Ex Strongest Swordsman 298 (Self Edited) – Envoy and Declaration



Envoy and Declaration

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While looking at the sight in front of her, Aina involuntarily twitched her cheeks.

Certainly, it was Aina herself who asked Soma to introduce him. While saying something or rather, it was about Soma. It was true that she thought Soma would introduce her.

Speaking of today, it was impossible to expect that she would be invited to the interior of the shrine shortly after she arrived, and that she would be able to meet the lord of the Holy City.

The lord of the Holy City… the Fifth King. The appearance of that person, who was known as the Saintess, looked like a girl who wasn’t so older compared to them.

However, that was an impossible story. She hadn’t heard the story about Eleonora taking over the title of the Fifth King.

The changes of the Seven Heavens position was a big deal. It was necessary to pay close attention especially in the case of the Fifth King because the power map and balance of each country might change. The Seven Heavens weren’t affected by their titles, but the Fifth King was exceptionally synonymous with being the lord of the Holy City. In other words, the change of the Fifth King meant that the lord of the Holy City would change.

Of course, until now, the Holy City had remained neutral, and it hadn’t shouldered any country or power. However, that was because the Holy City had decided so. There was a good chance that the policy would change depending on the lord.

Therefore, there was no reason why each country didn’t pay attention, and the fact that Aina had never heard such a story meant that the position of the Fifth King hadn’t been replaced for at least ten years.

Besides, even if she was the same age as her, that was an unrelated matter. Being the lord of the Holy City was meaningful by itself, regardless of age or appearance.

However, it was relatively recent that Aina had come to understand this matter accurately. That was if a relative founded a country, Aina couldn’t help doing anything. For that reason, she was trying to help out often, but… she finally realized it at that time. That was the peculiarity of the Holy City which should be called abnormality.

The symbolic existence of Seven Heavens. The Seven Heavens were the seven people at the top of humankind, which were widely spread among Demons and humankind. It was a general term for those who were sometimes subjected to awe and respect, and they were the objects to aim for in many ways.

However, it was strange when thinking about then. It was because the Holy City that selected the seven people and gave them titles. Strictly speaking, the Fifth King, the lord of the Holy City.

However, even though this place was the shrine of the Holy Doctrine, the Holy City wasn’t a country. It was a problem before it was accepted and not accepted. To begin with, this place itself wasn’t established as a country in the first place, it was only an autonomous city at best.

Not to mention Radeus, the Holy City was originally a place below Demento’s level. It was the Seven Heavens that such a place was unilaterally recognized and it was recognized all over the world now.

The same was true of the previous observation. A place that shouldn’t be a country had the influence to compete for the first or second place in the world.

That was the anomaly of this Holy City, and it wasn’t necessary to repeat how valuable it was to the lord of the Holy City. And such an existence was in front of Aina at the moment. It was impossible to anticipate such a situation and stayed calm.

“Now, that is the matter, but… can you make it easier?” (Eleonora)

When Aina was thinking about various things, she was suddenly teased by the Saintess.

She was just an envoy from a new and unrecognized country. She was more or less a princess, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal toward the Holy City to the point of giving special attention.

Even if an ordinary civil officer was sent, it was inevitable to be discourteous. There was a disparity between Demento and Holy City to the extent that Aina came in as an envoy, and she was finally given the minimum courtesy. However, it was too much to ask her to make things easier.

In the first place, it was enough to introduce her as a civil officer. Rather, if it was at the Demento level, it would be normal to turn an envoy away. That was true even if it was top civil official, but at the moment, this was the situation.

As always, the things that happened when Soma was involved made her think that her common sense was wrong.

“No… I’m an envoy from a small country, a place where it hasn’t been recognized yet as a country. It’s an honor for me to be able to meet the Saintess in this way, so I would like to thank you for your kindness.” (Aina)

“Hmm… I understand your position, but I let you through not because you are the envoy of Demento, but as Soma’s acquaintance. I mean, otherwise, you won’t be let through. You are his acquaintance, so I would like you to talk without holding back.” (Eleonora)

“Uhm… that is…” (Aina)

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It was reasonable to understand her statement. Eleonora was exactly what Aina thought of earlier. Originally, the envoy of Demento wouldn’t be allowed to meet the lord of the Holy City.

In that case, it was more convincing to think that they were able to meet in this way because of the personal connection than official connection. Regardless of whether this place was a private place or not.

Currently, Aina and others were in the interior of the shrine. It was probably considered as equivalent to having an audience. There were glittering things around them, but even though Aina’s thoughts might be affirmed, it wasn’t denied. She didn’t know exactly what kind of place this was in the shrine, but… at least, it must be a suitable place for such an occasion.

