edge where Alfred was sitting. He was on the runner-up seat.

“A while ago, Angelica-dono had captured a devil and interrogated him with me, and we were able to find out important information. Therefore, Angelica-dono will explain.” (Epitaph)

Angie stood up as he was called.

“Then, I’m going to explain. First of all, the identity of the dragon-slayer man who we have been discussing for a long time and couldn’t finally catch is… the nephew of the person who killed the former king, the King’s Alfred’s father, and of course, my father, Renistch Sacrament.” (Angelica)

When she said that, she felt that the atmosphere of the meeting was cramped.

“He is in a position to inherit an area called the Hou Household territory in the southern part of the Shaalta Kingdom. This area is the most fertile in the Shaalta Kingdom and the Hou Household that govern it is… no, it is safe to say that they are the most powerful aristocrats. It also turned out that it was Princess Carol of the Shaalta royal family who was accompanying him.” (Angelica)

The people made commotion. Rather than they couldn’t believe it, the atmosphere was that they were confused by the out-of-place thoughtless words.

“I have a question.” (??)

The person who raised his hand was Fritz Ronnie, the representative of the Galilia Union.

He was a commoner since he was from Galilia. Although he had a lot of medals, he only had the honorary title of Knight. Therefore, he was sitting near the last seat.

However, there was a light of intelligence in his eyes. He was an excellent merchant. He had eyes for things and he looked at the opportunity to curry favor from the royal family.

“Go ahead.” (Angelica)

“I believe that Angelica-dono is more familiar with the state of the Shaalta Kingdom more than anyone else here. So, why the princess of a country at the forefront?” (Fritz)

It was a natural question. Speaking of a princess in a country, she usually grew up like a closeted maiden.

No matter how familiar Angie was with its national affairs, she didn’t investigate the personality of each princess of the Shaalta royal family and the Kilghina royal family in detail.

To be honest, Angie couldn’t explain the reason why the princess went out to the front line.

“I don’t know, but… she’s maybe the same kind person as I am.” (Angelica)

Although the circumstances were different, Angelica, who was also a princess, was actually on the battlefield. A small laugh like a rustle spreading in the meeting, as if it was some kind of joke.

“I see. I understand.” (Fritz)

Fritz Ronnie said so, withdrawing his head on his desk and leaning deep into the back of his chair. The gesture gave an impression of taking a step back, silently saying that he had no more questions.

When she took a time to wait if there were any following questions…

“Let me continue. That man said… about six days ago, they arrived at Reform, just before we arrived, and the next day, they left the Kilghina Kingdom with their princess, 300 soldiers and 1000 people.” (Angelica)

With that said, the atmosphere of the meeting quieted down. That was because it was bad news.

There would be people wanting to chase those people.

However, there was a very limited time since they had run away six days ago. If it was two days, it would be possible to catch up before the horse got tired, but if they had left six days ago, it would be necessary to assemble a full-scale provision.

It couldn’t be helped if they couldn’t win even if they caught them up. If they wanted to chase 300 soldiers, their side needed to have 600 soldiers. If they were to prepare 600 cavalries with full-scale provision, that would take a lot of work. In addition to that, even if it was implemented, there was no guarantee that the enemies could be captured.

It was a great opportunity, but it was regrettable at the same time. That was what it meant. That feeling spread out in the meeting.

“Angelica-dono. Thanks. Please have a seat.” (Epitaph)

With Epitaph interjected, Angie took a seat.

“Our Papal States want to annihilate them.” (Epitaph)

When Epitaph said so, the meeting place was buzzing. Some people blatantly frowned.

For Angie, his remarks were something she heard for the first time.

“However, I’m going to bring 1000 elite soldiers. Their 300 soldiers are said to have been selected from the youngest of the castle soldiers. If there are 1000 elite soldiers of the volunteering chivalric order, we can easily crush them.” (Epitaph)

Epitaph said with conviction. Surely, that was exactly what he said.

Young people were often inferior in skill. If they gathered a number of soldiers, they wouldn’t be able to fight from that day. If they gathered them and took them the next day, they might be more vulnerable than the peasant militias.

The volunteer chivalric order under Epitaph was an elite unit directly under the Pope, unlike the general soldiers of the Papal States. They inherited the tradition of the God-Protected Empire, so they had soldiers with perfect skill and morale.

If Jaco Yoda’s story was true, it might have been possible to fight even with a hundred, not a thousand, if the collision was done in a perfect condition.

However, the problem wasn’t so simple.

That was how far to pursue them. The speed of the opponent was unknown, but chasing them in this case meant to go to a situation controlled by the enemy.