It wasn’t a place that people could personally pass through. Well, after all, the other person was also a person with a position. Even if such descriptions were true, it was a different matter if it was possible for Aina to do what she wanted.

In particular, regardless of them knowing each other, this was Aina’s first meeting with her. It was essential to meet in such a place, but… it was a matter if the words said just now were true to the end.

Or it might be just for the public appearance… no, that possibility was too much.

“Hmm… Eleonora is saying this, so why don’t you talk normally? If you’re going to talk in awe, you’re going to waste time.” (Soma)

“Haa.. You… really…” (Aina)

She let out a sigh because of the voice at the rear. Then, she turned her eyes. Although she was considering various things, it had been spoilt.

Well, he barely noticed it. Aina came here as an envoy this time. Aside from introducing the envoy, Soma and Hildegard remained there after the introduction. She couldn’t think that this was normal. At this point, it was obvious that this situation was unusual.

However, even if she knew that, there should be no chance that this situation would happen. That was, of course, from an envoy’s point of view. So, Aina was considering a lot and trying to do things carefully, but that guy was…

“…Well, I understand your feelings, but I think it’s fine to talk normally from here. I don’t think you need to hit the bush too much unlike that someone.” (Hildegard)

“Oh my, how rude of you. I’m always sincere, and I don’t trick people. Unlike that someone.” (Eleonora)

“Hooo… aren’t you a terrible person to say such a thing?” (Hildegard)

“Yes, indeed.” (Eleonora)

When Aina heard a sight from behind, she thought that relief had come, but apparently, it was because of her mind. Rather, it looked strange that Hildegard and the Saintess were being scrawny against each other. She wondered what was going on.

Well, regardless of that, she didn’t have to mind them. After letting out another breath, she arranged her mind.

“…I understand. If Soma is really involved, everything can only be done in unexpected directions.” (Aina)

“Hmm? That is unexpected. That reminds me, I don’t think this has anything to do with me this time.” (Soma)

“No matter how you think about it, it has something to do with you.” (Aina)

“Hehe… well, she’s right. If you weren’t Soma-san’s acquaintance, I don’t know if I want to meet you in this way. That being said, I’m personally interested.” (Eleonora)

“Uh…” (Aina)

The moment the Saintess turned her gaze with a smile, chills ran down her spine for some reason. The Saintess’ narrowed eyes seemed to be trying to see everything about her.

“Be careful, Aina. You won’t know what she’s thinking from the outer appearance. You don’t know what she’s going to do if you take it easy.” (Hildegard)

“That’s a really bad way to say it. I should say the same about you, right?” (Eleonora)

“I won’t stop if you both want to fight, but if you want to do it, I would like you to leave her alone.” (Soma)

While Soma and others were exchanging talk, that chilly sensation disappeared as if it was a lie. It seemed Aina had misunderstood from the beginning, but… when she thought about it, she shook her head. It wasn’t something to think about right now.

Instead, she turned her gaze back at the Saintess and opened her mouth.

“Uhmm… will it be alright? But even if you change your tone, it won’t change your position, right? No matter what the reason I came here, I still came here as an envoy.” (Aina)

“Yes, that’s alright. Of course. To begin with, this is just my selfishness.” (Eleonora)

“Selfishness…?” (Aina)

“Recently, I’ve been so busy that I can’t relax. That’s why I wanted to take a break for a bit at least at such times, so I’m stopping myself from using a different tone.” (Eleonora)

The Saintess probably didn’t mean what she said literally. It might not be a complete lie, but Aina felt a sign that it would induce a topic.

And, there was no reason not to follow the flow.

“Yes. Well then, I’m not in the mood for small talk, and if you do such a thing, I wouldn’t feel relief, so can you get into the main subject right away? Well, you know, you can talk from the beginning.” (Eleonora)

“I see. It’s predictable but not conclusive yet. May I tell you that?” (Aina)

Although it wasn’t conclusive yet, it would be almost the same in reality. The eyes that were pointed straight said so.

However, even if it was obvious, it was meaningful when it was put into words. That was the reason Aina came here.

“The reason I came is simple. To clarify the standpoint of our country regarding the incident that occurred between the Holy City and the empire. That’s why I came here.” (Aina)

That standpoint didn’t have to be put into words when she was already here. This was because Demento couldn’t afford to reject those who stood far above them.

However, it also made sense to put it into words. More importantly…

“The Demento Kingdom supports the Holy City. No, I wonder if that’s the correct way to say it… We recognize you as companions. That would probably be our most accurate standpoint.” (Aina)

Aina looked straight into the Saintess’ eyes and declared what she had to say.


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