Although they were defeated enemies, it was still dangerous. Even if they were an army of the defeat, scattered out and left after the battle, it wasn’t known when the enemy army was reuniting. No matter how elite Epitaph’s army was, if they collided with a large group of enemies at the place where they prominently invaded, there was a danger of defeat.

“As for this matter, I would like to bring Angelica-dono, who knows the inner roads. Will that be alright?” (Epitaph)

Epitapth turned his face slightly, looking at Alfred, putting up a smile. The question was strange. Angie thought.

This question meant that he sought approval to borrow Angelica as one of Alfred’s forces.

However, Alfred originally had the authority to approve this departure. Given the traditional rules of the Crusades, if Alfred said no, this departure would have to be stopped.

Speaking from the order of things, the matter of borrowing or not borrowing was a matter after being allowed to go to the frontline. So to speak, Epitaph had now decided to move his army by going over Alfred’s head.

However, Alfred didn’t want to confront Epitaphs here.

This departure would open a hole in the area in charge of the Papal States. So, he might even think that the disappearance of the Papal States who would say something was preferable.

At the same time as wishing to refuse, Angie’s mind had expected that he would agree.

Alfred seemed to think for a bit. After a while…

“I approve.” (Alfred)

He said.

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After the meeting, Angie followed Epitaph to the Papal States encampment.

“Epitaph-dono, please think again.” (Angelica)

As soon as she entered the tent, she immediately said so.

“Why is that?” (Epitaph)

Epitaph answered while sitting on a solid wooden chair, which was obviously inconvenient to transport. The eyes didn’t reflect a single hint of bewilderment.

“The target is way ahead, and if you pursue them, you’ll be in danger.” (Angelica)

Angie wasn’t worried at all about Epitaph’s safety, but she was worried about herself.

Epitaph wasn’t Angie’s superior, but he was, so to speak, a superior. There was no reason to be ordered, but for his brother, Alfred, Angie should be erased. If Angie refused, her brother would order her to obey.

For Angie, she had no option but to accompany Epitaph. So, she had no other choice but to make Epitaph change his opinion.

“I’m not going to die in the hands of the devil. I have a plan.” (Epitaph)


“We use a ship. We have such a ship. There’s no way I won’t use it.” (Epitaph)

‘In other words, is it a landing operation? If he uses a ship, we can certainly get an advantage. There was a floating pier stacked with empty barrels that act as a temporary pier near Reform. Many ships anchored near it. There are plenty available ships.’

It was impossible for Angie to use it, but if there was an order from Epitaph, it wouldn’t be difficult to use them.

“Depending on the wind condition, we could get to the narrow path of the strait.” (Epitaph)

“Is the fleet free to use?” (Angelica)

Angie asked.

“There is no inconvenience to bring 1000 soldiers.” (Epitaph)

“However, from Reform to the country’s border, if they have good legs, they can go through it in a bit less than ten days.

‘It has been six days already. I don’t think that those who are walking with refugees can walk as well as adult men with good legs, but they are still terribly ahead. Once they reach the border, there is the home army of the Shaalta Kingdom over there, so we can’t do anything there.’

‘Even if we use a ship, a ship is so fast that even a horse can’t catch up if there is forward wind enough to break the sail, but once it calms, the ship won’t move unless there is a paddle movement mechanism.’

“If you don’t try it, you won’t know.” (Epitaph)

Epitaphs said like a cleric who obeyed transcendental will. She couldn’t feel any hesitation. It was also a fact that his determination seemed to be firm that the result wouldn’t be known until they tried.

“Understood. Well then, let me accompany you.” (Angelica)

From Angie’s point of view, she had no other choice, but even if she was here, she just need to keep her guard up. Although the prospects were low, it would be a great achievement if she were to accompany Epitaph, obtain two princesses and the son of the Hou Household.

“Let me give you one opinion right away.” (Angelica)

“What is that?” (Epitaph)

“No matter how urgent you are, boarding and loading supplies should take a day or two. In that case, please send a gunboat first and shoot the bridge.” (Angelica)

Norwegian Gunboat

A gunboat was a ship that had a cannon loaded on it, and it was a type of ship that had recently appeared. It was invented by the Albio Republic, known for its piracy, and from the terrible experience of the merchant ship escort warfare, merchants began to equip ships with artillery and later adopted them for warships.

Currently, the hit rate was poor and the number of guns was small, so it wasn’t too complicated, but Angie had a promising view on this type of ship.

“I see. Is the bridge near the end of the river?” (Epitaph)

“Yes, it’s the larger bridge. There is also a smaller bridge upstream, so even if you break the bridge, they will be able to go there, but then, if you can make it in time, you will be able to earn time.” (Angelica)

“Splendid. Let’s put it into action immediately.” (Epitaph)

Understanding the situation and admitting others was one of the good things about this man. Yes, Angie thought so.



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